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98 /100 931 POQUONNOCK RD
“Between both Grand Stores in Groton it is easy to find what you are looking for. More importantly because of their selection you can even find items you did not know you were looking for. Love this place. Sign up for their Beer Club and get the inside track on beer releases.“
Hupernikow 1745 days ago
76 /100 266 BRIDGE STREET
“A welcome addition to the region, OLBC had 10 beers on tap when I visited. There were a handul of misses, but by and large the offerings were quite tasty. The tap room adjacent to the brewery was fairly standard but quite pleasant. Service by both the owner/brewer and his wife was excellent. A bit pricy for the samplers (especially when including high abv beers), but no complaints.“
argo0 2374 days ago
60 /100 1305 GOLD STAR HWY
“Nice place, filled with booze and other spirits. The folks that run it are friendly and helpful. The selection is just okay. Almost everything they had there I’ve had before, and the of the ones I didn’t they weren’t anything special. Picked one from Wild Beer, never heard of them before. Pretty good too.“
glennmastrange 2895 days ago
68 /100 1305 GOLD STAR HWY
“This was the closest sized store to where we stayed, so we went here for some beers before BYOB dinners and to get a few things to bring home too. Alright selection of local beers and decent prices. It is not a huge store, but a solid one. You can find some decent stuff here for sure.“
ben4321 3249 days ago
64 /100 516 GOLDSTAR HWY
“clean, good selection, and Samiclaus for $5.00.“
Bier brauen 4631 days ago
90 /100 516 GOLDSTAR HWY
“awesome beer and wine selection , great selection of craft beers“
rilbert008 4751 days ago
60 /100 220 ROUTE 12
“A great little place for Groton.“
OldRaspy 5130 days ago
60 /100 931 POQUONNOCK RD
“They have a decent selection for aq small town. What they have in six-packs have to be bought in six-packs(they won’t let you break it).“
OldRaspy 5130 days ago
66 /100 220 ROUTE 12
“What a gem hidden away in Americas strip malls next to a Stop & Shop. Friend was headed to the liquor store so I tagged along...what a nice surprise. Lots of local and micro brews. Big names, great prices and friendly staff. This is a liquor store so pretty much you are on your own if you have any questions. Be prepared“
Trooper11 5325 days ago
66 /100 1305 GOLD STAR HWY
“Decent sized beer and liquor store. Small but decent craft selection, several DFH beers including 120, WWS, Raison d’Extra and Fort. Good selection of Unibroues and Ommegang, most stuff in gift packs. Good selection of locals. Only complaint - the craft beers are interspersed with the swill in the coolers, so at first blush it looks like a pure swillfest. Look around, there are some winners here.“
Immy 5543 days ago
60 /100 931 POQUONNOCK RD
“Decent selection, frequently has beers that the other Grand location does not have. Good selection of local brews, a few gems hidden. They tend to stack macros in front of their craft beer which is annoying. Staff makes decent recommendations. Building is a bit run down, but not too bad. Worth a stop if you are in the area.“
Immy 5854 days ago
50 /100 220 ROUTE 12
“Nothing to write home about. They have a handful of Thomas Hooker beers, Achouffe and a few others. There are many other bottle shops in the state with selections like this that are not worth mentioning. Take the short drive into Rhode Island if in the area. There are a few bottle shops there with much bigger and better selections.“
Cletus 5860 days ago
60 /100 220 ROUTE 12
“Only place in Groton with a decent selection. Grocery store feel, but go to the back, some nice brews are in the fridge. Chimay Grand Reserve, a few Harpoons and Magic hats, among others. Where else ya gonna go in GROTON?!?“
Immy 6113 days ago
60 /100 220 ROUTE 12
“This place doesn't seem like anything special, but they always seem to have a few beers that I can't find anywhere else. For example, last week (12/03) they had the Harpoon Abbey Ale, which I didn't see at several bigger and better stores. Not an essential stop, but a good one nonetheless.“
argo0 6746 days ago
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