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76 /100 2151 2ND AVE
“Consistently rated as a top bar in Canada, this is a cocktail bar, with style, that has put in a brewery. The brewery wasn't operating on my visit last fall, but it is now, and I don't think anything else would have changed about the place. A recommended stop.“
Oakes 1572 days ago
68 /100
Corked (Beer Store)
108 - 100 MAIN STREET
“Tiny beer shop in a little mall, across from Dirty Northern Bastard. The beer selection is curated, and features beers not in the government shop. Also one of the main vendors for Deep Dark Wood, and with better hours than the brewery itself. Friendly service.“
Oakes 1797 days ago
72 /100 103 MAIN ST
“Best selection in Yukon. Dirtys has a quality list, including US imports you wouldn't expect to find in Whitehorse. They had a couple of Anchorage beers on when we visited, and Deep Dark Wood bottles, both of which are really nice touches. You wouldn't call it a craft beer spot, but it has a strong craft list, and as long as you avoid the meatmarkety Fri/Sat evening vibe, you're golden.“
Oakes 1854 days ago
38 /100
Big Bear Donair (Restaurant)
“There's worse places in town, that's for sure. The food is whatever and the taps were just a couple of Yukon handles - but they have been known to carry a few more craft selections in the past. The adjacent liquor store is not all that interesting.“
Oakes 1854 days ago
50 /100 2190 2ND AVENUE
“One of the better places to buy beer. If you're up from Vancouver, the selection isn't great, but for a local it's a solid list. Vibe wise it's a typical government liquor store.“
Oakes 1854 days ago
58 /100 102-A COPPER RD.
“They have a few seats, not much, but that constitutes the tasting room. Most of the space is swag, and there's some real estate dedicated to their distillery as well. Better range of beers on tap than I knew they made, and some other ones were in the fridge. OK selection overall. No food. Not as interesting as Winterlong, but still a good stop.“
Oakes 1854 days ago
70 /100 83 MOUNT SIMA ROAD
“Typical brewery taproom. Nice, but pricey swag. Lots of their own beers, and most of those are solid. Limited menu. Good vibe in there, a must stop for beer lovers, must less beer geeks, in Whitehorse.“
Oakes 1854 days ago
74 /100 102-A COPPER RD.
“Brewery tasting room good selection of beers on tap, also bottles and cans. service was solid on the beers and made a couple of good suggestions. they also do distilling and the whisky is not bad. Good vibe and well supported by locals“
fletchfighters 1901 days ago
76 /100 83 MOUNT SIMA ROAD
“Somewhat challenging hours but well worth a visit. Small tasting room with free samples and bombers and growlers to go. Beers are quite good - better than the larger and better known place in town. P“
Iphonephan 2733 days ago
74 /100 2190 2ND AVENUE
“What a pleasant surprise this place was! They had numerous BC beers and a few local brews, plus a few from Montreal, and even some good non-Canadian beers available. Liquor store ambiance but quite likely the best bottle shop in all of Yukon Territory.“
Iphonephan 2748 days ago
74 /100 102-A COPPER RD.
“This is the biggest and most well publicized brewery in Whitehorse. The brewery offers tours and free tastings of a hald dozen beers. They also have a bottle shop with a large number of their beers in 12 oz or 22 oz singles. No food, no place to sit, but tastings are free, even if you don’t take the tour.“
Iphonephan 2748 days ago
84 /100 102-A COPPER RD.
“Fairly small brewery in the industrial side of town currently offers the Yukon Territories it’s only brewery. Well, if that’s the case, in no way am I busting out of town without checking this place out. Sunday afternoon offers quick service and answered my questions very nicely. I was able to sample Deadman’s Creek and Bonanza Brown and seemed fairly impressed on this trip. Hope to drive again for the Klondike Road Race to enjoy more from this brewery.“
Bulk_Carrier 3376 days ago
62 /100 102-A COPPER RD.
“Smallish place in an industrial park sort of area of town. There is a small, tidy retail section up front with the brewery in back. Since I last visited, they have installed a growler station that will usually have a few of the regular bottled line-up on as well as a few of the smaller batch seasonals that they’ve been doing. Friendly folks who are quite knowledgeable about the product. In the back is the production brewery - they’re doing a lot more bottling now and they’ve gotten rid of the 1L swing-top bottles (although the crappy little canning line is still going strong). It’s a nice solid brewery and since it’s the only game in town - if you find yourself in Whitehorse, you pretty much have to come here.“
JoeMcPhee 4818 days ago
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