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54 /100
Wangies (Bar)
“On Liverpool Road in the midway between Eccles and the M60 motorway, this locals pub is a music bar where you'll probably find somebody playing something at some point in the weekend. The square bar in the middle of the right hand wall is extensive and services all three sides of the mainly open plan space. The traditional pub area is at the front, becoming more club-like towards its rear. The three ale pumps are located one on each side so have a good luck around before ordering, and there's a keg option too, albeit from Marston's on my visit. There's 100's of cask ale pump clips on the walls and roof at the front of the pub, but despite this all 3 ales were regulars on my visit and I found nothing new here.“
ManVsBeer 1303 days ago
48 /100
Wangies (Bar)
“This free house pub is a little rough around the edges but always has three real ales on different ever time I go in. Staff and locals are friendly and the beer is well looked after“
Mcr_drinkers 1782 days ago
60 /100 304 LIVERPOOL ROAD
“Of the three Holts pubs in close proximity in this area of Greater Manchester, this one offers all the fine ales of the brewer as well as a rotating guest. It’s easy to miss as there’s a real ale serving pub straight across from it as well as a Marstons pub with a brighter painted frontage that can also distract your attention. If you do make it inside this red-brick building you’ll find a multi-room affair with the bar in the very centre of the ground floor space.“
ManVsBeer 2647 days ago
58 /100 264 LIVERPOOL ROAD
“Patricroft is a good area of Greater Manchester for a tour of Joseph Holt pubs, there’s several in close proximity and all offer something different. This one is probably has the most attractive of all the buildings and it’s a typically red-brick construction for this part of the world on one corner of a traffic junction. It’s a familiar set-up for this brewer with two distinct sides separated by a central bar that serves both areas with the lounge area relaxed and comfortable and friendly throughout. There’s ale pumps on both sides and the various Holts beers are available in cask, keg and in bottles.“
ManVsBeer 2647 days ago
“Small corner pub, the middle of three Holts pubs within a 100 metres of each other on the main Liverpool road. This one offers a very appealing cosy ambiance to the drinking of Holts ales, of which it has a decent selection of in cask, keg and bottles. There’s three small rooms to sup in, the first being the front room which the bar occupies a large slice of so there’s not too many seats here. The service area also extends to the main hallway which you enter through the main door at the side of the building. The other two rooms are off this corridor and the middle room (slightly larger than the front) has a fine comfortable decor with several tables against both walls. The fireplace at the end of it has a television screen here (as does the front room) and watching live football is popular here. At the end of the corridor is the third room if it gets busy enough to open it.“
ManVsBeer 2660 days ago
60 /100 439 LIVERPOOL ROAD
“The huge red brick self-standing building on the main Liverpool Road between Eccles and the M60 motorway has a large ground floor area fully utilised into four different drinking rooms all emanating from a central corridor which occupies part of the service area. The three best rooms are the ones you’ll want to check out although the main selection of Holts ales can be found on the pumps in the lesser bar area which is the place where live sport can be found if you’re looking to drink one of their crafts whilst taking in the atmosphere of a very football focused city. There’s also an all-black alternative dart board in here called a Lincoln. Holts various bottled ales are here too. They just don’t build them like this anymore, its like being on the ground floor of someone’s huge house!“
ManVsBeer 2711 days ago
50 /100 535 BARTON LANE
“This pub close to the Manchester Ship Canal and the Trafford Centre across the other side of the nearby swing bridge is a great place to watch the live football - or even drop the fella off at whilst going to shop for an afternoon as it shows all the live football throughout the week and weekend. It has a nice exterior which is almost country-like in what is a very urbanised suburb of Manchester. Inside it is more town-like with perhaps too much space between pillars across the length of the building and only a few tables around its walls. It’s quite large inside so it does have quite a spartan look in terms of furniture. The far right-hand side of the pub includes a pool table area, it’s somewhat divorced from the rest of the pubs atmosphere, but at the same time does not get in peoples way or enjoyment as it can in other places. There’s no ale pumps but there are a couple of keg ales from Theakston available.“
ManVsBeer 2719 days ago
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