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78 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“This place is cashless. Older traditional looking pub with lots of carved wood. Really two rooms, though the second room is very small. Even tinier outdoor area, just two tables. Real fire kept things cozy on a rainy day. Nice selection of both draft craft and cask ales and a decent bottle list. Three bag-in-box ciders as well. Food is heavy snacks including a tasty cheese plate. Two barmen were very helpful. Solid place.“
Travlr 392 days ago
80 /100 1 YORK WAY
“Visited August 2022“
fonefan 489 days ago
76 /100 1 YORK WAY
“Visited August 2022. Short walk from the station.. ( busses stops closeby ) Large welcoming place. Good selection of beers served in good condition. Both uk and foreign beers. Very good selection of beers in fridge, either to drink in or take away. Seatings both inside as outside..“
Brugmansia 489 days ago
70 /100
ÖL Yeah! (Beer Store)
“Small corner bottle shop a few yards along from Scottish Stores, although it's all cans in reality. There's a few on shelves but most, which area all crafted brews from the funkiest contemporary producers are in several tall fridges.“
ManVsBeer 525 days ago
70 /100 1 YORK WAY
“Close to Regent's Canal and not far from King's Cross. A modern, airy and clean, burger place with 20 beers on tap, mostly British beers. On our visit they had a dark ale week, and we got some really good ones, from Tartarus, Three Hills and Full Circle. Beer flight options with 1/3 pint in each glass. Seemed popular by students and young adults, many with their laptops. Friendly service and fair prices. (Visited with Finn 22.11.2021).“
Rune 693 days ago
“Upstais within Kings Cross station. Quite large inside with multiple rooms. Bar is at the back of the building. The full range of Fullers plus Dark Star Hophead on cask plus a few of their more common keg offerings. An OK joint to while away half an hour whilst waiting for a train but not a 'go to' destination.“
Cheeseboard 762 days ago
76 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Visited Januar 2013 on our great London pub crawl.“
fonefan 785 days ago
64 /100 1 YORK WAY
“Super modern place with a “ usual “ selection of craft beer that you expect in London with no good lagers , very close to King’s Cross so very easy to find and have a pint before to get a train“
jorge76 1381 days ago
72 /100 1 YORK WAY
“I suspect this branch is similar to their other ones but what strikes me about it when I walk in is how bright it is - due to the heavy us of white in the decor. I arrive at about 12:20 on a Friday and am able to immediately walk up to the bar/counter and order. My mate who arrived 10 minutes later had to join a queue as it had got busy by that point and I was also getting asked if anyone was joing me (at the benched table) by people looking for seating. As well as two of their Poject 88 beers there was an array of the usual craft suspects from London, Leeds and Manchester - I guess it's normal but it seemed to be heavily focused on Pales and Session IPAs. I asked if they did thirds and the response was something like 'only if that option is on the board's. Didn't quiet understand the girl's English and ordered two beers in the smallest servings that were available. As to the food, I just had macaroni cheese balls which were very nice but my mate enjoyed his cheese burger. Funnily enough there was also confusion over food orders - they wrote down peoples names but there were then pronunciation issues. I went up to get another beer and by that time it was really packed. And people were queuing instead of just waiting at the bar like it was a Spoons or something. Due to its proximity to Kings Cross will definitely be back but not a place I'd seek out if not passing through.“
BeardedAvenger 1505 days ago
50 /100 328 GRAYS INN ROAD
“Not so much a beer place. Beer is really just widely available draft with a few bottles. Better places nearby. Even if your just waiting for a kings cross train. Less than 5 minutes from the station. Dog friendly and free WiFi.“
Mr_Pink_152 1695 days ago
64 /100 2-4 CALEDONIAN RD
“This place has changed a lot. Have previously been in here to watch football, due to its vicinity to Kings Cross, whilst Easter European girls failed to get anyone interested in a lap dance. A pub of two halves. The original pub has a rustic feel. However when I went to the loo I realised they've now taken over the unit to the left, which has been called The Wine Stores. The redecorating seemed to have been completed just before we walked in and came across as an attempt at chic on the cheap. A couple of casks which were ticks for new breweries but not particularly impressed. The keg options were all bog standard BrewDog and similar. Quite early Friday afternoon drinkers. The fact that it's close to the station is it's primary selling point, I'd say.“
BeardedAvenger 1830 days ago
80 /100 2-4 CALEDONIAN RD
“Local cerca de Kings Cross, varias buenas cervezas de cask, recomendable.“
fombe89 1936 days ago
88 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Local clasico, agradable local para tomar buena cerveza, trato amable, para repetir.“
fombe89 1936 days ago
80 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Good pub feeling with a kind service also in the closing time .. good range of ales both traditional and new wave .. if you are lucky you can find very good cans .. a couple of lager/pils quite boring but a bit different from the usual English standard at least .. did not try the food .. good place“
jorge76 1944 days ago
74 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“English pub a few minutes walk away from King's Cross. Selection on tap has a few locals which are good quality. The usual English wooden vibe inside. Prices were rather steep even for central London. Charming option for the neighbourhood.“
DeanF 2000 days ago
“Nice big pub upstairs from King's Cross, plenty of seating. The ambiance is the usual English pub, and the taps are mostly macros with one or two craft ales thrown in. Didn't try the food. Decent option if you're in the area but not really a beer geek's paradise.“
DeanF 2000 days ago
74 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Traditional London pub a short walk from Kings Cross Station with good beer and cider selection. Main bar with taps and some handpulls, with seating area at front and back. Busy, but worth the visit.“
danlo 2025 days ago
76 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“A very good pub just 2 minutes walk from St Pancras & King Cross stations. A good selection of ales on tap from London & further afield. Food was of the Ploughman's lunch variety, which was tasty with plenty of it.“
Jerseyislandbeer 2058 days ago
68 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“I was quite drunk when arriving. And I was more drunk when leaving. What I remember was: place was full on saturday evening, eating pork-pie on top of the piano, good service, lots of people and I think toilet was fun. Good selection of taps. And I was surprised of good range of Estonian Põhjala beers here. Worth to come again.“
Marduk 2067 days ago
78 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Hip and cozy place with a somewhat Berlinesque aura. Good beer selection with nice offerings on tap and cask and in bottles.“
hirigalzkar 2092 days ago
86 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Big spacious pub oozing warmth, interesting eclectic choice of casks and keg on the large bar spent nearly every night of my four on a recent trip to London and it was never boring. highly enjoyable and great fun.“
tomer 2125 days ago
80 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“A nice find near the station. Reasonable selection of interesting beers. Seemed to serve a typical pub lunch.“
Stuu666 2204 days ago
78 /100 2-4 CALEDONIAN RD
“Well kept old pub with a good selection. 8 casks and 12 kegs on my visit. A nice retreat from the busy streets outside.“
Finn 2224 days ago
90 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Ultimately civilised and reliable. Beer selection cask, craft keg, botttles and cans whilst smaller than its competitors is a well chosen. Atmosphere pub rather than bar. A favourite.“
BarrelWhisperer45 2262 days ago
“Visited on 19th August 2017. Upstairs at Kings Cross station you'll find this place, it's not far from the Harry Potter thing. It's a huge place, lots of rooms and the decor is railway themed with a 1930s theme throughout. It's really well done. Beer range is from Fullers with a decent cask range from across differing styles plus some keg offerings and a small bottle selection. Prices are steep, service was decent. Handy place for a tick whilst waiting for a train.“
WingmanWillis 2264 days ago
74 /100 2-4 CALEDONIAN RD
“Close to the station, there is a big banner on a larger road giving you the directions so I suppose that they are aiming to pull in some tourists. Small old school wooden bar, totally crammed, 8 cask beers split awkwardly over the bar. Breweries didn’t ring largely, small UK cask producers. Place was very crowded on a Saturday evening, classical UK bar feel. Pretty solid old school bar, it was a bit too crammed for my feeling during my visit, I had no need for that at the moment. Average prices.“
77ships 2267 days ago
“Surprisingly big really, seems fairly old, toilets looked ancient. Still some tourist vibe but not all the way. Located conveniently inside the station and open very early especially given that this is London. Not as crowded as you would feel, actually rather calm. They offer cliché UK food including a vegetarian British breakfast which is neat. Didn’t eat here. About a dozen cask, obviously plenty of Fuller’s were in good condition I think, classical suspects, one or two new ones. Kegs are the usual rubbish. Limited number of bottles, all usual suspect. They did have almost all of the Fuller’s Vintages available for hilarious prices going up to £ 300+ for the oldest vintage, even the newest one was like £ 30, I think that they are for display purposes only. Attentive, friendly service, quite decent far better than you would expect.“
77ships 2267 days ago
72 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Nice living room styled bar. Friendly service. Good quality beers. 2x2 square meter patio back doors. Wonderful. Continuous smell of little but fierce farts. Even when the most ugliest of men left the building.“
skortila 2278 days ago
90 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Very nice, unassuming, rustic, spacious, wooden pub with a small backyard. Very good and versatile beer selection on tap with brittish cask, brittish craft keg, and some german stuff. Nice and friendly service. Good pub food.“
ekstedt 2298 days ago
“A Fullers bar just beside the 9 3/4 station . The pub is old with floors that seems to be from 2 senturies ago. Lots of smaller rooms that have caracter. The normal Fullers beers and some other. Fast service at 11 am.“
TEJA 2315 days ago
90 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Great breadth in selection, both in terms of taps and bottles. Unfortunately I only had half an hour to spare, but everything about the place suggested to me that I would have had a really good time if I had the choice to stay.“
PsychoGunnar 2325 days ago
86 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“A stately pub with a modern approach to beer. Less than 10 min walk from st pancras. Large collection of taps, specializing in UK BREWS. Some bottles from everywhere else. Food is cold and pretty decent. Pork pie, cheese, etc. visited in 2017 before heading to the archives.“
ads135 2336 days ago
72 /100 2-4 CALEDONIAN RD
“Ooooh now, this is a bit of a find. Nothing too terribly special in terms of London pubs in general, but a welcome addition to the Kings Cross area. Traditional without being twee, it attracts the locals but - being a bit down a side street - there’s nary a tourist to be seen (daytripper from the Shires jjsint seems the closest thing). I dig the music (B-52s have just come on!) Six cask which tend to be safe (XT and West Berkshire are well represented), alongside 12 keg ranging from macro to safe craft to genuinely tickable. Maybe not a destination, but if you’re waiting for a Kings Cross or St Pancras train, I’d recommend supposing by to see what they have on.“
jjsint 2338 days ago
76 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Small yet spacious classic old British pub, a 5 minute walk from Kings Cross, which is bustling and busy towards the end of the week. Cask beer in decent condition and has a nice range of craft beers. Included stuff from Chorlton, Kernel and Moor when I was in. Extra highlights are the cheese and meat plates and the very decent whisky list, including some good bourbons.“
EdKing 2345 days ago
64 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Just off the Grays Inn Road at its northern end, this is a shop unit style pub neatly converted and it stretches back quite far into the building. The bar is central within this, small but packs in a few cask and keg options (although the only new rate on my visit happened to be a beer from a West Yorkshire brewery I know very well!), sadly there was none of their own beer here. Had a fairly young crowd in on my visit and was busy.“
ManVsBeer 2418 days ago
“Down the side of the massive Warehouse in Granary Wharf amongst other food and drink outlets, it’s primarily a restaurant, although there’s a few stools at the bar so you can just have a drink here if you don’t want to eat, and there’s a few decent craft choices to be found from local brewers.“
ManVsBeer 2419 days ago
“Triple levelled bar for the beautiful generation. It has a fine setting next to the canal with outdoor seats here as well as into Granary Square, the huge open space it faces with the imposing converted warehouse on its other side. (I’m pretty sure I went clubbing in the warehouse 20 years ago when it was very much undeveloped). The bar is a go-to place so don’t expect to be able to find a seat at peak times. The drink selection probably isn’t worth seeking out if your very familiar with what’s already readily available in the London craft beer scene, but you can get a decent drink here if you want one.“
ManVsBeer 2419 days ago
72 /100 2-4 CALEDONIAN RD
“Probably the best option outside of the station itself, if you have a lengthy enough time to wait for a train out of Kings Cross. This is an appealing traditional pub with small tables and booths set around a central service area with a predominantly wooden design and tiled floors. The large cask ale selection available here also appeals with lots of local micros represented. It’s worthy enough to seek out even if you’re not going to the station for whatever reason.“
ManVsBeer 2419 days ago
58 /100 55-57 NORTHDOWN STREET
“Small single-room pub in the backs of Kings Cross, feasibly close enough to the station if you have a decent amount of time to kill before transit. It’s a little worn inside but this is its character. There’s only a small selection of cask ales available, but what was there was worthy enough on my visit.“
ManVsBeer 2419 days ago
“As the others said, you may have to get past the Harry Potter fans. Nice place to wait while waiting for a train but it’s London prices so not cheap“
deanso 2446 days ago
“Large , sprawling bar at the back of the station. I visited on a Saturday evening, after an England rugby match, and the beer wasn’t served in very good condition at all.“
Mjp12 2569 days ago
“Visited in December 2015 to kill some time while waiting for a train to somewhere or other. It’s nicely fitted out and has a more comfortable, pubby feel than many station bars. That’s reinforced by the fact it’s a bit tucked away right at the very back of the main concourse. On the down side it’s very close to "Platform 9 3/4" so there are bound to be a good number of Potterites milling around in the vicinity. Beers are, unsurprisingly, mainly Fuller’s but there are some guests amongst the nine casks & "craft" keg offerings - I picked up Trumans Gunboat Smith which was new for me. Not a beer destination in itself but a very superior specimen as far as station bars go.“
chriso 2576 days ago
86 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“A natural Britsh pub that specialises in beer and is onmly 5 minutes easy walk from the Kings Cross St Pancras transport hub. What is not to like. AND there is not "background" music, only live and sometime impromptu. Lots of nice components of a good pub, though it is not a brewpub as far as I am aware.“
Tim Webb 2588 days ago
“If you can get past the Harry Potter fans at platform nine and three quarters and navigate the stairs, you enter a sprawling pub with lots of books and corners. Noisy is the ambience. Service is brisk. Selection is Fullers plus their small guest range. Could do more. But a pint before my train was ok“
theprof 2600 days ago
64 /100
Caravan (Restaurant)
“The food here is great, if a little on the pricey side. Servings are decently proportioned, though, and very tasty. Nice but small range of beers. Breweries on offer include the likes of Brixton, Brew By Numbers, Camden and Beavertown. Lively ambiance, fairly large space, industrial chic. Can get very busy so either book ahead or go in off hours. Worth checking out for a good meal with a nice craft beer.“
Leighton 2625 days ago
“Right at the back of Kings Cross station, and next to platform 9 3/4. This is a big multiform pub. Can be busy with people waiting for trains, but there is also plenty of space. The beer is hosting Fullers, as you’d expect, friendly a speedy service. It has a touch of the soulless JDW about it.“
Mr_Pink_152 2658 days ago
78 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Nice little place near KingsX, good selection of craft kegs, prices are OK, small outdoor seating.“
MrTipple 2676 days ago
78 /100 66 ACTON STREET
“Great little place near Kings Cross. Traditional, cozy interior with a back garden area and street seating to boot. Only a small TV. Reasonable number of taps with good rotation. In addition to trad and modern craft British beers, they have a few high-end guest taps to serve the local geeks. Recommended!“
imthebest 2706 days ago