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68 /100 10 ROUTE DE MISSÉ
“Opened just a few months ago. Industrial zone. On the right just before entering Thouars when you come from Parthenay. Easy to park. As other "La Minute Blonde" or VandB : beer/winestore and bar. Pleasant open space in front of the beerstore to taste beers with friends. Dartgame... Maybe 200 bottles ; many belgian ales ; ok solid selection ; some french ales and a few interesting local/regional ones (brasserie des , one beer from La Chamoise) ; a few beer from Artzner/Perle... Maybe 40-50 wines and a few ciders. Friendly staff. 8 beers on tap (2 french, I think : the blond pils brewed by Perle (good one) and a local beer brewed from La Thouarsaise) ; nothing crafty foolish on tap. Yes a good alternative to VandB Thouars.“
VDuquerroux 1465 days ago