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50 /100 98 PARK ROAD
“Friendly old boozer close to Regents Park, handy for the route back to Marylebone Station. It's on a busy road, there isn't much seating inside so in Covid times it's out on the front patio area with the sound of traffic. Just the one guest beer on hand pump, so not a great selection, but worth a look in if passing.“
imdownthepub 110 days ago
74 /100 43 GOODGE STREET
“Tiny little corner pub with limited seating but an interesting tap and bottle selection. Good burgers too. Worth a stop on off hours.“
Gerbeer 259 days ago
“Pretty soulless station concourse bar. Regional/national snores on hand pull, but I managed to eek one terror tick out of the keg selection. Pricey. Plan better - either arrive earlier and hit a non-station pub, or arrive on time, and go straight to your train.“
FatPhil 340 days ago
64 /100
Jackalope (Bar)
“Had to fight a huge crowd of smokers/vapids to get inside, but it's a pleasant interior. Back rooms were quieter, but access to the bar was less convenient there. Strong craft keg selection, and up to 4 real ales, so found a couple of ticks easily. Food seemed popular, but didn't eat. Fairly efficient staff once you've got your elbows on the bar. Fills up with the after-work crown it seems, and they're a bit hipster/yuppie - I escaped quickly once the noise level increased to find quieter climes.“
FatPhil 340 days ago
70 /100 43 GOODGE STREET
“Little bar in the Fitzrovia neighbourhood. Limite seating space, also at the bar. 15 beers between draft and cask. Price was good. Overall, OK for a casual beer in the neighbourhood.“
rumore 352 days ago
“Truman's Brewery taproom in central London, in an old traditional London boozer. Small compact pub bar with a basement sit down area. Interesting to have a range of beers exclusively from the brewery including 4 cask pumps and then a few key offerings plus a macro (Estrella). Reminds me a bit of Brodies and Sam Smiths pubs in style.“
EdKing 353 days ago
“Good local pub Just off Oxford street They included a Mild from North Cotswold brewery which was excellent Note only bar snacks “
tmgt33 377 days ago
58 /100
Wigmore (Bar)
“Large open plan high ceiling room venue just south of Broadcasting House. It's a little more high-brow than your average pub and I think table service operates, although given the place was packed to the rafters with lots of suits watching Champions League football on its big screens it was hard to tell what was going on in here! I did eventually get to the bar at the rear of the room and there's a short row of cask ales (there might have been more further around the bar) offering up some unexpectedly decent microbrews, including a couple of specials from Cornwall's Harbour brewery when I was there. There's another room behind the service area also with television screens, but despite the aforementioned this is nothing like a back-street-boozer.“
ManVsBeer 567 days ago
“Small corner pub with a lovely wooden heavy design around the bar against the side well, all in a very traditional Victorian design, part partitioned in places. This is a Sam Smiths pub so the selection is limited to this brewers and most of its most popular kegs and bottles, although their cask brewery bitter is available in this one.“
ManVsBeer 578 days ago
64 /100 68-72 WIGMORE STREET
“Close to Wigmore Hall on the main road of the same name, this cafe and deli with shop serves a decent set of beers and cans in equal measure from mostly London craft beer producers, but there's a good amount from others further afield of the same ilk such as Magic Rock as well as some foreign beers.“
ManVsBeer 578 days ago
74 /100 43 GOODGE STREET
“8 Biere am Draft, most British, aber auch US, Czech und Österreich. Okaye Auswahl an Bottles. British und usual stuff from abroad Preise sehr gut. Atmosphäre okay. “
Sven1973 617 days ago
62 /100 26-27 FOLEY STREET
“Corner cafe-style bar with a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant surroundings. There's quite a few keg options here but most will seem very familiar, at least they were on my visit a couple of years back, maybe it has improved since? Cask options are available but again there was nothing new for me.“
ManVsBeer 620 days ago
74 /100 43 GOODGE STREET
“Can’t work out whether this is historic or not? Very small…is smallish bar rather than pub complete with good service. Standing room only on a Friday night. Burger menu read well but did not try (menu is mod US bar food / fried snacks style). Quite a mixture of taps (at least 15) - smart range of mainstream styles that are all very accessible but no super commercial junk. Provide 1/3, ½, 2/3 and pint pourings to encourage people to try a range of beers – very smart – thought this unique at the time but actually not that uncommon. Would love to go when it is quiet.“
Stew41 664 days ago
“Small Oddbins located a few yards from Baker Street Station, half way to Marylebone St. Good beerselection to the right as you enter. London brewers and also some from up north.“
gunnar 679 days ago
70 /100 29A ENFORD ST
“Corner pub close to Marylebone station, handy for those commuters. Traditional dark wood panelling throughout and a small raised seating area at the rear. Thai food available. TV sets as well, silenced at our visit. Good selection on the handpumps, nice service with a laid back feel. “
gunnar 679 days ago
68 /100 29A ENFORD ST
“Visited on trip to 22 southern counties with OGJ and EE 07.01.19. Six ale on cask, all served without sparkler. Quiet around 4 pm on a Monday evening. Friendly service.“
Holmen2 693 days ago
“As Mr Bryne say. Nothing special on the outside….but inside. Yeah a little gem. Nice couse traditional British pub with a rare interior. Not to often you find that. The beer selection is not really great. But you will beer in good condition. Excellent place to stay when your wife goes bananas at Primark (next door). “
Cunningham 698 days ago
82 /100 43 GOODGE STREET
“Really likedf here. Good service an Ok selection and GREAT value if you choose 3 thirds and one of them happens to cost nealry the same price the three“
cgarvieuk 714 days ago
72 /100 29A ENFORD ST
“Traditional pub with traditional ales. Popped while waiting for a train on a Friday after a meeting got cut short. Full of after work drinkers. 3 thirds for less than 5 quid hit my midlands soul but fairly reasonable for central London! Thai food available but didn't eat. Nothing exciting beer wise but friendly amd pleasant if waiting a while for a train.“
tommann 724 days ago
“Enjoyable pub with Samuel Smith selection. No craftbeer site but solid & unique british style in the heart of London. Recommended.“
Oiolosse 735 days ago
58 /100
Globe (Bar)
“Corner pub within close walking distance of the station, making it a handy finishing up pub for us. Quite tight inside for space as it is pretty popular. There is a small range of beer but generally a winner is available.“
imdownthepub 736 days ago
“A well kept spoons above par for the chain, I would say. Rather large, nicely decorated with a former glory time to it. Close to Madame Tussauds and next door to the Baker street underground station. 12 cask ales, six of them rotating. Friendly and smiling service. Decent breakfast, as usual.. (Visited with Finn early on a Sunday morning 30.09.2018).“
Rune 778 days ago
“Large ‘Spoons. 12 casks. Ab 30 kegs.“
Finn 792 days ago
50 /100 12 SEYMOUR PLACE
“Tucked away on Seymour Place a couple of streets north of the Marble Arch in central London, this is a small pub with a protruding bar that doesn't leave a lot of room for tables and chairs, which are mostly situated against its large front and side windows. This does however create quite a cosy atmosphere, although at the same time that also means it doesn't take too many customers to make it uncomfortable to find your own space or even get served, especially if they are showing football as they were on my visit. There's a few tables out front though to ease pressure on the inside. There was nothing interesting on cask here, I did find a crabby macro lager I'd never heard of or had before though.“
ManVsBeer 838 days ago
78 /100 43 GOODGE STREET
“Small-ish pub on the street corner with a reasonably good tap selection. Good service and a little bit of seating inside but if this place gets any more popular there will be no place to move in there. Worth a shot if in the area.“
DeanF 891 days ago
68 /100
Volunteer (Bar)
245 - 247 BAKER STREET
“Your usual English pub right between Regent's Park and the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Offering were not particularily large and they didn't seem to have much non-alcoholic options for some people travelling with me. Beer selection and service were just okay. Average stop in the area, I wouldn't go out of my way for it.“
DeanF 891 days ago
“Traditional in the sense that its fixtures, fittings and decor are looking very worn in this corner pub, but at least its limited cask selection has plenty of worthwhile choices from microbreweries, and it's a friendly enough place with a small service area against the back wall.“
ManVsBeer 956 days ago
52 /100
Beehive (Bar)
“A traditional urban pub on the outside, it's a little more modernised on the inside, although comfortable and easy on the eye with a focus on food, with tables and chairs most suited to dining. This takes up most of the space in the L shaped ground floor room, with the service area in the smaller back part of this. It wasn't an overly exciting beer selection with macro kegs and a couple of regularly seen London brews on its casks.“
ManVsBeer 956 days ago
50 /100
Chapel (Bar)
“Corner pub with a traditional-modern design on the interior, and focussing on food, as such there's a limited selection of cask ales here, so I'm guessing there's usually some well known ales here rather than specials or seasonal brews. If you do end up here in a good weather month, there's an excellent leafy garden area to sit in, in this otherwise very urban area.“
ManVsBeer 956 days ago
60 /100 74-76 YORK STREET
“Corner pub just down from the Thornbury Castle. It's an open plan place with an updated modern design and a bar against its side wall that has a mix of cask and keg. Has a nice enough atmosphere and busy enough with a youngish professional clientele on a balmy summer midweek evening.“
ManVsBeer 963 days ago
“A Scandinavian shop and cafe with a limited selection of beers and ciders, but there are a few available that you probably won't pick up anywhere else in a hurry in this part of the world.“
ManVsBeer 963 days ago
42 /100 1 FOLEY STREET
“A few streets behind Goodge Street tube station, close to a University of Westminster building, it's an old style boozer with a worn decor attracting a seemingly local crowd in middle of tourist town! Despite this prices are normal for this area. The cask and keg were limited in choices and all macro options, although I did find a single bottle from a popular Italian micro I hadn't found before.“
ManVsBeer 963 days ago
78 /100
Wigmore (Bar)
“Lovely bar attached to the Langham Hotel. Has a classic, high-end feel to it without being snobbish - they have a well-curated selection of beers, which definitely shapes its complexion. Six kegs (three craft, three macro) and c. 15 bottles (pretty much all craft, some fairly small). There is a London bias (Brew By Numbers, Kernel, Beavertown, Orbit) as well as other UK names (Thornbridge, Deya, Buxton, Siren). The prices aren't bad at all - especially for a place like this. Friendly service. Beautiful ambiance. Not a scooper's paradise by any means but an absolutely great place to enjoy a beer.“
Leighton 982 days ago
56 /100
Beehive (Bar)
“Not a particularly wide selection of beers, but what was on tap seemed nice. The room was a bit too basic, and the staff not very knowledgeable about beer. Worth visiting for a quick pint of good beer, but not for a longer stay.“
leoh 987 days ago
56 /100
Globe (Bar)
“On the first major road running north and parallel to Marylebone station on its western side, this is a small corner pub which had more people drinking on the outside than in on the warm summer evening I visited, mostly standing up. It has a mostly wooden designed interior, with plenty of natural light coming through its large floor to ceiling windows. The cask ales available were regular ones, but it had a couple of interesting keg ales amongst its selection.“
ManVsBeer 1004 days ago
“In the residential street on the Eastern side of Marylebone station, this pub is now called 'The Sir John blacombe' so should probably have its own listing. A corner pub with a mostly wooden interior design which looks fresh, it has a mix of cask and keg ales, but nothing exciting was found on my visit.“
ManVsBeer 1004 days ago
58 /100
Volunteer (Bar)
245 - 247 BAKER STREET
“Large open plan venue and rammed with the young and beautiful, mostly dining and drinking when I visited on a warm summer night. The low lit shabby chic styling makes it a pleasant place to drink. The ale selection was disappointing though in both cask and keg as it was mostly all familiar stuff.“
ManVsBeer 1004 days ago
54 /100 98 PARK ROAD
“On the western side of Regent's Park between here and the north side of Marylebone Station, this is a striking pub for the thinness of the historic building it is in. It is traditional in style with several cask ales at its small service area. Sadly the selection wasn't very eclectic when I was there, but it's a nice enough place for a drink, and on the warm summer evening I visited the place was very busy, especially its defined patio area out front.“
ManVsBeer 1020 days ago
68 /100 12 SEYMOUR PLACE
“Cozy small backstreet pub. 6 casks. Some new for me. Annoying music on my visit.“
Finn 1125 days ago
“Visited with Muggins in his Rasputin phase. Handily located for Baker St, impressive if somewhat cavernous room and a fairly typical Spoons beer selection. You know you'll find something ok to drink, it's a nice room and it's fine. I happily drink here when in the area.“
JorgeLee 1152 days ago
76 /100 28 WARREN STREET
“Quite traditional British on the outside. More modern looking and kind of minimalistic on the inside.
And what a solid beer selection. I really fell in love with this place. Had some other plans, but I stayed here for a while!
Nice friendly staff. Clean toilets. Possible to sit outside.
Absolutely a recommendable place to visit. I really enjoyed The Marylebone area as well.“
Cunningham 1167 days ago
84 /100 28 WARREN STREET
“Based on the reviews to date, this place exceeded my expectations. Has a great vibe and service was extremely good, it’s always good walking in to a place for the first time and find people actually keen to find out what you are interested in. Cask/keg selection is limited by what they can physically do - though I managed to rate a new cask beer on RB so they can’t be accused of being too mainstream. Bottle/can selection is very good. Cloudwater IPA Centennial selected to have with my food - and both were very good. Definitely worthy of a visit when in the area. Great rum selection too.“
Grumbo 1244 days ago
“Large pub. 12 casks many nice ones. Friendly service. I had Kelhammer pale rider, Jennings sneck lifter and Dark Star hophead.“
HenrikSoegaard 1265 days ago
“Has a fair selection of ales, and they are right by the entrance, so are the first thing you see.“
ManVsBeer 1270 days ago
70 /100 29A ENFORD ST
“A block south of the busy Marylebone Road, this traditional pub looking a little worn with its fixtures and fittings has a wonderful emphasis on cask ale sourcing some fine local beers, including from Rebellion in Marlow (and was told this was about as far away from the Brewery these ales come). You can buy a pint in thirds here so it’s very easy to try all six handpump options if you so wish. With friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere, the sum of its parts makes this a very welcoming and worthwhile pub.“
ManVsBeer 1270 days ago
64 /100
Gunmakers (Bar)
“Traditional pub in the middle of Aybrook Street facing into an unnerving amount of space as there’s a large ground level car park in front of it where you expect a blocks of houses or offices to be given it’s prime land in central London. Maybe it will get built on in the future, but if you are sat on one of the outside tables here it’s not as restricted a view as most of the pubs in this area have. The large single room inside is a great place to sit though as the pub is very traditional with an historic interior. The bar is towards the rear with some thought put into what they serve so it’s a worthwhile stop.“
ManVsBeer 1270 days ago
52 /100 28 WARREN STREET
“Mid terrace single room pub conversion with a traditional and comfortable enough interior without being anything remarkable. There’s two hand pumps here with regular ales from well known microbreweries and several keg ales from Meantime, but not much else. It has a couple of tables out front in what is a relatively quiet street for Central London.“
ManVsBeer 1273 days ago
60 /100 12-13 WELLS STREET
“Sam Smiths pub a hundred yards north of Oxford Street with some impressive stain glassed windows which only reveal their true glory from the inside. The horseshoe bar includes an almost fullish range of their ales and ciders, including the new perry in bottles amongst some other classic bottled options. Looking at the price list for the latter none were under £5 so go to a cash machine first if you want one of these. The Yorkshire Stingo is also available here.“
ManVsBeer 1274 days ago