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Latest reviews from Kalisz

80 /100 ZAMKOWA 9
“Taki sredni lokal. Za malo kranów maja jak to sie poprawi to bedzie lepiej“
SampleScout24 1740 days ago
78 /100 ZAMKOWA 9
“Póki co malo kranów, choc sporo butelek, przecietne jedzenie, ale super obsluga. Spox“
alteregoo 2359 days ago
50 /100 AL. WOLNOŚCI 3
“Only 4 beers in here, good hefeweizen :)“
alteregoo 3002 days ago
28 /100 AL. WOLNOŚCI 3
“Just decent polish beerpub, only 4 beers brewed in this place, and each of 4 tasted the same. Unfoourtunately no more beerpubs in this city.“
Majkelina 3223 days ago
30 /100 AL. WOLNOŚCI 3
“Classic polish brewpub - they serve a pilsner, dunkel lager, hefeweizen and some special beers (i’ve tried a chocolate beer). All kinds of beer are sweet, with no aroma and tase awful (imagine a tase of artificial sweetener in a beer ). Chocolate beer was a standard szwarzbier combined with artificial chocolate aroma. Only the hefeweizen had a propper taste and aroma (but still, it was very, very sweet). In my opinion there’s no point in visiting this place. Waste of money. “
Lary 3296 days ago