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58 /100 72 OUNDLE ROAD
“Not the best place when it comes to atmosphere, ales were decent in terms of selection and quality. Ok but I preferred other pubs in Peterborough on my recent visit.“
Beermenace 206 days ago
66 /100 5 PARK STREET,
“Perfectly acceptable community pub. Quite busy when I visited, six cask ales on. My pint of Mad Monk from Digfield Brewery hit the spot. Would call in again if I happened to be in the area.“
Beermenace 207 days ago
66 /100 72 OUNDLE ROAD
“Beer-centred pub the the south of the city and within spitting distance of the Palmerston Arms (q.v.), the Yard of Ale has a micropub feel. In reality however its a pretty big place, with a larger bar area out front, pkus more seating and a pool table in the back. Beer list is okay: Five cask ales including a Pentrich and a new Lacons tick for me, some core Beavertown on keg. Football on when I was there so maybe didn't get the best impression due to the crowds. Maybe not a session pub for me but it's friendly.“
jjsint 226 days ago
66 /100 82 OUNDLE ROAD
“Cosy pub to the south of the city centre. It feels like a locals' establishment, with conversation rising above the low piped music even on a fairly quiet early evening. They've recently had a refurb although I don't have anything to compare to, this being my first visit. The beer list, while solid, will offer few ticks to anyone but the beginner: core Bateman's alongside stalwarts such as Proper Job and Oakham Citra. All in optimum condition, so it seems churlish to complain. This pub, plus the almost-next-door Yard of Ale, are worth a small diversions any Peterborough pub crawl.“
jjsint 226 days ago
64 /100 5 PARK STREET,
“I've been to this pub when it was a Milton's venue. I'd heard it had changed quite a bit, although I did like its new incarnation well enough. It has a micropub feel with a refurbished bit down the back. The beer isn't terribly exciting bit if you're not from the area you will likely get ticks as they had two Tydd Steam beers on. Worth having a look? I think so.“
jjsint 230 days ago
64 /100 5 PARK STREET,
“Single roomed locals pub just off London Road. A choice of 4 or 5 cask beers on my last visit. Quality was OK but nothing terribly exciting“
Cheeseboard 689 days ago
64 /100 82 OUNDLE ROAD
“Larger 2 roomed pub in the Woodston district on the Oundle Road, just a couple of doors up from The Yard of Ale. We have visited a few times over the years, just never got round to writing it up. The casks a re racked behind the bar giving a bigger range than most, however post lockdown the range has gone very safe with mostly national brands available. There is outdoor seating at the back and plans to utilise the little square to the left of the pub. Well organised Covid arrangement.“
imdownthepub 1122 days ago
72 /100 5 PARK STREET,
“Single roomed working men's boozer down a residential street close to the London Road. Good friendly atmosphere every time we have gone. No longer tied to Milton Brewery and has reverted back to G.K but with lots of guest beers. It's a 15 minute walk from town but worth the effort and just a short walk across a park from the Yard of Ale and Palmerston Arms.“
imdownthepub 1122 days ago
68 /100 72 OUNDLE ROAD
“This is a decent Community local situated just a few doors away from the Palmerston Arms, once part of the stabling block. Small and cosy it is rebuilding its beer range steadily post lockdown, offering some new finds on the cask front. It was updated in 2017 with the new owners quickly winning local CAMRA awards. Nice to do as a combo with the Palmerston, however this opens much earlier in the day.“
imdownthepub 1122 days ago
64 /100 82 OUNDLE ROAD
“Facing into the Oundle Road south of the centre of Peterborough and close to some shops, this is a two roomed bar that becomes open plan where the service area exists at the rear, which has a large ground floor cellar behind that you can see into with all the current brews and their lines feeding through to the bar. There's a very long row of spaced out cask pumps offering up a mix of local brews and some more nationally recognised ones alongside their own regular Batemans selections. The left hand room was the popular drinking side, and although there are seats in the right hand side of the room the popularity of darts there means few venture that side first.“
ManVsBeer 1292 days ago
62 /100 5 PARK STREET,
“Mid terrace pub just off the London Road heading south out of the centre. The fairly un-utilised concrete front terrace leads to a door on the left hand side, with the bar against the left wall just beyond the entrance. There's stool seating here and rather standard looking tables and chairs out front that look a little worn, but it's fine, as is the cask selection here which has a number of locals choices from microbreweries available.“
ManVsBeer 1292 days ago
64 /100 5 PARK STREET,
“Still a good place to visit ..good range of real ales on...“
Wirralbeerveg 1517 days ago
66 /100 82 OUNDLE ROAD
“Brillant ....this place is still well worth a visit...“
Wirralbeerveg 1523 days ago
60 /100 82 OUNDLE ROAD
“Stone built old school pub where the locals congregate at the bar, making it an difficult to get served. Or maybe I was just unlucky. Trad cask fare on offer, the range was reasonable on my visit“
Cheeseboard 2215 days ago
66 /100 5 PARK STREET,
“We (me, Loz, Ferret and Dena) visited here on Saturday 10th January 2015 on Whittlesey Straw Bear weekend. I’ve never been here before but felt I had to as it seems highly regarded by the local CAMRA group (we read the local CAMRA mag and were also told to go by a couple of CAMRA chaps in the Falcon Hotel Whittlsey) I understand it was shortlisted for their pub of the year, we visited two more of the eight nominees today. It is situated over the river and railway tracks just a little out of town. For anyone familiar to Peterborough it is close to the footie’ ground. It is a simple back street local, a little worn at the edges but friendly and popular with locals. It was a bit bigger than I expected and whilst it appears to be a large oblong shape inside there are clearly quieter seating areas. We sat opposite the bar which itself us quite centrally located. Beer choice was good and quality generally very good with a varied range of Milton beers on offer, though I thought the Marcus Aurelius was a little flat having clearly peaked before now. It was a little gloomy/dark in here, the layout was quite plain indeed it was furnished quite simply. I thought this was a pleasant pub but I have to say for all of the CAMRA bluster about this pub I would take the Ostrich, Charters or Brewery Tap over this pub anytime.“
Fin 3177 days ago
68 /100 82 OUNDLE ROAD
“Visited on 6th April 2014. 2 beers on handpull plus a room full behind the bar on gravity. Beer selection was OK despite being plenty to choose from. Beer quality wasn’t as good as other pubs visited. Decent place but not the best place visited over the weekend“
WingmanWillis 3456 days ago
78 /100 5 PARK STREET,
“Visited on Sunday 6th April. Nice, cosy Milton pub around 15 min walk from Railway station, has a nice community feel about the place and seems popular with locals. Staff were friendly, beer in good nick and seemed to feature local beers, Milton featuring heavily plus a Brentwood and White Horse. Worthy of the walk out“
WingmanWillis 3456 days ago
64 /100 82 OUNDLE ROAD
“Pleasant relaxed atmosphere. Good selection of beers, including some less common ones, as well as classics. Include this on your itinerary if going to the PBF.
Rerate 2012: Reinvented itself - now with all gravicask delivery from a back room, and up to 12 beers on tap. Not necessarily shifting them all quickl;y enough, as a few were a bit tired. Bumping up a couple of points, as I love gravicask.“
FatPhil 4009 days ago
86 /100 82 OUNDLE ROAD
“Good selection of real ales and very friendly service. I have heard there are new owners running the place today (2011).“
lada66 4012 days ago
86 /100 5 PARK STREET,
“Maybe the best place to have microbrewery real ales in Peterborough. A very nice and cozy place with very friendly staff (2011).“
lada66 4012 days ago
60 /100 5 PARK STREET,
“Nice to see Milton here. Had a crawl through here during PBF weekend. I think we may have eaten here, but don’t remember what it was we had. Anyway, acceptable pub grub certainly. Fairly cosy atmosphere, as there are walls and pillers subdividing the space up. Staff were very friendly, and let us have a fairly healthy sample of their strongest beer as we told them we were in a rush and didn’t want to waste beer which we’d have had to do if we ordered a whole one. Definitely worth another visit during another PBF.“
FatPhil 4378 days ago
88 /100 5 PARK STREET,
“Nice pub located just off a main road, not a huge amount of parking. Plenty of Real ales to choose from. 4 pumps have Milton beers on the other 4 have guest ales on. Nice friendly staff. plus 1 real cider to drink, with a good selection of foreign bottled beers.“
SwampyPBF 4790 days ago
62 /100 82 OUNDLE ROAD
“A nice pub within Peterborough which boasts a nice selection of real ales. The beers are served straight from the cooler behind the bar. At least 30 kegs are in here but only 8 or so are on at any given time. Seating area consists of small tables and chairs, some with plywood on top for playing cards which are provided. Cribbage boards are also provided. Had an enjoyable afternoon here drinking some good beer.“
MrRomero 5574 days ago
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