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“Visited on a Thursday lunchtime and was glad that we'd booked as most of the tables were occupied. The interior is more basic than their other pubs with an average if cask pumps along the bar and keg taps on the wall. OK array of beers - 5 or so Big Smoke beers. A few North Eastern breweries on tap and keg so don't know if this was a theme. A few too many core offerings from the likes of Tiny Rebel, Northern Monk, etc, which I could pick up at a supermarket limited my choices. Friendly young staff - although only two of them manning the bar and serving food meant the bar was unattended at times. A real array of customers. Office workers out for lunch, family groups and students. Bustling but not too busy - although the banter from some of the businessmen sat behind us was irritating. I enjoyed my chili dog but my wife thought the food was disappointing compared the Flintgate and Royal Oak which Big Smoke also run. Certainly the best place in Kingston if not amazing but will return if in the area.“
BeardedAvenger 510 days ago
“The tap room hasn't been open long, it's a relatively simple affair but I like that. You get to chat to the people who run the place and other locals who you share a table with. A good selection on keg, 7 I think when I visited, 2 casks, cans for takeaway. All the beers we tried were nice and interesting, we'll certainly be returning.“
Darcysteels 698 days ago
78 /100
7000 Jars of Beer (Beer Store)
“Visited Sunday 28/10 at around 11:00. That could explain why I was in there for 30 minutes and there were only two other customers. However it meant I could drink my draught beer and chat to the friendly knowledgeable guy running the place. Well presented small unit. A couple of hundred bottles of predominantly craft beer on the right. A smaller array of wine on the left - craft wine?! A couple of bench tables in the middle. 4 beers on keg. 90% craft offering from popular breweries and some I wasn't familiar with. A couple of local beers (so maybe 3 bitters in total), Although the dude told me they were looking at getting Brighwater cans in. Brightwater in cans, I wonder if they're brewing some new styles???!! Small selecrion of German and Belgian beers. If I was a local I'd be in all the time. Not a big shop but everything looks well selected. No cheese anymore?“
BeardedAvenger 898 days ago
“Excellent pub with a very good selection of cask ales and craft beer on keg (20 taps), cans and bottles. Plenty of outside seating compensates for the limited seating inside on nice days. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and also happy to give recommendations. Their first "Keg Fest" (2017) was a brilliant pub beer festival.“
bernoulli 1348 days ago
72 /100
Woodys (Bar)
“I used to go here a lot, not as a craft destination but just with friends. Great people, lovely ambience. A couple of casks, a few craft kegs and generally some craft cans and bottles. Lovely riverside location and good food, although quite expensive.“
kwik-lime 1467 days ago
“Visited on 16th March 2017. Venue is around 10 mins walk from Kingston station and is opposite a park. It’s a nice looking place both inside and out. The decor is clean and smart and the L-shaped seating area has plenty of room to relax. Had a really good mix of beers on with 6 from Big Smoke (3 cask and 3 keg) plus cask beers from around the UK and a really interesting mix of keg beers. Picked up a Legitimate beer and one from 24th State in the US which I hadn’t seen much of in the UK. Service was good, the food was also good (it’s burgers, pizza, hotdogs etc. The nacho sharer was enormous!) Really liked this place and would revisit.“
WingmanWillis 1491 days ago
“What was a quite traditional boozer reopened as a craft beer pub by the same people behind The Antelope in Surbiton and Big Smoke Brewery. 10 casks and 20 kegs with a mix of very local stuff and some interesting stuff from further afield (such as Spanish craft beer when I visited recently). Staff were friendly, helpful and knowledgable and the ambience lovely. An excellent pub, much needed in what was a craft beer desert in Kingston.“
kwik-lime 1556 days ago
“At long last a decent beer destination pub in Kingston. Sister to the Antelope (Surbiton), Sussex Arms (Twickenham) and Express Tavern (Kew Bridge). 20 keg taps, 10 real ales and 5 real ciders. Plus a few bottles and cans. The loyalty card scheme operates here as per the other 3 sister pubs. Often beers from Big Smoke brewery feature as these are brewed at the Antelope. A 5 minute walk from the bustling shopping area.“
b727trijet 1589 days ago
54 /100 56 HIGH STREET
“German owned restaurant, bar and beer garden which backs on to the Thames (the beer garden is in fact a terrace). The staff where ’traditional’ dress, but it’s not a beer kellar dancing on the table venue, more of a straight op restaurant. 2 beers on tap(Erdinger Weissbier and Paulaner Helles) and another 5 bottles (Erdinger, Paulaner and Hacker Pschorr). I dragged my wife here so I could tick off the Paulaner Salvatore. The food was pretty good, but I’d personally go to one of the more beer kellar style places for large servings and more of a buzz. But it at least offers something different. Edit: there is also a Stein’s in Richmond, but have not been there.“
BeardedAvenger 1733 days ago
68 /100
Woodys (Bar)
“Kingston town centre is seriously lacking in decent places to grab a craft beer especially on the riverside. Woodys is a great little cafe bar 10 ft from the river just past all the chains. It has a decent mix of beers on tap including Punk IPA and three Meantimes with a californian pale special. The fridge had a decent mix with some less obvious Beavertown offerings. As I said not amazing but good for a riverside drink in Kingston“
Dannybro 2155 days ago
64 /100 153-157 CLARENCE STREET
“Large ground floor Wetherspoon with a central bar and two areas either side of it that act as the main seating places. This can be a busy affair at the weekends given the busy shopping area is right on its doorstep. The look is familar with a darker wood appeal in a building that doesn’t offer much natural light - the result is a fairly cosy place to drink or dine. Ales on pumps of course.“
ManVsBeer 2934 days ago
48 /100 153-157 CLARENCE STREET
“Massive Wetherspoons, often full of pre-club crowd in an evening. Usual Wetherspoons though, so always a few guest ales on at good value.“
kwik-lime 2980 days ago
76 /100 153-157 CLARENCE STREET
“A big Wetherspoons with several different areas including upstairs, it can get pretty busy and noisy of an evening. Usually a good range of interesting, well kept and great value guest ales. It runs occasional mini beer festivals of its own as well as the national Spoons ones. The usual range of good value though somewhat uninspired Spoons food.“
BeerViking 3347 days ago