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78 /100 179 CENTER ST
“The bar is located just off main street in Wallingford. Lots of exposed brick and big mirrors it’s very atmospheric at night. The only have 6 taps but their all stone cold killers. A very extensive bottle selection as well. They also do a sampler of their taps. Easily one of the best beer bars in Connecticut.“
DiarmaidBHK 3841 days ago
58 /100 179 CENTER ST
“A solid place in an area otherwise devoid of beery places. 6 taps, but all 6 had good imports on. They also have a big bottle list. Not something to go out of the way for, but worth it if in the area and unwilling to make the trek to New Haven.“
Cletus 3897 days ago
74 /100 179 CENTER ST
“Nice place in downtown Wallingford. A very old building with lots of wood inside. There is eight taps with a nice mix of rotating brews. Aventinus, Stone IPA, Trois Pistoles, dErpe Mere, were a few when I was there. The eight glass flight board was pretty cool and the food is a bit above standard fare for a bar, but the bill total was a bit steep. Definitely a good place to stop in when in the middle of the state.“
glennmastrange 3908 days ago
86 /100 179 CENTER ST
“nice place nice people“
WALLYWORLD 4094 days ago
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