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72 /100
Beermoth (Beer Store)
“Great bottle shop, with 8-10 fridges lining the sides of the relatively shop, including some lambics hiding out of the fridges. Good selection of UK, European and other import beers, with decent pricing. The (Hungarian) guy working there was very friendly and helpful. Worth checking out for your bottle shopping needs when you're in central MCR.“
mcberko 1 day ago
“Massively overhyped, but they obviously have plenty of skill. They have fully embraced the hazy train, so the vast majority of their IPAs are hazies. Of the 4 I tried, 2 were good, 2 were unbearably chalky, and their non-hazies (including a west coast IPA and Nelson saison) were solid. They also had a couple of well-chosen guests. All beers available in 1/3 pints and bartenders will do free tastes. The interior itself is very comfortable and homey. Recommended when in MCR.“
mcberko 1 day ago
“Pretty much right across the street from Cloudwater, this is maybe worth a visit if you're in the area. Unfortunately, they're one of those breweries that is a function of the hazy train. Of the ~15 taps they had, 9-10 were hazy (I)IIPAs, and of the 3 I tried, all were chalky, with unbearable hop burn, and no real hop flavour -- just terrible stuff. I also tried a table beer, which was infected -- full of cleaner and other issues -- and a passable helles. The beer here was truly bad, and I can't believe or understand their beers (chalk) are this highly rated. I would definitely not return, unless they started doing more west coast IPAs or other styles besides their nonsense hazies.“
mcberko 1 day ago
40 /100 10 TARRIF STREET
“My visit here was very disappointing. They were having temperature issues in the basement, so their taplist was extremely sparse; instead of 20 taps, they had maybe 8, not all of which were theirs. I tried 2 beers, a useless hazy, and a very flawed imperial stout. I'm sure this isn't representative of their establishment, but I'm rating the place according to my experience, which was hugely underwhelming.“
mcberko 1 day ago
68 /100
ÖL Bar (Bar)
“They used to be a tiny brewery, but the brewer left during Covid, and now they're rebranding into just a bar. They have 8 taps, 6 of which rotate -- 1/3 pints available or the guy will give samples. It's located within a swanky food pod village, which is very communal and comfortable. Bartender was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Not worth a special trip but if you're passing by, it's worth popping in to have a look.“
mcberko 1 day ago
“The newer, larger location, right on Oxford. It's a brewery and Indian street food / Indo-Chinese eatery. You can order on your phone or go up to the bar. They do flights of 3 for about 6 GBP. Their taplist consisted of about 5 of their own, plus another 10 guests or so. Their food was awesome too, with tons of vegan options. Their beer wasn't amazing, but it was a solid stop.“
mcberko 1 day ago
82 /100 18-20 FOUNTAIN STREET
“If you only go to one Brewdog location in Manchester, let it be this one. It's also a hotel, which I haven't stayed at, but it looks pretty sweet. As for the bar itself, they have almost 40 taps, with the usual serving sizes available at any Brewdog (flights of 1/3 pints, or single 1/3 pints available), with staff happy to give free samples. Very friendly, informative, and helpful service. The interior is expansive, comfortable and stylish. This is one of the best Brewdog locations I've been to anywhere. Highly recommended.“
mcberko 1 day ago
80 /100 35 PETER ST
“Really nice Brewdog location, with almost 20 taps. Flights available of 4 x 1/3 pints, priced per beer; staff will do free samples as well. The bottle selection is pretty solid too, with some rare Brewdogs available on my visit (e.g., an old Abstrakt, some Dog __ beers). Staff are genuinely friendly, helpful and chill. It's not as good as the Brewdog Doghouse location for the taplist, but it's a really solid spot that's worth checking out.“
mcberko 1 day ago
84 /100 39-41 PORT STREET
“Great spot, just a block or so from Northern Monk. They have over a dozen regular taps, plus another 8-10 casks. 1/3 pints available and the bartender will do free samples. Taplist was quite interesting and varied, with even some interesting wild ales from Australia, a Pohjala, and varied UK stuff. Prices are OK -- they're just high for craft beer now in the UK overall. Bartender was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended when in Manchester.“
mcberko 1 day ago
“Further along from the Cloudwater operations in the same industrial complex, this is pleasant looking taproom operation, neat and well laid out at the front of the warehouse, with the brewing area behind. Modern bench & picnic tables are inside and out on the stones put down for a purpose built outdoor area at the side. Expect to drink Track from cask, keg or can“
ManVsBeer 46 days ago
“In a unit and courtyard that backs onto the unused north-west branch of railway arches directly opposite the Green Quarter apartment blocks at its top end, most action takes place in the enclosed outdoor space, which mainly has Street food stalls, but a crafted beer or two can be found at the bar stall. These are nothing to go out of the way for, and with Beatnikz Republic brewery now closed there's even less to draw you to this area of the city.“
ManVsBeer 46 days ago
66 /100
Wolf at the Door (Restaurant)
“Formerly the Odd Bar, now a cocktails and food venue in the main, but has a decent keg selection of crafted brews from worthwhile brewers - with a fair markup too so not a cheap place to sup. Craft cans are available too.“
ManVsBeer 46 days ago
“Huge bar in central Manchester, right next to the Rochdale canal, run by J.W Lees. We were there for a Wedding Reception and evening do, so may have a slightly different view to casual visitors. We were in the upstairs (1st floor) bar, I believe that there is another floor above that. Nice open space with an outside terrace. Just Lees beers on with 3 hand pulls. Not a seek out place for the beer hunter really, but a pleasant space to spend the evening.“
imdownthepub 70 days ago
56 /100 27 PETER STREET
“Huge bar with a grand entrance. You are met on entering as they want you to dine but beer drinkers are pointed to a different seating area and then left to own devices happily. The island bar is huge and only a couple of people working it, so service can be slow if you don't get immediately noticed. All keg beers, mostly generic but with a couple of finds, several German beers. It's comfortable and worth a look.“
imdownthepub 71 days ago
52 /100
Cask (Bar)
“Visited on my way back to my hotel by the river Irwell, this is close to a canal basin. It has a small, inconspicuous frontage, particularly in the evening light, I managed to walk past it and had to track back. Small at the front but goes back a way and has a patio area. Nice array of beers on the blackboard. My biggest, and only, gripe in here was the serving staff, seemingly ignoring customers so that they could chat incessantly at the end of the bar and when you do manage to distract them they are exceedingly rude, almost walked out but I wanted some beers so tolerated it. Away from the bar it is comfortable and friendly and busy. Would I go back? Not sure.“
imdownthepub 71 days ago
“Working my way back to my hotel I spotted this at a roundabout on a main road, incongruously out of place with all the high rises going up. Looks a little grubby on the outside but inside it is a cavern of ornate splendour. Multi roomed with hatches to the bar, I chose the front bar where the beer pulls are lined up, looked like 8 in action on my visit. It's friendly and busy and seemingly in danger of being sold off for development, that would be a tragedy. This is truly a classic pub of its type.“
imdownthepub 71 days ago
“Took a little while to find, the taxi driver hadn't a clue, but a scout around finds it by a lovely fountain and garden with table laid out to the front of Society that were all full. It's a big hall of a place inside with the bar directly in front and and long benches in front of it. The Cocktail bar is to the right and the food stall to the left, we had to use the QR code on bench to order our food as their own computers were down. There were cask hand pulls on the bar with all Vocation beers and keg beers from Vacation and several other breweries listed on the boards. Service was pretty decent given the volume of people in the place, the children were allowed in until 9pm, which was fine. A very good place to visit for a large group of us.“
imdownthepub 72 days ago
78 /100 35 PETER ST
“Visited last summer had a taster and meal voucher as an xmas present first brewdog so no comparison but nice staff food was nice in a hooters kind of way“
redders1974 103 days ago
70 /100
Cask (Bar)
“Nice place a 2 minute walk from Deansgate. Four beers on cask with a larger, eclectic selection on keg.“
Cheeseboard 128 days ago
“As mentioned by previous reviewers, an imitation spoons but with much higher prices. There were ten hand pumps, six of which were Bank Top beers, other guest ales were available. The type of boozer that is instantly forgettable but at least they serve the proper stuff.“
Beermenace 135 days ago
“Taproom upstairs in a unit on an uninspiring industrial estate that might just becoming a beer geek destination with Track just over the road. The taproom has an Ikea type pale wood vibe but it's a welcoming space nevertheless. Usually 15 or taps pouring plus extra options in the fridge.“
Cheeseboard 169 days ago
“Having been to the other Bundobust in Manchester and also to the Leeds branch I was keen to come here. Wasn't disappointed. It was heaving on an early Friday evening, we got a space at the bench tables after a 15-20 minute wait. Good to try some of the in-house brewery's beers which are often produced with the glorious Indian street food that Bundo is famous for in mind. Both beers and food were excellent. Around 15-20 taps (mix of in-house brews plus guests) plus cans in the fridge. Recommended“
Cheeseboard 169 days ago
“Classic old school traditional pub. We went into the front room, which was lively on late Friday afternoon. Around 8 beers on cask, those that we tried were in good condition. It was mostly local fare.“
Cheeseboard 169 days ago
76 /100
City Arms (Bar)
“Cosy, atmospheric and welcoming city centre pub. 7 or 8 cask choices on my visit a couple of weekends ago. All those beers sampled were in decent condition“
Cheeseboard 170 days ago
66 /100
Common (Bar)
“Visited a couple of times in the late 20-teens.“
Cheeseboard 178 days ago
“Stunning pub. From the beautiful tiled exterior to the quirky odd shaped interior. Old school multi roomed pub. Heaving on a Friday night recently. Four cask on offer all in great condition. Some local options plus Taylors Landlord. Would have stayed longer had we been able to get a seat.“
Cheeseboard 178 days ago
“Formerly the Pilcrow, now run by Cloudwater as Sadler's Cat. Pretty much the same set up as previously. Three cask on offer plus around 10 keg last weekend.“
Cheeseboard 178 days ago
58 /100 49-51 THOMAS STREET
“Bar cum restaurant type place. The food offering was better than the beer choice. I'd probably not bother again unless I was hungry“
Cheeseboard 183 days ago
74 /100
Microbar (Bar)
“A welcome respite from the huge sprawl of the Arndale Shopping Centre. Four cask, a couple of keg lines and enough cans & nottles to satisfy anyone's taste.“
Cheeseboard 183 days ago
“Absolutely wonderful pub. Three casks in excellent condition and some macro lagers on tap. A place that attracts old men due to cheap cask prices during the day, and students at night. Crowded pool table. Had lots of landlord on cask.“
ramboraffe 244 days ago
86 /100 39-41 PORT STREET
“Visited on a Friday afternoon in December 2021. Rather crowded already at the bar. Still some available seats in the upstairs sitting area. Good selection of local and GB beers on tap and cask. Nice bottle selection too. Prices ok, bartender warned that some of the beers were more expensive before pouring.“
ramboraffe 244 days ago
“Midway between Oxford Road Railway Station and St Peter's Square this Bundobust restaurant and brewery has a very similar set-up to its first concern in Piccadilly, although this one is not underground. The bar is at the back of a room full of dense long tables for street-food style eating, with curries obviously the mainstay, and there's another room to the side of the service area, which has mostly keg options (its own and guests) and a couple of cask brews. The brewing operation is also evident at the back.“
ManVsBeer 253 days ago
“First time in a Bundobust in the 7 years they've been in operation, partly because my other half doesn't 'do' spicy food but for some unknown reason she has allowed me to come here before watching Pigs x 7 at Albert Hall nearby. Nice looking place, 'hipstery' in a nice way in that it blends old Manchester (tiled walls etc..) with the new, and traditional India (bar consisting of old coloured doors) with modern, inventive street food. It's telling that in a city of so many Asian people that every person here was white, but it seems unnecessarily so. FV tanks line the walls on the right, while two long rows of shared bench tables run the way down. Menu consists of affordable, freshly made veggie and vegan indian street food, all small portions, with some fun, varied options. I got a bit carried away and chose 5 different ones, including some great battered Okra wedges and small veggie burger. My other half chose a portion of boiled rice! Beer seems to be chosen to compliment the food, with an impressive array of styles, largely spiced in some way with chai, coriander and ginger and every one tasting exceptional. Kind of annoyed it's taken me this long to discover Bundobust. In a country where bland Cobra lager seems to dominate Indian restaurants, Bundobust really does seem ahead of its time.“
minutemat 255 days ago
58 /100
Kro Bar (Restaurant)
“A converted residential building in the heart of the of the University districts of Manchester, but occupying a prominent position on the main road, it serves cask, keg, deli food and more substantial meals over a couple of floors and has a large front terrace. Its location means that everything is quite reasonably priced too. Local microbrews can be found here.“
ManVsBeer 272 days ago
“Half decent city centre pub“
Jerseyislandbeer 273 days ago
“Good pub with a small range of cask ales“
Jerseyislandbeer 273 days ago
74 /100 2, OLDHAM STREET
“Street corner with a large drinking area in front of the bar, 8 changing cask ales from far & wide“
Jerseyislandbeer 273 days ago
84 /100
Sandbar (Bar)
“Bohemian bar in converted 18th century town houses in the heart of the student quarter with 7 different changing cask ales“
Jerseyislandbeer 273 days ago
90 /100 73 ROCHDALE RD
“Home of Marble beers, 10 minutes walk from the city centre, this is a gem of a place with a sloping mosaic floor leading you to the bar. 7 marble beers alongside 2 changing guest ales plus craft keg & bottled beers.“
Jerseyislandbeer 273 days ago
“Smart new taproom, opened Oct 2021. The taproom is at the front of the building with the bar to one side, with the brewery at the back of the unit. Lots of seating inside. A good range of Track's own beers plus a smattering of guests and a fridge full of cans. Food provided by a pop up on my visit, the keema pies were delicious“
Cheeseboard 275 days ago
76 /100
Cask (Bar)
“Craft beer place off Deansgate. Smallish space but comfortable enough, could imagine it being very cramped when crowded. Very eclectic selection of beers both cask and keg, no Budvar dark on tap anymore. Worth a visit if you are in the area.“
Beermenace 279 days ago
74 /100 49-51 THOMAS STREET
“Review from my visit Nov 2014 - A modern beer bar with a good number of international beers, on draft & bottle, many which I'd not come across before. The have a very appealing menu of rib dishes.. So I could see myself returning to this bar sometime!“
Jerseyislandbeer 280 days ago
68 /100 8 SWAN ST
“Review from my visit Nov 2014 - This is a bar specializing in Belgium beers in the Northern Quarter, along with a few taps from small UK brewery's. It was very busy when I visited and a real scrum to get to the bar, with my first choice running out. I would visit again at a quieter time.“
Jerseyislandbeer 280 days ago
88 /100
Beermoth (Beer Store)
“Review from my visit on Nov 2014 - A small, busy and extensively stocked beer bottle shop run by passionate American staff. I went to raid the US section where they have a great range of the following- Anchor, Odells, Brooklyn, Sierra Nevada, Rogue, Founders, Jack's Abbey as well as a number that I've not heard off. They are awaiting discovery in my cellar. Also a great range of Belgium, German, Norwegian, Italian as well as a few selected local UK breweries such as Marble & Buxton.“
Jerseyislandbeer 280 days ago
88 /100 39-41 PORT STREET
“A fantastic beer bar with a ever changing range of UK & international beers. The bar staff are friendly & informative. Beware that some of the beers are expensive, but there is a easy to see price list. There is also a large drinking area on the upstairs room.“
Jerseyislandbeer 280 days ago
64 /100
Lättsam (Bar)
“Corner bar in the city centre. Looks like it's straight out of an Ikea catalogue. The place lacked any character, for me. Scandinavian beers plus some of Beatnikz's own pouring. “
Cheeseboard 281 days ago
74 /100 18-20 FOUNTAIN STREET
“Close to the Market Street tram stop, Brewdog's second city centre pub was much needed as the first was clearly way to small for purpose. It's well turned out pub from this brewery, not too dissimilar in design to others, looking fresh with the bar immediately upon you after you enter with their current range, some regulars and a fair few guests available.“
ManVsBeer 296 days ago
“What's not to like, craft beer and curry same concept as their other places with the welcome addition of an in-house brewery“
redders1974 310 days ago