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62 /100 397-400 GEFFRYE ST
“The thing this place has going for it is the fact that it's right next to the station... so easy enough to find when you're looking for the brewery tick. Usual chain decor but an airy feel under the arches. But otherwise am average pub selling average at best beer.“
BeardedAvenger 40 days ago
78 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Visit many times - back then..“
fonefan 320 days ago
56 /100 397-400 GEFFRYE ST
“Modern place with a i handful of beers by themselves. Chaotic menus. OK food.“
Finn 325 days ago
74 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Old-fashioned boozer focusing on beer. You may not find it unless you're looking for it,but it's worth looking for. Five cask beers (e.g. Mighty Oak and Oakham) are complemented by a few keg from the likes of Five Points and Stone & Wood. Saturday playing in the background which is incongruous but somehow perfect for this lovely little place. The cask is a bit expensive even for London, but in good form. Worth a look.“
jjsint 435 days ago
92 /100
Seven Seasons (Beer Store)
“Очень классный выбор пива, большой ассортимент крафтового пива из Англии, причем некоторые весьма редкие, много классики из Бельгии и Германии. Пиво очень удобно осматривать так как есть большое пространство в самом магазине. В целом очень был удивлен, думал средний магаз, а оказалось что просто топовый выбор при удобной дизайне и интерьере.“
biilz 951 days ago
90 /100
Seven Seasons (Beer Store)
“Visited today(09/05/2019). A very nice bottle shop location on a local high street in Hackney, close to bus links, about 25mins stroll from Angel underground station. It looked as if parking could be found relatively easily close by. Although the rain seemed to have dampened spirits, the local street food trucks all smelt very appetising. On a sunnier day I would recommend making an afternoon of it as the shop alone is worth the trip. Modern interior with seating available for those drinking in. The staff where very polite, greeting me on entering and engaging in discussion of my choices when I paid. The gentleman serving me also offered a stamp collecting loyalty card which I took up. £10 spend gets one stamp, 10 stamps gets £10 off. A nice touch, especially if you happen to be local. I had originally planned on picking up several beers including Tynt Meadow, which I couldn’t locate. My fault I should have asked but I was a bit overwhelmed with the selection. They have lots of good stuff to choose from, a lot of staples and a lot of things I’ve not seen in London before. I counted around eight chillers keeping the pales, the lagers, sours(by far the biggest collection I’ve seen in any shop) and the wheats cold. And several more shelveing units for the other styles. Lots of Germans and Belgians. Of course lots of UK beers and a number from London. I like the shop a lot. I will definitely return. My one criticism is that some bottles seemed a little on the pricey side compared to a few other places but they do seem to stock lots of beers I’ve not seen elsewhere in London. I wish I had a shop like this closer to me. But definitely worth going out of your way to visit.“
PubTun33 1247 days ago
80 /100
Seven Seasons (Beer Store)
“A very good, comfortable bottle shop just a few minutes walk from the Hoxton overground station. A four-sided room with beer shelves on the walls and drink-in options by tables in the middle of the room. In addition to all the bottles and cans they have got two beers on tap, from Lervig and Cloudwater on my stay. Friendly service giving me recommendations on the latest arrivals from new UK breweries. (Visited 11.01.2019).“
Rune 1359 days ago
70 /100 397-400 GEFFRYE ST
“A brewpub/restaurant with two rooms; a bar room and one room with the kitchen, located under the arches close to the Hoxton overground railway station. Comfortable seating outdoor, but in a area that for the time being is under development and renovation. Eight of their own beers on draught, two cask ales among them at our stay. The tap beers are available in thirds. Modern, colourful decor and interiors in steel and wood. Decent food menu, I was well satisfied with my fish and chips dish. Smiths, Housemartins, Siouxsie and the Banshees among others in the back. Polite service. (Visited with Per, Magne and Leif 10.01.2019).“
Rune 1361 days ago
82 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Really nice old Boozer with Good selection of Cask and Keg, Big space in the back, so bigger than looked at first .“
cgarvieuk 1390 days ago
82 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Classic trad pub in a quiet part of London on the Islington / Hoxton border, close to the canal. Tube wise, it’s mid way between Angel & Old Street. A wide & varied selection of ten cask & ten keg on offer, always a friendly welcome. Go there!“
Cheeseboard 1634 days ago
84 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Great pub in a quiet location only 2 minutes from the pleasant canals. Was pleased to find a selection of there own very good beers on tap, brewed in the basement (Block Brewery) There were 10 hand pumps in all. A pub I'd be happy to return to.“
Jerseyislandbeer 1636 days ago
92 /100
Seven Seasons (Beer Store)
“A outstanding shop only 20 minutes walk from Angel station, it's quite a sizable shop with a bank of shelves with hundreds of bottles & cans. The other wall has a large chilled selection in fridges. Beers are positioned by the style rather than country.. first time I've seen this, but I like it. The owner is a friendly German guy, who is passionate about his beers, tasting most of what he stocks. He also has a drinks license. I picked up a number of new bottles from London breweries I'd never come across, a few from across Britain, such as Tiny Rebel, Buxton & Wylam. As you'd expect there is a decent selection of German bottles, even a rare Altbier I was happy to purchase. This for me will be my go to shop now when I'm in London“
Jerseyislandbeer 1637 days ago
88 /100
Seven Seasons (Beer Store)
“Very nice Shop. Great helpful Service. Great place to browse and enjoy a beer while you are there. Beer Focus on British and London Beers plus some good US-Beers and some nice Gems from Germany. Will sure come back.“
hawanna 1734 days ago
74 /100 178 HOXTON STREET
“Quick visit prior to attending a show at Hoxton Hall. Busy popular vibrant friendly pub, with decent service. Standing room only despite it being a Wednesday evening in November. Beer selection pump/tap wise is quite limited. But decent range of cans, Beavertown featuring heavily, and some bottles. Definitely the best pub in immediate the area (the White Horse seemed to be closed and now something a bit odd but didn't venture inside to check). So if in area and Seven Seasons happens to not be open, or if looking for a pub experience rather than loads of ticks, this place is worth a visit. It is pricey though.“
Grumbo 1785 days ago
86 /100
Seven Seasons (Beer Store)
“Cracking place! Was attending a gig at Hoxton Hall and popped in here for a pre-show drink and ended up staying a lot longer than intended. I do very much like bottle shops with a drink-in licence and this one is close to perfect. Great range of bottles and cans, with small London breweries featuring heavily but also a good national and international selection. Arranged by style rather than country/brewery which made it a little more difficult to make a selection but the owner was helpful with my quest to find new London breweries. Has a large table and seating for maybe a dozen people but you can also drink as you wander around the shop. So glad to have visited and may never have done so had I not been in the immediate area for the gig and looked up what was local, but at less than 20 mins walk north of Liverpool Street station I certainly plan to visit again. Prices very competitive at £17 for the 5 bottles/cans we shared inside.“
Grumbo 1785 days ago
76 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Ahh! Returning to The Wenlock! Like visiting an old friend - still going strong after many struggles. Even with new toilets! 10 casks. 10 kegs. Ok variation. Worth a detour.“
Finn 1802 days ago
78 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Nice classic, cosy, small pub with lot of character a bit off the main tracks. Nice cask selection with some good keg alternatives.“
ekstedt 1878 days ago
82 /100
Seven Seasons (Beer Store)
“I can’t say too much about the value because I don’t know what normal prices were, but it wasn’t cheap. The selection however is great and rotating from local ones to things from Scandinavia or any other place that makes great beer. Staff also knows what they sell.“
dutchbeerpages 1981 days ago
94 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“ma sono stato da dio. grande accoglienza e locale veramente gestito alla grande. simpaticissimo il proprietario mi ha anche offerto 1 sidro di mele. è stato l unico publican ad offrirmi da bere a londra. grande grazie !!! “
mennypub27 2242 days ago
60 /100
Eagle (Bar)
“Gastropub. Very busy place. The menu is on the boards above where the staff are cooking. Had 4 pumps on, well staffed and clean and the meal was reasonable.“
joe19612 2714 days ago
84 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Visited the 17the April 2015 - This pub looks like as a typical british pub. The place is friendly and ambiance is ok. The staff is great and friendly. About the beer selection you will mainly find british ale with good price. A must to visit to see the british pub life style.“
sir__v 2728 days ago
82 /100 178 HOXTON STREET
“Pretty much agree with previous comments, a bit of a hidden gem. Very interesting bottle range especially, well worth a visit if in the locale.“
sic1314 2797 days ago
74 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Finally got to the Wenlock after many years of meaning to go. Stepped in and was faced with an old style boozer, with a simple spartan lay out, old fellas propping up one side of the tables, local geezers at the bar and a couple of the more contemporary hipster types at a couple of tables. Front of the bar featured about 8 cask taps (2 weren’t on), then hidden down the side there are about 10 keg taps. My visit didn’t get off to a great start. Surly girl at the bar’s reply when I asked if anything was fresh on ’dunno?’, shrug. Body language translation. ’Don’t know, don’t care, fuck off.’ Eventually managed to speak to the guy there who was more forthcoming. He pointed out the pub had been closed on the previous day, so nothing would be that fresh. Tried Graffitti IPA and it was pretty damn good considering. Hophead too, although Dark Star APA less so. Prices were pretty good for London. 3 pints and a Coke for £13. Probably won’t go out of my way to come here as it’s not near me, but aside from the surly service, a nice boozer, with a local old fashioned feel, that you don’t get in many places. Will come again if in the area though.“
EdKing 2834 days ago
76 /100 178 HOXTON STREET
“Avoided going in here for a while cause i thought it was just another typical local pub. After reading a few reviews about this place went in.... I was taken aback by the selection they had both on tap and in bottles. Mostly IPA’s and etc nothing rare or hard to find but considering the other options round here there selection was pretty damn good. Was in there on a Friday so they had thumping music and was pretty packed but the service was still friendly and efficient.“
Jimmythespoon 2903 days ago
78 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Very old school boozer in islington. If your into old school pubs with decent beer this is worth checking out. Very clem and tidy and the service is always with a smile. Beer selection ok, a good selection of hand pumps , craft kegs and a few bottles/cans in the fridge. Nice little place.“
Jimmythespoon 2903 days ago
82 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Great pub, good selection of casks and kegs.“
MrTipple 3063 days ago
84 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“10 years ago, when this was pretty much the only show in town, I always wanted to visit, but never got round to it. Glad I finally did: lovely fixtures and fittings, nice big windows. Feels like a very old pub, but has a great line up of real ale and a young clientele, speckled with working class older gentlemen. Charming.“
DanielBrown 3066 days ago
84 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Used to spend ages in the old Wenlock, finally made it to the reopened version. Same old interior, rather different surroundings in terms of housing! Customers actually not too obnoxious, still a very friendly place to drink. Decent cask selection in terms of numbers although I felt the range was a bit dull with too many unexciting golden ales on this visit.“
JorgeLee 3085 days ago
74 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Nice little place in the middle of nowhere (in London terms). The type of place that involves lots of dark brown wood, which I like. I’m not generally a fan of the modern look. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Lots of low ABV pale stuff filling the casks, decent selection, the usual suspects on keg. Local crowd. A bit too far away to become a regular haunt for me, but I would recommend it to others if they are in the area.“
The_Osprey 3139 days ago
72 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Revisited for the first time in over a decade. Much changed, no longer in the shade of old London streets but surrounded by modern blocks of flats. Shame. Seems a bit brighter and not quite a quirky as days of yore, but still dispensing a good and varied set of options.“
sic1314 3203 days ago
74 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“New rating: (Visited Nov 2013) I haven’t been here for a couple of years, so it was with a combination of anticipation and fear I found my way back to what was the best beer pub in London 5-10 years ago, after changes of management and refurbishment. They have changed the seating areas along the walls, but the central bar is still there. Service was friendly and efficient. Beer selection is still good, the 8-10 hand pumps are even complemented by a good selection of keg beers. Beer selection is actually quite as good as it used to be. But as you know, the beer scene in the rest of London has more or less exploded, so there are lots of better places. Atmosphere was laid back and friendly as usual, mainly inhabited by locals. All in all, she’s not really the queen she used to be, but she seems to be in good hands, which felt quite good. Definitely worth as visit, but not necessarily a must visit. Old rating: Lovely local pub firmly tucked away from the beaten track. You won’t just drop in here when you’re passing by, you go here because you know exactly what you’re looking for. Eight handpumps with ever rotating beers from British micro brewers. Always one mild, often beers from Adnams and Pitfield, always one cask cider. Beers are always in great condition. Efficient and friendly service and the staff has a good idea about what they’re serving. Friendly atmosphere with the odd beer tourist always welcome. Live music Fridays and Saturdays. This is always a stop at my visits to London (normally every day, actually). Lovely place! (5/8/12/7/NA/18=86)“
Svesse 3215 days ago
78 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“visited on sunday 17th nov.. ok here we are!! this pub used to be my local pub when i lived in london.. when they closed i followed the campaign on internet and i hoped that the place reopened under a good new managemant.. after my visit i think i can say that the pub has obviously changed but it still has a good vibe and i spotted some old guy who i used to see drink and chat at the "old" wenlock..good selection of cask with some classic like brewers gold ,oscar wild and dark star hophead .. a bit less interesting the kegs selection butt still good anyway .. welcome beck wenlock arms !!!“
jorge76 3245 days ago
82 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Opened again after a re-rub and thankfully it’s kept most of its character and clientèle. Quite a noisy atmosphere (in a good way), assorted geezers, old folk and a few mildly hip people, all the beers were in ace condition, and they provide tasting notes on the handpumps. Top place.“
viktorvee 3278 days ago
80 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“This place has been closed then re-opened under new management something like two times in the last year. I don’t know know how the current incarnation of the Wenlock compares to how it used to be, so old reviews should be read with that in mind. Anyway, it reopened a few weeks ago with apparently a larger focus on beer. The ambiance is generally friendly, cheery. There’s still quite a bit of scaffolding on the exterior, and it looks as if the owners are planning some further changes to the bar. Right now, the interior is invitingly rustic, unspoiled. There’s a large wooden central bar, mirror-paneled walls, a piano tucked in the corner. An old-school ragtime band was playing during my visit. The clientele was an agreeable mix of elderly locals and young gentrifying warriors. The Wenlock now has 20 taps, 10 of which are cask. The cask stuff featured beers from Dark Star, Long Man, Five Points. Landlord seems to be a permanent fixture. The keg stuff included two different kinds of Budvar and a couple of beers from Camden. In short, the beer selection’s safe but well curated. Nothing over 5.5% featured. I sticked to the cask stuff and found the beers to be in awesome condition. Salt beef sandwiches and hotdogs are available, though I wasn’t feeling peckish. Prices were very fair. Overall, I enjoyed my visit. It’s not the most exciting place for a beer hunter, but it has a pleasant ambiance that’s worth experiencing.“
jackl 3393 days ago
70 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Have visited this pub many times, in the past it always was a must to go here, whenever in the area. Think the place has gone down hill a bit, lately. They have a nice selection of beers on tap from many different breweries, also the smaller ones. The beers are mostly served in good condtion.“
Brugmansia 3441 days ago
82 /100 178 HOXTON STREET
“I love this place! A bit of a hidden gem I reckon. I easily got seating at 9 on A Saturday night, it’s not too busy. Awesome choice: 3 kernels, Gueuze Boon and lots of other stuff in the fridge, 3 or 4 ales, 3 real ciders, and another 3 or 4 options covering interesting things like Black IPA and a Thornbridge beer. Standard prices, really nice chap behind the bar, music not too loud, all good... Chilled atmosphere that doesn’t take itself too seriously.“
viktorvee 3470 days ago
76 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Last visit on the afternoon of Thursday 21st Feb ’13 around 4pm. Not been down for a year or so and good to see the place still going. Was a must visit London destination back in the day before we were spoilt. Back street estate boozer with 10 ever changing cask lines. The place is rough and ready - hasn’t seen a refurb in the 10 or so years I’ve been coming here! Joanna in the corner and if you are down of a weekend evening you’ll likely encounter some old boys tinkling the ivories and playing jazz. Beer range is a mix of UK micros all on cask, Slaters and Dark Star were represented with 2 beers each amongst others on this visit. Food is trad sandwiches and pork pies. Got me a salt beef sandwich with horseraddish and gherkin for old times sake - it was delicious!!! Service was prompt and friendly (ish). Watch out for the uneven flooring in front of the sticks! Heard a local suggest that the Wenlock is under threat of closure again - anytime in the next 3 months if he is to be believed. It will be a sad day for the London beer scene if the Wenlock passes - I’ve promised myself to return sooner !“
Theydon_Bois 3509 days ago
82 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“For a pub this size, in this location, this boozer is great. Yes, it needs some sawdust and spittoons to make it more 1912 than 2012, but that is not a bad thing. Looks as if Hitler missed this gem, or the 1970’s developers missed it (but are still trying to destroy it). It was quiet when we went in, but some became busy with locals and ’visitors’, so its name is known far and wide. Proper old style pub. Some reviews complain of it being dirty, but didn’t get that sense at all. Suggest you go if you forgot what proper working class drinking places used to be like. Good selection of micros on tap too, for a pub of this size.“
PaulW 3568 days ago
88 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Charmingly rundown British watering hole – I sincerely mean charming when I say that. Jam-packed with locals & locals atmosphere, a jazz band (nice one) was playing inside, crowded & this was not the biggest place. If this place doesn’t have an appeal, I do not know what does. About 7 beers cask & about 3 ciders plus some standard macro stuff on tap. Agreeable prices, all of the beers were alien to me – never heard of any of them & felt authentic enough. I had 3 beers & needed to add 2 of them to RB. Not stellar but unquestionably sessionable although the ginger cider was some nasty stuff. No ideas about the availability of bottles, food does appear to be an option at some times – it was rather busy when I was there. I assume that you know whether or not this stuff is up your allay.“
77ships 3575 days ago
60 /100 153 HOXTON STREET
“An OK place. They’ve got four Meantime keg lines, one hand-pump, one cider tap and a small assortment of bottles from London brewers like Meantime, Camden, London Fields and Redchurch. It feels like a relatively small venue but the ambiance is nice. They’ve got a pinball machine and during my visit the music selection was ace. The cask on my visit was a one-off from The Botanist, which was cool, but aside from that all the beers were pretty mundane. Bartender was friendly. Could be a decent spot if they get more creative with their beer range.“
Leighton 3730 days ago
74 /100 178 HOXTON STREET
“A nice, open layout pub. Six casks, four running on my visit. Kernel in the fridge. Kids chasing each other around the place. A free jukebox; someone was really going for it with the reggae during my stay. Pretty average prices. Probably only really worth visiting if you’re in the ’hood.“
Leighton 3750 days ago
70 /100 178 HOXTON STREET
“Pretty cool slightly disreputably furnished bar on Hoxton Street. I went on a quiet afternoon but looked like it could be a live music venue in the evenings. Good beer choice, 3 real ales on cask plus interesting kegs and some craft bottles.“
JorgeLee 3819 days ago
80 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“This was a fantastic pub, a London instituion and I really hope it returns as a pub and sticks to the ethos of the previous owners. It would be so sad if this place ceased being a pub.“
SaintMatty 3820 days ago
76 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Pain in the arse to get too, cold windy St Patricks Day evening, too mean to get a taxi, so its a long walk from Old Street tube station for my wife, son and myself. Jazz band (three old boys, who knew how to play) in the far corner from our enterance, one stool left in the whole pub, by the big fridge near the toilets, the wife gets that. Helpful chap behind the bar, I had three different pints, all in top order, my son and wife had others, all impressed. The only food we had was some Pork Scratchings, but they were OK too. Is this the best beer bar in London? I don’t think so, but I don’t know which pub it is either. This place could do with a good scrub, not enough to lose any character or attributes, just a spring clean type tidy up. “
BlackHaddock 3844 days ago
76 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Went there on a thursday evening for the Quizz. Had a great time, with nice beers : E.L.B Foundation Ale, Haworth Steam Austerity, Hoggley’s Mill Lane mild, Fox Kanook, Thatcher’s cheddar valley cider, Banks’s tetley bitter, Newby Wyke peterboro gold, Redemption Trinity were available for 3,3£/pint max“
ketwi 4027 days ago
60 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Not much choice but the beers they have are rather hard too find elsewhere. Place is filthy and filled with unfriendly locals, in the afternoon at least. May worth visiting if you happen to pass by to taste a couple of rare brews.“
YULbier 4034 days ago
82 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“2010-08. Visited on a busy Sunday evening last July, we got seats right up front and centre by the door at the bar and had a great view of the place (and the tap handles). This was definitely a locals-frequented bar, off the beaten track of Canuck tourists like us. We didn’t mind though, the pints were tasty and fresh and quite varied, the bar quite an authentic English pub. The bartender seemed content enough with us, leaving us to our business. It’s such an old and authentic English pub, I’d love to return one day if in London again. (4/9/11/NA/10/17) 82%“
mabel 4092 days ago
86 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“If you like real ale, you have to come here and spend here a night. 1 time in a life!“
sherwood 4133 days ago
62 /100 26 WENLOCK ROAD
“Its a real pub, no doubt but the dirt and grime are really totally unnecessary.... Interesting cask beers but not very friendly pub and deffinately living on its past...“
NarkeBoy22 4151 days ago