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70 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Industrial brewery a short drive from New Haven. Staff were friendly, place was full of families, and a nice atmosphere. I was expecting a bit more from the beers. No flights, but small pours available, and they cost $2.50 each, which was a welcome surprise. A nice place to visit, and I'd give the beers another try.“
explosivedog 271 days ago
74 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Connecticut's highest rated brewery is a fun place to visit. Come on a Friday or Saturday night, and there will be a good-sized and fairly loud group of people there. There will be several of their beers on tap, and a couple of them will undoubtedly be strong IPAs. I have to take issue with the brewery's name, however. Calling it New England Brewery even thou they have one moderately sized location is a bit pretentious. It is almost as bad as the Boston Patriots calling themselves the New England Patriots.“
Slipstream 379 days ago
84 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Visited with friends. 9 beers on taps, with sample trays available. Super friendly service, she made sure we knew what all the beers where and the history about some of them.“
PMgep 817 days ago
80 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Great place in a little bit of industrial building. There was 7 beers available but probably around 8-10 usually because some taps were sold out. Lots of merchandise available. Growler line was pretty active and small foid truck outside. I liked this place. Cheap short pours available for tickers.“
VastActiv 881 days ago
78 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“This place was pretty cool. There is a small taproom with only samples available for consumption. They were only supposed to give 4, but I got to try all 5. The guy at the bar was great, although he did get distracted easily. The selection wasn’t too shabby, though I was hoping to get to try a few more than I did. The price of free was pretty good. Bottles were reasonable, and the whole place was pretty cool. There was a guy just outside that was selling home-made salami that was delicious (insert penis jokes here haha)“
koleminer20 1482 days ago
84 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Small taproom with 5 beers on for free sampling, and grower pours. Great, attentive service, good prices for swag, and decent ambiance overall.“
ebone1988 1484 days ago
84 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Loved this spot. Beer is fantastic. Staff was very friendly and growler fill system was very efficient. Free samples were available although I did not have time to partake. Growler fills were very reasonably priced. Google Maps will take you the wrong way, so put Crest Jaguar into your GPS and they’re right behind them.“
conway 1530 days ago
70 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Recent visit on a Friday..good friday to boot..got there shortly prior to opening at 3 and there was already a long line of about 75 people..area is quite nondescript...the line moves ridiculously slow since the tasting area and growler fills are in the same small bar area..clearly this outfit has high popularity and could figure out a more efficient set up to speed things along..quite a few large groups who seemed more than content to drink the endless amounts of free samples yet appeared oblivious to holding up the line...the offerings were good quality..growler prices are on point, but to be honest they only had about 5 choices and no cans for sale at the brewery..tasting room is very small..I cant really recommend the procedural setup at all,but the beer is quite good..waited about 90 minutes to fill 2 growlers, which is insane, they did provide some extra samples to the folks in line while we watched several groups of local college students drink what seemed like way too many free samples..it is a shame that such a good brewery has such a poor setup with limited hours to boot..left frustrated and angry...“
HeadyDE 1926 days ago
86 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Well, they’ve moved since my first visit in September of 2012. Large building now with a large tasting room. Lots of locals filling growlers near closing on a Wednesday. 4 beers available on my visit. Growler fills were priced decently and free samples are plentiful. Beer quality is excellent as always. Bartender was friendly and helpful. Old notes follow.

Small little warehouse brewery with a small bar. Small lot but I doubt it ever gets too crowded. Samples and pints are available. Unfortunately only one beer was on tap at the time I visited but they were very apologetic about it and made it up to me in another way. The two guys working there were exceptionally friendly. There was a dog on the premises which is always a plus. The one beer on tap was very good, and their beers are generally very nice. I like these guys.“
Drake 1976 days ago
76 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Visited their new location, hint... It’s behind the car dealership. Do not follow MR. Google as he takes you onto the Merritt Parkway. Friendly man manning the bar gives three free samples. When I went it was two regulars and a fat-ten-er series. Got a small growler filled for pretty reasonable. I would not plan an entire day around coming here, but it’s worth while to stop by if in the area.“
UDBeernut 1990 days ago
92 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“The best brewery in the state of Connecticut. Seriously, like every beer coming out of here is great. The new location is really cool. I can’t wait to see what new stuff comes out and what other beers are made more often.“
jkwood04 2359 days ago
72 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Modest warehouse brewery that’s pretty much one open room where brewing and packaging takes place. Small bar once you walk inside offering up a few of the beers to sample or have a growler filled. The two beers on tap were both solid. Staff was friendly and offered to let us come in a few hours earlier than when they normally open since we were travelling through. If I was local, this would certainly be a place I would frequent.“
sonnycheeba 2526 days ago
84 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“great place, starting to really make some amazing brews, only thing I wish they had more than 3 beers at a time to choose from. Great stop that is starting to get very popular“
Ernesto987 2561 days ago
78 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Awesome beers and a great unpretentious atmosphere if you’d like to stop by for a tasting and/or a growler fill. Everyone was friendly there and we had a great time sitting around at the small sampling area talking beer with the staff and other local beer lovers. The 668 Number of the Beast strong ale, and the Ghandhi Bot IPA are quite tasty and we can’t wait to go back for another round.“
Beerian1975 2889 days ago
72 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Their final friday tastings are a great time but the only time they are really open to the public. A good, but small line up up of beers. Not much to say about the place as it is just a brewery and not meant for the public. What they try to do on the Fridays is great though.“
Bungalo22 4332 days ago
76 /100 175 AMITY ROAD
“Around the corner from Amity Wine and Spirits. These guys are always up for filling growlers if they are there and are friendly. They also have special events on occasion. Definitely worth visiting to fill growlers. Bring cash. No credit cards accepted. One of the best brewers in the state and not far from Delaneys.“
Cletus 4831 days ago