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58 /100 33 HOLBORN
“Review of Sainsburys Doncaster. I just come here to see if they have any new beers. M&S has a better selection though, as do Asda etc. Sainsburys do have some Brewdog beers and a couple of beers brewed for them“
deanso 39 days ago
82 /100 208 HIGH HOLBORN
“Lovely quirky place with fab beer, defo reccomed :)“
robinshute123 211 days ago
80 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“Very small bar. Good selection of beers. Great service.“
maszkaron79 316 days ago
84 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“It's a classic craft beer co bar. I am a bit more down on English craft beer than I think most people are (how many weak pale ales and IPAs do we need guys?) but these guys source the best stuff out there and have a broad selection. Also it's an English pub and you can't beat that for relaxing places to drink. These people love beer and it shows.“
WestCoastHawkeye 400 days ago
82 /100 22 HIGH HOLBORN
“A grand old place this. Rebuilt in the early 20s to evoke rose-tinted views of a big old-fashioned 18th century alehouse, it's a place you can't help breaking conversation to marvel at. The bar itself takes up much of the left hand side, with huge old wooden vats towering above the whole way along. On the right there is a line of neat private snugs, full of couples or suits catching up after work. Somewhat fittingly beer range is devoted solely to owners Sam Smiths, including a bitter drawn straight from an oak cask, and a couple of their ciders. Further exploration reveals additional sections and private seating areas. Lovely old place this. Dog friendly too. Mobile's not allowed, but I didn't pay attention to that.“
minutemat 502 days ago
50 /100 33 HOLBORN
“Based on a Sainsbury’s Local in central Edinburgh. They had a good bottle selection of mainly Scottish beers, many of them new to me, and some pretty good ones among them. Otherwise it is just a standard supermarket.“
Rasmus40 532 days ago
62 /100 20-22 SANDLAND STREET
“North of Holborn in the back streets, this is a traditional pub with a large central bar sporting many of the Badger brand brews, including their current cask special on my visit. Arrived just before closing so it was almost empty, but I'm guessing like most pubs in this part of the city it's full of suits from early evening hours.“
ManVsBeer 575 days ago
60 /100 25-29 SICILIAN AVENUE
“In a pedestrian cut through between major streets at Holborn full of commercial units, this is a multi-roomed venue, and quite spartan in its wooden design. There's mostly keg ales here, which included a number of brews from Germany on them during my visit, although nothing too exciting amongst these.“
ManVsBeer 575 days ago
74 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“Lively small bar with interesting keg/casks. Belgian beer menu. Good prices. Busy. Okay“
Gerbeer 584 days ago
“Lovely little historic looking saloon bar pub as many Sam Smiths pubs are. This one is dual entranced back and front with a fair amount of outdoor seating at what I guess is classed as the rear of the pub - it's quite hard to tell which side is which! Inside the usual selection of lagers and ales from this northern brewer are available, most of which I've sampled many times before, but this is a pub worth visiting for the decor.“
ManVsBeer 592 days ago
62 /100 208 HIGH HOLBORN
“This beautiful pub is nearly, for me, all about the wonderful ornate interior. The glass and mirror work, fittings, and the super cool booths are really quite a sight. The beer is of course all Sam Smith and although well priced a bit pedestrian in style for the modern age.“
Stew41 598 days ago
86 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“Of course the tap list alone underwrites a 5 star review with ease. ~50 covering a large spectrum of styles but it's the fierce devotion to local small producers and cask that makes it world class for me. Indeed I cannot recall a venue with such quality and depth, at least in recent memory. The street level bat is not large and can get crowded; the less busy alternative is the cellar cocktail bar but it is a bit soulless. Good friendly service and quick to offer samples.“
Stew41 598 days ago
48 /100 33 HOLBORN
“It is quite useless to have a "catch all" entry for Sainsbury's stores, as they vary a lot in size and beer selection. But the bigger stores seem to have a fairly decent selection, at least for a foreigner who can expect quite a few ticks here.“
Sigmund 600 days ago
66 /100 12 GATE STREET
“Visited 8/1/19. Small old pub in a small lane close to Holborn station. Good beers,, with a decent restaurant at first floor. Dark and grotty pub,, good beers, nice place,, close to Holborn“
gunnar 607 days ago
68 /100 12 GATE STREET
“Visited on tour to 22 southern counties with OGJ and EE 08.01.19. A nice restaurant and a pub downstarirs serving six ales on cask - without sparklers. Well worth visiting for a good dinner. Fine service and good food in the upstarirs restaurant at our visit.“
Holmen2 629 days ago
72 /100 25-29 SICILIAN AVENUE
“Visited on trip to 22 southern counties with OGJ and EE 08.01.19. 5 cask (two were served using sparklers) and 12 beers on keg. Well-selected from good craft breweries. Loud and intrusive music at our visit.“
Holmen2 629 days ago
62 /100 33 HOLBORN
“Good if you are looking for macros or beers by the major craft breweries/ex-craft that is now owned by big beer.“
YantarCoast 643 days ago
68 /100 22 HIGH HOLBORN
“Pub clasico con varias salas, bastante ruidoso, varias lager de barril....“
fombe89 645 days ago
76 /100 25-29 SICILIAN AVENUE
“Kind of subdued for a Friday evening. Nice selection of craft casks, waiting anxiously for the kitchen to open. Modern space, eadily accessible in a corner location.“
stevoj 668 days ago
72 /100 208 HIGH HOLBORN
“The range of Samuel Smith beers is quite extensive and prices are decent but for me the individual/small booths with glassed in sides, the pressed metal ceilings and the Victorian-era style of the place is the main attraction.“
KeefOz 676 days ago
74 /100 22 HIGH HOLBORN
“A looker in all ways, we enjoyed an early lunch here, when doors opened at noon, so we had plenty of time to admire the big hall, wood panelling and the boots down the right side of the bar. Recommendable spot.“
gunnar 730 days ago
66 /100 283-288 HIGH HOLBORN
“Big JDW on High Holborn, I liked this place much better than the other JDW close by (Shakespears Head) more space between tables, better looking breakfast and more polite service. Also a small back garden with seating for 20 or so, nice in good weather.Beer selection was ok,nothing special,, but a good JDW imo“
gunnar 739 days ago
72 /100 208 HIGH HOLBORN
“Located close to Holborn tube station,, this is a must visit if you are into historic pubs, glass and mirrors from Victorian times, nice woodwork as well. Beer was just about OK at or visit.“
gunnar 739 days ago
86 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“Visited twice during my latest London trip. Selection from local breweries couldnt be better, think there was 3 from Kernel at my visit, we was a group of 8,, and got served very fast, large lounge downstairs suited us well. Well worth a revisit“
gunnar 739 days ago
74 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“Visited summer 2017 in the evening. Nice Pub with a good selection and a impressively efficient crew - a sea of people, presumably fresh out of the theater were expedited in a few minutes and there was room at the bar to order again.“
jonas 753 days ago
“Located 80 m south of Holborn tube station. Big spoon, almost square room with the long bar located to the left. Good beer selection on cask and keg. Visited twice, once for breakfast and once for a beer, if not rude service, very close. Place also seems dirty and not well cared for. Busy at breakfast and late evenings. I found Penderels Oak(JDW) much more suitable, a short walk only“
gunnar 754 days ago
72 /100 25-29 SICILIAN AVENUE
“Located close to Holborn tube station, this pub have a lot going on for it, good selection, fair prices, and you can enjoy your beer outside if the weather is good. Good service as well.“
gunnar 755 days ago
90 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“Local moderno con gran seleccion de cerveza craft.“
fombe89 775 days ago
60 /100 25-29 SICILIAN AVENUE
“Small pub. Several beers on cask and tap. Ok service, good condition. Fair prices.“
chrisv10 797 days ago
86 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“I think this place has the most taps of all their locations, spanning almost the entire lower floor. A great variety of local ticks though nothing much beyond that. Also in usual English tradition very few unique styles represented. Still a great place and wonderful location.“
DeanF 848 days ago
64 /100 20-22 SANDLAND STREET
“The front street was packed with people but inside there were still places to sit. Selection was not comprehensive, they had the same pale ale spanning several taps. Prices were just okay. Bathrooms were skeezy (if that's a word). Not a big beer geek destination, you can go a few blocks east for that.“
DeanF 850 days ago
74 /100 22 HIGH HOLBORN
“Old town atmosphere pub in central london with wood panelling and unique little prayer booths to hang out in. Service was quick and all they seemed to have on tap was Sam Smith's. Got very busy with the after work crowd.“
DeanF 850 days ago
68 /100 25-29 SICILIAN AVENUE
“Small pub near my hotel. Had two great English-style American-style IPAs here, and a tasty pizza. Nice small pub feel with a selection of good beers. Prices seem reasonable for London. Overall i would recommend it.“
kevinsenn 880 days ago
82 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“Popular & busy bar just round the corner from Chinatown. A long narrow room on the ground floor with a larger room with more seating downstairs. A crazy amount of taps on the long bar (they serve cask too) there should be something for everyone. Some of the beers can be eye wateringly pricy but the varied selection here will always be a magnet to tickers“
Cheeseboard 930 days ago
74 /100 25-29 SICILIAN AVENUE
“Smallish two room pub. Nice varied range of cask & keg“
Cheeseboard 930 days ago
68 /100 208 HIGH HOLBORN
“Fantastic multi-room heritage interior is the highlight of the Princess Louise. Complemented by a decent range of Samuel Smiths beers (offering quite a lot more than the 7 mentioned in the entry) friendly service and good atmosphere. Well worth a visit if in area though it's one of the more expensive SS pubs in the area.“
Grumbo 965 days ago
“Situated a bit further along New Oxford St than the RB map suggests (a lot closer to Bloomsbury Street). Nice old pub with big wooden bar and downstairs seating divided into a number of separate areas, with upstairs dining and outside drinking also advertised. Good range of Sam Smith's beers available on tap and bottle at surprisingly reasonable prices not at all in keeping with what is typically London or Sam Smith's. Have been to a few of Smith's London pubs now and this is the one I would go back to if wanting some more of their beers.“
Grumbo 992 days ago
70 /100 48 GRAY’S INN ROAD
“Whenever I've walked by of a lunch time they have always been very busy, but visited after work today and it was much quieter so popped in before getting train home. Was told bottle list was 40 previously (see beers here list from Jan 2017) but now is much more limited though still not bad, with a few interesting remnants from before still remaining (apparently when they first opened a Swedish chap looked after their beer list and it was more than they could actually turn over). But they do want to expand selection again so they can attract more evening business but it struck me they are in a bit of catch 22 situation compounded by being so close to one of London's go to destinations. But service was very good and atmosphere very relaxed this evening. My 33cl bottle of London brewed Tripel was £6.50 so certainly not cheap. On balance, worth a look, especially if they expand beer list and I will probably visit again.“
Grumbo 999 days ago
50 /100 133 GRAYS INN ROAD
“Comfortable and ample seating, with booths and a pool table the highlights here. Big central bar also looks good, with the walls behind adorned with pump clips from days gone by when, presumably, a more explorative range of beers was offered to what now appears to be a very conservative offering - 3 common ales, a badged 'house ale', plus a few other basic taps and bottles. Service was uninterested, prices were typical of area. Not really a destination to seek out, I only popped in as work close by.“
Grumbo 999 days ago
60 /100 20-22 SANDLAND STREET
“I look out of my office window and see this place. It's always busy, in summer people throng out into the street and in winter it's always busy inside. Not exactly sure why, it can't be only for the beer which is ok but nothing special. But the atmosphere is always good, service is fine, and it's a nice old pub so that probably explains why it's busy. And whilst the quality is hit and miss, it's generally good for a few Dorset ticks. Expensive.“
Grumbo 1021 days ago
76 /100 25-29 SICILIAN AVENUE
“Last bar in London on our trip. Not too big 2 room pub, was almost empty on our early afternoon visit. Wooden interior. Solid cask and keg selection, nothing too interested, good number of usual breweries/beer, but I've managed to find couple of interesting ones. Not a bad place to check out if nearby.“
Iznogud 1021 days ago
56 /100 208 HIGH HOLBORN
“Strange bar, grouped into som kind of boxes around the bar (cozy boxes) and place had lot of visitors. Mostly Samuel Smith on bottles and tap, but also few others. Counted 20 taps and 20 bottles. I was feeling the AC was making to much noice, but do not let that stop you from going there, the place is worth a visit. Visited 03.12.2017.“
nilsas 1026 days ago
80 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“At first glance when I came in I thought this was a small bar with few places to sit. That was before I discovered that there was plenty of tables and place to sit downstairs too. Great selection of beer and great service too. Counted 50+ of both taps and bottles with great wariety in the selection. Definitely a place I would visit again. Visited 03.12.2017.“
nilsas 1026 days ago
“As (I would say all of the) JDW bars this is nicely furnished, god space, lots of taps (45+ did not manage to count all) and approx 50 botles of nice variety. Food was nice, and the service kindly. Ok place for food and almost always find a new beer. Visited 03.12.2017.“
nilsas 1026 days ago
84 /100 22 HIGH HOLBORN
“The main bar looks great. I really liked the huge old wooden barrels on the wall and the cozy booths. To be honest the cellar wasn't interesting that much for me, but it's definitely more quiet than the main bar. Only Samuel Smiths beers and ciders with 1 cask ale. Prices are moderate and the ambiance is great. Well worth a visit.“
kapusil 1054 days ago
64 /100 33 HOLBORN
“Depends on the store for customer service as well as how well-run the store is. Reasonable selection of beer, cider and spirits. Fairly good collection of craft and world beer. Some decent offers to be had, but fairly average pricing. I could easily pick something interesting up on a visit.“
alexmate 1056 days ago
58 /100 33 HOLBORN
“Supermarket, been in Cheltenham and Reading locations, used online once. Service is about average for a supermarket. Selection isn't great, almost entirely consisting of lagers and traditional bitters and such, really not much in the way of modern craft aside from BrewDog and other major brewers. Value is ok - it is a supermarket after all, but others are cheaper and have offers on more frequently.“
LazyPyro 1057 days ago
84 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“Hmm always hard rating a branch of a chain. Obviously the concept is great, this one is handily located, the room is fine for purpose, service pretty helpful, selection plenty wide enough. Not a lot not to like.“
JorgeLee 1061 days ago
80 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“Modern and central bar with local cask and kegged beers. I twas crowded when I went but I was able to get a seat. Good service.“
BRW 1072 days ago
86 /100 168 HIGH HOLBORN
“Visited twice, quite popular, bit crammed, two stories including a cellar one, people standing outside. Fairly crowded, okay service. Not the most comfortable furniture but it sufficed. Part of a group of bars. Focus is far modern “craft” beer with plenty of popular names think Siren or Tiny Rebel. Quite a large amount of taps and cask beers, acceptable prices given that this is London. Overall a nice fairly central place to sample offerings from current popular names. Reasonably big bottle selection compared to other bars including the likes of 3 Fonteinen, very steep prices but I saw that at other places as well. It didn’t have old school charm but a fairly large amount of interesting beer on draft, nothing crazy rare but a very solid selection in my opinion. Bit surprized about the harsh recent ratings I see here. I rather liked it nice focus on the modern school.“
77ships 1105 days ago
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