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“Hard to find place on the back side of a shopping center. Weird space with a music theme, and according to a friend, pictures of celebrities who have hung themselves. And drums. There seemed to be a small stage, and some makeshift food offerings. Dinly lit, small bar, staff was doing other things. Overall, the beer was not that good, with thrree of their IPAs being nealry indistinguishable from each other.“
stevoj 313 days ago
62 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Old notes. Visiting family in DE. I know it’s a chain store for mainly wine but they have a good selection of beers, I can’t get in Vermont. For me, at least, always nice to get out of distro beers. This place wasn’t exactly the cleanest of Total Wines’ I’ve been in. Oh, and always nice to pick up booze in DE due to low tax.“
Bulk_Carrier 1978 days ago
70 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Grocery store next to the Hwy 95. Good selection of craft beers.“
melush 2496 days ago
68 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Decent chain store with good craft beer selection“
stevoj 3116 days ago
74 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Coming from PA the location is an easy on/off the highway so that’s a plus. Not much to look at from the outside but the beer, wine, liquor selection is tremendous. Lots of quality craft beers and the single bottle prices are fair. I think the real draw here is the wine selection but that is getting off topic. Worth a walk through if you are in the area.“
jmm635 3375 days ago
78 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Probably the best store in the state, but that’s not saying a ton. You can always find things at Total Wine you can’t find at other stores. Service is very good. Prices can’t be beat due to volume.“
BeerThursdays 3413 days ago
70 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Best beer selection in Delaware, although there is better distribution in PA and MD. Big warehouse style store. Good prices, if they have it, it will be cheaper than elsewhere. Staff isn’t that beer knowledgable.“
ROGUE 3442 days ago
84 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Good service as staff generally know what to look for and will hold things for you. Selection is beyond belief. They get almost everything in state distribution (which unfortunately precludes Avery/Founders). Great prices!“
kimjongill 3544 days ago
76 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
steverackers 3853 days ago
60 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Not much in the way of ambiance here...its a grocery store for wine, liquor and beer. I didn’t have a need for "service" but the staff was friendly enough each time they checked me out over multiple visits. The beer selection is pretty decent...covering many us states and european countries. Nothing too difficult to find but a better than average selection for mixing yer own sixer and prices are fair. I stop there when I’m in the area but don’t much go out of my way to go there anymore.“
reggiedunlop 3926 days ago
48 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Warehouse store, Rude staff, good selection, decent prices..NO TAX!!!“
joshcoonradt 3953 days ago
80 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Just south of PA on I95... easy to find and get in / out. Huge store with lots of wine, liquor and beer. Craft beer selection is decent and pricing is very fair. Wish they carried a few more brands like Founders or Bells, but I can get elsewhere. Like most Total outlets, staff are easy to find and generally friendly and knowledgable. Only downside is that it gets really busy.“
strongpieman 4222 days ago
64 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Warehouse ambiance. Ok service. Decent bottle selection. No food. Decent prices.“
michael-pollack 4414 days ago
66 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“A huge store loads of wine and liquor could get lost in the wine part .... Bottle wise a nice mix of cases, 6packs and singles .... more of a european euro mix of singles and some us micros but mostly the big guys .... they should expand the micro single offering further who really needs to buy a single bottle of corona anyway? Can get some decent hard to find euros here“
italianjohn 4414 days ago
72 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Liquor warehouse. Cheap prices. You can’t take singles out of sixers, but they have a singles area which is pretty well stocked. The selection is pretty good. All notable locals are represented and there is a decent import menu. Good enough to keep you occupied.“
Goodgrief 4415 days ago
78 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“It’s simply the best bottle selection of any store I’ve been to around Philly. No tax, and no ridiculous laws against individual bottle purchases (looking at you, Pennsylvania). There are bottle deposits on certain types of larger bottles, however. The one criticism I do have is that there aren’t a lot of variety 12-packs. The selection for individual 12 oz bottles and bombers, in contrast, is terrific. Helpfully, they have Beer Advocate scores on the shelf labels for most of their beers so you don’t get stuck with a terrible one.“
tminella 4510 days ago
72 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Decent prices and NO TAX! They were out of Chimay Red but had everything else I wanted. It is nice to be able to purchase single bottles to try. I’ll be back.“
TreborWhip 4747 days ago
64 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Not really a fantastic selection of beer at all. Big name craft brews are here: Stone, Dogfish head, Rogue, some Victory - but not anything I needed a wine superstore to find nor for that matter was it less expensive. Belgian selection was ok and their german selection was probably the most notable. Too bad they only stocked their macros, for the most part. Their cases were less expensive but again not much selection, mostly macros. I’d probably like this place a lot more if I was into wine or an alcoholic.“
Jsawyer 4948 days ago
74 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Fantastic selection of beers which has continued to improve over time. Offers options by the case, six/four pack, litre bottles, or singles - whatever you prefer. Nice mix of beers from around the world, including a decent selection of Belgian’s. I am privileged to live within a few miles of this place, but it’s a must see if you are ever traveling the I-95 corridor between Philadelphia and Wilmington, DE. Literally a few hundred yards off the exit - super convenient! This place also has a fantastic selection of wines, liquour, cigars and related paraphenelia.“
joeyplush 5094 days ago
80 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“An alcohol superstore. Sells wine and liquor as well. They have imports, domestic and microbrew six packs as well as an aisle devoted to single bottles of hard to find foreign beer (also has cases). I would recommend to anyone in the northern DE, southern PA area.“
NewBelgium5 5149 days ago
60 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“I drove about 40 minutes to total wine, it is right off 95 and very easy to find. I was hopeing to find a lot of different micros, but only to be let down. It is very clean, nice, good lighting and ginormous! I thought they would have some hard to find stuff, but nothing that my local place (state line) doesnt offer. It made me love state line even more. If you are a wine lover as well this place is for you.“
GMCC2181 5298 days ago
78 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“A very nice selection of beers, where singles are sold and you can build your own six packs. I have never found this place to be one for great value, but if you’re looking for some less common beers and the ability to buy singles, it’s worth a shop. Parking lot is a bit crowded at this shopping center.“
User37895 5321 days ago
74 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“They now stock Stone which is great! 2.99 for ruination singles, 1.99 for the rest. 14.99 Ruination sixers were completely sold out. As were the entire collection of Stone sixers. (IPA, smoked porter, pale ale, 9.99) Still great to know somewhere nearby is carrying Stone in quantities less than 24.“
zethca 5381 days ago
76 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“They have a lot of beer from Micros to Macros and you can buy them in singles. If they expanded the micro section in singles the place would be awesome.“
JAF737300 5471 days ago
76 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“A monsterous liquor store that has a lot to offer. right across the state line so that they can get away from PA’s goofy liquor laws. A good selection of singles, micros, and imports. Also aisles of wine and liquor to chose from.“
jeremytoni 5561 days ago
70 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Decent selection of singles, six packs and even cases if that is what you are looking for. As others have stated it is mostly a wine super store.“
TomDecapolis 5980 days ago
72 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Huge. Looks like a grocery store. Apretty good selection. Very good prices on singles. Very clean. A nice place to stop when I’m in the area.“
Birdiebeagle 5983 days ago
74 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Great selection, although not as good as State Line.“
DocLock 6263 days ago
74 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Huge liquor superstore.....if you want a hard to find micro or import in can probably be found here. I gotta echo desurfer’s comment...a big assortment of singles. Not surprised by the service...all they do is sell alcohol, no distractions from food. Never needed any help, as I had things in mind on arriving. I doubt there would be a beer expert, though...too big of a place.“
thehinge 6314 days ago
68 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Nice selection! Much larger than the Total wine close to my house. I didn’t see anything super rare, but I finally found the Fullers beers I’ve never been able to acquire. Plenty of singles to mix and match, as well as odd macros you don’t see everywhere. Well worth the drive from Newark DE.“
desurfer 6372 days ago
70 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Total Wine has a huge wine selection. Liquor and beer take a backseat to the wine but enough selection to keep me coming back. Plenty of singles available in addition to 6-packs and cases. Selection includes East Coast micros and English beers. Easy on and off from I-95 and a quick drive from Philadelphia.“
JFGrind 6493 days ago
74 /100 691 NAAMANS RD
“Nice selection and close to me (a plus when you live in PA and can only buy by the case here). Walked out with a case and a half mixed singles. I’ll definitely be buying from here again.“
hopdog 6556 days ago