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68 /100 37 WHITEHALL
“Classic wood panelled pub next to Trafalgar. Okay selection of lighter beers after a hot day of tourism. Nothing to go out of the way for but comfy and beautiful inside making for a nice stop“
Gerbeer 376 days ago
54 /100 16-18 WHITEHALL
“This is a very busy Wetherspoons in tourist central, close to all sorts of stuff including the cenotaph. Packed out most of the time and the staff are generally pretty stretched. Pretty much the general Wetherspoons fare on offer although some guests keep the interest. Not one I visit regularly, but the building itself is worth a look.“
imdownthepub 664 days ago
70 /100 16-18 WHITEHALL
“Nice large cosy pub. 5 casks and 14 taps. Windsor and Eton, Ringwood and more nice casks. Friedly service.“
HenrikSoegaard 1279 days ago
68 /100 33 WHITEHALL
“NIce large cosy pub. 7 casks and 14 taps. Truman, Redemption, Camden Ink, Portobello Pils. Friendly service.“
HenrikSoegaard 1279 days ago
74 /100 37 WHITEHALL
“Nice cosy pub. 6 casks, 14 kegs. Lancaster bomber, Sambrooks, Twickenham, Trum,an Roller, Shandon Stout. Sagres if you need portugeese tick. Nice service.“
HenrikSoegaard 1279 days ago
84 /100 16-18 WHITEHALL
“It’s a JDW in a large old bank building. Great beers. Great food. Great service.“
bhensonb 1815 days ago
52 /100 33 WHITEHALL
“Large pub, very busy downstairs area. Only two people serving a queue of around 20 people upstairs. Taylor Walker were advertising a real ale festival, and yet there were only 3 cask ales on. OK place, similar to a Spoons. Staff were nice once you could get to speak to them.“
The_Osprey 2344 days ago
54 /100 37 WHITEHALL
“Nice decor, central location, just a few Adnams beers on Cask. I can’t rate it higher than this because the beer range is very limited.“
The_Osprey 2344 days ago
58 /100 16-18 WHITEHALL
“Close to Trafalgar Square, so attracts a lot of tourists. Quite busy early in the day, but four staff serving. Decent selection of cask left over from the Spring beer festival. Standard Spoons decor, but where some are homely and cosy this one is a bit dingy. Reliable Wetherspoons food and drink.“
The_Osprey 2344 days ago
56 /100 33 WHITEHALL
“Tourist heavy pub near to the top of Whitehall, but it does have an appealing look if you’re after a traditional period style English pub. It’s has a number of ale pumps and is a popular place for food and acts as an alternative on both counts to the Wetherspoon pub it faces across the road, although a little more expensive.“
ManVsBeer 2411 days ago
66 /100 16-18 WHITEHALL
“A small Wetherspoon at the top of the mall that befits the grandeur of government and State buildings that frequent this area. The main hall as you enter is almost square with a high ceiling, large portrait and paintings and is a fine place to take a break from crowds of central London. As well as the tourists there are a few suits in here too so there’s a bit of a mix in clientele. The bar is in the rear of the building that looks out towards Horse Guards Parade and has a lower less appealing ceiling but is furnished just as comfortably as the rest of the pub with a warming carpet and wooden fixtures and fittings. There’s still room for two full rows of ale pumps at the bar.“
ManVsBeer 2496 days ago
60 /100
Clarence (Restaurant)
“The Clarence on Whitehall – not to be confused with the Nicholson’s pub of the same name just off Piccadilly – has eight hand pumps with three or four guest ales and a further 16 or so keg taps. It’s more of a restaurant than a pub, with just a few chunky high top tables reserved for drinking only at lunchtime, but retains the feel of a pub. It’s been stripped out and has some olde worlde touches such as the rough plaster ceiling, rough beams colour-washed in blue and leaded windows at the back. There’s also a room upstairs and a small number of tables on the pavement outside. The clientele are a mix of tourists and civil servants from the many government department buildings around Whitehall. (Visited 18 July 2013).“
Boudicca 2619 days ago
66 /100 16-18 WHITEHALL
“Big and fairly cozy place with plenty of seating space. The service was efficient. They had a couple of fairly rare casks at my visit and quite a few common ones. If you’re close by, and you most likely are, if you’re a tourist, it’s certainly worth a visit.“
Rasmus40 2696 days ago
58 /100 16-18 WHITEHALL
“Visited several times, this Wetherspoon pub is easy to get to, since it is placed very close to Trafalgar Square. It´s almost always very busy and crowded, and often the staff is a bit behind cleaning up. The deco and the food is typical JDW. Normally the beers are in good condition.“
Brugmansia 2709 days ago
64 /100 37 WHITEHALL
“You can not miss this pub walking towards Trafalgar Square. The exterior is interesting and the interior is wider than most London pub. Inside is quite dark but with good number of seats. Usual dishes menù but very abundant. Good choice of beers although not very numerous (7/8 taps). Often frequented by tourists considering the zone. Staff not particularly brilliant.“
Dorqui 2716 days ago
56 /100 16-18 WHITEHALL
“Classic spoons not too far from my office (probably equal distance with the Willow Walk) so have visited a number of times over the years. Bit of a tired feel to this place, no great vibe and fairly touristy due to its location and naturally pockets of old mens drinking club dotted about! Selection is OK but not one of the better spoons, expect 3 or 4 guests.“
Theydon_Bois 2771 days ago
68 /100 16-18 WHITEHALL
“Have been there a couple of tiems for having lunch because hte menue is great and you will get lots of stuff (from low-carb salads to steak, all with nutrition infos and some meals are suitable for vegans or for those with a gluten free-diet) for a valueable price. The interior is nice and charming but unfortunately the place is really crowded. beer selection is really okay and there is something for everyones favour.“
McTapps 2774 days ago
96 /100 37 WHITEHALL
“Have been there a lot of times and enjoyed our visit and the drinks each single time. The pub has got a very wide range of ales and beers on tap, also some quite "exotic" beers for the UK like Steen Brugge, Boon Kriek. You also get some good bottles of Belgian beer. The ales are mainly from Young brewery but they also have got a large seasonal ale range. The food selection is good and the Fish and Chips just marvellous. I would love to be there each day because it is so comfy, heart and belly warming.“
McTapps 2777 days ago
54 /100 16-18 WHITEHALL
“A classic ’spoons. The decor’s what you’d expect: loads of panelled wood, weird sculptures, bookshelves filled with tat bought from charity shops. Plenty of tourists. The beer selection’s large and uninspiring. There’s something like 10 cask beers available. Cask beer at ’spoons is always on questionable form, so you’ll get your share of stinkers. The prices are very cheap. The food’s cheap and awful. The quiz machine here is probably the cruellest in all of England. Don’t be fooled by its alluring charm! Overall, a decent option when you’re in the area.“
jackl 2971 days ago
70 /100 16-18 WHITEHALL
“A nice pub. Has a classic feel. Lots of wood, paintings, high ceilings, big windows. The game machines in here are painfully out of place. Eight casks on offer. Good enough.“
Leighton 2977 days ago
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