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48 /100 HOW LANE
“Dropped in after hiking as I saw some bottles from the doorway. Wife was able to get some food and I grabbed a couple beers from new brewery. Interesting but small selection. Not a lot besides the store across the street so might as well check it out.“
SHIG 651 days ago
70 /100 HOW LANE,
“Stopped in here after hiking and it was a surprised. They had a better than average selection of Derby and South Yorkshire beers. Friendly staff that offered a few recommendations. If you are done hiking like I was stop in and grab a few to take away.“
SHIG 651 days ago
68 /100 HOW LANE
“Awesome place, mainly for food not beer, fantastic, large fresh subs, go to lunch place whilst at work :D“
lokis333 1479 days ago
62 /100 HOW LANE,
“Post Office cum shop more or less opposite the Peveril General Store, so a straight comparison can be made. The beers are straight in front of you as you enter, rather than behind the till, so you can get to look over the beer. The range is a little more extensive in here too, with the odd interesting choice. This was my preference and I would recommend a look if you are close by.“
imdownthepub 2353 days ago
50 /100 HOW LANE
“Small shop close to The Peak Hotel in Castleton. It is a bakery cum food shop cum off licence. The range is small but very local so visitors will pick up a few beers. The beers are kept behind the till so it is difficult to mull over your choices.“
imdownthepub 2369 days ago
“Old pub that lacks the atmosphere it should have for a village pub. There is a popular garden area for walkers and dogs, which are not allowed in the pub!. Molson Coors range so expect Sharps Doombar.“
imdownthepub 2369 days ago
“Sept ’16 Review 62 - Improved beer range in here, looks to be the best option in Castleton now apart from the bottle shops.
June ’13 Review - 58. Largish pub in the centre of Castleton, near the shops and handy for the walk from the old castle. The beers were kept in good condition and the conversation was good. Slightly shabby but nothing wrong with that. A good stop off.“
imdownthepub 2369 days ago
50 /100 HOW LANE
“Hotel cum pub on How Lane close to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. Quiet but friendly and comfortable. Quite old fashioned inside but worth a look as the beer range is now improved with local ales being available.“
imdownthepub 2369 days ago
58 /100 HOW LANE
“Sept ’16 review - 58. Didn’t feel quite as comfortable and welcoming as before, there is only so much you can take from barmen, I like a little banter but showing off to his regulars is not great. Beer range is a little over safe.
June ’13 review - 70. Not to be confused with the other Cheshire Cheese in Hope! Comfortable and friendly pub on the eastern end of Castleton, very handy for our camp site. Seemingly quite busy at most times of the day, the food is good and hearty and the beer well kept. We will definitely revisit next time we are in this area.“
imdownthepub 2369 days ago
74 /100 HOW LANE
“A nice old-school country boozer. My partner and I were doing a hike around Edale and Castleton, and when we passed through Castleton I simply had to stop for some refreshment. This pub offers a decent range of c. eight cask ales, including some interesting local/regional breweries I had never seen before. You won’t likely find exciting styles on offer - be prepared for golden ale, bitter and perhaps, if you’re lucky, premium bitter! Friendly service in here. The place itself has carpets and a low ceiling, and it’s dimly lit, so it is not the most attractive place. But it does have a homely charm about it, which was good enough for me as I drank my half pint.

They have a full food menu here but I wasn’t eating during my visit.

Given the relative lack of other drinking establishments in Castleton - there are only a few - this place is one of your best options in town.“
Leighton 2541 days ago
68 /100 HOW LANE,
“Yes, this place is a post office, along with a basic grocery store and off licence. Castleton! They have a nice range of local beers, including an impressive range of Thornbridge and a smattering of breweries that were new to me. Good value. Friendly lady behind the counter. If you’re passing through this village - perhaps while hiking - then it’s worth your while to stop in, as you would likely find a new scoop amongst the bottles.“
Leighton 2544 days ago
66 /100 HOW LANE
“A nice little place in the centre of Castleton. (To be fair, though, Castleton is tiny, so pretty much anywhere in the village is central.) This place is basically a general store where you can find many foodstuff and beverages. They have a nice range of beers, including numerous beers from local breweries that I had never heard of. Friendly staff. Very fair prices. If you happen to find yourself in Castleton, then this place is a great option for picking up a bottle or two.“
Leighton 2544 days ago
72 /100 HOW LANE
“Fine coaching inn pub well within the boundaries of the Peak District National Park. Located in the small but welcoming village of Castleton this pub has both a welcoming and attractive appearance. Inside it is cosy with its low ceiling, warm soft furnished decor and relaxed atmosphere. It operates two different sides but as food is big here one of them is more geared towards eating, but you can dine anywhere. Dogs are allowed too so you can bring your best friend with you. Ales are important here too and expect a local selection if this is your tipple.“
ManVsBeer 3675 days ago
80 /100 HOW LANE
“Stopped by for one last cask ale (or was it TWO?!) our last night in beautiful Castleton, and wish we’d have given it a shot the nights before as well. From the outside it looked potentially, well... cheesy, but on the inside it was nice. I believe we were there on a Sunday or Monday night after all the weekend crowds had departed, and we had the place practically to ourselves. The barkeep was quite cool, and let us try samples of several of their nice range of real/cask ales before we selected ones to our tastes. Oh for an Olde Cheshire Sheese Inn here in the Baltimore, Maryland area!“
mcdoug 3997 days ago
74 /100 HOW LANE
“A nice-looking old pub at the bottom end of the village. Serves 4 rotating guest beers from local micros served (astonishingly for Britain) in the correct branded glasses. The left bar is more pubby, and the right more restaurant-y, but the distinction is more notional than real and you seemed to be able to eat or just have a beer in either. It always seems bustling yet laid-back, and the service is efficient yet friendly. Food is large portions of good old British traditional fare (I had minted lamb hotpot in a giant Yorkshire pudding, my friends had enormous and tender steaks, whilst other diners seemed very keen on the Innkeeper’s Pie). The quiz-and-bongo host on a Sunday night was hilarious, and in a very tourist-y village this seems to have the right balance between catering for tourists and providing a community centre for locals. It definitely seemed to be the best pub in Castleton while we were there (although I can also recommend the Castle and the Boars Head).“
wheresthepath 5081 days ago
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