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78 /100
Westbourne Wines (Beer Store)
“Small to medium sized shop. But it is stuffed. Walk in and there are a load of whiskies, vodkas, etc, on the left. Pretty much floor to ceiling. A counter on the right. Walk straught ahead and you get to the beer. An array of Belgian beers on the right A mix of UK craft beer down the centre, along with various beers from the likes of Denmark and Sweden. The to the right German beers plus World lagers and trad ales. I was after Dorset ticks and picked up a new brewery (Knight Life) plus new ticks from Eight Arch. Also picked up some beers from Pastore, Vibrant Forest and Siren. Then I turned around and realised I hadn't spotted the three beer fridges all full of craft. Basically a whole load of UK breweries plus European and US are representedd. Would be more than happy to have this offie in my vicinity. But it's a place you could easily miss as from the outside it just looks like an unassuming local.“
BeardedAvenger 261 days ago
72 /100 41-43 POOLE HILL
“Can be a bit confusing; The name of the place is Poole Hill Brewery located in central Bournemouth, but the brewery beyond the servery is Southbourne Ales. Anyway it is an interesting, special place, be sure to visit the exciting rooms downstairs, even with a little cinema room. The place is used as a live music venue. On our visit they had three of their own beers on cask alongside some of their bottled beers. Friendly and helpful service telling us about the beer scene in the area. (Visited with Finn 22.10.2019).“
Rune 530 days ago
60 /100 77-79 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“A semi modern pub with a decent range of craft beers on keg, supported by a fridge with bottle and cans, we spotted a few Lervig beers among them. BrewDog approved place. Polite and informative service. Central location. Rolling Stones and James Brown tunes in the black. (Visited with Finn 22.10.2019).“
Rune 530 days ago
70 /100 152-154 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“Six of their own beers were available on keg and cask on our stay. And as always at this chain, their beers can be bought in thirds. A cozy and welcome place spread over two floors. Central location and close to both Poole Hill Brewery and The Four Horsemen Pub. (Visited with Finn 22.10.2019).“
Rune 530 days ago
62 /100 41-43 POOLE HILL
“4-5 taps of their own. Interesting seating downstairs.“
Finn 547 days ago
56 /100 77-79 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“OK pub. Keg only. Some rebranded well-known beers. Beware.“
Finn 547 days ago
74 /100 152-154 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“Good selection. Even some guest-beers.“
Finn 547 days ago
82 /100 10 QUEENS RD
“Wonderful micropub outside of the town centre approaching Westbourne. Four cask and about ten keg, plus a wonderful selection of cans and bottles. Lots of Unity here - probably half of the beers offered - but the other breweries represented (Harbour, Red Cat, Electric Bear) are certainly decent. Some bold styles as well: sours, proper lagers and proper IPAs. Far and away the best boozer I tried in town.“
jjsint 574 days ago
74 /100 41-43 POOLE HILL
“The Poole Hill Brewery is a gorgeous pub. Simple rustic decor with instruments on the wall. Full of character. I was lucky enough to come in on 'music night' (a couple of guys banging on the piano). Now home to Southbourne Ales. Their beer is decent if not world-beating: cask beer of sessionable strength or just above. Slightly interesting style variations as well, such as an oatmeal stout and a brown ale. Not the 'craftiest' pub in the area but one not to miss.“
jjsint 576 days ago
64 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“Decent enough Wadworth's pub tucked away down a side street. Now, I will be the first to admit that I struggle with many Wadworth beers. However the Goat & Tricycle carries 11 pumps. 4 Wadworth, 4 guests (3 not operational) on my visit. This place is cask only (all keg and bottles are mega macro) and the style are pretty safe (bitters and goldens). While decent enough, I am shocked by some of the previous high rates. Maybe from a time when there was less choice in town? Strictly over 18s only.“
jjsint 576 days ago
74 /100 152-154 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“I find Brewhouse & Kitchen pubs interesting. They tend to pop up in less beery areas (with some exceptions) but perhaps become a victim to their own success when the craft scene develops around them. This pub offers a ramge of house brewed ales and a nicely curated can/bottle selection from UK and international breweries. They seem to have more keg than cask here, including a Tropical IPA, Saison and '8am Stout'. Service was quick and knowledgeable on my visit. Certainly worth a stop. Not the cheapest pub in the world but the B&K ales are very reasonably priced.“
jjsint 576 days ago
78 /100 77-79 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“My first stop in Bournemouth is a decent place. Has the feel of a well-loved local rather than a craft-mad beer bar (I know that pubs can be both, but it's all too rare.) Quiet with an acoistic open mic night on the Monday I came in. The lighting and my failing eyesight kept me from being able to see the taps properly. It looked mostly like basic craft options such as BrewDog's core range. Lots of bottles and cans however, mostly from well-known outfits like Magic Rock, Northern Monk and Lervig. Very friendly but also very expensive. Maybe not a must, but worth checking out for sure.“
jjsint 576 days ago
74 /100 10 QUEENS RD
“Nice place in Bournemouth. Lots of good craftbrew here, but also some local area casks. Lots of good beers bittled or canned as well. Good olace to visit.“
saxo 646 days ago
86 /100 41-43 POOLE HILL
“Very nice rustique place. Live music and nice view to the brewery. Excellent service and good quality beers here. Way above average for English bitters etc. Five casks were on and they sell their beers bottled too.“
saxo 647 days ago
86 /100 41-43 POOLE HILL
“Visited 14/7/2019. Favourite place in Bournemouth! In fact turned out to be my favourite place on the whole south west/south coast tour. We'd arrived quite late in the day (after a visit to the place I'd previously thought was the best place in Bournemouth), there were only a few folk in, but the atmosphere was brilliant with a chap casually playing the guitar and chatting away between songs, and another guy mournfully playing at the piano at other times, a wonderfully friendly landlady, an impromptu tour (including hazy recollections of a downstairs cinema). Had about 6 beers on tap, we had a few and took others as take out bottles. Great prices. Just great. Really.“
Grumbo 647 days ago
82 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“Visited 14/7/2019 (and lots of times during 2008-10 as I used to work for a Bournemouth based company). Decent range of Wadworth beers plus some guests. Real community pub, quiz nights, game nights, events etc. Great atmosphere. Still a very good pub but no longer my best in Bournemouth.“
Grumbo 647 days ago
76 /100 10 QUEENS RD
“Visited 14/7/2019. Very decent micropub, with a good selection of craft and a few casks. Mostly nice vibe to it. Well worth the walk.“
Grumbo 647 days ago
60 /100 152-154 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“Always a good selection of local beers available at a Brewhouse & Kitchen. Service was quite poor though with barman not really kniwing what he was doing and being quite slow. There was live music and live sports, but incredibly loud, so no conversation possible while they wer on.“
saxo 647 days ago
64 /100 152-154 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“Visited 14/7/2019. Small B&K with very slow service on this visit. Typical beer range, mix of cask and keg, standard being typical too. Food was ok. Had live music. I like B&K's but this wasn't a favourite.“
Grumbo 647 days ago
66 /100 77-79 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“Visited 14/7/2019. One of the more contrasting places we visited on the tour. A music venue, dive(ish) bar feel but doing Sunday roasts. A craft beer bar that wasn't really a craft beer bar. A wide selection of beers but nothing much to choose from. Friendly that was a constant. Have been to worse and did kind of like it but hoped for more given it's previous high ratings and 'verified venue' status.“
Grumbo 647 days ago
84 /100 10 QUEENS RD
“A great new micropub opened in October '17 with a 5 cask and 10 keg taps of a varied selection including local and other brews. Decent sized for a micro bar with modern but wooden decor. Good friendly service and very fair prices. There's a selection of bottles too but we never made it past the great tap list. It's just a short walk from the center and can easily be combined with a visit to the other venues in this area which is becoming a craft beer corner of Bournemouth. Children aren't allowed, but that probably won't bother most. No food, but they encourage ordering pizza from the lace next door which seemed popular with the locals. All in all this is a great addition for Bournmouth, and with the fast changing, interesting tap list this is certainly a top place in the town for anyone into craft beer. A must visit.“
kermis 1207 days ago
80 /100 152-154 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“A new Brewhouse & Kitchen venue just outside of Bournemouth town center in an area with a few other beer venues. Nice place with varied seating split over 2 floors with a food part upstairs and a large beer garden out back. The selection of their own beers on cask/draft were fairly decent, with tasting flights available at the cost of the individual thirds of beer that you choose. There's also a selection of guest beers available as well as some cans and bottles. Growlers and bottles of their own beers also available. Friendly, helpful service and nice athosphere when visited in the afternoon. A really nice new option in the town center.“
kermis 1214 days ago
70 /100 41-43 POOLE HILL
“We discovered this place by chance walking by on opening day (23 December 2017). A brand new brewery/brewpub that still smelt of paint with some basic decor and an unfinished feel. But hey, it was opening day. It's a side project of Southbourne Ales, setting up the new Tingays brand and brewery at the location. As of opening day they brewing equipment was not quite ready for use so there were Southbourne beers available. Will be curious to see how this new place develops. Returned 22/12/2018: This is also now the brew facility for all Southbourne beers, which used to be brewed at Lyme Regis.“
kermis 1214 days ago
78 /100 77-79 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“I visited this pub for a music event and am no expert on beers. When not drinking whisky preferably single malt I usually have a pint of Stella. I asked at the bar for one that was similar and was offered Wildman Wolfpack. It was good for me at 5.2% and I had 3 pints during the course of the day.I didn't know it was brewed in my home town of Harrow (but I've been left there a long time) The special live music event was very good and I will visit this pub again next time I am in the area.“
BillfromMiddlesex 1268 days ago
76 /100 77-79 COMMERCIAL ROAD
“A new place on the scene focusing on having the most beers available of any Bournemouth pub. Fairly centrally located (conveniently between the Moon on the Square and the Goat & Tricycle, it’s a lively alternative place attracting a very varied mix of people. Music gets pretty loud in the evening after 21:00 when a DJ comes on. There’s no cask, but a decent enough selection of drafts and a varied bottle selection with some interesting UK ticks and stuff from further afield. Warning, their house "Buffalo" beer is just rebranded Carlsberg according to a local. In any case, a decent selection and a fun bar that I would definitely return to.“
kermis 1579 days ago
68 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“Have to agree this is the best place in the craft beer desert of Bournemouth. Small selection of taps and certainly a few ticks to be had. It’s pretty locally, a little run down but comfortable and with a nice atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit.“
kermis 1797 days ago
54 /100 4-8 EXETER ROAD
“Always end up popping in here when I visit my home town of the beer desert that is Bournemouth but somehow never got around to reviewing it. It’s a pretty standard spoons on the main square, pretty big and popular but always offers up a few new ticks on tap and cask. Worth popping into given the lack of decent beer venues around here.“
kermis 1797 days ago
76 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“This was my first Dorset place rating during my 2015 UK shires tour. Parking was challenging, but there is a pay car park just past the pub. Large interior with a more restaurant-like portion up a few stairs, and nice comfy seats around the downstairs bar. Staff was friendly and generous with the samples. 11 beer engines, but 5 had kicked or the lines were being cleaned. Beers they did have were in good condition. Worth the short drive to Bournemouth.“
Travlr 2038 days ago
56 /100 4-8 EXETER ROAD
“Centrally located Spoons in the pedestrian area in the centre of Bomo. 1930’s shop conversion kind of affair so usual lack of natural light. Visited on a Friday night, fairly busy but not rammed, service was holding up ok. Selection was usual house JDW casks and a couple of guests. Ok spoons, just that, although Bournemouth doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of decent beer venues so chances are you’ll drop in here if visiting the town.“
Theydon_Bois 2320 days ago
84 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“Very nice pub with the best selection of cask ales in the city (10 taps) and 3 keg lagers and 1 keg stout (but fortunately it is not Guinness).“
Arek 2381 days ago
68 /100 4-8 EXETER ROAD
“Nice pub in a city center. Good choice of cask ales. A lot of place and not to many people during the week.“
Arek 2387 days ago
62 /100 4-8 EXETER ROAD
“This was one of the first non-London Spoons I visited during my time living in the South. At the time I had little reference to make a review, but with hindsight this is a very regular looking and functional Wetherspoon rather than being anything special. It serves its purpose though and there’s no shortage of tourists or day-trippers such as myself who come for the cheap food and drink. It’s located at the very top inland end of the central park which is also the valley the small River Bourne runs through before emptying unnoticed by the pier, which actually charges people to go on it!“
ManVsBeer 2434 days ago
74 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“Fairly decent local’s bar. Well kept Wadworth and guests.“
sic1314 2545 days ago
58 /100 4-8 EXETER ROAD
“Busy, foody Spoons. A bit pricey for the chain. Reasonable selection.“
sic1314 2545 days ago
74 /100 4-8 EXETER ROAD
“A Wetherspoons pub in the heart of Bournemouth, but well worth a visit for any lover of fine ales. There is a good selection of eight cask ales, most of which are guests and many of which are pretty hard to find elsewhere and very interesting to taste. At two Pounds a pint, it represents excellent value too!“
jmgreenuk 3153 days ago
70 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“An oasis in a desert of mediocrity. A good selection of ten mainly Wadworth hand pulls and several guests. Friendly staff who readily offer a taste before you order. Lots of room and not too crowded. Beers that I tasted we're served at the right temperature and well kept. Well worth a visit.“
jmgreenuk 3154 days ago
72 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“The best ’Real Ale’ Pub in Bournemouth by a country mile. 10 Different handpulls, 6 from Wadworths and 4 guests. There may have been some lagers but I didn’t notice (wasn’t looking). Used this place twice over a long weekend, pleasant staff, good quality beers and a clean, tidy bar, no matter where you sat. In the main bar area they have large wooden boards on the wall naming each beer on cask, with tasting notes, all in big letters, so the old regulars can read what is on. Remember Bournemouth is a huge retirement settlement, even if it now has a Uni too. Average price was £3.00 a pint, which we thought, a bit heavy, but it is ’Darn Sarf’ and it was just after the Budget of April 2009. Wetherspoons were having an International beer fest with everything at £1.79 a pint at the same time (two outlets in Bournemouth), so we ended up in those later. Sports screens in the raised part of the pub, nothing in the main area (good). Large smoking area outside for those that must, looked a sun trap too. Goat Curry was on the menu, handy for any Kenyans visiting I suppose, but we had something different. I had a Chicken and Mushroom Pie, the wife Ham and Eggs, both very good, if a bit pricey. Well worth finding. “
BlackHaddock 3306 days ago
72 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“2010-07. Visited on a Friday afternoon last July, we snuck away from various wedding pre-plans for an hour or so and wound up here. Great old wooden bar feel, this was close to our hotel and offered quite a few interesting brews on tap and cask. Not super busy (though could see it picking up more in the evening), the service was friendly and efficient. They actually left the bar to go in the back for a while as we were the only patrons at first. Didn’t eat here. Casks were in pretty good shape. Would seek it out if in the area again. (4/9/9/NA/10/14) 72%“
mabel 3558 days ago
74 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“2010-07. Nice little spot, comfortable English pub. Good number of cask ales on tap but most are not overly interesting. Wadworth line and a decent number of guest taps. Barman is friendly. We stopped in for a few half pints. I liked the large menu board with slats for the beer names. Food menu sounded pretty good but we did not eat. Well worth a stop if you are in town but for us it was more for a few decent regional ticks rather than anything especially good. Prices seemed cheap to us, probably about average for the UK.“
jercraigs 3904 days ago
84 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“The best place to have some Real Ales in Bournemouth. Ten Real Ales on tap. Five from Wadworth Brewery. 15 minutes walk from City Centre. (19.10.2008).“
lada66 4553 days ago
82 /100 27 WEST HILL ROAD
“I had a great evening in this place, whilst on holiday in the beer wasteland of Bournemouth. 11 real ales were on, with helpful descriptions of each on the wall. Some good southern brews and a friendly pub atmosphere make this well worht seeking out.“
DanielBrown 6075 days ago
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