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98 /100 100 SYCAMORE ROAD
“Highly recommend! Fantastic pizza, amazing gin and outstanding beer! We had a great time with chilled out vibes from some live music - the football didn’t go our way but the food, drink and Apricot Hounds made the night!!“
AllGrainTamer26 1094 days ago
94 /100 100 SYCAMORE ROAD
“Really great for the community, along with an awesome atmosphere, with friendly and attentive staff“
CiderMeister28 1207 days ago
64 /100
Crown Inn (Bar)
“Visited before lunch on Saturday 14/10/17. The Crown Inn is just a few hundred yards down the High Street from the Kings Arms, which appears to be a sister pub. The Crown is a little more pub like and less hotel and offers a few more beers on tap than it's sister. A small old worlde single room bar with a working fireplace and tables to seat about 20/25 the Crown was ticking along nicely with a good dozen or so punters on this visit. 3 cask lines dispensed beer from Loddon (Amersham Gold - guessing a re-badge), Brakspear and Rebellion. As well as macro offerings keg taps included Bluepoint Toasted Lager and Goose Island Honkers. Prices seemed a little more pub like also, when compared to the Kings Arms, and my pint of Loddon was in great nick. Again ... not a go to venue but if you're on the High Street this is a decent enough boozer to pop into.“
Theydon_Bois 1674 days ago
60 /100 30 HIGH STREET
“Visited on Saturday afternoon, 14/10/17. Located on the main High Street in Amersham old town the Kings Arms is a picturesque Tudor era building bedecked with timber beams and old furntiture and artefacts. The Kings Arms, as with the other pub on the High Street, is a hotel but with a public bar area. Fairly quiet on our visit with a handful of people so service was prompt and friendly. Selection was limited but one of the 2 cask pulls offered me a new tick in the form of Malt the brewery's autumn seasonal - Harvest Ale. Also on cask was Rebellions roasted nuts. The Malt was in good shape. A couple of keg taps dispensed macro lager and also Goose Island Honkers. Rather pricey on the wine front ... my other half had a 250ml pour from one of the wines on tap and this came to £13.50 ! Certainly not a must visit venue but if you're on the High Street you may pick up a new tick here and a grand old building to boot.“
Theydon_Bois 1674 days ago
78 /100 100 SYCAMORE ROAD
“A super place and one of four Red Squirrel outlets I hear. A comprehensive bottle selection along with 14 keg and cask ales plus a few ciders. The seated area indoors seats around 30 people with a similar number outside during the summer months. Excellent service. Shame there is no wifi. Worth a visit.“
jmgreenuk 2054 days ago
74 /100 100 SYCAMORE ROAD

We visited here on Saturday 20th August 2016. It is situated in Top Amersham in an arcade of shops on Sycamore Road, we were driving here and had been into Old Amersham first its not far too walk between the two and the Tube Line is also within 7-8 minutes I would guess.

For those familiar with their other sites at Chesham and Berkhamstead, I would suggest that this probably the biggest of the three and whilst I cannot recall how many taps the others have I would say that this has the most. The bottle choice was probably a little larger here also. Its a fairly straightforward set up, seating inside, on the LH side there was one table but there were more on the other side, two to three as I recall, and there was lots of seating outside which did give it more of a continental feel. The bar was just past the inside tables on the RH side and had a pretty decent tap choice, I just went for the Cloudwater DIPA v6 so didn’t take much notice of the others but I seem to think that along with their own offerings it was quite decent. Loz’s coffee was excellent btw!

I am not sure what it is, but both here and in the Berkhampstead locations the staff seem obliged to talk at a volume in order that everyone can hear their discussions, I am all for enthusiastic staff and people who are keen and knowledgeable but it just seemed a bit louder than was required. I think that the staff seem to be reasonably knowledgeable on their beers, but as I generally know what I want I didn’t tend to get into too much banter. The bottle selection was fine if you’ve been to their other set-ups (I’ve been to all three now) then the stock will be familiar. I didn’t see anything that was jumping out at me, there would have been quite a few new beers for me but nothing grabbed me and as I was going to Wine Rack at Yarnton the following day I was disinclined to pay over the odds for some of the beers when I could get them much cheaper there.

Overall I quite liked it and its a great addition to the local scene I’m sure. In fact if they had one in Bicester I would be there like a shot. However it doesn’t really look or seem any different to the other places, it would be nice if they had a bit more character. I’m not sure that I would rush here again as its 55 mins and 30+ miles for me and I could be at Twisted Barrel and then Beer Gonzo in that time in Coventry but if I was in the area I think that I would pop in, particularly to see what they had on tap.

To the reviewer below (edwards9961) I think that as you have rated all three of your establishments now and nothing else we get the message and we will also take the bias and perfect score from your review with a pinch of salt, it would be nice to see you rate somewhere else though?“
Fin 2093 days ago
100 /100 100 SYCAMORE ROAD
“New Beer shop/ tasting bar concept where you can drink anything in and out. The pint price starts at £2.80 for cask ales and £3.10 for Keg. Huge selection of bottles from some of the UK’s best brewers and a ever increasing international range. They have a unique growler filling system that fills plastic and glass growlers keeping the beer fresh when you get home so it tastes just like it does in store . The beer can last up to 60 days kept in the fridge ( who stores beer in the fridge for that long anyway haha) . The stand out beers for value and quality was the A.P.A and London Porter both stunning beers. Good selection of guest on tap including Arbor, Kernel, Magic rock, Northern Monk,Cloudwater etc. Basically you name a top UK brewery an they have likely to have it or had it on tap. Great concept and great atmosphere ( The Future of good Beer)“
edwards9961 2138 days ago
78 /100 100 SYCAMORE ROAD
“Nice small place in top Amersham, very decent selection of bottles, few taps and tables to sit. Feels comfy, relaxed, nice service. Had three of their own on keg and cask, good selection of guest beers. Prices for draught beers seem very fair, bottles a touch more expensive than in your average London shop.“
MrTipple 2297 days ago
76 /100 100 SYCAMORE ROAD
“Visited on Saturday 19/12/15 around 2.30pm. Owned by the Red Squirrel brewery, in near by Herts, the Craft Beer Bar & Bottle Shop is one of a small chain to have recently opened in the area (see also Chesham and Berkhampsted). A small venue at the end of the shopping precinct (6/7 mins walk from the railway station) the CBB&BS is as the name suggests, 150 or so bottles to drink in or out, allied to 12 taps - 4 dispensing real ale. 8 of the 12 lines were dedicated to Red Squirrel but showcasing small batch offerings allied to 3 or 4 staples. Guest beers were on offer from Arbor (x2) and Shiny plus one other. Bottle prices are a touch on the high side, though not wholly unreasonable, tap prices were very fair indeed. £3.60 for a pint of Arbor OZ Bomb on keg. Bottle selection is largely UK with a good spattering of local brewers on show, Red Squirrel, Popes Yard, Leighton Buzzard, XT plus craftier options from around the country, Kernel, Buxton, Magic Rock and the likes. A small selection of overseas offerings also available. The bar side of things has around 4 tables and seats approx 20. The place was doing a bustling trade during my visit and no tables were empty from 3pm. Service prompt and friendly, tasters offered. Growlers also available to go from any of the tap offerings. Food was just nuts and crisps. Overall a really solid set up and somewhere I would happily visit again.“
Theydon_Bois 2338 days ago
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