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“I've never really warmed to Sambrooks beers, but I suppose that is partly because I've not had the opportunity to try many. The Sambrooks brewery tap is open-plan and duly industrial. Music a little too loud but I can live with it. They offer three reasonably ubiquitous cask beers alongside 11 Keg (although only 8 were on when I vksited). Styles are fairly standard craft with IPAs, sessioners, a stout and couple of lagers. A good place, obviously, to do a Sambrooks deep dive. Family friendly.“
jjsint 67 days ago
“As with previous contributors my experience of this very impressive place is limited to a Beer Festival. The building is indeed impressive being in the neo Gothic style with a rich history, all of which is listed inside. The Beer Festival is held in the courtyard, surrounded by the now private flats either side and the restaurant, function room at the end. The Halloween Festival I attended was well organised, had excellently kept beer but was rather pricey for us from the shires.“
imdownthepub 334 days ago
“A modern, over two floors, taproom with entrance from the backyard. Seven keg beer, four cask ales and a few bottled and canned beers on the menu. Beer flight and take-away options. Very popular for pizzas at lunchtime early on a Saturday afternoon, mostly young adults among the guests. A bit crowed and noisy. Located in the Ram Quarter and as a part of the Heritage Centre, next door to Ram Inn. Polite service.(Visited with Finn 20.11.2021).“
Rune 634 days ago
“10 kegs. Cans. Pizza. Noisy on a Saturday early afternoon. Popular place.“
Finn 676 days ago
60 /100 44 JAGGARD WAY
“This taproom has been here for a while, but not changed much in the last few years. It’s an industrial unit and the taproom is on two levels, with outside seating during warmer periods. They pretty much only stock their own stuff, with occasional guest taps/ cans. Usually a good selection available, but sometimes you’ll find a number of the taps are off. But I think that all depends on both how busy the taproom and the brewery have been. Prices are really good, especially for the area. £3-3.50 for two third pours. Quite a nice, fairly cosy interior upstairs. Literally right next to Wandsworth Common station, so really easy to get to. It was great during COVID, as you could grab some cans and sit on the Common (obviously, you still can - and that’s quite nice). Worth a visit.“
Beese 716 days ago
68 /100 86-88 POINT PLEASANT
“Not as nice as the Royal Oak, though has a quaint, lived in feel. 4 hand pumps including Christmas ale when there.“
jonno 1370 days ago
“Freehouse which I have been to once before as it's over the road from Wansdworth Town station. On 24/11 we were intending to visit the neighbouring Alma, however it was rammed so dropped into the Royal Standard again. At least it's not another Young's pub. Small. Has been done up but still comes across a little shabby. The least busy of the pubs we visited and wasn't particularly busy on my prior visit either. Standard macros option, plus one guest ale and would appear that they also have a guest keg - this time it was Lagunitas IPA, previously Freedom Lager. They apparently do a Sambrooks beer as a regular but didn't spot one. OK for a local. Convenient for the station, but next time I'd check the ALma out.“
BeardedAvenger 2129 days ago
56 /100
East Hill (Bar)
“24/11/17. This place is so similar to Brewers Inn that I am I mixing them up. Smart trendy pub with a gastro focus. An OK array of beer. I was after a tick from Belleville and they had one on so that was good. Also had Neckoil; and Founders All Day IPA on tap, plus some more standard options. Only 2 or 3 handpumps if I remember correctly. If in the area would drop by. More a place to eat though.“
BeardedAvenger 2129 days ago
54 /100 145-147 EAST HILL
“This place is pretty massive. Large presumably Victorian hotel - the bar has high ceilings adding to the scale. A main bar area and then a more restaurant area. However there is then a second bar in the cellar. All a bit swanky but not too bad. Aiming for a younger crowd with only two handpumps for Bitter and Special. Camden Pils and a Meantime beer on tap. Then an OK range of cans and bottles. Two of us ordered Yeastie Boys Digital IPA in can and had ice cubes put in our glasses. She then glitches rest of the order wrong. Clueless staff. One of the barman must have realised some bloke who was stood next to me was a trouble maker as he proceeded to threaten him, "Give me no trouble and I'll give you no trouble." Not bad. As tad too trying to be hip for my tastes, especially as the craft beer they advertise is somewhat limited. PS - Sat in the cellar but didn't check out the bar. Same drinks as upstairs I believe.“
BeardedAvenger 2130 days ago
50 /100
Grapes (Bar)
“Visited 24/11/17. A mate who who used to live in Wandsworth said, "Don't bother going there, it's locals pub." However my mate who now lives in Wandsworth chose to meet there. It's his favourite purposes in the area, but then he is from Woking so knows no better. Beers: Youngs Bitter plus a few macro keg offerings. Couldn't see in the fridge as the place was packed. Not the biggest pub but a nice old building. Not noticeably redecorated recently and by fair the liveliest and least pretentious of the three Youngs pubs we went to. Not a craft beer in sight. Wouldn't choose to come back.“
BeardedAvenger 2130 days ago
76 /100 86-88 POINT PLEASANT
“Pub hidden slightly off the busy Wandsworth track down by the Thames. Cosy, friendly, warm venue. I tracked this down because I’ve been trying to seek out Star of Eastbourne on cask. Sat outside for 20 mins, overheard several people say ’that looks like a nice cosy boozer’. It’s that kind of place. 4 Harveys cask taps. When I was in was Best, IPA, Old Ale and Star of Eastbourne. Beer was in top condition. Great to find another Harvey’s pub in London to rival Royal Oak. Service was friendly and food looks good too. I’ll be coming back here.“
EdKing 2523 days ago
“Super friendly staff!“
SirMarkDavid 2941 days ago
“A bit difficult to judge as I’ve only been here for the beer festivals. And what a great setting for a beer festival it is. Located in a huge neo-gothic Victorian pile that was built as an asylum and had a number of intriguing uses before it fell into disrepair and was rescued from oblivion in the nick of time. Since then it’s been painstakingly restored over a number of years. Outside festival times there’s a bar and restaurant with a number of handpumps but I don’t know what the range is like. Should really visit to find out.“
chriso 3142 days ago
70 /100 44 JAGGARD WAY
“We stopped past here on a Saturday morning as we were in the area anyhow. Belleville are located right next to Wandsworth Common station. It is very much a working brewery that happens to sells some bottles on Saturday morning. One of the owners was there and he was super friendly and enjoyed chatting about the brewery. He even gave us a free bottle of beer! They had about 5/6 botttles on offer at a very reasonable £2.50 for 500ml bottles. A nice little place all in all and a good stop if you are in area on a Saturday.“
Scopey 3286 days ago
78 /100 44 JAGGARD WAY
“I visited here on a sunny Saturday morning not long ago. It’s a very humble affair: the standard brewing kit, shelving, a toilet...pretty much a bare-bones operation. On my visit there was one man working the place, assisted by two young boys. (For those who don’t know about the genesis of this brewery, it was started by a group of fathers whose children attend the local school, Belleville.) They had four beers on offer, all very reasonably priced. There was only one other person there during my stop; at this point, it doesn’t seem like they rely too heavily on their Saturday sales - they certainly aren’t operating a drink-in venue. I’m glad I visited so that I know what they’re all about, but unless they turn it into a brewery tap or something I’m in no rush to visit again. Still, if I lived in the area I would frequent this place for my drinkin’ beers.“
Leighton 3752 days ago
“Le Gothique restaurant and bar is off a small courtyard in an impressive Victorian pile which has served variously as an orphanage, a hospital, an MI5 / MI6 interrogation centre (Rudolph Hess was a “guest” at one stage) and a school. In its current incarnation it houses apartments, workshops, a drama school and Le Gothique, which hosts two beer festivals each year. I was really impressed with festival – it was small and friendly but had an excellent range of beers on offer, mainly from London breweries, as well as ciders. We sat upstairs in a little gallery above the main bar. I think this is usually the dining area. The food on offer at the festival was basic (burgers, chips and the like) but good. I’d like to visit at a non-festival time. We got a feel for what it may normally be like as we were leaving; it was early evening and the place was filling up with a youngish crowd (all drinking beer rather than wine or alcopops, I noticed) there for the live music. (Last visited 24 July 2014).“
Boudicca 3826 days ago
“Visited on Thurs 25th October for the Halloween beer festival which was excellent! Trying to base this review (in terms of selection) more on the beers you’d find at the bar on an ordinary day, not a fest. Set in the grounds of the Royal Victoria Patriotic building (Grade II listed and utilised by MI6 interrogators in WWII) this forms a splendid backdrop for a few beers just 3 miles outside of central London. Great rambling building with many corridors and the seats and tables inside are a nice mix that work well with the building. I wouldn’t come here specifically as a beer destination but definately take in a festival, 100+ beers, ciders and some interesting ones too (cask of Fuller Res No.2 from 2010 on this visit!) 15 minutes walk from Clapham Junction or the Wandsworth stations. There’s also a bus from just outside Le Gothique that take you to CLJ.“
Theydon_Bois 3987 days ago
“Le Gothique’s biannual beer festivals are not to be missed. The restaurant’s located on the grounds of a Victorian building complex. The atmosphere is cheery and quite unique. The beer selection at the restaurant is pretty modest, and I wouldn’t travel out of the way to visit here. Their festival lineup, however, is most impressive (100+ beers on cask). Drinking in the beautiful courtyard of this complex is a great experience. I heartily recommend a visit during festival time.“
jackl 3989 days ago
“A nice little restaurant/pub set within a charming, historic building in Wandsworth Common. On normal days the pub has a relatively small beer selection but a nice food menu, and also a nice wine list. But when this place hosts its beer festival (at least twice yearly) it is one of the best places in London to grab a beer. Truly, the atmosphere in the courtyard during the festival is one-of-a-kind. I’ve never been here when the festival isn’t running and I think it would be a nice place, though certainly not the same as at festival time. Try to time your visit to coincide with one of the festivals, which are generally in late March and late October.“
Leighton 4159 days ago
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