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60 /100 16-18 HIGH TOWN ROAD
“A classic British pub, medium sized with different rooms, a little library and the serving bar in the first room. The pub gave a slightly worn down, but charming impression. Five hand-pumps and quite a few beers on the taps. A Luton football pub, only for home supporters on match days. All of them had left to watch Luton against Burley when Finn and I visited the pub. Friendly service cleaning up after the supporters had left the site. Close to the railway station and the city center. (Visited with Finn, 18.02.2023).“
Rune 250 days ago
70 /100 16-18 HIGH TOWN ROAD
“Proper pub close to the station. Worn. Cozy. A handful of casks.“
Finn 286 days ago
98 /100 16-18 HIGH TOWN ROAD
“Love this pub! Could just do with a session IPA on tap.“
travelww 1549 days ago
“You know what You get in good, old JDW“
MashGuide26 1628 days ago
70 /100 16-18 HIGH TOWN ROAD
“Very handy for station, on the route back from the Luton beer festival. Good atmosphere, nice comfortable interior, decent ales, very good service. One I'd go back to certainly.“
Grumbo 2108 days ago
“Modern looking 'spoons about 5 mins walk from station offering everything you'd expect.“
Grumbo 2108 days ago
54 /100 16-18 HIGH TOWN ROAD
“Traditional pub with some local pumps and some national regulars. Interior was a bit worn.“
saxo 2113 days ago
70 /100 16-18 HIGH TOWN ROAD
“This pub is close to the railway station, so we popped in for a quick round on our way back from the Luton Beer Festival. I liked the place, and they did have a couple of new cask ales for us, so no complaints here.“
Rasmus40 2113 days ago
“Regular JDW place. Quick and efficient as always. Found three new beers which was good.“
saxo 2113 days ago
“We went here for a quick round on our way to the Luton Beer Festival. It’s pretty close to the train station so not a big detour. It’s a fairly big JDW with lots of seating available. We had two new local cask ales, which is always nice. Beers in good condition.“
Rasmus40 2113 days ago
“In the ground floor of the entertainment complex on the opposite side of the main St George’s Square to the shopping centre, it’s handily open late if you require a wait between trains as I did after 11pm on a Sunday evening. It was pretty empty at this time, just a few people frequenting a fairly large Wetherspoon pub that is like an elongated horseshoe in shape, with two bars at either end, although the one to the right has more options, including a selection of local bottled ales to compliment its changing selection on most of its hand pumps. The selections for these do differ on each bar. All open plan, it’s a fairly standard design but convivial enough for this chain and a high ceiling, with a small upper veranda section built into one area.“
ManVsBeer 2571 days ago
70 /100 16-18 HIGH TOWN ROAD
“This would score a lot higher if the beer range was a bit more exciting. Although if you’re in Luton then beggars can’t be choosers. What beer they do have is well kept and the bar is a classic.“
Scotty001 2577 days ago
72 /100 16-18 HIGH TOWN ROAD
“Visited prior to Nuneaton’s deserved 0-3 reversal@Kenilworth Rd, 25/01/14, away colours showing. Well, a few square millimeters of white piping anyway. Atmospheric, heaving 2 roomed boozer a 60sec stagger from the station festooned in LTFC regalia and awash with convivial hatters. Footie on in the front room. No evidence of Bateman’s tie on my visit: 6 rapidly changing casks from Milton, Oakham, Burton Bridge, Wentwoth and Cottage, favouring sessionable brews of the sub-4% variety (bonus point). Girls behind the bar attentive and keen to top your pint up to brimming. Essential pre-match refreshment station en route to Kenilworth Rd (10 mins- follow the locals), and probably the highlight of any trip to the (generally) irredeemable shithole that is Luton.“
DruncanVeasey 3597 days ago
70 /100 16-18 HIGH TOWN ROAD
“Have paid a number of visits to the Brickies prior to both Luton Town (away) games and Rifles (as big as the Beatles in Luton!) gigs. Twin roomed back street local popular with LTFC fans on a matchday (home fans only policy but if you’re not showing colours or the behaviour of a cretin you’ll get in ok!). Place gets busy on a matchday but service holds up well, on the non match days I’ve visited it’s been steady to moderate in terms of patronage. 5 or 6 casks always in good condition. Well worth a visit if you are in Luton, 5 or 6 minutes from the station, 10 to 15 from Kenilworth Road.“
Theydon_Bois 3913 days ago
66 /100 16-18 HIGH TOWN ROAD
“Decent local pub, fairly central but not exactly a ton centre feel to it. Pretty good rotation of guest ales.“
sic1314 4110 days ago
82 /100 16-18 HIGH TOWN ROAD
“Best pub in Luton. Excellent ale, good service, traditional interior including old English pub signs. Quirky.“
tpfitzagre 4540 days ago
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