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60 /100
7 Days (Grocery Store)
“UPDATE : Jan 2021 - this place is currently closed, but that may only be due to the latest lockdown. Will keep you informaed ... ORIGINAL REVIEW : Crewe has a number of “Polish” shops, but this is one of the largest, and by far the best for beer. It is on Market Street, by the zebra crossing. Recently undergone a layout change, but at the moment, turn immediately right on entry to find the beer section. Firstly some shelves, and then a chilled section. Range in each section is similar, but not the same. Has a large range of Polish beers, not just the mainstream ones, but nothing really exotic. Also has macro beers from Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, and I have come across beers from Slovakia and Romania here as well. Also sometimes has some large bottles of Lithuanian “country” beer - a real find. If you don’t find a tick here, then you must be an expert on East European beer.“
Martinsh 226 days ago
56 /100 33-35 EARLE STREET
“Some of the pub's ten cask ales were not in their best condition. Quite a few Belgian bottled beers in addition to the cask ales. None of their own beers available at our stay. Decent old school pub with two rooms. Old men's pub, so we fitted well in with the locals. Polite service. (Visited with Finn, 26.01.2020).“
Rune 429 days ago
54 /100 33-35 EARLE STREET
“Worn pub 20 min. walk from the station. A handful of kegs & cask. Not worth the detour. Beers not at their best.“
Finn 453 days ago
42 /100 UNITS 4 & 5, THOMAS STREET
“It looks nice from afar, pallets and kegs making the lions share of the furniture outside. Starts to go downhill after that quite quickly. Grabbed a couple of barely OK-ish ticks from the 2 real ales plus 22 kegs. But it gets worse. The keg tick was fizzy and cold. But it continues to get worse. Inside, it was just as cold as the beer, we wanted gloves. And a torch, it's really dimly lit. Grungy warehousey industrial feel, completely unwelcoming. Did you think the getting worse had halted? Think again! Smells dank, wet, and mildewy, not the most sanitary impression, I don't want mold spores permeating a food production facility, which is what a brewery is. But don't start me on the sanitary, or I'll have to mention the (unisex) loos. In sharp contrast to the Caledonia in Liverpool with its (still wrapped, obviously) tampons for emergency customer use, this had "free" (and now worthless) sanitary towels on the dirty loo windowsill, not in any packaging at all. What did the person who put them there think that others would be doing with them such that such conditions were sensible?!? They make some decent beers, this is not how to present them.“
FatPhil 464 days ago
42 /100 15 EARLE STREET
“Horrible town-centre sports pub on a Friday night, but on a saturday morning, with nowhere else in town open, and pensioners on the prowl armed only with baguettes from the local sarnie shop, this is a much quieter place, and bizarrely somewhere where I was able to find a real ale tick, from a new brewery, no less, one not even on Ratebeer. Just the one, and the kegs were macrap. Staff went the extra mile to find out exactly what it was, as the pump clip was hand-written and ambiguous. Younger punters were vaping inside, and the place did smell of pipe cleaning fluid, so it wasn't an olfactory treat. Can't exactly recommend the place, but as I say, I found a tick, so anything's possible.“
FatPhil 466 days ago
“Popular bar, but even on a friday night we did manage to find a table for 2. Conversation burbled but it wasn't too noisy. 6 real ales, 10 kegs, 6 bag-in-a-box ciders, and an extensive, but not particularly novel bottle menu. Tap beers in sets of thirds was a boon, as there was plenty to tick. Looks like they use the terrace for an outdoor barbie, but that had stopped by the time we got here. Friendly service, and the cellarmanship is commendable, not a duff drop from the four we had. Great place.“
FatPhil 466 days ago
68 /100 33-35 EARLE STREET
“Lovely multi-room pub with a lively set of locals. We ignored the warning about one of the house beers, and it was a shambles, oops. Otherwise a good selection, 12 real ales and 20 kegs. Decent staff. Came here twice in our two day trip, and the locals were even more fun the second time. Lovely local pub.“
FatPhil 467 days ago
“Right next to the railway station is this pub, set in a sturdy brick building that offers lodging and is mainly a live music venue. It's a Lees pub but without their expected keg range. It still did serve us a good new-to-us beer. The Cambridge parallel would be the Boat Race (RIP), but the beer is significantly more inspiring here.“
FatPhil 467 days ago
“Well this place is on RateBeer, so I will rate it. It’s not the sort of place I would add if it wasn’t already there though A bit of a strange place all in all. The windows are mostly place, and when you enter the lighting is pretty dim as well. Your eyes soon adjust though. Round the bar there is plenty of empty space, but there are usually sufficient tables and chairs to find a seat. Large screen TVs show sport all the time – but luckily often without sound. As for the beer, there are 4 handpumps, but usually only 2 or 3 in use. Beers change slowly, and tend to come from regional and national brewers, but not always their most obvious beer. On my last visit there were beers from Fullers, Hydes and Marstons, with a Landlord clip turned around. Beer quality is fine. I believe they do food, though I have never eaten there. Not really worth visiting unless you are a completist, or haven’t got time to go to BeerDock (another 5 mins walk) “
Martinsh 479 days ago
“Pioneering Belgian style cafe-bar just off Crewe town centre in former wine-bar / bistro premises. On the same street as the library – walk to the end and it’s on your right. From the entrance the bar is immediately on your left. The rest of the cozy intimate space being taken up by tables and chairs arrange schoolroom style. Further seating of the same style is available upstairs – but acoustics there are terrible. The patio outside gets filled with tables and chairs in the summer. Beerwise there are 6 cask beers on tap. Always at least one dark one (on the left), and usually at least some local beers – though others can be from anywhere. One of very few outlets for local Toms Tap beer in cask form. Also, 3 taps for German lagers, 3 for Belgian beers (these only change rarely) plus a changing “guest keg”. Behind the bar is a large fridge stocked with a huge range of (mainly) Belgian bottles. A beer bottle list is available, but this is somewhat out of date. Baguette / sandwich type food available weekday lunchtimes (except Mondays when the place is closed at lunch). Recently have started having street-food vendors outside on the patio at weekends. CAMRA discount offered on Monday evenings. My favourite place in town – though there isn’t a lot of competition.“
Martinsh 592 days ago
72 /100 33-35 EARLE STREET
“Its ok..2 of there home brews on but a great selection of guests and craft on...“
Wirralbeerveg 664 days ago
84 /100 UNITS 4 & 5, THOMAS STREET
“Now this is a must visit...freindly staff including a wee brewery visit...10 of therexown beers guests and Ciders...“
Wirralbeerveg 664 days ago
78 /100 UNITS 4 & 5, THOMAS STREET
“Visited 8/2/2019. Small brewery taproom a little out of the centre of Crewe amongst a few industrial units with plenty of parking. Very welcoming. Beer selection and quality was well above average. Really liked it.“
Grumbo 795 days ago
80 /100 UNITS 4 & 5, THOMAS STREET
“Nice pub situated in the industrial area of Crewe. Friendly service and 18 kegs with 6 of them being their own plus some collabs. Beers were very good quality. I recommend it.“
saxo 804 days ago
78 /100 UNITS 4 & 5, THOMAS STREET
“This is basically an industrial unit with a bar, so not the coziest of environments to spend your time in, but the great service more than makes up for that. The brewer was very friendly and keen on talking about his beers with us. Locals were friendly and chatty as well. We tried all six of their own beers on tap plus the one on bottle and all were solid to good. They also have some guest taps plus quite a lot of cider. On our way out we were even gifted the final bottle of one of their other beers, which was otherwise not for sale. I would go back if in the area again.“
Rasmus40 804 days ago
“Its just had a complete revamp...still got 4 handpulls on ...but the beers are run of the mill stuff really...“
Wirralbeerveg 1032 days ago
“A place well worth visiting .. small bar with a good selection 5 real ale taps.... service can be slow when its busy...“
Wirralbeerveg 1545 days ago
84 /100 33-35 EARLE STREET
“The Borough arms is a great ale pub. There are around 10 ales on tap (some of which they brew themselves) and a big selection of Belgium ales both on tap and in bottles. On a nice day it is 1 of my favorite places to go to enjoy a selection of ales and sit downstairs in the beer garden“
CheshireBeer 2110 days ago
“The Belgian fonts are nothing unusual, there is a guest keg which was a British saison. 6 real ales of which all were new ticks for me, 2 of which were brewery ticks. Nothing floated my boat particularly but with ever changing guests you won’t go wrong here. Excellent pub.“
niquillis 2220 days ago
80 /100 33-35 EARLE STREET
“Cracking boozer on the outskirts of Crewe. Very close the Cumberland Area, the home of Crewe FC (not Crewe Alexandra!). 9 cask, varied Belgian taps. Cracker.“
niquillis 2228 days ago
“This place is somewhere between a Belgian bar and a real ale pub as they serve both. Good selection of Belgian beers, but nothing too unusual, Several Belgian beers also on tap and about 5 real ale hand pumps. I would go here again for Belgian beer, but when compared to Belgian bars in Belgium and the Netherlands, they don’t seem to have captured the atmosphere quite right, perhaps it’s a bit too modern inside“
undercurrent25 2591 days ago
84 /100 33-35 EARLE STREET
“Like all roads used to lead to Rome, all railways used to lead to Crewe, well in England they did. Crewe is now a pale shaddow of its former self, the railway is still here, but it is no longer the place where everybody has to change, no longer the hub. The only thing going for Crewe is this pub, perched half on, half off a railway bridge, a long walk from the station and Gresty Road, home to ’The Alex.’ The Borough Arms is one of the few pubs in the UK that I have seen and had draught La Chouffe, it was even served in the correct glass. I was very pleased the landlord trusted me, it was a busy Saturday afternoon and he didn’t know me from Adam, I ensured the glass got to him after I had finished with it. Eight real ales and Eight taps with Belgian beers, plus 100 Belgian bottles to choose from, makes this one of the best choices of beers anywhere in Cheshire. I have now been three times and look forward to my next visit with baited breath, see you in there?“
BlackHaddock 2818 days ago
“The closest bar to the busy railwaysstation (which is not near the town centre). There’s a few pubs in this area and this one prides itself on being a music venue, disco or performers, as a result the decor is quite sparse and durable to suit, with plenty of room to dance if you feel the need. The bar has four real ale pumps (all with Salopian ales on my visit), along with the usual set of lagers. As the name suggests it is on a corner of a building, but it is also part of The Royal Hotel complex. On my visit the barman was also dealing with customers on the hotel side and hurriedly pulled my ale but with a short measure.“
ManVsBeer 2975 days ago
40 /100
Bargain Booze Crewe (Beer Store)
“Various locations around the NW. Corener store that has a great beer selection and ciders with snack food. Not much special but has some rare beers“
worldbeertaste 3510 days ago