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“Visited Saturday 09/10. Small venue in a equally small shopping arcade opposite what I believe is a Spoons. It wasn't overly busy but there was a steady stream of punters. There are chairs outside where the majority were sat enjoying the afternoon sun. The tanks are down the left with cafe style seating for around 30 people. The bar is then situated in front of the rear wall. Frienly staff who pointed out that they did beer flights to reduce my bill.Two of their beers were on - average at best - with 4 other kegs. However the guest beers today were decidedly pedestrian - Hedgedog, a Pilsner from Butcombe, a couple from Distruption Is Ascot. No real winners - but cheaper keg options? In fact I had brought a growler but didn't bother getting any takeaway beer after my three thirds. Not a place I'd specifically head to now that I've ticked the beers off but certainly contributes to making Wokingham's beer scene more interesting. Having said that I need to get to Sit & Sip and Lord Raglan at some point.“
BeardedAvenger 344 days ago
“A newly opened microbrewery in a pedestrianised area (just opposite the Gig House). 6 taps with 3 of their own beers and 3 guests when I visited, with flights available. Excellent service, and a few tables on the pavement outside giving a relaxed feel. I'll be back.“
berkshirejohn 375 days ago
72 /100
Tasting Barn (Beer Store)
“The Tasting Barn is in a former farm that has various artisan shops and a couple of cafes. My parents had recommended it and I was more inserted when the Tasting Barn popped up on my Facebook. To be honest I think that they could have called it the Tasting Shed as it in a pretty tiny outhouse. Beers to the left, wine to the right, plus gins and some cider, in a customer area that is a few metres square. However the friendly guy behind the counter was telling me that they rotate their array of approx 30 beers from local breweries (Elusive, Siren, Crafty Cats, Bond, Hermitage, Phantom) to make sure that people always have choice and the beer side of things was really doing well. Definitely a place I'll drop into if in the area, especially we can meet my parents at the cafe and then grab beers.“
BeardedAvenger 513 days ago
“Now run by Big Smoke and as good as their original pubs in Kingston and Surbiton. About 7 cask lines today though probably more when we're out of Covid times, a dozen or so keg lines, friendly atmosphere. Nice pub.“
kwik-lime 521 days ago
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon in September 19 with my dad. It is situated in an unpleasantly rejuvenated part of Wokingham, lots of concrete in a pedestrianised courtyard area, we sat outside. The beer selection was from around 14 taps, mostly UK brews, some local, Siren and Elusive, and others further afield, there is a fridge with beers, cans and bottles, they are priced the same for drink in or take away. The service was poor, a girl serving could see us waiting, but chose to continue slicing lemons for the cocktails, which was rude and irritating. Prices are reasonable. If you are in Wokingham, it’s worth a look, but close by the Siren Tap Yard is a better bet.“
CraftBeerNick 1102 days ago
72 /100 23 THE TERRACE
“Latest visit mid October 2017, semi late on a Tuesday evening. Only went for a pint of cask ale, then left. Always friendly, always a nice place to stop by. A bit harder to get to than many other places in town, needing to cross traffic etc, but well worth it.

Visited second time Thursday June 15th, 2017, for drinks.
Just popped in to sample three cask ales as 1/3 pints on a paddle, one new and rerated two others.
Fast service, popular to sit outside, didn’t bother to go look for the back garden, just sat by a table inside. Can really see myself returning on my next trip to Wokingham.

Visited first time late evening on Tuesday April 4, 2017. Arrived just before 10.30pm and left 11.15.
Quite a decent crowd, even some that arrived after I did. Nice fast service, samples was offered before deciding what to purchase without asking for it. WiFi available with password when asking for it.
Paddle of three 1/3 pints of any cask ales of your choosing, do not remember the cost though. The half pints I sampled were just shy of £2 each.
Some 3 casks on from Green King and 3 casks from more local breweries. Also some lagers from more macro, non cask. Didn’t eat. Used the restrooms, which works, but layout of opening the door while someone is drying their hands is humorous. Some parking on the street available outside. Would go back when in Wokingham again.

gnoff 1802 days ago
62 /100
Crispin (Bar)
“Been back a few times more, original place rating below.
Always a great place to get a few cask ales, though no food. A place I'll likely return to if I need to travel more to Wokingham for work.

Visited first time Wednesday June 14th, 2017, for drinks.
(Forigner, second time in Wokingham).
Arrived roughly 4.30pm, one person by the bar and one serving. Both seemed to work here. Some Ozzy/Sabbath playing. Had to remind again that I wanted ½ pints. The girl serving stated she had only ever sanmpled one of the real ales on, and only a little that time. Got offered samples of any beer before selecting if I so wished.
Some 4 cask ales, two craft taps and a few macros on.
When hot and sunny as this day the door open to the street, so some traffic will be noticed if sitting close to the entry door.
Music at first seemed to stay mainly within rock/metal, then changed during the course of my stay, no red line for this part.
Started a tab by surname only, payed by card in the end.
Nice back beer garden with sun and shade as per your choice, also music playing out here, and a dog water bowl for any furry friends coming along. Some standard beer, the ale on cask constantly rotate as for information from the bar staff.
A few more people showed up during my stay, but didn’t fill up.
Kind of run down restroom.
Nice enough place, rather centrally located, I can see myself going back next time in town.
gnoff 1802 days ago
“Been back again for food and drinks, though perhaps not my fav place in Wokingham. Still always a place you'll know you can get food and they'll have a few guest casks on.

Visited first time Wednesday June 14th, 2017, for dinner and drinks.
(Forigner, second time in Wokingham).
Arrived shortly after 6 pm for dinner. Decent selection of meals at fair prices. Ordered the triple chicken feast. Chicken breast sort of dry, chicken strips nice, wings started out sort of bland, but then the spices kicked in and by the end I fully enjoyed them.
Big and rather sterile place with a few TV:s and a pretty oddly placed gaming machine. Three guest real ales I haven’t had before my visit. Very fast service, was asked by three different people if I was ready to order before I was ready. Some half interesting bottles.
Outdoors seating available, no wifi it seems. A lot of menus, magazines and crap on the table, even after you get your food.
Not a place for tickers.
On different days some menu orders comes with a free drink. Apparently Wednesdays was the chicken day, so I got my ½ pint of guest cask free, even though I do not think this was supposed to be part of the selection for free drinks.
Only stayed for food and the one ale, then continued on my way.
On my next visit I might be back to check on the guest casks, and perhaps dinner if I don’t find a suitable option for this.
Located rather central just off Denmark street. Very close to Crispin which I’d say is the better choice if you are not looking for food, but interesting in cask ales.“
gnoff 1802 days ago
“Been back for a cask ale, lateish evening on my latest trip around mid October 2017. Seems there are other places around town I enjoy more,b but still a nice place for a beer.

Visited first time Wednesday June 14th, 2017, for drinks.
(Forigner, second time in Wokingham).
Arrived 9 pm to a metalled up version of a Twisted Sister song, Burn in Hell, really great start!
Rather sticky tables, feels like they might not clean these often, or that well. Also a cat walking around indoors. Fast service. Fairly poor beer selection.
Half filled this evening. Only stayed for one ½ int, mainly since it was getting lateish and I had work the day after. Also I had a long day with travel and then quite a few beers after arrival in total. I could see mysefl return though.
£2 for a ½ pint of cask ale, decent and fairly standard price. Didn’t eat.
gnoff 1802 days ago
“Though I've been in Wokingham 5 times (1-3 days each time) over the past 8 months, this was my first time to visit Dukes Head. Mid October 2017.
Perhaps one reason I never ventured in here was that it wasn't on the list of places on ratebeer. Another might be it is a Brakspear pub and I looked for more variety.
Anyhow, ended up here after I realized they had rooms as well, much closer to where I was working than any previous accommodation I had tried. Centrally located on Denmark St, also very close to The Crispin and Gig House, among others, if you're up for a pub crawl.
Stayed here for three nights, OK room but don't expect hotel standard. Had breakfast that was good, but no other meals were had by me. Had one pint of Brakspear Bitter my first evening arriving, in good condition. Other nights when I had any beer was at other locations around town.
Got a dog that comes up when in the pub, plenty of locals that seem to go mainly here. Friendly owners/staff. No problems paying with card. Not a huge selection, but a nice place to have a pint.“
gnoff 1806 days ago
44 /100 25 MARKET PLACE
“Visited first time Thursday June 15th, 2017, for drinks.
(Forigner, second time in Wokingham).
Empty when I arrived at 5.30 pm.
The first thing you see inside is a Birra Moretti tap, then forther in by the bar another 9 taps of standard macro, plus 2 hand pulls. One of the cask ales was Brakspear Bitter, so figured I’d give that one a go.
Some reggea music playing. Fast friendly service, ½ pint of Brakspear Bitter for £1.90.
They use the same type of get a text back wifi as the Fuller’s bar Ship Inn, didn’t work here either, perhaps won’t work for foreign numbers?
I walked in due to the sign, don’t think I’ll walk in once more.
gnoff 1928 days ago
62 /100 104 PEACH STREET,
“Visited first time Wednesday June 14th, 2017, for drinks.
(Forigner, second time in Wokingham).
Arrived 7.30pm. Plenty of people outside in the sun, also quite a few inside. Tap list not as seen online the day before, but close. Started a tab by card + pin, then saying my last name (which was rather difficult for them, me being Swedish).
Fast friendly service. Some low volume music playing. Busy road right outside. Parking in the same area as the pub. No wifi, unless signing in with mobile numer to get a text back. Tried with two different phones/different numbers, still after I returned home no text after a few tried, so pretty much no wifi available.
Nice place to get Fuller’s beer perhaps, but I felt it’d likely be my only visit, even though I plan to return more times to Wokingham for business. There are a few other places in town I like better.
Very warm inside as well this day, but I still like it better than getting stuck in the sun outside. Didn’t eat, not sure you can. Decent bathroom, but the only toilet int he men’s room had a ventilation to outdoors seating with a table close by.
Fairly close to the center, not too long of a walk. Stayed for three ½ pints, then was on my way again.“
gnoff 1928 days ago
40 /100 58 PEACH STREET
“Visited first time Wednesday June 14th, 2017, for bottles to take home.
(Forigner, second time in Wokingham).
Arrived after my visit to Gig House, walking towards Ship Inn.
Since no bottle store in Wokingham was listed on Ratebeer, and I had brought a checked in bag on my flight to get some bottles home, I goggled off license Wokingham to find something. Superstore was the only one I could get that was within walking distance and close to where I was going to be anyway this day, so this is what I found.
Even though I had the address and used my GPS with google maps this was a bit hard to find. Part of a few small stores along a fairly busy through street, next to a Dominoes pizza I think I was. I expected it to be bigger, or at least have a bigger sign, but found it at last. Some construction going on and a lack of pedestrian crossings made it more difficult, but finally I was there.
Small selection on bottles, but managed to get 6 I wanted to bring home still. One brewery’s bottles was on a deal that you got two for £5, that didn’t work automatically when scanned at the register though, so had to point this out.
Service not very good, seemed rather uninterested. Likely better places are around, but figured I’ll add this palce anyhow if someone else is looking for an off license and am in the same area.
Not enough of a selection for me to bother bringing a checked luggage for my next visit to Wokingham, at least not for the reason to bring bottles home as it was this time.
The way it looked I think parking close by is not really an option.
gnoff 1928 days ago
54 /100
Molly Millar (Restaurant)
“Visited first time Wednesday June 14th, 2017, for lunch and drinks.
(Forigner, second time in Wokingham).
Arrived shortly after 12/noon for lunch. Very close to the train station, where I got in, just cross the road and you’re there. Out of all steaks this day, part from the Gammon, which I ordered. The food was decent, but no experience, filled me up. Two of the cask/real ales where out currently. Some music playing. Restrooms were shabby, but not all out nasty. Fast, friendly, order by the bar service.
Started a tab by leaving my bank card, got a numbered key in return to show when getting any new items. No worries with settling the card after.
Some 15 taps for regular (non cask) beers, though 5 repeated with brands, so at least this day 10 in total, mainly macro stuff. Add to that 5 hand pulls for real ale/cask. Some bottles in the fridge, a lot of it super sweet cider, but some beer as well.
No own wifi, was a sign up version available that worked OK once filled out the form, have yet to know how much spam emails this will generate.
Unless they rotate their fewish cask ales often I would rather go to a bunch of the other pubs in town, many of which are within close walking distance. Though they are open for lunch, with food, and some cask ales, and very close to the train station. So as the first or last stop if arriving or departing by train it is worth noting that it is available at least.“
gnoff 1929 days ago
66 /100 29 BROAD STREET
“Second time in Wokingham I returned for my second visit on Thursday June 15th, 2017.
Ordered dinenr this time, got the Gammon steak with eggs, decent and filling, but nothing to write home about. They had a guest tap on from Greene King, rest from Wadworth. Ate and sampled two ½ pints. No problem to pay with a card. Also a back garden which was rather popular in the nice weather this evening. The mens restroom was hard to know if only a very stubborn door or someone in there, so used the disabled’s one, which was functional, but not the freshest around by any means. Again fast and friendly service.

Visited first time lateish Tuesday evening April 4, 2017.
Walked some 15 minute from my hotel, but the pub is located quite central. Some parking on the street seems possible.
Hard for me to understand at frst I found it, since the Wadworth sign was a lot more visible than the name of the pub. In daylight when I walked past it was a lot better, since then I could see the wall mounted sign with the pub’s name on it, but at night look for the Wadworth hanging sign instead.
Quite a few people for the late weekday I visited. Fast and nice service that offered samples without asking for it before I decided what to get. Some 6 or so cask from Wadworth available, plus Guinness and some standard macro lagers plus a cider on tap. Didn’t check the bottle selection. A half pint was just short of £2 each for the two I got. Payed with cash only, but did see others that payed with card. Found some free WiFi without password. Stayed some 30 mins only for one sample and two half pints, then wandered out. Didn’t eat or use the restrooms. Could see myself come back for sure, but would also like to see a variety of breweries on the taps I can choose from.

gnoff 2002 days ago
56 /100 104 PEACH STREET,
“Nice building. Less convinced about the pub itself. Nice enough decor, was pretty popilar and good beer options. However it came across a bit corporate (for lack of a better phrase), more Harvester than just a pub. Also seemed a bit laddy, but that was more noticable because I was there with one of my young ladiea.“
BeardedAvenger 2255 days ago
“Similarly to the prior rating, this place was completely empty, only on a Friday lunchtime. More inviting from the outside. A bit drab when you come in. However gets more points for having a friendly pub cat which was lounging on one of the sofas. Haven’t been back since.“
BeardedAvenger 2255 days ago
62 /100 23 THE TERRACE
“Lovely old building. Friendly staff. Decent array of beers. Definately a locals pub, with families. Not sure what it is about it but doesnt quite do it for me. Possibly the coffee shop/retaurant atmosphere? Would drop in again but then head elsewhere.“
BeardedAvenger 2255 days ago
62 /100
Crispin (Bar)
“I’d sum this pub up as dishevilled but still my favourite pub in town. Friendly place. Decent beers. Seems to go from dead to busy surprisingly quickly, which perhaps reflects its size. A relaxed trad bar. Not trying to be anything it isn’t.“
BeardedAvenger 2255 days ago
68 /100 29 BROAD STREET
“A cavernous and characterful pub on Broad Street, with a good range of Wadworth’s beers, and some unusual guests.“
berkshirejohn 2722 days ago
“An oldish pub with a modern touch. There’s a patio at the back and a sunken area with comfy sofas - a bit like a normal living room in someone’s home. It’s quite nice but was deserted when I visited on a Saturday afternoon so I didn’t linger. There are four hand pumps with a rather uninspiring selection - two Brakspears and Wychwood Hobgoblin. (Visited 7 March 2015).“
Boudicca 2730 days ago
64 /100 23 THE TERRACE
“A small, traditional old pub on a raised pavement just up the road from the station. There’s just one room and it felt friendly and welcoming. The beer choice was quite good - six casks (with local breweries clearly labelled) and about eight keg taps that were less appealing. For those interested in architecture and history, there’s a sign on the wall saying it’s one of only a handful of fifteenth century cruck framed buidings left in Berkshire; also that it was temporarily named the Welcome Home from 1870 to 1883 because of the unpopularity of Queen Victoria at that time. (Visited 7 March 2015).“
Boudicca 2730 days ago
62 /100 104 PEACH STREET,
“A nice old Fuller’s pub on the edge of the town centre. It’s on several levels, with lots of nooks and crannies, and there’s also a heated patio. There were five cask ales on, including a couple of guests. (Visited 7 March 2015).“
Boudicca 2730 days ago
64 /100
Crispin (Bar)
“The Crispin looks cosy and olde worlde from the outside but inside it’s rather basic. There’s a central chimney and two main rooms with red banquettes lining the walls. As advertised on the blackboard outside (alongside claims of its being the best pub in town, with the best beer range), there was sport being shown on a large television screen although there weren’t many customers there to watch it. The service was very friendly though and there was quite a nice beer selection - five hand pumps with mainly local-ish brews. (Visited 7 March 2015).“
Boudicca 2730 days ago
“A standard Wetherspoon / Lloyds No 1 pub in a newish shopping plaza (which was strangely empty early on a Saturday afternoon). There’s quite a pleasant terrace overlooking a park. The beer range was limited but they did have one of the collaboration brews made for the forthcoming ‘spoons festival. Incidentally, the Gig House is on the site of an old brewery and its associated stables, hence the name. (Visited 7 March 2015).“
Boudicca 2731 days ago
“Town centre Spoons in Wokingham, visited on Friday 01/08/14 around 7.30pm having come from an event at Siren. Wasn’t massively busy for the first Friday of the month and as such service was prompt. Usual spoons interior but probably recently redecorated. Choice of beers was a little limited, 2 guest casks beyond the house range but the Loddon beer we had was in good nick. Average Spooneria.“
Theydon_Bois 2838 days ago
58 /100
Crispin (Bar)
“Visited on Friday 01/08/14 on the way back from the International IPA day event at Siren. Timber framed trad boozer just outside the centre of Wokingham, not particularly busy for 7.30pm on a Friday night. Smart enough internals, newish carpet mix of bench seating along the walls, plus chairs. Service was decent but they weren’t pressed. 4 cask offerings with beers from Two Cocks and Hogsback amongst others on this visit. In the 2014 GBG. Decent enough boozer, no go to destination but if you have an hour to spare in Wokingham as we did, then no harm popping in.“
Theydon_Bois 2838 days ago
“Medium size newish looking Spoons just off Wokingham high street. Selection seems below average for a Spoons this size. The one beer I had was in decent condition. Service was snappy. Okay joint, needs more real ale taps.“
madmitch76 2977 days ago
66 /100
Crispin (Bar)
“Olde worlde.boozer on the charming Wokingham high street. All wood and low ceilings. Modest selection of real ales. Snappy service. Seems like a good vibe in here. Large beer garden to the rear. Decent.“
madmitch76 2977 days ago
70 /100
Crispin (Bar)
“During the day at least, this is a very laid back place with the best choice of real ale in Wokingham - I’ve never called in during the evening so I don’t what it’s like then. The beers are predominantly local (Bingham, Vale, etc) with some from further afield; service is relaxed, beams are low, and there’s a bar billiards table if you fancy some exercise. This place has all you’d want from a pub in a small, sleepy, market town.“
berkshirejohn 3379 days ago
68 /100
Crispin (Bar)
“A great little boozer. I'm so pleased I walked in here! A small but well kept selection of real ales and the food smells great even though I was not hungry enough to try it. Friendly and helpful bar staff and wifi too. A typical old English pub with bags of character. Please don't ever change!“
jmgreenuk 3685 days ago
“A typical Wetherspoons, but sometimes comes across as a bit down market, perhaps not helped by being next door to Spin. Still has some guest ales and a few foreign beers and ciders.“
prawlie 3787 days ago
76 /100 104 PEACH STREET,
“Nice Fullers pub in Wokingham, its cosy and welcoming, with decent beer (albeit with a clear Fullers bias), and good food. Foods been of good quality but its not the cheapest. There are a good range of Fullers beers and also some guests such as Anchor Steam and sometimes Boon Kriek. Its also a good place if you fancy watching football or cricket.“
prawlie 3952 days ago
74 /100
Crispin (Bar)
“Nice pub, a proper real ale pub, with regularly changing guest ales which are usually decent quality, and the atmosphere is friendly. Doesn’t appear to serve food.“
prawlie 3974 days ago
“A reasonable pub on the end of Station Road close to the Queen’s Head. I’ve not tried the food but the menu looks good. The range range is ok, they’ve often got a guest on that I’ve not tried before but you won’t find any exceptional or foreign beers here. Still, real readily available. Otherwise sells the usual mass market fare.“
prawlie 3986 days ago