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78 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Visited many times. “
fonefan 20 days ago
“A nice bar attached to the Bush Theatre. It has "craft beers" on tap and in bottle.“
Boudicca 555 days ago
“Was forced to take my daughter to a horse show (uuugh!) at London Olympia, but was allowed the minor consolation of a quick dinner here afterwards. Weird accessing a 'Spoons through a shopping centre. the pub is one long open room along one side of the first floor if the shopping centre. It was heaving, noisy, messy and unpleasant (to be fair I think the mess was from inconsiderate punters and the busyness, don't think it was permanently like that!). We were lucky enough to grab a recently vacated table by the window, which let us look out at evening views of Shep's Bush and away from the unpleasantly raucous clientele. On the plus side the staff were pleasant, service was swift, the food was well cooked and (as always in Spoons) surprisingly good for the stupidly low prices. I think there were about 10 cask beers on, although only one that was new to me, which was in average condition. Overall a sub-par 'Spoons; maybe we caught it at a bad time, but I don't think the open-plan design helps. And I was really turned off by every bit of the pub being covered in pro-Brexit propaganda - I appreciate their boss has Certain Views, but to me a pub should be a place for open, friendly political debate, not a place for political indoctrination. It was still better than a horse show though!“
wheresthepath 618 days ago
88 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“My favourite of all the brewdogs I have visited. Around 40 taps on, whats not to love?! Friendly staff and a gaming area which was fun to use. In a nice area as well. One to visit!“
dantomlinson 644 days ago
“Corner pub at one corner of the green, and opposite BrewDog. It's a large open plan space with a long central bar with half a dozen cask and about the same amount of crafted keg options. There's bar seats at the far end too. Live music was happening on my Thursday night visit. Has outdoor seating. Has modern touches to a traditional set-up.“
ManVsBeer 654 days ago
60 /100 57 MELINA ROAD
“Corner pub hidden deep between the diverging Goldhawk & Uxbridge Road's. A Fuller's concern, it's fairly plush, serves food and has some pleasant outdoor spaces too. The long bar in the main room offers up a couple of keg options and a row of cask ales, all with London Pride on them, a disappointment for me but I think others must appear at other times.“
ManVsBeer 654 days ago
54 /100
Green (Bar)
“Opposite the Defectors Weld in one corner of the green, this pub serves three cask ales and a selection of macro keg lagers with a possible craft keg option among them. All the beers are probably going to be stuff you've seen often before, such as it was on my visit. The main different between this and its nearest competitor is that you can watch live football here.“
ManVsBeer 654 days ago
70 /100 170 UXBRIDGE ROAD
“Opposite The Green pub and the actual green, it has a much better selection than the aforementioned, with cask and craft keg options available here on its central square service area, which you can circumnavigate completely in this open plan room. There's no outdoor space, just a smoking yard at the back.“
ManVsBeer 654 days ago
76 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“At the far end of the Green from the tube station, this is a modern designed open plan bar with the service area in right hand rear corner, offering up quite a good mix of the current BrewDog beers and their preferred guest.“
ManVsBeer 654 days ago
62 /100 412 UXBRIDGE ROAD
“On the Uxbridge Road ten minutes walk away from the busy Green area of Shepherd's Bush, this is a bright and airy cafe bar in an open plan room. Attractive in its design, it has a square service area in the middle of the side wall dotted with mostly keg, but three cask ales too, although there's nothing that exciting or even new for someone like me who doesn't even live in the capital. I get the impression they don't rotate their beers that often. There's some outdoor seating here too in their owned defined areas.“
ManVsBeer 654 days ago
60 /100
Princess Victoria (Restaurant)
“Pretty much at the end of the small businesses that are a staple of the Uxbridge Road out of Shepherd's Bush, it takes a while to walk this far, but it is walkable from the main transport hubs. Unless you''re here to eat the drinks selection isn't going to wow you, with a few often seen local cask ales and the same is said with its Keg - think the main Camden brews. These are dotted around a horse shoe bar in the front room, a room suited for dining is beyond this, and there's tables in the garden out front. The furniture and finish of the decor is quite plush.“
ManVsBeer 654 days ago
82 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“one of my favorite Brew Dog pub in London. Big space, long bar, friendly staff and very good selection of BD beers, also many guest beers.“
darkbeerlover85 815 days ago
70 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Another brewdog bar with the expected interior, but a surprisingly large interior with arcade machines in the back and a lot of space also between the tables. The selection is standard and special brewdogs and a few reasonably priced guest beers.“
King_Alex_II 888 days ago
70 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Visited on Sept 7th during a small Cloudwater tap takeover. Place was packed with people and I reckon most were not there for Cloudwater. Interior is classical Brewdog flare, small arcade room in the back for the retro look. Good vibes but just overly noisy for me, unclean bathrooms. Bartenders running left and right, 3 of them handling big lines and taking time to do beer flights. Ended up eating wings (no celery, say what???) and the lady a salad. Insane pricing - London I guess, with some 1/2 pint Cloudwater going for 7£. Ample Brewdog beers to choose from even some of the small test batch serie and good guest list. Ok bar but not my best Brewdog memory.“
sebletitje 909 days ago
68 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Looks like any other Brewdog bar. What is immediately striking is the very large amount of guest taps, which are quite interesting. The overall experience is like in any other Brewdog bar, but the selection is certainly more interesting than in most of them. Definitely one of the better run Brewdog bars I've been to, although it was heavily understaffed during the night we were there.“
SinH4 912 days ago
78 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“(Visited May 2018) Large beer bar easily accessible from both Shepherd's Bush and Goldhawk Road stations. More spacious than the BrewDog bar in Camden, more like the one in Berlin Mitte (both with pinball and arcade games). As expected, interior is mainly in concrete, metal and some wood. Large selection of tap beers, around 40, with half of them from BrewDog and the other half from quality craft brewers from around the world. Service was friendly and fairly efficient. Visited on a Sunday evening, so it was fairly calm. Well worth a visit.“
Svesse 955 days ago
84 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Big spacious place not far away from Shepherds Bush tube station. Wide variety of Brewdog and guest beers on tap, including some nice picks (Bruery, Omnipolo, etc.), about 30-40 taps. A bit pricey and more expensive than average London pub. Flights of 4 beers for 10GBP are available. Frequent tap changes, so pretty sure you will find an interesting and a new beer. Worth a visit.“
zvsn 1005 days ago
78 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“2018-02-24. A relatively big space, with a mix of booths and tables. They had lots of their own beers on in a range of styles as well as some interesting guest taps.The booths by the windows have metal cage separators. There is a nice view of the park from some seats. Friendly enough bartender, I didn't really quiz him on his beer knowledge. The two bouncers on the door at noon on a Saturday seemed a bit much on first impression, but it got fairly busy by the time we left. Got a bit loud when busy. Decent spot if you are in the neighbourhood, pretty typical of other BrewDog bars. They post the tap lists online if you want to check before going. First stop of a mini pub-crawl on our way to our first English football match at Fulham FC. As I am typing this on my phone a man has just walked by the window with a pencil behind his ear carrying a sheet of plywood for the fourth - no FIFTH time! It's possible we are stuck in some kind of time loop. “
jercraigs 1089 days ago
58 /100 57 MELINA ROAD
“Very quiet on a January Saturday afternoon; although, I gather it's a QPR pub, so on game days t would be a bit more rowdy. On a somewhat relaxed note, the draft selection here is not good: five casks, all of which are London's Pride (three kegs, comprised of Heineken, Frontier and Honey Dew). The barmaid informs me that when QPR fans are in, they drink London Pride exclusively, so if they don't dedicate all the cask lines to it they run out and it's a hassle. So, not a scooper's pub. To be fair, though, they they have another six Fuller's beers in bottle. The ambiance is lovely, and this backstreet boozer certainly had a neighbourhood feel to it. Not a destination pub in the slightest, but a nice place for a London Pride in an otherwise fairly barren part of town (aside from BrewDog, which is a 15-minute walk away).“
Leighton 1135 days ago
82 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Large open place with the standard Brewdog selections but also several interesting British breweries and collabs. A nice place for a weekend afternoon without being packed. Worth a visit.“
Gerbeer 1225 days ago
64 /100
Green (Bar)
“Nice traditional British pub in The Shepherds Bush area. Very close to the subway station. Quite decent beer selection. Bar at the entrance level. The pub might seem to be crowded, but it is also possible to sit downstairs. Can be very crowded when QPR plays. Loftus Road is just a 10 min walk away.“
Cunningham 1270 days ago
66 /100 412 UXBRIDGE ROAD
“Nice traditional British pub in The Shepherds Bush area. Quite decent beer selection. Quite large inside, and a patio out “in the street”. Can be very crowded when QPR plays. Loftus Road is just a 5 min walk away.“
Cunningham 1270 days ago
66 /100 57 MELINA ROAD
“WoW I really liked this place. Kind of a hidden gem. Not a place you really have to visit while visiting London. But if you are in The Shepherds Bush area, I will really recommend a visit here.
Cousy traditional British pub with a quite decent beer selection.
Nice food and a really lovely patio at the back of the pub. Quiet (unless QPR plays) and relaxing place“
Cunningham 1270 days ago
92 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Easily walkable from either Sheps Bush or Goldhawk Road tube station. The largest of all the London Brewdog bars, with the best selection - 35 to 40 taps. Frequent Tap takeover/meet the brewer events. Friendly staff, reasonable value. Great place to while away an afternoon ticking a few new beers“
Cheeseboard 1271 days ago
72 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Quite large and spacious BD pub, and noisy. Good selection, much better than most other BD bars I have been to. Food good as usual.“
ekstedt 1301 days ago
64 /100 170 UXBRIDGE ROAD
“A well run Youngs, corner pub close to the live venue Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Five cask ales and quite a few interesting guest beers on taps from Beavertown, Hackney and Camden among others. Yeastie Boys beers among the bottles. Modern. wooden interiors with a rather large island bar. Food options. Polite service, relaxing atmosphere. A well kept Young’s Bitter to celebrate our great trip to the western part of England and Wales this spring. (Visited with Finn 04.05.2017).“
Rune 1349 days ago
“Ten cask ales from breweries like Portobello, Dartmoor and Lymestone at our stay. A fairly typical JDW located at the first floor of a shopping mall called West 12 on the other side of the Shepherd Bush tube. Good value and polite service. (Visited with Finn 04.05.2017).“
Rune 1350 days ago
64 /100 170 UXBRIDGE ROAD
“A well kept Youngs. Some surprising guest beers.“
Finn 1399 days ago
74 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“One of the best Brewdogs. Ask for their flights.“
Finn 1399 days ago
“Medium sized Spoons with a limited selection. First floor of shopping mall.“
Finn 1399 days ago
“Visited a couple of times with beery friends, mainly for breakfast and a few beers. Placed close to Shepherds Bush station, easy to find, being on first floor in the shoppingcenter. Traditionel JDW deco and menu. Not the biggest selection of beers, friendly staff, and beers served in ok condition.“
Brugmansia 1489 days ago
“Visited on 22nd December 2016. Large L shaped corner pub a couple of doors down from the Empire and across the road from Brewdog. Decor is decent, lots of tables toward the rear. Long bar with lots of taps, most are repeated macro ciders and lagers, a poor selection of cask beer with half turned around, keg offerings a little more interesting, a few cans and bottles too but nothing that you couldn’t get in other venues. Place wasn’t too busy but did have a few Christmas drinkers and gig goers so service was painfully slow. Handy for a gig at the Empire but not a great beer destination.“
WingmanWillis 1535 days ago
“Visited on 22nd December 2016. Single roomed Spoons on the first floor of a shopping and entertainment complex. Decor is decent enough, couple of fires keeping place warm. A decent range of beer including local keg beers. Service was appalling with staff not sure what drinks were where. Prices low. It’s cheap. Go when it’s quieter!“
WingmanWillis 1536 days ago
“I did not warm to this place at all. Big, chain-y looking and unwelcoming. Felt like staff weren’t really bothered. The beer, well it isn’t a terrible selection, but it’s heavy on brewers such as Meantime (i.e. demi-craft and macro). I would come here again to eat but if you’re that close to the beery behemoth that is BDSB then you need to up your game big time.“
jjsint 1557 days ago
84 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Enjoyed this bar a lot! Not located in the most beautiful corner of London maybe, but definitely worth a visit. I was there on a Saturday evening, but it still wasn’t too crowded and I got a seat instantly. Cosy, modern interior, with a good craft beer vibe. Prices are a bit high, but still OK.

Tap selection was one of the best I’ve experienced in London, good mix of interesting BrewDog and guest beers. But the most interesting ones were the collaborations that seem to be exclusive to BrewDog bars. Some seriously great stuff, for example the collaboration with Fierce Beer, a Fruit Porter and my absolute highlight I’ve had here! They also had a quite interesting bottle selection and a seperate fridge for take away bottles.

Overall my favourite BrewDog bar I’ve been to so far and one of my top 5 bars in London I’ve visited.“
Saeglopur 1584 days ago
84 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“The biggest BrewDog pub. 40 taps with lots of guest draft. Firestone Walker, Stone and other US crafts avilable. O lot of space inside, not so crowded, and just few small tables outside. High prices and quality of beer.“
matis 1599 days ago
82 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Cool little place with plenty of options on draft and bottle. I had beers fro Beavertown, Omnipollo, Brewdog and BBNO. Things were slow on a Tuesday night so not much in terms of ambience. Very attentative staff. I’ll be coming back.“
HPDalen 1613 days ago
70 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Visited on a Wednesday night in London. Cool looking place, not particularly busy considering the time. Good service, knowledgeable staff, happy to help. Very decent selection of Brewdog on tap, and bottles from around the world. Noticed a heavy De Molen presence. Food is very limited (had a pizza), but from what I witnessed after that, it looks like this is the norm around here. Prices are a bit high, but ok for London. Overrated place, but worth a visit.“
bunget 1644 days ago
78 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Big BrewDog bar with a very long tap list (40 taps) but nothing overly exciting on when I visited. Bottle list was quite limited but with a few good ones. Staff is friendly and it’s got that nice BrewDog vibe to it. All in all, a good BrewDog bar.“
Ktwse 1651 days ago
“Visited 26/08/16. Noticably busy early in the day when BrewDog (just over the road was empty). Passed by in the evening and realised there were still plenty of tables inside, there were just a lot of people crowding the outside areas. A US style bar/diner. Leather booths, candles on the tables. Clientele were a bit hip and staff were trying to be cool. Decent options for beer - four hand pumps plus various craft beers. Plenty of bottles/cans. Would choose BrewDog, but will come back here as (a) second choice and (b) the menu looked interesting sonwant to give that a go. Owned by Spirit? Certainly had the same cans as a locap Spirit pub.“
BeardedAvenger 1652 days ago
“Dropped in a for a few pre-fiom beers as this Spoons is in the same complex as FrightFest London. Typical old school Spoons, so standard drab decor. Seemed to be extremely busy at all hours - whih made getting past tables and finding a free one a hassle. However a good array of real ale and craft options. Not sure if it was just this branch or all but the bottle/can range seems to have imoroved - take out boxes available. Had two hefeweizen from German breweries I’d not seen before (but films times meant I only tried one). Very friendly barman.“
BeardedAvenger 1652 days ago
66 /100 170 UXBRIDGE ROAD
“Visite 26/08/16. Decent enough Young’s pub. 3 or 4 non-Young’s on hand pump and another 4 or so more ’craft’ beers. Not sure why it’s so highly rated, trying to be hip but just a standard pub for me. Some obnoxious kids in the corner - don’t mind noise but can’t stand ’look at me’ style antics. Was in with a friend who’s in their mid-20’s and they said they’d be back. Must be getting old (or they’re more easily impressed).“
BeardedAvenger 1652 days ago
82 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Dropped in on 26 & 27/08/16 whilst attending London FrightFest. If memory serves me correctly this is the brightest BrewDog, due to glass down two sides. Not particularly busy during the day but rammed on the Thursday evening. Helpfull staff - happy to reccomend stuff to a non-beer drinking friend who was overawed by the choice. In terms of guest beers seemed to focus more on London and US breweries. Wide array of bottles/cans. Food pretty good - certainly better than I had in other locations. Could be my fave one now?“
BeardedAvenger 1652 days ago
74 /100 170 UXBRIDGE ROAD
“Trendy pub with a good range of beers. A few cask ales (mostly Youngs), along with the generic lagers and a few London craft beers (Beavertown and Camden). Also a good bottled / canned selection (few more Beavertowns in the fridge). Easy and comfortable place to sink a few drinks.“
explosivedog 1662 days ago
88 /100 15-19 GOLDHAWK ROAD
“Huge Brewdog, with a massive 40 taps. Staff are always really helpful if you can’t decide; more than happy to give you tasters and advice. Usually a great selection of Brewdog taps (12-15) and lots of other British and international beers too. Food is really nice too. Certainly not cheap, though within the expected bounds for quality in London.“
explosivedog 1662 days ago
72 /100 170 UXBRIDGE ROAD
“Spacious pub within spitting distance of Shepherds Bush Market tube station. Somewhere between traditional and modern, with ample seating and a central bar. Beer selection is fairly run-of-the-mill: five cask (including two Youngs), two Camden beers and three core Beavertown on tap, plus a few good bottles (I think I spy Pressure Drop). Cask is the coldest I’ve had in some time. Great by Shires standards, not so amazing for London. Wouldn’t necessarily seek it out but wouldn’t say no to coming again.“
jjsint 1665 days ago