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70 /100 28 THE GREEN
“A cosy Fuller's pub on the Green, with the usual Fuller's range including two specials. (Visited 16 December 2019).“
Boudicca 420 days ago
74 /100 5 HILL STREET
“The main bar entrance is down a twin set of steps curving down from the street, with a restaurant area down yet more steps at the back of the vault. Very cosy and comfortable, beautifully decorated for Christmas. 4 casks and 6 kegs, including cider. Friendly and welcoming service. (Visited 16 December 2019).“
Boudicca 420 days ago
“Modern and stylish, made all the more cosy by the Christmas tree and fairy lights when we visited. 3 casks and 17 keg taps, detailed on a printed menu along with the bottle list. Well worth visiting - we shall return! (Visited 16 December 2029).“
Boudicca 420 days ago
“Stopped in here for a pint and stayed for the Sunday roast. Really nice selection of taps, and the roast was really good. Dimly lit with a cozy, comfy vibe. Great service too.“
stevoj 471 days ago
70 /100 5 HILL STREET
“Stopped in here after visiting Real Ale in Twickenham. Nice part of town. Bar up front, restaurant in the back. Small amount of taps to be had, but I venture they have a bottle list. Did not eat a main, but the pork scratchings were darn good. Service was normal, and it is definitely an interesting location.“
stevoj 471 days ago
“3 handpumps and 17 keg taps, one is cider. Pricey, but flights of thirds are available on request. Extensive 100+ bottle beer list plus small batch gins. A cross between a city pub and a craft beer bar, mellow wood panelling and a zinc bar-top contrast with exposed brick, and tall tables and barstools with lower tables better suited to eating or relaxing.“
BeerViking 743 days ago
88 /100
Micro Beers (Beer Store)
“This is a "hidden" gem, located somewhat out of the way if you're visiting. For Londoners, though, it's a great place to visit, and well worth the travel. Seán knows his stuff and has put together an excellent selection of beer, ranging from solid standard stuff to more unusual beers. The style is Scandinavian so obviously I would like that. Only four taps but usually great stuff on.“
Ktwse 1138 days ago
92 /100
Micro Beers (Beer Store)
“Nice looking, bright and inviting neighborhood bottle shop. Very fresh beer, loads of cans and big fridge space. Focus on light & hoppy beers, but some nice dark and sour gems for sure. Great, honest and knowledgable service. Big plus is the 4 taps with a well chosen selection of fresh beer, rotating of course. Also doing great tap-take-overs etc. now and then.“
Lukasmh 1267 days ago
“3 real ales from local microbreweries eg. Twickenham, Wimbledon and Kew on my first visit. Plus 16 taps of keg beers one of which was Aspall cider. Being Richmond not cheap! Does posh fast food too. Previously The Richmond Arms. By far the best pub in Richmond town centre. 3 mins walk from station. Cask beers come in pints or half pints; kegs all priced half pints, 2/3 and pints. For those with broader tastes there is a wooden mini barrel on the bar offering barrel aged Negroni at £7.50 a go!“
b727trijet 1290 days ago
70 /100 5 HILL STREET
“Visited August 2017. Under the name Richmond Vault. Placed in basement. Rather spacy, cosy place. With an drinking area around the bar, and a dining area in the back. OK selection of beers, served in good condition. Staff was busy doing many things while we were there. Served the beers with s smile. Free wifi. For sure worth a visit being in the area.“
Brugmansia 1300 days ago
78 /100
Micro Beers (Beer Store)
“A great little option for west London. Bright and clean Scandinavian style. I mean it’s a bottle shop. It’s clean and spacious so what more do you want? 4 taps and you can sit and drink in the window. Very good selection of London beers, with some interesting Swedish and Danish stuff that you can’t find in most places. Limited American and Belgian selection. The owner is friendly and helpful. Overall, it’s a very solid shop and within a short walk of Mortlake station (fairly easy from Waterloo or Clapham Junction but no tube). There’s also a Papa John’s in the area, which may prove to be a good excuse for me to swing by here again in the future.“
The_Osprey 1538 days ago
54 /100 28-29 THE QUADRANT
“Close to the tube as one would expect and large although the low ceilings in the middle section detract. Visited on a quiet Monday early evening and took solace that it wasn’t a noisy football day. Service was newly hired and no more than adequate. Beer selection was dull. Do you really need a menu to suggest that you have 8 bottled beers? The food came quickly but the chicken breast either came from a bird with a sad life or it had been cooked and reheated to the texture of leather. It’s not a great sign when the food highlight is the salad garnish. So did I feel it was £16 well spent and would I return. The answer came NO.“
theprof 1577 days ago
46 /100 8 QUEEN’S ROAD
“Posh, warm, comfortable. A beautiful corporate pub that lacks beer selector or the personal touch. Very expensive but the food is excellent. If you want a great meal by the fireplace with a standard Youngs bitter, this is the place“
worldbeertaste 1578 days ago
78 /100
Mitre (Bar)
“When I came in here around 5 years ago it was an unwelcoming vibe, with poor beer selection. I never returned. Then I saw recent ratings here and was very surprised, so took another look. Suffice to say the pub has undergone a big transformation. 9 varied cask ales, in good condition, 4 cask ciders. It has been under current management for around a year. Chilled community feel - a bit like going back in time what with the nearby alms houses. Friendly chatty service. Can imagine this would be a bit like being in an episode of Cheers if you were a regular local. I would say this is the best place for beer variety in Richmond, narrowly pipping Pig’s Ear because of the cask choice. Very happy to see the changes that have been made.“
The_Osprey 1626 days ago
“This pub does have a great location but also a number of drawbacks. Scoring low on ambiance because it was just so rammed - Young’s are one of my least favourite breweries and then having to clamber over people to get to a table....“
BeardedAvenger 1681 days ago
62 /100 THE GREEN
“Bit of an odd review here as I was only on the premises for about 5 minutes. Went in, selected my beer and then failed to find anywhere to sit or stand as it was rammed. Ended up having a couple of pints reclined on the green itself. So have given it top marks for ambience due to a cross between its location and how busy it was. If it had just been by a main road or such like would have scored much lower!“
BeardedAvenger 1681 days ago
78 /100 5 HILL STREET
“A pretty solid bar. It’s in the cellar and certainly has a cavernous feel to it. Great selection of beers across cask, keg and in bottle. Lots of good UK breweries represented on tap. Not a lot of stuff for the really hardcore craft head/scooper, but it’s a solid range. Just OK prices across the board. Friendly service. Pretty convenient location, a little under 10 minutes from the Richmond tube station.“
Leighton 1718 days ago
78 /100
Whole Foods - Richmond (Grocery Store)
“Quite a decent Whole Foods as far as beer is concerned. At least 60 beers on offer, lots of London breweries, a few more local London breweries you wouldn’t find in other WFs around London (e.g. Park, Kew). Great range of Kernel, Beavertown, Fourpure. A good selection of imports. At least one mead, a bunch of cider, a few sakes. Very fair prices. Everything is neatly laid out, a lot of the beers are refrigerated. If I lived near by, I would by a good amount of beer here. While there is no Internet signal downstairs, you can log into the WF wifi network (for free).“
Leighton 1718 days ago
90 /100
Mitre (Bar)
“Excellent transformation of a former Young’s pub in an attractive back street location. An infectiously enthusiastic landlord sources a knowledgeably chosen range of around 9 cask ales from outside London. Although there were a couple of dark milds on (by special request of the group I was visiting with), his general choice seems to favour hop forward brewers. A handful of real ciders were on hand pump too. All ales were priced at £4 a pint, not cheap but all in excellent lively condition and at up to 6% abv, so reasonable value for the Richmond area in my opinion. Easy to get to by public transport, North Sheen train station is close by and Richmond Undergroud/national rail a 15 min stroll away. Well worth supporting, even if you don’t live in the area.“
bobinlondon 1739 days ago
70 /100
Whole Foods - Richmond (Grocery Store)

If you happen to be in Richmond, it’s definitely worth popping in. A great place to pick up a snack for one thing, but they also sell a great range of beer at very reasonable prices.

The majority of the beers are downstairs - veer right. Ten Fidy is £5, Orval £2.79, Boon Gueuze Mariage Parfait about £4.50, lots of ciders, Kernel, Partizan, Kew, US options from Rogue, Sierra Nevada and others. They have seating so you could sit down and drink your beer with some food if you like. They do have glasses but you have to collect them from the other side of the shop. Do not buy food by weight from the self-service section as it is disproportionately expensive to do this. Instead, they do warm pizza for £2.50 or wraps / other meals for reasonable prices. Technically they have a couple of taps on the ground floor, but I’m pretty sure these are just for show. I have never, even once, seen a beer available on one of those taps, and I visit regularly.

One slight drawback is that there is no internet signal downstairs so you can’t check for ticks.“
The_Osprey 1751 days ago
84 /100
Mitre (Bar)
“A fantastic back street boozer just outside the centre of Richmond (which does lack decent pubs beerwise). 9 real ales from generally good quality micro breweries, not the usual dross. Also 4 to 5 real ciders on. Only lager is Portobello Pilsner and only other keg tap is Guiness, although the ales usually include a stout or porter. Less than a 15 min walk from Richmond station, or 8 mins from North Sheen station. Plenty of buses stop north and south of St Marys Rd so is more accessible than i first realised. A bit expensive but hey, this is Richmond, and quality, choice, service and cleanliness is superb. Please support this excellent venue rather than the corporate sh*tholes in Richmond town centre! You will not be disappointed. Used to be a Youngs pub... so things have improved...“
b727trijet 1752 days ago
46 /100 28-29 THE QUADRANT
“A below par Nicholsons. Beers past their best, staff clueless on the night I visited.“
b727trijet 1769 days ago
68 /100 28-29 THE QUADRANT
“Visited august 2015 with beery friends. Large, spacy Nicholsons pub, a few minutes walk from Richmond station, easy to find. Lots of seatings, cosy atmosphere, nice deco. Friendly staff, not a huge selection of beers, on this football day, we visited the place. Beers served in ok condition. Do traditionel pub food.“
Brugmansia 1927 days ago
58 /100 28-29 THE QUADRANT
“Nicholsons-pub 2-3 minutes walk from Richmond station. Decent food, kinda poor beer selection. Probably wont end up here again.“
rlgk 2026 days ago
64 /100 5 HILL STREET
“An underground bar/ restaurant, collection of mainly British bottled beers, a bit pricey.“
Mjp12 2054 days ago
74 /100 28-29 THE QUADRANT
“Recently refurbed as a real ale and food pub, there’s a few regulars (Doom Bar, London Pride & Nicholson’s own PA) plus a decent range of mainstream-yet-offbeat guest ales and an interesting range of bottles, including Siren, Innis & Gunn and St Stefanus. The barstaff have always been friendly and helpful, and there’s discounts and special offers if you download Nicholson’s mobile app.“
BeerViking 2094 days ago
82 /100 5 HILL STREET
“As much a restaurant as a pub, doing some great food at very reasonable prices. Decent selection as well and a lovely ambiance.“
kwik-lime 2401 days ago
64 /100 THE GREEN
“Part of GK’s "arms length" Metropolitan Pub Company, so there are two guests on the handpumps as well as two GK beers (including the house beer). Cosy place, great location, prices average for the area (so over £4 a pint).“
BeerViking 2448 days ago
58 /100 3 KING STREET
“On the main shopping street where it turn to head south up the hill, this corner pub I found particularly useful to combine ale with watching football on the screens on several occasions when I lived in the area. It’s much more than that though with a decent selection of Youngs ales and a predominantly wooden design in fixtures and fittings that give it some old world charm when you take into account the low-ceiling. I’ve never had the food here but it is served but if the price of drinks is anything to go by it may be costly, however it’s a great place for some respite from the busy shopping area that ensures traffic only creeps along the road it is on. This can get very busy at times given the lack of space.“
ManVsBeer 2595 days ago
64 /100 10 WATER LANE
“Located in a narrow street between the main shopping street and the riverside, this is the middle of three Youngs pubs very close together, and is obviously a choice place to visit for the brewers own ales although guests appear in here as well. It’s probably the most authentic feeling of the three as well with a fine traditional atmosphere in both rooms.“
ManVsBeer 2597 days ago
“Arguably the best pub to drink at on a sunny day in Richmond as it is right on the riverfront, you might not even go inside other than to buy your Youngs ales, which was pretty much the case during my handful of visits. There’s usually overspill onto the footpath between the building and the water when it is busy. Food is served here and although the pub is traditional in style it has an updated decor which works for this place and is predominantly wooden in design.“
ManVsBeer 2598 days ago
66 /100 130 RICHMOND HILL
“It’s in a nice location on Richmond Hill. In the summer people tend to take their beers outside to drink them whilst admiring the views. In the winter it’s a cosy pub where you can enjoy a better than average selection of cask beers. The cask selection changes regularly but there are regulars - I’ve seen London Pride a number of times, for example. Not as nice a pub as the Lass, which is just up the road, but it has much better selection of beers.“
The_Osprey 2626 days ago
70 /100 5 HILL STREET
“This place tends to be very very quiet whenever I go in. I’m often outnumbered by staff which is a bit disconcerting. I went when they did the ribs and beer deal (I’m not sure if they still do this) which was good value in comparison to their standard prices. It also attracted more people which was better for the atmosphere! It’s a little pricey and their beers aren’t really special enough to warrant that. Overall, it’s a decent place.“
The_Osprey 2627 days ago
62 /100 8 QUEEN’S ROAD
“My local pub. Close to Richmond Park and to the views over Richmond Hill, but not very convenient for people travelling to Richmond station. There are two open fireplaces with comfy armchairs, blankets are provided for people who wish to take their beer outside. Service is good and the food is generally excellent. Pub classics galore. You can pay a lot for a meal here though - especially if you’re after a steak. There tend to be seasonal cask beers from the local Twickenham brewery and something on keg from Meantime. This is a really excellent pub and is always a pleasure to visit. However, I have to mark it down for the limited beer selection. This is, after all, a beer geek website.“
The_Osprey 2627 days ago
74 /100 5 HILL STREET
“Visited on Sat 29th June ’13. We reserved a table for 4 with friends. All went simmingly in this respect and our original booking was easily moved to a ’less popular’ area which was fine from our POV as the original table was taken from 7pm. 10 or so tap craft efforts, one cask GD - Upham Punter ... skip that twiggy rubbish many thanks ! Keg range included Mikkeller, Brew Dog and Hop Studio, plus many more. Nothing too exciting but a good kick up the arse to the RMD scene and the many boring cask only safe bet bars that have existed thus far serving solely Fullers and Youngs and if you’re a lucky boy or girl perhaps the ’Bar !!! The bottled range numbers around 100 or so, decent picks but nothing particularly rare when lined up with the Clondon big boys in the craft beer bar rankings. That said, I managed to rate BD Abstrakt AB 08 & 11 in my visit so this is no shit list of bottles let it be said !!! Prices marry rarity mind! The bar itself is as an underground cellar affair, below street level approx 7/8 mins walk from RMD BR/tube, easily missed. Central bar then steps down to a lower level area. Not much in the way of natural lighting. Service was fine although the staff weren’t overly knowledgeable of their wares ! Food was really good, prompt service, hot and fresh the home made pork scratchings were top draw ! Overall - best place to visit in Richmond beyond the usual Youngs/Fullers offerings ... by a long way. The 100 or so bottled offerings will likely feature something for everyone in terms of a new rate ... unless your name is Jan perhaps :)“
Theydon_Bois 2804 days ago
52 /100 5 HILL STREET
“Below pavement level on Hill Street is like a cramped cellar bar offering several craft bottles and keg beers and just 2 cask ales, the latter only on stillage, which in itself can be hit and miss - once a Scottish ale had just been tapped and was excellent and quite lively, other times the beer feels old and flat/no head etc. Am told the food is good quality (with Richmond prices to match!)“
b727trijet 2850 days ago
68 /100 130 RICHMOND HILL
“Been to this pub several times, mainly for the panoramic view outside. Always done real ale but recently they have gone up to 8 handpumps dispensing guest ales from many microbreweries, some local, some from miles away! Bearing in mind the view and the fact it’s on affluent Richmond Hill the prices were average for London (probably cheap for Richmond!) Not been back since Greene King took over Taylor Walker.“
b727trijet 2850 days ago
82 /100 5 HILL STREET
“West London finally gets a craft beer bar to match the rake, Euston tap etc!!! The selctiion of keg, cask and bottles is great with the world greats from both hemispheres reprented. Even better was the keg selection inc brewer such as Magic Rock and Buxton. Just go and enjoy!!“
Dannybro 3169 days ago
78 /100 5 HILL STREET
“A basement bar that’s sadly easy to miss from the street! Nice place, small comfy bar seating area at the front, large restaurant at the back. Up to 12 keg craft/foreign beers, two cask ales, extensive bottle list is Belgian-dominated but also has numerous interesting US, English and Scottish examples (not just Brewdog!!), plus rarities from elsewhere. Show your CAMRA membership card for a discount.“
BeerViking 3233 days ago
60 /100 130 RICHMOND HILL
“The Roebuck is at the top of Richmond Hill and one of the best things about it is the view. On a sunny day you can take your drinks out onto the terrace across the road and enjoy the wonderful panorama over the river and beyond. Inside, it has a low ceiling and lots of cosy nooks and crannies. There isn’t a huge beer selection but there are a few taps, one of which is Fullers London Pride. It also serves food. (Visited 10 July 2011).“
Boudicca 3454 days ago
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