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“Visited with Margie, Ben and brother Matt on 20th November 2023. Cool set up, they have multiple bars with various beers at each location with the biggest selection at the brewery bar. The whole complex (Mercato Metropolitan) is interesting and has a diverse food choice with something to suit everybody. Friendly and fun place.“
BlackHaddock 15 days ago
“Huge sprawling street food and booze place with plenty of outdoor space. A few of their own beers, all in German styles, plus a couple of the bars have other craft beer. Lots of their own gin plus wine and cocktails too, alongside a huge range of food options. It’s pretty good, maybe not the huge number of ticks for those inclined that way, but otherwise a very nice place to drink.“
JorgeLee 576 days ago
“German Kraft has got a microbrewery with one bar inside and another bar outside as a part of a huge marked place, located just a few minutes from the E&C tube. On our visit they had some problem with the microbrewery plant meaning a limited choice of there beers., only two of their own, and a few guest beers on tap. In normal operation it should be possible to have about ten German Kraft beers at this location. Polite service, and the market place seemed very popular at lunchtime. (Visited with Finn 16.11.2021).“
Rune 716 days ago
“Rather anonymous location of this one-roomed, medium sized spoons, just a few minutes behind the Elephant & Castle tube. L-shaped bar with 12 cask ales, three of them new to us. Friendly and talkative service. Christmas decoration. Decent traditional breakfast, as always. The German Kraft beer destination is located nearby. (Visited with Finn 16.11.2021).“
Rune 717 days ago
“Inside a large marketplace with a lot of taps spread around. Both outside and inside. Only two of their own beers on when we visited. OK beers, though.“
Finn 751 days ago
“You are not reviewing this place, without reviewing the whole market hall. The brewery is not much to talk about. Only three beers, of which one was even sold out when I was there... A bit lame. They don't really have their own seating area, as there's a sort of shared seating area, so otherwise there's little to talk about. But the market hall, oh my... a foodie's dream come true! All sorts of cuisines, Asian, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Smoky BBQ, ... What a lovely place! Prices are typically London prices of course, but I didn't think they were over the top.“
tderoeck 1542 days ago
“The Mercato Metropolitino is an interesting setup - and indoor food court with a selection of (independent??) food and drink outlets, one of which is this rather unexpected "Italian" bar - with a good range of London craft beers and a few more exotic examples. A pleasant place to watch an afternoon go by, but I expect it gets crowded in the evening.“
berkshirejohn 1593 days ago
“The Mercato Mertopolitino is an interesting setup - and indoor food court with a selection of (independent??) food and drink outlets, one of which is this rather cool Germanic brewery. Small range of their own beers, intelligent attentive staff, and bench seating, and very chilled out on a Friday afternoon.“
berkshirejohn 1593 days ago
“Visit september 2018. Brauhouse / taproom / brewery is in the market as a part of the street market. The layout is moderne with benches and tables in the german style. Food served is also german style with a UK touch. All beers served on the day we was there was german style also. Friendly staff but a bit to loud music to my reference. AMBIANCE 3/5 - SERVICE 7/10 - SELECTION 10/15 - FOOD N/A - VALUE N/A - OVERALL 13/20 “
fonefan 1823 days ago
“May delete this rating and add a place for the 'market' as a whole. This place is not really a market. It's more a hipster food court. As well as this place which has a decent array of their own beers and guests you have German Kraft Beer and I also noticed that some of the other stalls advertised craft beer but was lax and did not investigate their offerings. Interesting array of food stalls. The whole place is covered an there's plent of seating so a good alternative to Borough Market. However if you walked past without knowing what was inside you could easily mistake it for some sort of demolition site as It's all just wooden boarding. Potentially a well kept secret.i also though it was dark outside as It's so poorly lit.“
BeardedAvenger 1863 days ago
“Visited 31/10/18. The market is a bit of a warren so I initially found a kiosk with four taps. Friendly girl although she did go into great detail explain about the German beers so obviously used to dealing with normal people as opposed to sad tickers. The thing is I was surprised how small it was so queried if there was another bar and was pointed around the corner. Would not have known it was there if I had not been looking for it. A 4th of their beers On, the 5th the barmaid mentioned , an Oktoberfest, must have only just gone off. 5 or so guest beers from London brewers including a collab with Solvay but... hmm... should have bought it but was running out of time! Staff were mute in this main bar. Will definately be back for food, the other stalls and this place.“
BeardedAvenger 1863 days ago
“Visited September 2018. Being a part of a street food market, easy to find within the market.. Busses stops basicly st the main entrance. Nice beer selection, served in good shape. Visiting the food market for sure worth a visit..“
Brugmansia 1896 days ago
“Visited september 2018. German style pub. Part of a street market.. German style glasses and benches / tables. Friendly service. Loud music ( or I am getting old ).. Nice place to visit if in the area..“
Brugmansia 1896 days ago
“For a bar that's basically a glorified market stall, this place is excellent. Upwards of 20 keg taps, all good stuff. Pretty sure even the most seasoned scooper would find some scoops here. The prices are average for central London (so, not cheap). Friendly staff. Probably not a destination bar, but the whole complex down here is good fun, so if you're looking to spend a few hours eating and drinking, this 'market' setup is a good option. (N.B. This venue does not do food really, but there are about 20 vendors in the vicinity.)“
Leighton 1965 days ago
“Large, maze like covered hipster indoor market and restaurant complex near Elephant and Castle which is pretty bloody amazing. Variety of bars, food stalls, Italian delis, wine shops and at the back the Craft Beer Bar and Italian bar, which has a great selection of Italian beers you won't see anywhere else. Great place to bring friends and hang out in the evening. It's all open plan with communal tables. Service at the Italian bar is friendly and the range of food is stunning. If you don't have a good time here there's probably something wrong with you. Gets very busy on Thurs, Fri and Saturday, but still enough space that it has never been heaving when I've been in.“
EdKing 2140 days ago
“Large soulless ´Spoons.“
Finn 2418 days ago
“Visited once a couple of months back. Bar split between British and Italian beers - when I visited they had three or four fresh Kernel brews on all of which were great. On the slightly pricey side in my view but this is London. Lots of great food options around too.“
alovelydrop 2446 days ago

A big thanks to ’Aris and Ang’ for telling us about this place. We visited here on Saturday 8th October 2016, we were meant to be accompanied by Jude, Isobel and Kay after a nice meal in Bermondsey however it ended up just being me and Loz. We walked here from the restaurant which actually ended up being near Guys Hospital, so probably more London Bridge than Bermondsey. It was a straightforward walk down the A3 (Borough High Street) past Borough underground, the road eventually turns into Newington Causeway, Mercato Metropolitano is along here on the RH side if taking this route. For those using public transport I would say the Bakerloo or Northern line at Elephant and Castle is probably the closest place as it’s just a short walk from there, but Borough also Northern line is also quite close.

I believe that this place has only been in operation for a couple of months, on tonights showing the word has certainly got around. There are at least a couple of entrances, we walked through the one that took us into the shop which was essentially a large mostly Italian products Deli, in here there was a few bottles for sale at the far end if you headed right down into the store past the cheeses etc on the LH side. However go through the shop and out into the covered market and it was is here where this place comes alive. Lots of individual food and drink stalls offering wine by the glass or bottle, fried fish in a paper cone, fabulous looking pizzas (very reasonably priced), fishmongers and I could go on. It is a lively, thriving and quite exciting environment (I love markets) you buy your wine, beer or food and sit down at one of the many wooden yellow tables and chairs scattered throughout the middle.

The Italian beer bar is deep into the market off to the LH side as I recall and offered eight Italian beers on tap mostly from Ducato but there were a couple of other breweries also. This place is run by The Italian Job and is a great little set up, they had some UK taps as well and a lot of bottles in fridges but I settled on a smoked lager. We loved this place, the sights, smells, people watching, it’s great and well worth a stroll here and an hour or two of your time.

Fin 2611 days ago
“Visited the 18th August 2016 - quiet market place between Borough and Elephant & Castle. Nice huge area with big terrace. You will find the bar in the back of the market. 16 beers on tap half beers are from Del Ducato and others are from England. Price is ok. Service is friendly and good. Only one bad thing beers are served on plastic glass... Good to visit if you are on the area.“
sir__v 2662 days ago
“RAF spooneria across the underpass from the tube station. Clientele comprised largely of dodgy locals on whatever the cheapest drink deal happens to be. Lower end of the guest beer spectrum for a spoons, maybe 2 or 3, condition adequate. One plus point is that at least there’s daylight in here as there are windows all down one side overlooking the street. Really no reason to come here unless you are going to a gig at the Coronet (which was my MO on the 2 or 3 times I’ve visited) or unless of course you are a Spoons ticker!“
Theydon_Bois 3562 days ago
“On the north side of the very drab Elephant and Castle roundabout underneath a large block of flats facing the road. There’s nothing spectacular about this place, nor is it particularly large but provides a focal point for locals to drink and the odd passer-by as the road heads up to the more convenient public transport interchange of London Bridge. It’s design is fairly modern without any notable features although its large round pillars (presumably holding up the flats above it) dominate the ground floor level it exists on. The bar has a couple of rows of real ales and there’s usually a cider or two occupying these.“
ManVsBeer 3671 days ago