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78 /100 25 SUMMERSTOWN
“The first time I went here must have been 2013, and it was basically a shed with some old tables and chairs. Now it’s definitely a taproom. Big focus on live sports, which isn’t my thing, but I don’t find it distracting or annoying. The selection is pretty much exclusively their beers and ciders from Against the Grain (made on site). Three cask and ten keg, with a number of cans. I live just down the road, so this is basically my local. It has enough rotation that things stay interesting and the prices are better than most pubs (although they’ve gone up a bit in COVID times). There are about seven independent pizza restaurants between Earlsfield station and Summerstown, and the ones here and hands down the best (and among the cheapest). They do a reasonable quiz night and there are some good other events. I wouldn’t say it’s an absolute must, but if you’re in the area, it’s well worth a visit.“
Beese 30 days ago
70 /100 140 TOOTING BEC RD
“This is a nice English pub with an upscale feel, similar to The Wheatsheaf up the road. About 8 taps available of local craft brews. Food is quite good and it's a popular dining spot.“
DeanF 908 days ago
44 /100 56A HIGH STREET
“A dive pub across from Tooting Broadway, I was warned to stay away from all the old people and chavs itching for a fight. It ain't that bad but it's your usual council house crowd staring at the footy and playing the lotto machines. Very little on tap you can't find somewhere else but they did have a few craft brews for a bargain 2.29 to try so that was one small shining light. The tube station is right there though, so go somewhere more interesting.“
DeanF 915 days ago
36 /100 40 MITCHAM ROAD
“Walked into this place and it felt rather sleazy, a few foosball tables and a minimal selection of craft beers when I visited. Didn't feel like an inviting beer destination at all, dark and little you couldn't find somewhere else.“
DeanF 915 days ago
“A slick interior, clean and inviting, good food available and about a dozen taps of local stuff. A good choice for the area for some pints or bites, or a few local ticks.“
DeanF 915 days ago
64 /100
Antelope (Bar)
“Okay pub with your usual English ambiance of dark wood and high ceilings. About a half dozen craft beers on tap from local breweries. Decent service. Okay stop in the area but nothing you can't find elsewhere.“
DeanF 915 days ago
70 /100
Antelope (Bar)
“A decent Antic pub with about 8 casks and a few crafts kegs. There’s likely to be something of interest among them. Definitely worth a look. Need to go back to do a more thorough review as my notes were extremely scant.“
chriso 1347 days ago
72 /100 25 SUMMERSTOWN
“Visited a few times. Basic but welcoming tap room located within the brewery Good selection of By The Horns beers on cask & keg, plus bottles to drink in or to go. No airs and graces here - just the way a proper tap room should be. Decent prices.“
chriso 1347 days ago
68 /100 40 MITCHAM ROAD
“Spacious pub in Tooting. Two casks, three lagers and some bottles from the likes of Brixton. Food not bad. Decent enough if in the area, nice pub, but not a beer destination in the wider London context.“
JorgeLee 1350 days ago
“Really good looking and nice pub. A lot of open space here and comfortable seating. Clean and modern in an old fashion style. Clean nice toilets! Good food! Did not check out the bottle selection, but they had an ok range of cask ales. Some interesting smaller breweries. They did also have some board games. “
Cunningham 1913 days ago
58 /100 56A HIGH STREET
“Not the most fancy place in The World. Did not expect that either. Just had some beer after a Greyhound race. Some decent ale on handpull, and some ok bottles. Ok service and quite clean toilets.“
Cunningham 1922 days ago
72 /100
Antelope (Bar)
“An attractive, large, open plan pub that feels Victorian with its etched glass and wood panelled walls, but it may have been converted from another use (possibly a school?). It has eight hand pumps and about ten keg taps with a good selection of beers. It’s light, airy and comfortable. There are squashy sofas as well as more traditional tables and chairs in the front part. At the back, Victorian pub meets hunting lodge as you go through into a vast library-like dining room with another large room (which seemed to be full of children) off it, just up some steps. There’s also a pleasant patio outside at the back. I liked it a lot - well worth a visit. (Visited 17 May 2014).“
Boudicca 2385 days ago
74 /100 25 SUMMERSTOWN
“Since my last visit a couple of years ago, they’ve turned half the old brewery unit into a bar, with three hand pumps, half a dozen keg lines (three in use) and a couple of fridges for bottles. Scruffily cozy, albeit a tad chilly of an evening!“
BeerViking 2419 days ago
64 /100 56A HIGH STREET
“Oh yeah, this is a nice and squalid Spoonies. Get your pint here for about two quid or so and watch the other miserable drinkers pissing away the hours. I had a half pint here after getting out of the Tube before making my way to By The Horns, which isn’t that far away (although you might want to bus it). There are some decent beers here on cask as you would expect from any JDW. And the value is good since you’re starting to get outside the city citre. It’s a JDW outlet and a low-brow one at that. You know what you’re getting.“
Leighton 2506 days ago
82 /100 25 SUMMERSTOWN
“Cool spot. It has a ramshackle, roadhouse kind of aesthetic going. Much of the place feels cobbled together, lending a homey, unpretentious air to it. They have about eight keg lines and three cask lines, though not all were in use during my visit. They also had around ten different bottles for sale to drink on site or take away. (It’s worth noting you can also take two-pint cartons of draft beer away too if you like.) Good value: £3 for a pint of cask and £4 for a pint of keg. Friendly and highly competent barman on my visit. Darts in the corner. One wall to receive projections, typically sport I gather. Some basic snacks - peanuts, crisps. It’s not an easy location to reach from central London but it is worth visiting now and again.“
Leighton 2519 days ago
76 /100 25 SUMMERSTOWN
“We visited here (me, Loz & Ang) Sat 14th December 2013. This brewery tap is like many of the new kids sprouting up around London i.e. it concentrates less on furnishings and more on the beer and interaction with those involved in the brewery. Much like Redchurch brewery pallets are put to good use here in construction of the bar, I think at Redchurch they were used for tables. This brewery tap is on a trading estate close to a small Tesco metro and Texaco garage on Summerstown Rd, it took us about twenty minutes to walk from Tooting Broadway but you could get the bus from outside the station which drops off very close to here. There appears to be some large market/car boot thing opposite on a Saturday. There was a good choice of beers with maybe 8 in total across both cask & keg added to that there were some bottles for sale. I enjoyed the Belgian space thingy and also tried a couple of the Limited Edition Impy stouts. Its quite a way out to get here, however you will be rewarded for your efforts with good banter with Nick, Head Brewer and others.“
Fin 2537 days ago
74 /100 25 SUMMERSTOWN
“By The Horns has just opened its brewery tap room, which they plan to open at weekends from now on. It’s located in a small industrial unit and is quite basic but has a nice homegrown feel and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. They’ve made good use of old pallets from a place across the road to build the bar and line the walls whilst the furniture (with the possible exception of the two stripey deck chairs optimistically set up outside) is reused from pubs. There are six taps – three cask and three keg – plus a range of bottles, all very reasonably priced at £3 for a pint (both keg and cask), £1.50 for a half and £3 for bottles. Food is limited to crisps and nuts but there’s a terrific sandwich takeaway place just a couple of minutes walk away at the Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium. I really enjoyed the afternoon of the brewery tap opening day here and just wish the place was north of the river and a bit closer to home. Update, May 2014: there are now a further three keg taps and the beer just gets better and better. (Last visited 17 May 2014).“
Boudicca 2749 days ago
62 /100 56A HIGH STREET
“Set in the bustling crossroads and commercial center of Tooting, opposite the Broadway tube station, this doesn’t have a huge front to it (so it is a good job it is an abbreviated name or the sign would not fit!), but it does extend back to almost give ample seating. It can be busy throughout the day given its location and the first pub you see if you are emerging from the underground. Inside it is wood paneling throughout and furniture to match. There’s not a great deal of room but along with the carpet it does make for a cosy feel to it. Ale is served over two pumps on a smallish bar as you enter.“
ManVsBeer 2809 days ago
74 /100
Antelope (Bar)
“Traditional three-room pub 5 minutes’ walk from Tooting Broadway. Woodpanelling throughout, traditionally lit comfortable and spacious. Seven hand pumps and five keg taps dispense a changing range of ales and keg beers. I enjoyed Adnams Lighthouse and Nethergate Truman Runner. Friendly staff at the bar, mixed clientele and background music that is JUST THAT. Food is excellent - yes you can eat cheaper elsewhere but you get what you pay for. My visit of 28th May 2011 was on GBG recommendation, and the book appears to have got it right!“
ladnewton 3425 days ago