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“Visited with friend the 12th June 2019 - Nice beer place, dominated with belgium beer selection. Logic when you catch the name. Service is friendly and efficient. Price are OK. I appreciate the fridge beer selection with some nice breweries as Popihn or Dry & Bitter. Definitely a good spot to visit.“
sir__v 1334 days ago
58 /100
Brewbar (Bar)
“Visited with friend the 12th June 2019 - Nice concept bar, this place is a brew brewpub. Place is associated with Brewmaster. Selection on tap is only Brewmaster with a full style selection (Pale Ale, IPA, Brown Ale to Imperial Stout), also some bottles and cans available if you want something different. The concept is nice, the place is nice and price are really fare. I was a little bit disappointed because beer were not so good, especially Imperial Stout which was totally bad. I can recommended this place for the concept but definitely they have to improve beer quality.“
sir__v 1334 days ago
“Décoration sympathique qui fait entrepôt urbain très spacieux. La musique varie en fonction des jours ce qui est agréable cela va du desert rock au rap west coast. Niveau pression la majorité des bières viennent de la brasserie Huyghe et il y a également des bières invitées françaises et locales venant par exemple de "La Débauche", "Bieregerie", "La Lie" ou de brasseurs américains ou espagnols. Excellent choix de bouteilles avec les prix indiqués ce qui rend l'achat plus agréable. J'ai été bien accueilli car on ma offert un chapeau Délirium fantaisie. Je conseille le bar car j'ai pu y boire de sublimes bières américaines, anglaises, françaises et de régions géographiques très variées“
bestxiii 1390 days ago
80 /100 59 RUE DE GEÔLE
“Un bar à l'ambiance beer geek et hipster situé vers le centre de Caen qui propose un bon éventail de choix en bières. Les pressions sont variées en style et les brasseries françaises y sont bien représentées j'ai pu y boire du Bellerose jusqu'à de la Piggy Brewing. Le bar est petit mais bien agencé avec cette décoration semi-vintage et semi-moderne. Les prix sont tout à faits convenables et les barmen sont serviables. Un lieu que je suggère aux palais curieux.“
bestxiii 1404 days ago
“Un bar agréable situé sur le port de Caen éloigné du centre-ville. On est sur des bières belges typiques en ce qui concerne les pressions et la majorité des bouteilles avec des fois quelques bières artisanales non-belges mais la sélection en pression varie rarement et ne sert que du belge c'est très agréable pour les fadas de mousse wallonnes et flamandes mais c'est un peu la galère en ce qui concerne la découverte locale, anglo-saxonne et européenne. Cependant le bar est doté d'une belle décoration rustique et le service est fait par des passionnés de bière qui savent conseiller de très bons breuvages.“
bestxiii 1416 days ago
“In terms of ambiance, was a Saturday night and busy. Music was fine, but the sound system is truly terrible. I have visited several thousand brew pubs and beer bars, and this was the worst service I have ever had. Busy pub and one of two staff was constantly on smart phone. When I went directly to him, turned back and continued to use phone. Beyond words. Prior to that worst service was in uptown Manhatten in mid 1990s at a brew pub long gone (and forgot name, but is in my notes somewhere) where they didn't close for an hour, but didn't want to serve any one and get off early. Wasn't impressed with selection, only two French beers on draught, and none from Normandy. Prices were very high, EUR5 for 25cl, cheaper in Paris.“
fokker45 1453 days ago
“Small, deep bar with a smoker-ridden terrace overlooking the quay. Towards the station end off the Quai Vendeuve strip of fairly civilised nightlife. Could do with some more French beers but the current range was perfectly decent. Nothing much for the ticker but a good range for enjoying different styles.“
Tim Webb 1653 days ago
“One of the bars in the Delirium chain that seems to major in Huyghe beers - which made up most of the beers on tap, which in turn made up most of the beer being sold. There is a good selection of bottles on display in the back room but no beer menus were out on Friday night. Decent layout, darker end shabby chic“
Tim Webb 1653 days ago
“Nice modern crafty bar in Caen. 20 beers on tap ; nice choice ; 3 french craft beers (2 Piggy Brewing with a fruity beer and a good sweet stout ; local beer from Old Hop). Friendly helpful staff. Ok price. Apparently, they organize interesting tap-take overs ("Crazy Hop" for example). Great bottle choice. I had a lot of fun discovering the beers in their fridges through the glass covered with mist. It was like playing scratch games with my hands except I won much more often :) Solid belgian classics of course (with Westvleteren beers !!??) ; good selection of european craft (Buxtoon, Omnipollo...) and french craft beers (national, regional and local beers such as brasserie de l'Odon). A must-go if you visit Caen !“
VDuquerroux 1669 days ago
“2 weeks ago. Nice belgian bar. 20 beers on tap (solid but uninspiring for my "craft pirate spirit"... annoying). Yes, maybe 100 bottles ; I don't remember french local or regional beers ; a few craft european beers ; I ordered a Brew By Number Session IPA (after bestbefore date...) and a Nogne Saison. Friendly service. Ok price. Nice "modern" atmosphere.“
VDuquerroux 1669 days ago
“Bringing Belgium to Normandy. Went there late evening. No biere de garde on tap, mainly focus on Belgium stuff - high quality, but quite ordinary stuff from my perspective, but I guess for the locals it's like a treat. Took my Orval, sipped it slowly while observing dark and noisy surroundings. One of the best in Caen.“
deuxmortim 1893 days ago
“Visited late Wednesday evening March 22, 2017. Arrived roughly around 23, stayed for two beers, left shortly before midnight. More smokers outside than people inside. Plenty of taps and bottles, where the bottles are on display in a row of fridges behind the bar. Odd reggae music playing. Not very cheap, but certainly not steep nether for a French bottle of craft beer. One was €8.50 and the second €7.00. WiFi was not active. The first bartender spoke OK English at my visit. Decent crowd for a lateish Wednesday evening. The other bartender was mainly doing writing on beer boards, the other seemed to be doing a lot of other things. I did manage to get served by the other person when walking up and asking, but just waiting by the bar with an empty glass didn’t work. English worked fine with server number 2 as well. I paid with cash both times, but seemed plenty of people payed by card even for the one beer. Lots and lots of beer memorabilia lining most of the wall space. Long bar with seating, middle floor with a few tables and also upstairs with low ceiling with more seats. Quite the nice Wednesday evening hangout. A lot of Belgian beers, I do believe most or all on tap were Belgian. Some UK and English, as well as a few US, imports on bottles, but also some French craft beer on bottles. Didn’t eat or use the restroom. Some parking available on the street just outside. I can see myself going back if I need to take another trip to Caen.“
gnoff 2147 days ago
“Visited late Wednesday evening March 22, 2017. Arrived roughly around midnight, stayed for one beer, by then they had taken last call but plenty of people were still there. Same street as Le Trappist. They serve 25 or 50 cl by the glass from taps. Played fairly loud music while I was there. Decently fast service. Semi crowded smoking area outside by the entrance, also a doorman that I didn’t get first since he wasn’t wearing a uniform or similar. Quite a large crowd for midnight on a Wednesday. Decent amount of taps, looked like 20. Bottles not visible by the bar area, but a list of (some?) bottles was on the bar, listing some 70 different bottles. Parking on the street, or across the street on a parking lot. The guy at our hotel said the parking was free until 9.30 am, though we still had to pay for it when we checked out, so I’d make sure to check for myself before leaving the car. Quite a lot of beer memorabilia on the walls and ceiling. I could find WiFi for free, though not sure it was from the actual bar? Last call at about 20 min past midnight this evening. I’ve been to Delirium Cafe in Gothenburg when that was around, also visited the one in Brussels, you do get a sense of being there before when walking in. Though the bottled list I saw was decently short. Nice enough place, I could see myself going back if I was in Caen again, though I enjoyed Le Trappist down the street better personally. Didn’t eat or use the restroom.“
gnoff 2147 days ago
“si vous recherchez à boire une bonne bière belge sur Caen c’est l’endroit ou il faut aller“
Allofall 2319 days ago
“The place to visit when you are in Caen and looking for something to drink. Belgian theme bar with few beers outside of Belgium (only some from France). Taps are more or less generic common ones but bottle selection was nice with perhaps 200 bottles available. Trappist selection included Spencer. Belgian selection had mostly wellknown names (well, at least for me with 1300+ Belgian ratings), but you should certainly find some newones as well. Prices were not too high, especially on happy hour. Service was friendly although English was limited (and my French). Food is Chimay cheese or sausage.“
TBone 2412 days ago
44 /100 18 RUE ECUYERE
“Busy place at popular Rue Ecuyere. Some more interesting beers on tap but not much to talk about for beer hunter. Anyway a decent spot to stop by for a beer if you wonder here in the city centre.“
TBone 2412 days ago
“Extremely well stocked Belgian beer bar. Awesome selection. Happy hour pints at reduced cost; problem is most of the draught beers are roughly 8% abv so too strong to drink pints of. A very merry happy hour then. Another good bar in Caen is Au fût et a mèsure.“
bobblackcoffee 2508 days ago
“Nice bar in Caen. The place was packed every night we stopped in. Big selection of bottles and some taps as well, mostly Belgian beers. The seating is a bit limited and there is a small smoking section immediately outside. The two guys working the bar were very friendly despite our limited French. They do offer food but only cheese and sausage. We always came here after dinner and did not have food. I would definitely stop here again.“
gopherfan99 2780 days ago
“From my short stay, and walks around town, this is proberly your best chance of quality beers in Caen. As the name surgest, this is a belgian thermed bar. Pretty cozy with loads of dark wood, posters and signs with belgian beers, brewers, etc. Plenty of seating infront the bar, outside or at the back upstairs room. About 20 taps, and around 100 bottles in the fridges behind the bar. Mostly belgian with most of the bigger names covered, no real surprises, but still a couple of the tapped one i havent had. Could use a few classic sours to complete the line-up. Good service even though extremely busy doing the happy hour (16-21.00) fine english spoken. Some good looking sausages and cheese avaible. Prices are pretty good. Not really what i was looking for, after having just spend a week in Belgium, but we still enjoyed our stay for a couple of beers here.“
Camons 3108 days ago
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