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94 /100
Craft Beer Shop (Beer Store)
“Nice place, nice owner and a huge selection of ridiculously good and hard to find brews. I never miss a chance to stop by whenever I'm in Angers.“
martin.masmontet 1035 days ago
92 /100
Craft Beer Shop (Beer Store)
qoph 1397 days ago
94 /100
Craft Beer Shop (Beer Store)
ttppk197 1442 days ago
94 /100 48, RUE BOISNET
“Super. Un choix varié, d'excellente qualité, renouvelé régulièrement, géré par un grand monsieur de la bière. Je conseille le plateau de dégustation : 7 bières de 8cl à environ 8€.“
ttppk197 1442 days ago
90 /100
Craft Beer Shop (Beer Store)
“Center of Angers, 200m next to the Cathedral. Also owns Donald’s pub ; yes indeed similarities in the selection. Nice shop, clean. Seems small but yes, maybe 150-200 beers : some US brewery (such as JesterKing, Alesmith, Westbrook, Prairie Artisan Ales), mostly european (Omnipollo, Nogne, Brewdog, Brekeriet, a few from Struise, Cantillon too) ; some french too (La Débauche, parisian craft beers and I remember some beers from Thiriez or La Correzienne. No local beers I think. Great service (friendly, knowledgeable, not too geek or angry about macro) ; he also made me a box with a handle like Simon from La Cave à Bulle, Paris ; simple and efficient. Maybe quite expensive but you will find interesting stuff I am sure :)“
VDuquerroux 1843 days ago
94 /100
Craft Beer Shop (Beer Store)
“Very nice beer selection from all around the world, Omnipollo, De Struise, Alesmith... some nice lambics from Cantillon or Drie Fonteinen. Also some of best french crafts like La Débauche ! Prices very reasonable and friendly staff. Good place to buy and discover rarities !“
AcctError264625 1973 days ago
88 /100 48, RUE BOISNET
“Center of Angers. Classic clean bar. On the wall, just the taps, not the beer menue. First, a little disconcerted. I discover the beermenue on the counter : a few small sheets of paper on a bow board bound together by a staple. I loved it. Wow, here we are :) Brew by numbers, Omnipollo, To øl, Prairie Artisan, La Débauche (for the french part), even 4-5 classic Cantillon... I don’t know if all of these beers were available but when I asked, always in the tune :) I started with a Alesmith Double IPA on tap. Great of course (8 craft beers on taps, even a sour sweden ale "Brekeriet Rhubarb sour...). Then, I ordered a bottle "Pirate Noir" from Prairie Artisan Ales. The barmaid advised me to taste this imperial stout with a free 10cL sample of the sour sweden beer on tap. Again, a bit puzzled. But honestly, this was a great experience. The light refreshing dry sour ale balanced with the roasty chocolate character of the imperial stout ! Only negative point, the imperial stout was just out of the fridge :(“
VDuquerroux 2094 days ago
58 /100
V and B Angers (Beer Store)
“1-2km from the center of Angers. Unwelcoming industrial park feeling. Nevertheless, the first feeling when I enter : "Wow, it’s huge!!". Indeed, i think it’s the biggest "V and B", I have ever seen yet after visiting more 10 of those. Beerstore (250 beers I think) is on a whole level with some wines and whiskys too. Considering the beer story, not so impressive... A lot of air after all... Classic belgian ales, a few germans ; well a bit more german beers during those days (Oktoberfest) ; a few local french ales (La Piautre, a few from La Divatte). When you walks down a few steps, a big bar area (pool, dart games). 8 classic beers on tap. 100 beers in the fridge). With a few friends, or your family, why not... Staff will certainly want to help you; personally, I didn’t want to know more. Too big and conventional for me. I leave with "La Piautre Printemps" and a french witbier La Divatte blanche...“
VDuquerroux 2094 days ago
88 /100 48, RUE BOISNET
“Good selection both kegs and bottes. Brew by Numbers, Alesmith, Northern Monk, Partizan ... The owner is passionate about beer and welcomes discussion. The day before I was there, was an event with American beer, and Austin brewer in connection with the Levitation music festival. Decoration is wooden old style pub. This is the very best place to taste beer.“
KristinD 2109 days ago
90 /100 48, RUE BOISNET
“a small place with a very friendly big selections of beer crafts feveur defended with a passionate boss ... I will return Omnipollo,Cantillon,Kernel, To øl, Borgo, la Debauche, BBN°, Magic rock, Alesmith, DDVK...“
MONTRACHET 2156 days ago
88 /100 48, RUE BOISNET
“a wonderfull place for drink a wonderfull beer (Omnipollo, Kernel, To øl, Borgo, la Debauche, BBN°, Magic rock, Alesmith etc..)“
qoph 2255 days ago
72 /100 88, RUE BOREAU
“Yesterday evening. "Modern" clean woody spirit. I’ve been to Strasbourg last december and the place looked more like a tavern in my memory. So, I’m a little disappointed. Mostly belgian beers ; interesting but not outstanding. Nevertheless, I guess you’ll find something for you. For me, this one was "Saison Dupont Cuvée Dry Hopping 2015". Bottle too cold. Friendly staff. Good place to share a pint.“
VDuquerroux 2463 days ago
“Great bar in Angers. Really easy to park, "place Imbach" but not easy to find if you have never been there, in my opinion. The ambiance is great and the bar : beautiful. Impressive beer menu if you enjoy belgium beers, some local beers too. I tasted a "Petrus Oud Vruin". Friendly staff. In the evening, board games were planned. The only black point : I wanted a LouPepe Kriek (in the menu) but they didn’t have it...“
VDuquerroux 2701 days ago
60 /100 48, RUE BOISNET
“Good and friendly beer bar in angers. Rock sounds and nice decoration with bands and liveconcert posters. Small selection of belgian brews.Tasted 2 bottles of trappistes rochefort 10,very nice :)“
TrapLord 2797 days ago
“Best place in Angers (which is not saying much). Draft list is pretty generic, but their bottle list is nothing to scoff at - some nice Belgian vintage beers (including a 2007 Lou Pepe Kriek that we indulged in). Worth a stop when in town.“
mcberko 2924 days ago
42 /100 48, RUE BOISNET
“Decent selection of Belgian bottles, with a decent + a few generic beers on tap. Bottles are marked up fairly substantially. Nice little interior - Irish pub feel. For Angers, Le Welsh Pub is the only better place, so if you’re looking for craft beer, you may as well give this a shot, but don’t expect much.“
mcberko 2924 days ago
“Nice people, nice beer selection to discover, especially Belgian. A very wide range available, amongst which several on tap (including monthly special). Rather quiet and intimate by late afternoon, when you can read a book or play a card or board game (all of which you may freely borrow on the premises) with friends, or just relax. Very nice for spending the evening. Musical, gaming and other events. Try the Welsh dragon’s lair, very soon you will elect it as your second home!“
SebleRouge 3180 days ago
“Super bar à bière sur Angers, très beau choix de pression et de bières bouteilles avec même quelques pépites (de Molen, Cantillon...) et bières millésimées (Orval). Accueil et ambiance chaleureux au rendez-vous, avec en prime de nombreux jeux de société. Les amateurs de Whisky se régaleront avec une carte impressionnante. The place to be.“
AcctError264625 3180 days ago
“Great place with a large selection of beers and wiskys... and the tapas selection is very good too to grab a bite between drinks. A nice place to stop by to meet friendly people too.“
jesseire 3180 days ago
“De loin le meilleur pub à bières (et à whiskey) d’Angers. Soirées jeux de société, concerts, théâtre.. Cadre chaleureux et tauliers en or. A la bonne votre! “
vivien 3180 days ago
56 /100 48, RUE BOISNET
“OK deasent pub with loud rock’n roll and patrons fitting the music. A tiny few rares, like a faro and Mongozo Coco. Has a display of full Rochefort and Chimays with old labels... I didn’t ask to buy them. The best (only) beer place in Angers.“
sunevdj 5734 days ago
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