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74 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Identifiable off the street from an old blue sign fastened to a lamp-post, it's hard to imagine how a pub could be crammed into such a narrow corner along a narrow passageway between two buildings. First thing you'll see is a gaggle of people drinking & smoking outside, drinks in hand or perched on wooden barrels. Inside there are two very small rooms split in half by the bar. Look up and you'll see a nice selection of pewter jugs hanging from the ceiling. Beer range is Fullers and a couple from East London Brewing including a vanilla mild for Mild in May. Some alternative bottles in the fridge. I got a kegged Fullers session IPA. On this warm Tuesday evening it was manageable in here, but in peak tourist season and weekends it's hard to see how they can cope. Definitely a historic pub worth visiting, but the Cittie of Yorke is nearby with a larger space.“
minutemat 655 days ago
80 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Clásico y acogedor Pub, decoración clasica, varias cervezas de Cask, recomendable.“
fombe89 803 days ago
62 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Lovely old pub tucked away in an alleyway off Hatton Garden. Beer selection is not inspiring, but it's generally always busy. Service is ok though you don't seem to get a full pint as standard, prices are quite typical for area though not top-end. If you go, go for the heritage of the place rather than for the beers.“
Grumbo 1147 days ago
68 /100 18 HOLBORN
“Lively above average Fuller's pub. Busy with it being pre-Christmas when visiting today. Good atmosphere but music a little loud. Surprised by the good range of beers - 8 cask and 11 keg including a number of uncommon or special edition Fuller's beers plus a few guests (ad well as some big standard 'fodder'). Service was pleasant. Surroundings comfortable. Close to my work and somewhere I will go back to.“
Grumbo 1168 days ago
58 /100 4 LEATHER LANE
“Quite an atheistically pleasing Nicholson's pub once inside, doesn't look much from outside though. Twin level, with an upstairs main bar and cellar bar. Beer range not especially broad even by standards of some others in this chain. Decent food offering. Service efficient. Warm inside.“
Grumbo 1189 days ago
“Not a bad pub, seemed quite food focused with most people coming in whilst we were there for pre-booked tables. Small number of Adnams beers available on cask/tap including the nut brown which I'd not had before, and about 6 uninspiring bottles. Decent atmosphere and service but not a place to seek out only for its beer range.“
Grumbo 1195 days ago
68 /100 1 ELY COURT
“One of these old rare gems you really have to visit while visiting London!
You can pass it many times without knowing it is there. You have to enter an alleyway before you see it.
Loads of history in these walls. People have been drinking beer here before Christ himself where born.
Not very crowded either. Because tourists in general do not find it.
The beer scene is however not that great. But you will surely find something to drink with your meal. Good traditional pub food!“
Cunningham 1260 days ago
82 /100 1 ELY COURT
“The atmosphere and look of this place is brilliant. It claims to be 500 years old but I take statements like this with a grain of salt, I looked it up and this building dates back to the second half of the 18th century and it looks like this. Located in an alleyway divided strangely into 3 parts which appears to have been the style at the time. The wood looks like it belongs in an old church, parts of seem to belong in a museum, old thick windows that let in little light. Few other costumers but there is great silence in this building. The building itself is brilliant and should be visited. The beer selection is however not brilliant about 8 cask of which about half were standard Fuller’s offerings, 2 Saltaire beers upon visiting, one common cider. Some rubbish lager kegs. Few bottle which seemed to be largely common Fuller offerings once more. Decent prices, good quality on the cask it seemed. The beer choice is uninteresting but the place itself is essential. Food seems to be just sandwiches . Hard to put a rating on this place.“
77ships 1264 days ago
58 /100 18 HOLBORN
“Facing North into Holborn, so don’t expect too much sun to hit this place during the daytime, it was nevertheless packed with football fans on a hot sunny day in June with Euro 2016 in full flow - its furniture and style is very ’chainlike’ though with a durability about it. Fullers ales were the order of the day here and I found some keg options from this brewer I’d never seen before.“
ManVsBeer 1402 days ago
66 /100 1 ELY COURT
“In a small alleyway on the north side of Holborn opposite the Sainsbury’s offices, this is a small traditional pub run by Fullers although guest ales can be found here. It’s a popular place and the alleyway itself was crowded with people drinking here on a late afternoon in June, with plenty of suits coming here for an afterwork drink. The downstairs rooms were also busy, although the upstairs section was empty!“
ManVsBeer 1402 days ago
56 /100 4 LEATHER LANE
“This Nicholson pub is more functional than having any decorative beauty which many of this chains other places have. Nevertheless it’s comfortable enough inside, with the long bar against the back wall offering up whatever the current Nicholson’s selection is. As there’s ample pedestrian space in front of the pub there’s a large garden area which has its own cover in parts given there’s apartments above the pub.“
ManVsBeer 1410 days ago
“Just up the hill road from the Wetherspoon in Farringdon, this corner pub felt more like a restaurant in style and mood, but myself and a couple already there when I walked in were both just partaking in drinks. The selection is limited though, with a couple of Adnams cask ales available. I opted for the German pilsner for a tick as I’d never ever bothered with it previously. Comfortable and friendly it might suit a romantic pair rather than those seeking out new or interesting brews.“
ManVsBeer 1410 days ago
“The venue is nice and very "old fashioned London pub" hence it is a usual spot for me to take visiting non-UK work colleagues. The beer selection is poor, but very well kept. The food was tasty, but the portions were small and it was expensive. This is a place to put on expenses and not one to visit on your own account.“
Davros IX 1439 days ago
72 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Visited on 4th January 2017. Tucked away down an alleyway off Hatton Garden this is an odd old place. It has 3 rooms with the bar in the middle and a oddly shaped outdoor space/alleyway with the gents at the end. Inside the venue is lovely with wood panelling, a real fire in the lounge, it’s small so not many tables but it is cosy with the fire going. Beer range has a selection of the Fullers core range plus a couple of guests (Sambrooks and Dark Star on my visit). My pint was well looked after and not too steeply priced. Definitely worth a visit for the pub, the beer you can probably pick up elsewhere.“
WingmanWillis 1515 days ago
“Visited on 22nd June 2016. Corner pub in between Spoons and Craft Beer Co. A decent enough single room venue. Wasn’t too busy on my visit. Beer range was Adnams and not particularly interesting to me. Compared to the other places around the area this is one not to bother with“
WingmanWillis 1708 days ago
76 /100 1 ELY COURT
“What a lovely pub. Hard to find but once you’re here, you’re here for a while. Two rooms (plus ’Ye Closet’), always crowded but space is maximised. Eight casks, mostly Fuller’s with some well-judged guests. Bottles from Fuller’s as well as a smattering of international craft. For a honeypot like this, the prices are decent (10p/pint more than my Cambs local). Pub heaven if not quiiiiite beer heaven, but worth a look-in on its own merits whatever criteria you use.“
jjsint 1950 days ago
54 /100 18 HOLBORN
“Unremarkable Fuller’s pub on the main drag close to Holborn Circus. They’ve done a fair job with the fit out but it’s obvious, externally at least, that this hasn’t been a pub for that long. Beer range is the Fuller’s staples with a guest to spice things up a little. They’ve usually had the current Fuller’s seasonal when I’ve looked in. Overall though, nothing much to detain the beer geek here and there are better options close at hand.“
chriso 2005 days ago
“More a food place than a pub. I’d imagine the 7am opening time is for breakfast rather than boozing. Nothing remarkable beer-wise. Nothing to tempt the beer geek here.“
chriso 2005 days ago
68 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Have visited this place many times over the years. In fact it used to be a regular haunt when I worked in the area. I’m a bit of a sucker for pubs tucked away down alleyways and this one ticks the box there. I wouldn’t say it’s that hard to find - there’s a clear (if small) sign above the alleyway in question. Great atmosphere, although likely to be packed (it doesn’t take many to do that) with the after work crowd so pick your visiting time carefully. These days it’s a Fuller’s pub but you’ll only find a couple of theirs on the six pumps. An Adnams beer still seems to be regular. Otherwise it’s three guest beers which are not alweays the most exciting, although you may be lucky. More of a place to visit for the atmosphere & history than the beer range.“
chriso 2005 days ago
52 /100 4 LEATHER LANE
“Visited on Tuesday 6th January 2015 around 5pm. The Sir Christopher Hatton is a sizeable pub, cellar bar as well as one at ground level, located beneath a tower block just off High Holborn. The interior is pleasant enough, lots of wood, candlelit, clean and homely however there was just one other person in here so kind of fell flat on me. Large outdoor patio but at 5pm on a January evening this was just as deserted as the inside. Beer wise, a pretty ppor showing, just house beers ie Landlord, 2 St Austells (Nichs Pale and Festive) plus Trumans Runner, not sure I’ve seen a Nichs with less choice? Best advice ... keep walking past and head to the far end of Leather Lane to a certain top 50 venue!!!“
Theydon_Bois 2244 days ago
68 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Wanted to visit this place because of it’s quirkiness, traditional boozer tucked down an alleyway, which I did walk past, your standard fullers selection along with a couple of guest, comprises of 3 small rooms with a central, there’s is an upstairs but didn’t go up there. Serves pork pies and cheeses toasties at very reasonable prices.“
RichTheVillan 2323 days ago
64 /100 4 LEATHER LANE
“A huge pub with different levels and a huge outdoor area. Service was very limited and slow. Selection was basic and their beer was average. Food was average at best. I would give this place a miss considering what else I close.“
Ferris 2397 days ago
78 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Very easy to walk right past it if you don’t know how to find it. Probably my favourite pub in London, not because of the selection (which is a little limited), but because of the pub itself and the atmosphere. Shame they aren’t open on weekends, though.“
CH-303 2414 days ago
72 /100 1 ELY COURT
“La définition d’un trou perdu...mais en pleine ville. Complètement soustrait au regard urbain, l’ambiance y est spéciale. Ses couloirs extérieurs briquelés et le pub lui-même sont remplies d’une vie incessante. La définition même du club social c’est le Ye Olde Mitre tavern.“
Marheb 2489 days ago
70 /100 4 LEATHER LANE
“Visited easter 2014. Being a Nicholsonpub the beers and the food is know by the chain, but this pub was one of the more cosy ones. Placed a bit below street level makes it a bit cave like. Nice deco, clean place and a friendly, smiling staff. Beers served in good condition, food is traditionel pubfood and looked good. For sure worth a visit if in the area.“
Brugmansia 2502 days ago
70 /100 1 ELY COURT
“An old and one of the best hidden pubs in London. A tine little pub gem. Great ambiance, no argue about that! You can feel the history while you enjoy a well kept cask ale. (Visited February 28th 2014)“
Bryne 2549 days ago
58 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Again this is one of those pub which you must visit for it’s great building and location. One of the very few pubs that you’ll find in alley ways in London. Selection however is quite disappointing and nothing more interesting than some comerical lagers.“
Jimmythespoon 2678 days ago
62 /100 4 LEATHER LANE
“The Sir Christopher Hatton, in the eponymous Hatton Garden area, has twelve hand pumps although they were doubled up so that there were just six draught beers on when I visited. It’s not a typical Nicholson’s pub – more like an upmarket Wetherspoons for city types really – as there’s no obvious history (except for the name) or particular architectural merit. From the outside it looks very modern although it’s been made to look old inside with a low ceiling, hefty scrubbed beams and a flagstone floor. Outside there’s a large pavement area with huge square umbrellas. The prices, surprisingly for this area, were very good and the service was attentive and efficient. (Visited 6 June 2013).“
Boudicca 2822 days ago
52 /100 4 LEATHER LANE
“Not the best Nicholson’s pub, as often I wonder if I am in a JDW with half the beers "Available soon" so I often end up doing the walk of shame (or pride, depending on your view! ) by not having anything...A bit dark and gloomy inside.“
b727trijet 2843 days ago
62 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Yet another London iconic pub in this area! Oozes with history. Beers usually good quality but from the usual "safe" breweries. Worth visiting for the pub more than the beers.“
b727trijet 2843 days ago
44 /100 18 HOLBORN
“Usual range of Fullers beers and often a seasonal. Was charged over £2 for a half. Not impressed. Atmosphere souless and corporate; just a money-making machine than somewhere to savour a beer... better pubs (and beer choice) nearby. UPDATE 2015 : been renamed but still Fullers (says it all) INN OF COURT. Please note map location is wrong.“
b727trijet 2843 days ago
72 /100 1 ELY COURT
“very nice pub full of character ,a pub like the pubs used to be , central location but quite difficult to find .. not a great selection but this place does not need it you don.t come in here for trying something you never had before, but for the pub itself ..obviously you get a proper pint of real ale with deuchers often on tap .. good the toasties too ... great old fashioned pub !!“
jorge76 3044 days ago
“Small cornerbar on the way from Sir John Oldcastle to the Craft Beer Co. Adnams beer including the seasonal. Cosy pub with a bunch of people after work. Yet the service was fast and good. A bit stale compared with many other pubs around.“
oh6gdx 3055 days ago
66 /100 4 LEATHER LANE
“Visited on 4 September 2012. A semi-subterranean pub in the block on the old "Gamages" site. Although it’s relatively recently built (late 70s/early80s I think), the slightly gloomy intereior and heavy stone flagged floor give an older, and quite cosy, feel. There’s also a very large terrace outside for watching the world go by in Leather Lane. Service was fast and attentive but I visted on a quiet mid afternoon. Like most pubs in the area, expect it to be busy with the after work crowd on weekdays. I noticed the board outside stated "open from 12" as opposed to the 10am quoted on the website, so check opening time if you are going to be there before midday. It’s a Nicholsons pub so the beer range is solid, if unspectacular. Looks like they have 7 or 8 beers available on handpump although 2 were "coming soon" when I visited. London Pride and Doom Bar appear to be regulars, together with St Austell Nicholsons Pale as long as that’s around. Guests were Cropton Hawaii 340 and Leeds Yorkshire Gold. Worth a look if in the area if not a destination in itself.“
chriso 3098 days ago
72 /100 4 LEATHER LANE
“A very decent Nicholson’s pub at the southern end of Leather Lane. There’s a nice, typical Nich’s selection of real ales representing most of the standard British style (bitter, golden, stout, ESB), all priced fairly well. Aside from the decent set of ales, another draw to this place is the large patio area, which has lots of outdoor seating. Bartenders here are fine. There’s a full food menu, but I’ve never eaten here. Traditional British pub interior. While this pub can’t really compete with its neighbour on the northern end of Leather Lane, it’s a perfectly good place.“
Leighton 3142 days ago
64 /100 18 HOLBORN
“A nice Fullers pub on Holborn. Has that real ’classic’ pub feel - not unintentionally, I would guess. Plenty of Fullers and other brewing ephemera on the walls and whatnot. Decent range of Fullers beers; I found one new one for myself. There are much better beer bars in this area, but his pub is alright.“
Leighton 3185 days ago
76 /100 1 ELY COURT
“I thought Brussels had the monopoly on the best bars down alleys, but London is catching up fast in my estimation. This is a lovely little place tucked away from any prying eyes and far from the madening crowds of tourist London. Busy, but friendly place, bar staff chatty, as were the locals. Beer quality was good and served without fuss. Adnams beers at all times and on my visit Dark Star had a beer on pull too. Quaint but not cheesy, this is a proper old pub with proper old customers. Some pubs have character and some have characters that use them, this has both! Now I know where it actually is, it will become a regular venue when in London (closed at weekends). “
BlackHaddock 3258 days ago
78 /100 1 ELY COURT
“A little bit of Cambridgeshire in olde Laandaan town. Worth seeking out, but not easily found. Walk up Hatton Gardens and about 100 yds on your right there is an alleyway, where this pub sits at the bottom. This hideaway quality permeates its very existance, it is almost like a private place for those who know, so we make no loud noises and don’t shout about it too much. When I last went (29/12) I noticed it seemed to be Fullers owned (was this always so??). Therefore your choice is limited to their range (which is ok, not a great fan) Deuchers and one guest. Therefore, for such a small selection, but more for the lack of rotation, its scores low. Otherwise, summon up the courage, banish all thoughts of the Ripper and Dickensian darkness, and explore a great little pub, which is as charming as it is welcoming.“
PaulW 3348 days ago
64 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Atmospheric Pub down an alley off Hatton Garden Jewellery Quarter. Absolutely rammed on a busy Friday night but still relatively easy to get served, although by an East European lad who clearly as not sure what he was doing. Quite pricey, the most expensive round of the night. We made it to the upstairs room, but still had to stand, full of suits and city types, nothing wrong in that. Friendly and warm, the Gents are a nightmare though, particularly on a busy night. We will return although it shuts at weekends.“
imdownthepub 3375 days ago
56 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Love this pub. Beer range is average, but just a small little boozer in a weird location with a lot of history to it.“
ndon 3482 days ago
70 /100 1 ELY COURT
“2010-08. Visited on a slow Wednesday afternoon last July, this pub feels so cramped and tiny that it’s certainly not for the claustrophobic. Friendly smiling staff served us our halves and we rested in one entire room (that held one table); there were two others. The staircase up to the ladies is narrow and pokey but adds character. Beer selection is limited but seems fresh; There were six casks were available: Adnams, Fullers, Deuchars, and Gales. The experience is quite authentic and worth the visit, especially if you were in the neighbourhood. (5/10/5/NA/10/15) 70%“
mabel 3506 days ago
74 /100 1 ELY COURT
“July 2010 Bit tough to find if you aren’t sure where you are going. This is a pretty classic little pub. Tap selection is limited. You are going for the atmosphere more than anything but it was well worth a stop. My main attraction was that it had been featured in the film "Snatch".“
jercraigs 3521 days ago
80 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Hidden away gem amidst bland corporate territory. The barstaff was exceedingly friendly and the Adnam ales were well maintained. Well worth the effort to find and enjoy.“
Strebs 3529 days ago
76 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Cambridgeshire is, it seems, just a short stroll from the hurley-burley of Central London. Dive down an alley and you’ll find yourself in an absolute gem of a boozer. There’s not a lot of space and it is popular, so it can get crowded. There are a few ales on but not too many, reflecting the limited space for pumps on the bar. Service is quickly and a good deal more friendly that which is normally experience in some London pubs. Like many pubs in the area don’t go on a weekend or you’ll be sorely disappointed to find it closed ... this area of London is a wasteland away from the working week.“
Dr_Butty 3569 days ago
68 /100 1 ELY COURT
“The menu consists of cheese toasties and, er, cheese and onion toasties. But the place is charming and well worth seeking out. Just exit Farringdon tube station and wander in ever-expanding circles - you’ll be thirsty once you get there.“
beansoup 3600 days ago
86 /100 1 ELY COURT
“A truly unique pub. Hidden and frozen in time. It feels like you’re in a village, or at least a shack between the tall buildings. Very nice atmosphere. The service was good with an old man serving. Selection was rather narrow, but the ales were in good condition. I ate two ham toasts there, and they were surprisingly good.. at least after having a few pints. But a nice add indeed. The place is so ridiculously comfy that you could spend a day there. A sprinkle of magic in Ely Court.“
Chiswick 3632 days ago
70 /100 1 ELY COURT
“Gorgeous Olde Worlde pub hidden down an alley in an extremely modern area of London. Decent enough selection of cask ales but the building itself and the atmosphere are it’s main selling points. Closed at the weekends!“
bman1986 3924 days ago
68 /100 1 ELY COURT
“(Visited late November 2008) Lovely little place well hidden in a narrow passage off Hatton Garden. It looks like an old inn where time has stood still while the city has grown around it. Small public bar at the front and a larger (well, it’s not large) room behind the bar. The interior seems to have been there for several generations. Very nice and friendly staff. House beers from Adnams and Caledonian Deuchars IPA. Two or three guest ales as well. Beers in very good condition. Well worth a visit.“
Svesse 4422 days ago
86 /100 1 ELY COURT
“One of London’s true gems - first established in 1546 it’s been remodelled a couple of times since but it still bursts with old-world character. Superbly-kept ales are typically from Adnam’s, Deuchars and a couple of guests - the bar area is tiny so pump space is fairly limited. They also have real draught cider. Great service - some of the best bar staff in London. Great value bar snacks - pork pies, toasties and sausage rolls. Hard to find down a lost alleyway, but well worth seeking out.“
Albertcampion 4534 days ago
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