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80 /100 67 EAST STREET
“Great pub in newton abbot. Great staff and amazing beer choice, one of my favourite bars! Highly recommend:)“
robinshute123 77 days ago
86 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Great place with stunning beer choice and atmosphere is great when it packs out. Plus's the bar staff are lovely and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!“
robinshute123 77 days ago
74 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Loads of bottles, mostly trad but some decent craft options too. There were 15+ beers on tap plus 2 or 3 on cask. Plenty of choice for everyone.“
Cheeseboard 189 days ago
60 /100 197 QUEEN STREET
“Trad local next to the station. None of their own beers pouring, but there were 4 on cask. Three in good nick, one was on the turn“
Cheeseboard 189 days ago
84 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“This micropub has a bottle shop which has a excellent selection of bottled beers to take away, both from Teignworthy brewery itself & other good breweries from Devon like Otter and Hanlons. They also had beers from further afield in the UK & Europe. The micropub itself is well worth spending time in but has restricted hours, from 4pm on Saturday's.“
Jerseyislandbeer 613 days ago
74 /100 197 QUEEN STREET
“Worth a visit next to the railway station..3 of their own on..“
Wirralbeerveg 1739 days ago
58 /100 34-42 QUEEN STREET
“Quite a welcoming Wetherspoons in the centre of Newton Abbot. Roomy, as they generally are, well used with good service, which is a treat in a Wetherspoons. There is an open front with seating. Pleasant.“
imdownthepub 1816 days ago
72 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Brewery and bottle shop along with the tap in a beautiful building just round the corner from the Railway Station. How to rate this though? As a bottle shop or Brewery Tap? There is certainly an interesting range of beers in the shop and it is more than acceptable to buy a bottle and drink it in the tap. The opening hours are obviously quite restrictive, which affects my mark, but a lovely place to visit.“
imdownthepub 1816 days ago
62 /100 197 QUEEN STREET
“Down to earth, traditional Railway Tavern to the left of the station complex. Basic, well worn furniture and fixings, with an obvious Railway theme. There is a small range of their own beers in good nick, served very amiably by a chatty barmaid. Definitely well worth a look.“
imdownthepub 1816 days ago
78 /100 67 EAST STREET
“This pub stands on quite a busy through road in Newton Abbot, just off the town centre. Quiet and studious with people contemplating their beer choices, simply furnished, relaxing. The beer choice is excellent on both the bar and also the bottle fridge. Added to all of this the food is excellent. All in all a must visit for South Devon.“
imdownthepub 1816 days ago
70 /100 99 EAST STREET
“"You have not been to Newton Abbot if you missed going to our famous Cider Bar", the locals told us. The bar is believed to be one of four remaining cider houses in the UK. So we went there on a Friday evening. A cool and friendly place, long and narrow room with different seating areas and the main bar to the left. A beer, well cider, garden to the rear. Dark wooden and brick interiors. Ten ciders on draught, locally sourced. Located in the same street and, in fact, very close to Teign Cellars. Should not be missed (Visited with Finn 28.04.2017).“
Rune 1831 days ago
58 /100 197 QUEEN STREET
“Next door to the station. One room. 3 beers of their own. 5 casks, 10 kegs.“
Finn 2028 days ago
80 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Next door to Teignworthy brewery. Impressing bottle shop with a a few tables to sit down for sampling. They were in the process to convert the place into a taphouse this (2016) autumn. In April there even use to be a large beer festival right outside.“
Finn 2028 days ago
68 /100 67 EAST STREET
“Semi-modern cozy pub with noisy traffic outside. 4 ales on cask. 10 kegs. Some unusual finds. Nice cellar room. Quiet on a Tuesday early afternoon.“
Finn 2028 days ago
56 /100 34-42 QUEEN STREET
“A large one-roomed ´Spoons in the city centre. Low ceiling. Carpets all over. 10 ales on cask. 25 kegs. A lot of bottles. Busy on a Tuesday morning.“
Finn 2028 days ago
56 /100 197 QUEEN STREET
“Right to the right hand side when walking out from the main entrance at the train station. Traditional Brit pub with five cask ales and ten kegs on offer. Three of their own ales available at out stay. All of them satisfying without being special in any way. Food options, polite service, spotify disco music (Visited with Finn on a Tuesday afternoon, 27.09.2016).“
Rune 2037 days ago
82 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“It was a visitor center and a bottle shop with drink-in options when we visited the place in late September, but has now, in late October 2016, transformed to a taphouse micropub, being the main outlet for the Teignworthy brewery located next door. We had a really good time here sampling some of the brewery’s bottled beers. Lots of bottles and cans to choose from. Wooden benches, chairs and tables in a cellar-like atmosphere. Knowledgeable, attentive and friendly service. Smell of malt and Pet Shop Boys on the radio. Just a few minutes from the railway station. Should not be missed (Visited with Finn on a Tuesday afternoon, 27.09.2016).“
Rune 2037 days ago
70 /100 67 EAST STREET
“About ten minutes’ walk from the train station. A street corner pub, one main room with the bar, and the Beer Cave room with a bottled beer section. Tidy and clean with dark wooden interiors and tiled floors. Ten craft ales on keg and four cask ales, locally soured, and some bottles (far from 200!). We had beers from Yeovil, Teignworthy, New Lion and Powderkeg. Plain Brit rock in the back and polite service. Relaxing atmosphere early on a Tuesday afternoon (Visited with Finn 27.09.2016).“
Rune 2038 days ago
54 /100 34-42 QUEEN STREET
“On our way from Plymouth to Exeter we made a stopover at Newton Abbot to do a few pubs there. First we went to this fairly typical JDW where we had a decent traditional English breakfast and a few cask ales. 10 real ales on display, half of them for regional breweries. There was also a little craft beer bottle section offering take-away options. Rather large one-roomed place in different sections. A patio at the front facing the busy main road outside (Visited with Finn 27.09.2016).“
Rune 2039 days ago
60 /100 197 QUEEN STREET
“Nice little place next to the small train station. Place on the in and outside.nothing special.“
ShivanDragon 2128 days ago
88 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“So much more then just a beer shop. Tickers Maltings is part of the fabric of British beer. Be careful tours are only on Wednesday, or were when I went, also only open 10:00 to 1:00 on a Saturday. This visit I didn’t do the tour instead bought from there extensive selection of beers. Most from the south west, but a few from further afield including Belgium and America. Well worth a visit.“
Mr_Pink_152 2408 days ago
58 /100 197 QUEEN STREET
“nice enough pub by the train station. wooden flours are a striped back interior give it a old fashioned feel. nice enough with a seating area out front.“
Mr_Pink_152 2411 days ago
66 /100 197 QUEEN STREET
“Visited April 2015 when it was very busy, due to the Tuckers Malting festival being on at the same time. Beers were ok, service birsk and atmosphere friendly. Worth checking out.“
downender 2421 days ago
62 /100 34-42 QUEEN STREET
“Visited in 2012, this is a decent sized Wetherspoon for the town it is in, located on the main commercial street. It’s a fairly regular pub for this chain, with a very traditional look and lots of warming soft furnishings inside, as well as its rotating cask range.“
ManVsBeer 2462 days ago
66 /100 197 QUEEN STREET
“Right next to the station this is a locals pub. Quiet busy when visited on a Saturday afternoon. Good range of their own beers on, nothing that special but sampled them all. Were in decent condition. Service was quick, got a seat. Worth popping in to see what is new. Think they do dabble with different beers so may pick up something new.“
WingmanWillis 2573 days ago
74 /100 67 EAST STREET
“Visited on a busy Saturday night. Beer range is great but it’s difficult to find any room to try it in any comfort. Place isn’t that big and a couple of big parties had meant that dining had taken up a lot of the pub meaning not a lot of room for anyone else. Would like to try the place again when it’s a bit quieter, the food did look good and it’s obviously doing well.“
WingmanWillis 2576 days ago
74 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Lovely webshop! Even a lot of ciders avaiable. Perfect for foreigner like me to order here when I vist friends in Britan. Lots of stuff that is not very easy to fine elsewhere! Highly recommendable.“
Cunningham 2637 days ago
72 /100 67 EAST STREET
“Teign Cellars was originally a bottle shop but it’s now been adapted into a minimalistic but cosy bar. The bottle list is exceptional and there are a few well chosen beers on tap as well. (Visited 14 January 2015).“
Boudicca 2644 days ago
56 /100 34-42 QUEEN STREET
“A large Wetherspoons on a corner of the main street. It has a different frontage to normal as it’s painted red and white (although it’s black in the picture on their website) and looks as if it’s been converted from several shops. Inside it was glowing red, which was very welcome as we’d run in there out of driving rain. There are eight or ten hand pumps with a few local beers. (Visited 14 January 2015).“
Boudicca 2644 days ago
68 /100 197 QUEEN STREET
“The Railway Inn (aka the Railway Brewhouse) is the Platform 5 brewpub, right by the entrance to the northbound platforms - a welcome refuge on a stormy night as we wended our way home (with several stops on the way) along the Riviera line from Paignton to Exeter. It looks like a station waiting room and the steps down to the men’s toilets are just like the stairs in a station! Like so many waiting rooms, it could be described as rather soulless and there was no fire in the grate but, nevertheless, I liked it. Plus, they have delicious pasties. They also have five hand pumps serving their own beers. What more could you ask for? (Visited 14 January 2015).“
Boudicca 2644 days ago
70 /100 67 EAST STREET
“Teign Cellars probably has the most interesting and varied selection of beers in south Devon and I was delighted when it opened around eighteen months ago. I have enjoyed some superb beers from around the UK. All the usual suspects (BrewDog, Thornbridge etc) pay regular visits but the pub also supports south west brewers and Paignton’s Bays Gold seems to be a permanent feature. On my last two visits they have been playing music at an obtrusive volume. On yesterday’s visit they were playing what I assume is ’chart music’ and it seemed totally out of keeping with the pub. It will be a great shame if this is now the norm.“
holbornboy 2690 days ago
18 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“poor beer selection“
witthatsbier 2713 days ago
90 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Fabulous bottle shop. Didn’t take the tour, but could smell the lovely malt. Outstanding selection of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset beers. Nearly all vintages of JW Lees Harvest Ale, for £3.99 a bottle! Great value all round. Well worth a detour.“
DanielBrown 2832 days ago
92 /100 67 EAST STREET
“Well, the great little beer shop I stumbled across a while back is now all grown up ... into pretty much the best pub in the south west. Maintaining the off licence in a cellar area (replete with a well thought out, wide and progressive range of local, national and international beers and ciders), they have now taken over the frankly dire Green Man pub and turned it into something magical. Around ten taps of brilliant beers that change all the time - I’ve seen Kernel, Thornbridge, Arbor, a selection of quality US and Euro craft - set the tone. The knowledgable chap from when it was just an off licence around the corner is still there and ready to share his knowledge of beer. The pub area itself is comfortable, well laid out, and amenable to social drinking ... and let’s not forget eating! Posh pork pies and scotch eggs in a range of flavours and a great selection of sizzling plates served up in cast iron frypans were on offer when I was last there, and I believe the kitchen is still expanding. A welcome addition not just to Newton Abbot but to the UK craft beer community. Worth a trip to Devon just for this.“
johninmelb 3216 days ago
86 /100 67 EAST STREET
“An absolute gem of a place in a town that leans more towards its cider than its beer. Great draught line up - ten keg taps, 7 of which have some of the best beer the country (and Europe) has to offer. Spent an afternoon moving from Kernel IPA, to Buxton Axe Edge, to BrewDog Ingrid - unheard of in Devon. Three handpumps pouring some great stuff from Arbor, Bristol Beer Factory and the like. Half a dozen ciders pouring from boxes behind the bar as well as a couple of meads & fruit wines. Prices are ludicrously good - nigh on half the price you'll be paying in London & other big city craft bars. Great bottle shop attached to it with a range of well over 100 local and international brews at very keen prices. Friendly staff and crowd, as seems to be the norm in Devon. Interior looks a bit sparse - still got that clinical newly painted vibe - but there's a few comfy sofas to lounge on. Nice little patio for summer's day boozing. Didn't try the food, but it looked great - innovative scotch eggs, gourmet pies etc - posh pub fare. What a place - a godsend in the relative beer wasteland that is South Devon!“
Beermack 3222 days ago
88 /100 67 EAST STREET
“Awesome new bar just what Newton has been waiting for,massive selection of Ales Ciders and many others,great foods,relaxed atmosphere.great staff with loads of knowledge.“
sju31278 3278 days ago
92 /100 67 EAST STREET
“Stuart O’Dell, a genuine beer guru deserves a huge cheer for bringing the discerning drinkers of Newton Abbot and South Devon an opportunity to try an amazing range of well presented craft ales on draught in this new pub. An even bigger selection of bottled ales is available from the off-licence in the lower ground tops 100 from the UK, Belgium, Germany, USA, Norway and elsewhere. The range continues to grow and grow, so it’s like finding a small version of London’s amazing Cask Pub & Kitchen magically transported to Devon! Stuart is also of course a first class Chef and the food promises to be good quality pub style food, but with a twist. I suspect that this range too will expand, but in the meantime check out the Black Pudding & Duck Scotch Eggs....fantastic. The young staff are interested, helpful and fun....who could ask for more? This is quite genuinely one of my favourite places.....I cannot recommend it too highly. “
Bennettonbeer 3287 days ago
92 /100 67 EAST STREET
“New beer bar selling craft beer from around the world, website always up to date with whats on tap daily and whats due on.Also another 100 + bottled beers on a menu to choose from. Around 10 Craft/Farm ciders available as well as Fruit Wines and Mead. Excellent home made food and beer snacks (Awesome Scotch eggs) Off licence/bottle shop also housed within the bar for take away and growler fills. Friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgable staff“
lambic 3294 days ago
90 /100 67 EAST STREET
“Now moved up the road and now a craft beer bar, the bottle shop is still there but now you can drink in. 4 cask and 6 keg taps serving the best beers from around the world. Good ambience and knowledgable staff who will offer tastings. Food looks great and the scotch eggs are huge!! Great new bar in Newton Abbot and looking to get better!“
devondonkey 3298 days ago
76 /100 67 EAST STREET
“A recently opened craft beer bottle shop, specialising in unusual beers from around the world. Comprehensive stock of beers on sale, and a good selection of local cider. Staff are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their subjest“
hembro 3690 days ago
70 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Decent online store with a range of stuff not easily avalable else where, very well packed and delivered smoothly“
cgarvieuk 3878 days ago
86 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Visited this place on a rainy miserable Saturday morning, coincidentally the derby day at newton Abbot so the town itself was abuzz. Did the tour, well worth it, seeing through the ins and outs of this old traditional malthouse, the only still operational in the West Country. Got to sample a few ales at the end in the staff bar via five handpumps. The shop itself is crammed with all manner of bottled goodies, boxed sets and glassware. The staff were great, quick to point out the best vintages, and the top notch bottled ales. A fair selection of foreign offerings in there too, but they fade into the background when it comes to the West Country ales available, most brewed using the Tuckers floor dried and kilned malts. Apparently lay host to great beer festivals too. The place is also child friendly. Well worth a visit, really impressed!“
ALLOVATE 3883 days ago
80 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Visited during the Tucker’s Maltings Beer Festival 23/04/10. Excellent selection of west country beers, particularly from Devon and Cornwall. Whilst it’s true that a large proportion are behind the serving counter, the staff were friendly and quite happy to talk through the ones out of immediate reach. The festival itself was top notch, with over 200 hundred beers from small brewers from the Isles of Scilly to Bristol on offer. The complex also houses the Maltings working museum and Teignworthy brewery. Excellent.“
downender 4392 days ago
82 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Excellent find in an otherwise uncelebrated Devon town. A great selection of bottled English beers and a reasonable selection of imports as well. The full range of Thatchers ciders are also available. The old chap who always seems to be there is very helpful and there is a full catalog with tasting notes in case the staff member doesn’t know the beer you may happen to ask about. The biggest criticism I have of the place is that the trading hours are prohibitive to anyone who actually works a normal week and doesn’t happen to live in Newton Abbot!“
johninmelb 4428 days ago
86 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Very good (and growing) selection, especially of local ales but also of US/Belgian beers and styles that can be hard to find in the UK. Bare wood decor with the smell and feel of the maltings behind give the place a real ambience. The chap serving was very friendly and seemed knowledgeable about his stock. Prices seem slightly cheaper than other specialist beer shops I’ve visited, plus you get a 5% discount when ordering a dozen bottles. However, no discount for CAMRA members which some other shops do offer. As others have stated, it is very annoying that many of the beers are behind the counter, plus I did notice that one or two of the beers I bought were getting quite close to their best before date - is stock rotation/ turnover an issue here? Nevertheless, I would definitely visit again if I was passing this way.“
wheresthepath 4699 days ago
76 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“This is a really decent shop that also has a mail order online option. Not the huge choice of some other shops or online places but there is a nice focus on local south west beers and a good stab at some Belgian and US beers amongst their foreign list. One nice touch with the online ordering is that they send out a local CAMRA publication with the order which puts a smile on my face. There is very good parking situated right by this store, alos closeish to the railways sttion.“
Fin 4794 days ago
72 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“On line order of one case from Tuckers Maltings. I was very impressed by the way the beer was packed and the prompt delivery. Prices were reasonable. and competive.I“
joe19612 5186 days ago
86 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“A great beer store with a large selection of English beers with a very friendly staff. The focus here is many beers from the UK but there is a nice selection of American beers as well.“
Hoser 5349 days ago
82 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Haven’t yet managed to get to one of the beer festivals held here but did visit the beer shop and was pretty impressed with the selection on offer. I settled mainly for the locally brewed Teignworthy ales but a nice touch was that they added me to their mailing list and sent out updated lists of what they had in stock.“
DJMonarch 5413 days ago
82 /100 TEIGN ROAD
“Large selection of micros, also many local brews. Staff were friendly. The beers are displayed behind a counter, but they let me walk behind it to have a closer look at them. Tucker’s Maltings are situated next to the Teignworthy brewery. All of their beers can be bought at Tucker’s Maltings, as well as their own range of Edwin Tucker’s beers.“
Quack-Duck 5476 days ago
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