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“Newly relocated to a converted arch under a trainline, a short walk from Parsons Green tube station. Reasonable space with white painted curved walls, shelving & fridges at back and on one side holding a large range of 100+ bottles, and other side more a production area. Afew tables & chairs in the centre & outside for drinking-in, still early days so no taps yet when visited on 18th May 2018. Friendly staff and great selection - picked up quite afew bottles, including their own ciders and Blakstoc hopped cider which had been trying to find for awhile now. A must visit for cider drinkers in London.“
danlo 930 days ago
50 /100 38 NEW KINGS ROAD,
“Small Oddbins with a somewhat poor selection, even for Oddbins.“
Ktwse 1115 days ago
70 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Decent enough traditional British pub with a good selection of taps. Food is nice, but not great. Friendly staff. Often busy which can make it quite slow.“
Ktwse 1115 days ago
78 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“A really nice, classic pub in Fulham. Can get a bit crowded right after work is over, but they have a nice collection of taps, quick and hearty food, and friendly staff.“
ads135 1217 days ago
78 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Visited on 1st July 2017. Large old pub a couple of minutes walk from Parsons Green tube station, has a large patio looking out over the green, inside is a lovely, ornate old pub, a lot of dark wood and glass screens and several rooms, decor is smart and tidy and fits in the with look of the pub, we hit during the annual American beer festival so place was busy. The crowd inside were mostly families which sort of detracted from the atmosphere a bit, beer range was pretty good, service was a little chaotic and slow. Prices pretty decent (3 third flight for £7 including Parabola on draft). It’s a nice pub and has a decent beer range. It’s even nicer if it’s quiet!“
WingmanWillis 1247 days ago
82 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Classic London boozer with a great range of cask, keg and bottled beers. Good food as well and very knowledgeable bar staff.“
MyBeerySelf 1497 days ago
90 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Visited early saturday afternoon. Wonderful traditional interior, which is clean instead of dirty like most pubs. Great patio, which was a bit windy, but with a view at the park. People might be a bit poshy, but that is to be expected in that area. Wonderful pub, absolute must visit.“
caesar 1564 days ago
62 /100 38 NEW KINGS ROAD,
“A pretty standard Oddbins location. No beers on offer to make this place worth a journey, but if you’re in the area, or if you’re a local, it would be a good place to pick up your normal drinking beers. This shop has stuff like Beavertown, Moncada, Wiper & True, some other random UK and continental European stuff. Fair prices. Friendly staff.“
Leighton 1728 days ago
84 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“2010-08-XX. We were here for fonefan’s birthday party, taking over the upstairs. The tap list was superlatively good for that day and there was a good crowd of Ratebeerians present. Possibly one of my most enjoyable good beer nights ever so I must thank fonefan for letting us join in. The decor was nice, spacious with it booked out for the private group. It has a classic British feel to it, that you only get from an old characterful that have been polished up a bit. Nice spot. “
jercraigs 1925 days ago
80 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Big and great pub .. Often crowded on the day of the Chelsea’s match .. Very good choice of cask beers and bottles but just a bit better about the beers on draught .. I mean they have some good beer out of the usual standard but nothing really amazing .. The food is good and generous even if a bit expensive .. The staff is well prepared and kind enough but is clear that they are there just for working and they do their duties and that’s it .. Good place to go for a couple of pints or a lunch but not my favourite place in London ..REVISITED recently .. I had one of the best burger in London and on the beer’s side they gained a lot of respect serving PILSNER URQUELL from the tank !!“
jorge76 2007 days ago
78 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Always too busy for my liking so never anywhere to sit and wait ages to get served by busy staff. Pity as the pub inspired people about the virtues of good beer as far back as the 80s so has my respect. It still goes for all styles be it cask or keg or bottle, foreign or domestic but nearly always breweries with good reputations. I did not think much of the tanked Pilsner Urquell. Does beer fests at least twice a year but I no longer go as is way too crowded it is unpleasant. Overall a victim of its own huge success.“
b727trijet 2144 days ago
74 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Old school, but a long time excellent beer outlet; slightly off the beaten track.Some interesting bottles to complement the casks.“
sic1314 2274 days ago
76 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Large, old school pub with a surprisingly good selection of craft beer. Definitely the best in the area. Quite a few taps and casks though a few will be pouring the same beer. Some of the imports that show up on tap here are relatively uncommon for London. The bottle list is extensive and bottle prices are good. Most of the bartenders aren’t that knowledgeable about beer but to be fair neither are most of the patrons. Large square bar on the ground floor with an additional small bar upstairs. Can get very crowded at times such as during events and prior to Chelsea matches. Quite a few tables inside as well as outside in front of the pub. The food is typical pub fare and is decent. Burgers grilled outside when the weather permits. They have some very good regular events especially their old ales fest in November.“
deeblo 2413 days ago
84 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Beautiful large pub near Parson’s green metro station. Comfortable seating and large tables. Not too loud. Service at the bar was quick. Great cask/tap selection including the amazing unfiltered/unpasteurized version of Pilsner Urquell. There’s some food available too, it looked good, but we didn’t try it. Prices are a tad high, but not completely out of range for London standards. A very nice pub that seems to get gems (like the Urquell mentionned above) sometimes. Certainly worth a visit!“
tom10101 2436 days ago
84 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Very nice selection on tap and in bottles. Too few kegs in my opinion, should convert some of the casks. Friendly staff.“
MrTipple 2477 days ago
80 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Visited on a Chelsea FC match day when it was hectic, but it quickly cleared out. Lots of selection here - a few special beers in a fridge by the door and various cask and keg beers. Still has the dark wood and fireplace vibe, which I like. Overall, definitely worth a visit. (78)

Re-rate. I’ve now been here several times. On a quiet occasion you can pitch up by the fire and have a great beer. At a busy festival this place gets some great beers in and sells them at reasonable prices. It’s gone up in my estimations over time. (80)“
The_Osprey 2538 days ago
80 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Visited several times. Lovely spacy gastropub in 2 storage. Can at times be a bit crowded. Large center bar, with a nice selection of beers om tap, they also have a rather nice, large selection of bottle beers. The food is very nice, traditionel pubfood but with a twist. Outside a big barbeque, which is in use in the summertime. A few times during the year, they have their own small pubfestival. Cosy atmosphere, nice deco, friendly staff and beers are almost always in good condition. For sure a place to re-visit :-)“
Brugmansia 2830 days ago
76 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Last visited during the Winter/Old Ales festival in Nov ’12. Large pub with a decent sized bar. Selection is always sizeable and varied even when there is no festival on. Good cask and craft tap/bottle range. Service held up fairly well despite the crowds. Definately worth heading to when there’s a festival on, not sure if I was a visitor stopping in central London wether I’d bother trekking out to PG tho! This may have been different 3 or 4 years ago but with so many excellent venues in the central area - why bother! A bit on the pricey side too!“
Theydon_Bois 2892 days ago
86 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Stopped in on my last night in London. A nice large bar with a nice area set aside for eating if that is what you are looking for. Server got my beers mixed up, but promptly brought me a free half pint! Selection was nice with a good number of taps/casks as well as a nice bottle selection. Food was quite good, prices were fine and it is well worth a stop in.“
deyholla 2925 days ago
78 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Nice big spacious pub. Looks like any other british pub from outside. But once you go in and see the beer selection! MY OH MY! Massive selection of bottles and 10 taps plus! Bit out of the way from the center but well worth a visit.“
Jimmythespoon 3091 days ago
82 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Superb range of beers in this pub that’s in a rather affluent area. I have heard good things about their old ale festival, but am yet to attend.“
SaintMatty 3148 days ago
78 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Massive pub on Parsons Green with a most impressive interior. While the pub’s often quite crowded, there’s plenty of seating options including a nice outdoor seating area in front. The pub offers something like 8 beers on cask, with an additional 10 on Keg as well. The bottle selection’s actually pretty large, though I’ve never given it close inspection. As others have noted, the service leaves a bit to be desired. While the staff know how to properly serve their beer, you get the impression that they don’t know anything about the product. The food’s good, but quite expensive (and a bit pretentious). Overall, despite its faults, I really do like this pub. Nice, relaxed atmosphere in a very posh part of London. It’s a great neutral setting to take non-beer geek friends.“
jackl 3163 days ago
78 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“I visit London fairly regular and I always try and pop in here if I can. It can get really busy, so the outside drinking area is a real bonus when the weather is fine. They have Bar-B-Q’s on the area sometimes too. Inside people from all walks of life can be found enjoying the vast choice (for London) of beers. The range is always changing with good quality cask ales and continental and American beers dispensed through fonts. I have never tried the bottle selection, I prefer draught beers when out. The service can let the place down, but it does get busy, as I have said already, but some of the staff haven’t a clue about what they are selling, or how to add up. The food is good and well cooked, a little expensive, even for London, but there is a good chippy close to the tube station if you are on a budget. I have taken a lot of people here over the years for their first visit, many have returned and everyone has been impressed with the beer, food and the pub in general. It is well away from the normal tourist areas of London, but with a day pass on the transport system and being so close to the tube line, it is easy to find and get too. “
BlackHaddock 3172 days ago
82 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“The best of both worlds. Traditional English pub but also craft beer bar with an excellent selection of bottled beers, cask ales and guest beers from around the world. Clientale is yuppie, sloaney types and on Thursday and Fridays nights it’s a bit of a sloaney meat market for posh girls and rugger buggers. However, at other times it is great place to have craft beers in a social atmosphere. Has a lot of space and an upstairs bar when it’s crowded. Also has to be commended for their regular beer festivals and beer nights focusing on styles and countries.“
EdKing 3209 days ago
70 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Lots of taps, cask and keg and looked like a good selection of bottles. Not sure if there was a bottle menu, but couldn’t see one. Was surprised that the prices weren’t higher given the clientele, two decent bottles, one Belgian, one American and a half of Camden Ink was only £10.80. Looks like a nice place, but the big tables didn’t exactly give me confidence that you would always get a seat. Busy even on a Tuesday evening, with lots of people eating. Clientele lived up to the West London monied cliche. Confused me as I expected not to like it, but couldn’t really help myself.“
shoulderbroken 3221 days ago
82 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“The White Horse is easy to find on the corner of Parson’s Green near the Parson’s Green tube station. It is inside a great, old Victorian building with a large outdoor patio in front that was very crowded on a Sunday evening. There is a large bar area inside with a classic, English pub atmosphere with lots of dark wood, small rooms with wooden tables, comfortable chairs, etc. The service was average, but it was quite busy. The selection is very good with quite a few casks and regular taps from around the world with several USA and Belgian beers featured. There is also an extensive bottle menu. The quality was ok, but some beers suffered from some slight diacetyl problems. Overall, I thought the White Horse was a bit trendy and a little past its prime. However, it is still a top 5-10 beer bar in London, and a definite visit to see what’s on tap.“
eku28 3287 days ago
80 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Reserved tables here for five people. Great pub with good space and good service. The food was good. The menu had beer suggestions for each dish. Good beer selection. I especially liked the cask ales fromthe Adnams brewery.“
Bjarte1 3287 days ago
86 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Very good, this is one of my favourite english bar! I love the interior and the great choice of beers.“
locura 3352 days ago
88 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Breathtaking building and interior. Large selection of cask beers, and bottles. Super food. Huge patio in front. Above average London pub.“
YULbier 3355 days ago
82 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“A nice big pub with a large outdoor area. Perfect place in the summer :-)“
Aniela 3356 days ago
96 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“very nice ambience, the food is very good. the service is wonderful, i taste three beers before to find the one i want. you can find on tap beers from all over the world.“
juan13 3363 days ago
68 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“The White Horse (aka the Sloaney Pony) has been around for a long time and doesn’t seem to have changed much over the years. It’s a large, airy, opulent Victorian pub with a couple of pleasant rooms upstairs where Jan and Charlotte hosted a fantastic party last year to celebrate Jan’s entry into the Masters Division. When the weather permits it’s always busy on the terrace outside, where they sometimes have a hog roast. Inside can get busy too but it’s possible to reserve a table online or by calling in advance. The beer list is usually interesting and they always have a selection of Belgian beers in bottle as well as taps from various microbreweries. The last time I visited, at the time of the GBBF and RBESG in August, they had an American beer festival on with numerous bottles and a few taps, although nothing out of the ordinary. The main problem with the place is the service. There are always lots of staff behind the bar but they are an itinerant bunch who are usually clueless about the beers and in need of some training to recognise who is waiting to be served rather than just gawping around and seeing which of their potential customers can bray the loudest. (Last visited 5 August 2011).“
Boudicca 3365 days ago
84 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Been there twice, both times having dinner. Great food and a fine selection of beers. The last time we were a lot af Danes - and they found us a Danish speaking waitress! Will definitely be back next time in London.“
arnebak 3391 days ago
86 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Drunk "Yeti from great divide" on tap, oh my good !!! Nice place and great ambiance.“
pompix 3398 days ago
88 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Very nice classic Brittish pub with a great America-influenced beer selection. Good food, good service. Definitely worth the detour.“
ekstedt 3403 days ago
60 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Crowded and slow service. US and UK beers in fine condition. A place I will not run to when I return to London!“
Dedollewaitor 3404 days ago
82 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“A pub worth visiting while in London. Great outdoor area, where you can enjoy good beer in the sun. An american festival was on as I visited, so the beer selection was very impressive.“
rlgk 3406 days ago
86 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“we were here post GBBF 2011. They had an American beer festival on and the place was heaving. Excellent beer choice. Lots of good American beers on tap. A must visit if you are in London“
deanso 3407 days ago
78 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Beautiful old pub with lots of taps and bottles as well. Went for the American Beer Festival, so there was tons of stuff available. amazingly crowded, though, and took a long time to get beers. People were running into each other behind the bar. Great stuff on tap, though.“
KyotoLefty 3407 days ago
88 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“2010-08. Visited on a busy Monday evening last July, our party took over the upstairs for the whole night and made good use of it! We were treated to phenomenal casks of specially crafted De Struise, De Molen, Grassroots, and Mikkeller, so I’m not sure what is normally available. The barmen were friendly and put up with our drunken laughter and even someone setting themselves on fire (by accidentally backing into a candle). The place seems to be an old house with lots of rooms and wooden floors and tables and such (which makes for a lot of exploring to find the washrooms). I quite liked it here, besides it being the best beery birthday party in memory, and would return if nearby again. (5/10/13/NA/9/16) 88%“
mabel 3420 days ago
76 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Very nice big patio with grill. Good selection of casks. Close to Parson’s Green tube. Nice place not close to centre.“
rosenbergh 3449 days ago
74 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Great pub if you excuse many of the customers from these parts who are totally idiots.... Beautiful building, great selection of beers and very very impressive food.... For a pub part of a large chain, its a very impressive place and at the right time a great place to spend some time...“
NarkeBoy22 3479 days ago
92 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Traditional style English pub in a suburban area of London opposite a park close to Parson’s Green Underground Station. Fantastic selection of cask, keg & bottled beers from all over the world. Satisfactory service nice relaxed atmosphere. Food looked fantastic. Will go back for a meal.“
JohnRMurdoch 3492 days ago
94 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Un pub veramente interessante, anche se non ha quell’aria inglese di altri locali meno conosciuti. Gran bella scelta di birre soprattutto di nuova generazione.“
Malone 3529 days ago
88 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“From the previous reviews it seems like the White Horse is a bit of a love/hate bar... I side with the former. The first time I visited I was surprised with the sheer size of the place and the ludicrous amount of taps. The keg/cask line-up always provides a good range of UK, Belgian, American beers, as well as those much further afield like Australian and Japan. The bottle selection is also really impressive, in particular the Lambic range(which includes 3 Fonteinen Oude Gueze Vintage and Cantillon FouFoune) and US. The price is not particularly high for this part of town (meaning you can spend a lot more of crap industrial lager elsewhere!). The food is high quality, with a personal highlight of mine being the Brewdog Burns night earlier this year. Definitely a top London venue.“
Scopey 3549 days ago
86 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Been here several times. The White Horse is certainly one of the top pubs in London. Very clean and upscale in terms of the decor, layout and servers. The beer selection is outstanding, with a nice range of British cask ales and tons of bottles. They also provide a nice bottle menu so you can browse through your options. The prices are OK but a touch above average, I would say, on the cask ales. The bottle prices are quite myriad but there are some good deals. I have not tried the food here but I’ve seen it and it looks good. Again, not priced competitively but not super expensive, either. I would recommend visiting the White Horse during the afternoon if you are just interested in sampling the beers, as the crowds can get pretty intense most evenings. There is a tube nearby so getting to and from the pub is pretty simple. Overall a good place to visit in London. One of the top beer bars in the city.“
Leighton 3644 days ago
90 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Is the undisputed king of London. Not a traditional pub, much more. A place where the beer culture is combined with the excellent cuisine. Important variety of Real Ales and "commercial" beers. Always crowded but functionally serviced, it is equally suitable for lovers of good beer and for the Londoners who have found in the White Horse a place of pre- evening meeting . Nice place. Good beer. Good food. Beautiful people. Anithing else? E’ il re incontrastato di Londra. Non un pub tradizionale, molto di più. un posto dove la cultura della birra si fonde con l’ottima cucina. Varietà importante di Real Ales e birre più “commerciali”. Sempre affollato ma con un servizio funzionale, è ugualmente adatto sia per gli amanti della buona birra sia per i londinesi che hanno trovato nel White Horse un posto di ritrovo pre-serata. Bel posto. Buona birra. Buona cucina. Bella gente. Serve altro?“
belo80 3647 days ago
96 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Excellent pub, has patio with heaters, great pub area with nice chesterfield couches, rustic wooden tables. Also a separate dining area. Lots of English and foreign taps and bottles. Food is excellent. Absolutely worth a visiit if you are in London.“
tkrjukoff 3648 days ago
66 /100 1-3 PARSON'S GREEN
“Nice big pub with a great selection of beer. I like the feel of this place but have marked down on ambience because of the people that use this pub. It’s unfair on the pubs owners and operators whom are doing a great job providing a broad choice of quality beer but I can’t pretend the ambience is great when the pub is full of upper middle class twats. I’ve met a few nice people in the White Horse but unfortunately I’ve also encountered a great many arseholes of both sexes. The sloaney types who frequent this place will, given the slightest opportunity, take over your space (no matter how small) if they can’t find their own. They will also push past and shove you aside if you happen to be in their way. There is at least the entertainment value of their shocked faces when you refuse to move or go in to contortions so they can get past. There we go rant over! Staff are numerous and helpful but my spanish bar maid got my order wrong twice. She was suitably embarrassed and I didn’t have to pay. This could be a great great pub - the ethos and the beer are top notch. Unfortunately a large portion of the clientele I could happily strangle!“
madmitch76 3689 days ago
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