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80 /100 144 ANERLEY ROAD
“A neat little place that took me ages to finally get to! On the border between Crystal Palace and Anerley (and close to both stations). It's almost like a shop with some tables; it's that tiny. This is Gipsy Hill's bar; no two ways about it. The range is almost exclusively their own beers, with Donzoko Northern Helles (which they brew). About 6 taps, a mixture of core and seasonals, and plenty of their cans. If you know GH, then you'll be familiar with their monthly offerings that feature 4-5 beers with artwork by a different artist. On my last visit, they had beers from the last four selections, and I managed to pick off a few that I hadn't already had. It's a nice spot, if you find yourself in the area and/or want to try some GH beers. However, their actual brewery tap will probably furnish you better.“
Beese 364 days ago
72 /100 79 WESTOW HILL,
“A large gastropub with a separate restaurant section and a drinking area at the front. Very popular late on a Saturday afternoon. We found a table in the restaurant and ordered food and ales from breweries like Volden, RedHook and Redchurch. For dinner I had a tasty cheddar dish served by a friendly Italian girl. We counted eight cask ales and 12 from keg lines. Large inviting entrance, beer garden, partially sheltered from the nearby busy traffic. Recommended (visited with Finn 28.11.2015).“
Rune 2136 days ago
70 /100 79 WESTOW HILL,
“Large pub/gastropub. Two rooms. Local feeling. 8 casks. 12 kegs. Good food. Good service in spite of that the pub was packed on a Saturday evening.“
Finn 2151 days ago
56 /100 33 WESTOW STREET
“Busy Wetherspoons in the Crystal Palace triangle, there is a small selection of beers, nothing new for me, but with the advantage of feeling like a pub than many Wetherspoons. Reasonable atmosphere. It’s fine.“
imdownthepub 2389 days ago
62 /100 96 CHURCH ROAD.
“Large pub at the apex of the Crystal Palace triangle, opposite the Alma with the advantage of being open when the Alma was not. Comfortable and relatively bright with a small range of beers, some on keg. Worth a pop in if you are in the area.“
imdownthepub 2389 days ago
68 /100 79 WESTOW HILL,
“This is a big corner house pub by the Crystal Palace bus station. Plenty of outside seating and light and bright inside. Absolutely chocca with yummy mummies and crying babies on my visit. There is a good selection along the large bar. A very popular bar.“
imdownthepub 2389 days ago
66 /100 33 WESTOW STREET
“The Postal Order is located on the Palace Triangle across the road from Sainsbury’s. It is a modest-sized spoons with 9 cask offerings, as well as the usual keg & bottle range. Quite a few WJ King beers on my last visit. As you might expect beer is in good condition and service is decent. A decent venue and always worth stopping past if your are drinking your way around Palace!“
Scopey 2473 days ago
66 /100 29 ANERLEY ROAD
“This is a new up-market wine shop located 5/10 minutes down the hill from the Palace Triangle. They offer an interesting and varied selection of wine (including draught) and spirits, as well as beer. There are probably about 50 different beers available. As well as some well-known London breweries (Beavertown, FourPure etc) there is an obvious focus on the local stuff - Gipsy Hil, Ink Spot & Canopy. Great service. A solid spot.“
Scopey 2473 days ago
78 /100 79 WESTOW HILL,
“Visited early on a Tuesday evening in December, pretty empty apart from a few fellow CPFC supporters, but can envisage this place being pretty packed prime time. Staff were friendly. beer selection was good with cask ales served in good condition, also some well priced good quality hot sausage rolls were available at the bar which we enjoyed. Much like other Antic pubs always offer a great changing selection, overall certainly recommend this place.“
Desverger 2491 days ago
76 /100 79 WESTOW HILL,
“Decent spot, the front area is far more desirable than the back. Despite being apart of the Antic chain, there’s a clear independence in some of their choices. In the fridge on my brief visit this evening were To ol, Rogue, Lagunitas, Dark Star, Chimays red yellow and blue, Magic Rock, Partizan, Stone, Flying Dog, Delerium Tremens, and more besides. Tap had Brooklyn (Pennant), Thornbridge and Camden, amongst others. Cask included Tempest, a Dark Star collab, Hardknott and others which I’ve now forgotten about. They do seem to be making a big effort and the prices are reasonable too. well worth a visit if in the area.“
Niall73 2807 days ago
74 /100 79 WESTOW HILL,
“We (me & Loz) visited here on Thursday 16th January 2014. I must say that I was rather impressed with this place. The pub is a large pub situated on a corner plot not far from the park, TV mast and bus terminus. I only noticed on Saturday evening when getting a take away along the road from here that it also sits diagonally opposite the Grape and Grain, I hadn’t noticed it on our visit on Thursday. Anyway back to Westow House. Outside there is a large paved patio area, I think that it may have had some of them gas heaters warming it because on Saturday there were a number of people outside. Inside it is surprisingly big, the bar is off to the right as you enter with a large seating area in front of this (to your right also) and a raised are being used as a stage for a rather ropey male and female singing duo on our visit. There was seating to the left as well, though this area was a little narrower and further on (straight on) you dropped down to a large seating area passing the bar as you go, much of this was for those having meals but being a Thursday they let us sit down there with a beer as the front of the pub was busy. There were 12-15 handpumps & kegs we had Moor Smokey Horyzon, Crate Stout and Alechemy Bad Day at the office the latter on keg (me) and Loz stuck to Magic Rock, I think it was Rapture on handpump? The staff were really friendly and let you have tasters, prices weren’t bad at all for London £3.80 for cask. I really liked this place.“
Fin 2836 days ago
62 /100
Alma (Bar)
“The Alma is one of the many pubs located on the Palace Triangle. It has rather modern feel to it. Beyond the range of rather common “Continental European” keg options e.g. Hoegaarden, Erdinger there are 4 cask ales. They tend to carry some London microbrews such as By The Horns, Clarence & Frederick’s etc. Condition is always good. Never eaten here, but plenty of people always are! “Palace-Trendy” & yummy mummy clientele. Worth stopping past on a palace pub crawl, but there are better places for beer nearby.“
Scopey 2847 days ago
74 /100 79 WESTOW HILL,
“Westow House is the Crystal Palace outpost of the Antic pub chain. Inside it is surprisingly large and comes with a generously proportioned patio out the front. Inside it’s “Palace-Trendy” i.e. pretty modern and along the lines of their other bars. The weekend clientele is full of pretty cool youngish types like myself…. Always seems to be pretty busy in my opinion. Anywho onto the beer - 5 cask offerings, 10 interesting keg taps and 20 or so bottles. The selection is rather contemporary and includes things like Tiny Rebel, Weird Beard, Beavertown, Crate, Late Knights, Magic Rock etc. Always seems to be something decent on when I visit. A great stop in palace, but I would avoid at busy times (Fri & Sat evenings for example).“
Scopey 2847 days ago
72 /100 79 WESTOW HILL,
“Cavernous place located directly across the corner from the much more traditional Grape & Grain. Westow House has a similar look and feel to the rest of the Antic Pub family. Semi-trendy decor; loads of random tat and paraphernalia adorning the walls. Massive beer garden out in front of the pub. The bar seems to be exclusively staffed by attractive women. The selection was pretty solid, featuring a wide range of UK & US micros. Prices were fine. Overall, a nice place. I hope to be back.“
jackl 3068 days ago
68 /100 79 WESTOW HILL,
“A very busy bar with a very trendy young crowd in the middle of Crystal Palace. A modern and re-furnished bar with plenty of local hangers-on; young professionals and students alike. I felt the vibe was not really my thing. The dj booth was way too loud for the venue which it was. The place was packed and the bouncers were no-nonsense ott stricked. Do NOT bring beer here in plastic bags. The bar itself had several choices of craft beer on keg or in cask. I was most surprised to find Sierra Neveda Torpedo on cask so I ordered one immediately. For that alone the trip was worthwhile. It was well-conditioned and kept impeccably compared to the US beers I’ve had on cask from GBBF! There was also some offerings from Summer Wine - Mamelstrom on keg, other micro breweries and a good range of bottles. I felt that choice could be improved and the ambiance was pretty bad but the staff were extremely attentive and I couldn’t hep but feel sorry for them trying to work under the drone of irritatingly loud djing. I’ll have to come back in the week for a more revised rating. The food I have had in other antic pubs has been good so expect them to cater for you there. All in all a pleasant pub but let down by some issues. It has a lot of potential and could do very well with dedicating itself to beer instead of the young professional - student Friday night loud crowd. “
tdtm82 3081 days ago
62 /100 79 WESTOW HILL,
A vast and popular pub with a reasonable range of draught beers from far and wide. To be fair, I probably didn’t see Westow House at its best because it was a Saturday night and the place was full of preening youngsters - scantily clad women and hair-gelled men. Although I didn’t fit the demographics, the bouncers smiled at me kindly and let me in whereupon the blast of music, played by a resident DJ, hit me like a wall and almost knocked me over. As the younger folk accompanying me kept pointing out, all the bar staff were attractive young women and I have to say that the service was excellent. I’d like to visit at a quieter time because the beer range was pretty good and there’s a nice patio half overlooking Crystal Palace park and the radio mast, which I’ve only ever seen before from the safe distance of north London. (Visited 18 May 2013).“
Boudicca 3082 days ago
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