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74 /100 22 SYDENHAM ROAD
“Compact little shop, the size of a large walk-in cupboard. However the pine and attractive shelving give it an attractive look and also means they can pack a decent amount of beers in. But limited fridge space which is a shame as they predominantly stock cans. Unfortunately I'd already bought a load of beers at BOB so just picked up the one bottle from nearby Ignition. However they a good range of London/UK breweries, European and US. Some gin, etc, too. Didn't really speak to the Eastern European girl beyond the counter so no idea how knowledgeable she would have been, although she made on attempt to engage me. A 3 minute walk from my sister-in-law's house so she is intending to do her Christmas shopping for me here. Om a final note they should really consider a more accurate name. I would gone with Can Cupboard.“
BeardedAvenger 165 days ago
“Pop up in the Sydenham Naborhood Centre. A brewing project providing opportunities for those with learning and other disadvantage. Nice atmosphere, usually 3 or 4 brews available.“
taylorrg 447 days ago
“This place is an offshoot from the Crystal Palace shop and so new that there is very little on-line about it. My sister-in-law lives locally and had spotted the beer. Pretty good selection of predominantly South London Breweries, plus a few international beers. All craft. A pretty small shop which specialises in wine, but at least they’ve put some effort in to the beer they do stock. Nicely laid out and smart, but a bit spartan. The staff were heloful and friendly enough. Perhaps overkill as there appeared to be 4 coverng a small shop. They have four taps, however I only noticed wine on offer. Will visit when I am in the area - a good local shop.“
BeardedAvenger 1637 days ago
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