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70 /100 173-175 CLAPHAM PARK ROAD
“Modern pub that has had a refurb and made an 'almost' step into the world of craft beer. Board features a range of craft beers, neon signs in the windows, wooden tables and chairs and pizza served by the slice. Closer inspection and it's a very safe range of craftbeers featuring regulars from Beavertown, Camden Town and Brewdog. Still a move in the right direction and has the added bonus that they show sports and football in here on a regular basis. Obvioulsy most sports bars are fleapits so it's nice to have a sports pub with a decent range of beer, food and a nice clientele.“
EdKing 915 days ago
60 /100 348 CLAPHAM ROAD
“Harvey’s pub on the road between Clapham and Stockwell. Always has a couple of the Harveys regulars on cask and the two new Harveys keg beers, alongside an uninspiring keg lager/Guinness selection. Beer quality was decent. Seems to be a focus for football matches on TV. I’m hoping they are going to start serving more of the seasonals and fully showcase the Harveys beers. Bottle selection was very limited. Had 4 or 5 Harveys bottles.“
EdKing 1467 days ago
“Visited on 1st March 2016. It’s a funny place this, single roomed pub with quite a traditional feel, lots of dark wood and a bit of a 90s Irish Bar theme going with loads of tat hanging from the ceiling. Outside 3 neon POWs draw you in. 3 beers on, local stuff, in decent condition plus a small range of bottles from Craft brewers such as Kernel and Camden. Service decent enough, beer about £4 a pint. Decent enough pub but with the CBC Clapham less than 10 mins away it’s not the place for many new beers, It is a nice enough pub though.“
WingmanWillis 1825 days ago
66 /100 2 THE POLYGON,
“Visited on Tuesday 1st March 2016. Lovely old traditional pub, nice stone exterior, area out front for drinking and it’s across the road from the Prince of Wales just off Clapham Common. The handpumps drew me in but then, at the point of no return, realised it’s a Greene King pub. Still had a couple of guest ales but most were from the GK stable. The Nottingham Extra Pale was in decent condition and just over £4 a pint so not much of a bargain Quite an odd layout with 2 rooms but one is quite narrow. It was busy. I’m not sure I’d go back unless I happened to be in that neck of the woods.“
WingmanWillis 1825 days ago
“A really nice place just down the road from Craft Clapham. It can’t compete on the beer front of course but it’s very friendly and welcoming (“Are you here for the opera?” I was asked!) and something of a community hub. There’s a theatre upstairs and a small stage downstairs. There are a few keg taps and two cask ales - London Pride is the regular and the guest beer (usually from small craft breweries, we were told) rotates. (Visited 3 April 2015).“
Boudicca 2152 days ago
72 /100
Oddbins Clapham (Beer Store)
“It’s been years since I’ve been in an Oddbin’s - last time was when I was about 15 with my parents as I only associate it with wine. Anyway, needed some beers in Clapham so gave this a go. So glad I did. Really friendly staff. I picked up 6 bottles of Wiper and True Milk Shake and one of the chaps working there said they had just got Bristol Beer Factory milk stout but it wasn’t on the shelves yet. Similar so I may like to try it. So he fetched me some bottles from the store room. Sure, this places is still 90% wines but the 10% beers are well chosen. There were loads I could have picked up but just stuck to a few as I was going out. This will certainly be a regular place for me as I am in the area a lot. I also think it’s great value for money considering a pint of Pride in the pubs near by is £4+.“
olliejobbins 2200 days ago
76 /100 59 ABBEVILLE ROAD,
“Upscale wine shop in the Abbeville village, which also features a very decent range of mainly the London craft beers. Fancy, modern decor with an amazing range of wines. well trained staff and a seated area and wines available on tap for trying. The beer range includes comprehensive range of Kernel, Siren, Camden Town, Orbit, Partizan, Five Points, London Fields, Beavertown, Fourpure, Belleville, Moncada and many others I can’t remember. Prices are very competitive too. Kernel IPAs are about £2.95 which is probably as cheap as the brewery. All in all if you are into wine and beer then this place is heaven. Just make sure you have plenty of cash if you’re into wine, because this place focuses on the £20+ range of international wines.“
EdKing 2201 days ago
66 /100
Oddbins Clapham (Beer Store)
“Dropped by whilst walking between CBC Clapham and BD Clapham around 730pm on 16/12/14. Remember that first and foremost Oddbins is a wine merchants but this branch probably carries the largest range of craft beers from the London stable, well upwards of 50 bottles. Large number of London Micros represented ... Redchurch, London Fields, Pressure Drop, Beavertown, Rocky Head et al, probably the only key omission being the Kernel. The Clapham branch probably carries more craft offerings from elsewhere in the UK than the others around town, Cromarty, Siren and Wild Beer Co (5 or 6 from each of these two) and on top of that a few common picks frpm.Europe and the US. Service was prompt and friendly, pricing pretty reasonable. There are other bottle shops to seek out before this one but if in the area this is A solid stop.“
Theydon_Bois 2267 days ago
“Busy corner pub on a main street. Most of the selection is keg - Lagunitas IPA and Adnams Mosaic were the more interesting options. Three fairly standard cask options.“
The_Osprey 2376 days ago
48 /100 409 CLAPHAM ROAD
“Nice enough decor and pleasant service. Five kegs on - all standard macro lagers. Two cask ales of limited interest. Young crowd. OK bar, certainly not worth a special journey.“
The_Osprey 2376 days ago
“Dark pub, ping pong at the back, a few standard kegs and only two cask, music is loud-ish. Nice enough atmosphere, but beer selection is average at best.“
The_Osprey 2376 days ago
“Eccentrically furnished and cozy pub in the centre of Clapham Old Town, with a simple yet well conditioned three cask tap set up and a nice range of popular craft ales and Belgian ales in the fridge. Sambrooks Junction is the regular alongside two guest ales. When I was in it was Hop Back Crop Circle and Sambrook’s Wandle, Millwhites Cider, and then fridges featuring Sierra Nevada Pale, Chimay Red and Blue, Punk IPA, DOA IPA, Dead Pony Club, Brooklyn lager, Erdinger Wit, and other fairly common but decent bottles. What makes the difference in this pub is the cozy decor and the friendly girls behind the bar.“
EdKing 2557 days ago
68 /100
Oddbins Clapham (Beer Store)
“So this didn’t used to be that great but then one of the guys in there got the Craft beer bug, so now they have a good range of local British micros including By the Horns, Celt, Redchurch, East London, London Fields and then a few international macros like DAB lager, Schofferhofer Hefeweizen, Cristel etc. I haven’t seen The Kernels in here recently though. UPDATE 29/5/2016 - now has even more: Beavertown, Pressure Drop, Wild Beer Co, Wiper & True, Bristol Beer Factory, Leffe Bruin, Rocky Head, Siren.“
EdKing 2598 days ago
66 /100
Oddbins Clapham (Beer Store)
“A typical London Oddbins, which is to say they have a solid range of London micros like The Kernel, By The Horns, Redchurch, East London Brewery, maybe a couple others. Plus some other interesting UK stuff. The off one-off. Lots of wine, obvi. Good value. Friendly service. A nice local option for snagging some beers.“
Leighton 2600 days ago
84 /100
King & Co (Bar)
“So this is a complete re-rate. Formerly The King’s Head, then briefly ’Off With His Head’ this has now re-opened as a fully fledged craft beer venue with a smart side food counter serving Basque inspired tapas and burgers. The decor has gone more minimal with tabled dining areas replacing the cluttered wooden tables, sofas and random nick nacks previously on display. The line up now consists of 6 cask hand pumps, and about 12 keg beers which include several regulars. According to the menu these will include Founders All Day IPA, Titanic Stout, and a Beavertown dedicated keg tap. On the night I was in they also had Crate Lager, Siren QIPA, and on cask Wild Beer Co Bibble, Siren Red Rya IPA, Rooster Stars and Stripes amongst others. 5 of the 6 cask pumps were in use. So all in all a real change for the good overall. Rating shifts fro 72 up to 76, and I’ll be hoping to upgrade that again if they shape up with the condition of their beers. March 2016 - another re-rate - food is now a rotating pop-up food bar with some of the best food in London. Tap line up has improved massively and condition of cask beer too. Also doing meet the brewer nights. Please note this is so popular now if you want to guarantee a table you will need to book ahead.“
EdKing 3143 days ago
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