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38 /100 TERMINAL 1
“Large area upstairs in the departure lounge, crammed with tables. Big long bar, but pointless as all ordering has to be done online. No cask beer, despite the Cask Marque certificate. Soulless to be honest, set up really as a large cafeteria selling international brands of lager, cider, stout and craft (Beavertown). I headed over to Bar MCR and had a pint of Seven Brothers, ordered at the bar!“
reidyboy 282 days ago
“Airport pub post security. Round, new looking with televisions playing. Order at the counter. Kegs are San Miguel, Carlsberg and the likes plus Guinness. 2 cask beers by J.W. Lees. Had one, it was quite awful. As expected price was 2* and plus probably of what it would cost elsewhere. They do pub grub, cater to different prices, had some KFC further & saw people take from elsewhere here, food was about as expensive as you would expect.“
77ships 415 days ago
“Airport bar nowt special....“
Wirralbeerveg 1434 days ago
“Visited January 2020 after a super nice time in Manchester.. short breakfast stop before take of. Place in the center of the food area, easy to find. Be aware they only do breakfast untill midday..“
Brugmansia 1640 days ago
“Had a couple hours to kill in airport and stopped here, despite being very early in morning British time I went with fact it was late at night my time. small draft list however did have a few hand pumps of JW Lees brews including a mild ale which is a perfect morning beverage when your on no sleep. Its a handsome circular bar that in center of lodge. folks friendly enough prices fine for a airport. Take the english place ticks where I can grab em“
Jow 1721 days ago
60 /100 TERMINAL 1
“Just a quick stop before taking my flight. 5 cask ales on offer, only 2 available at the time of my visit.“
rauchbierlover 1756 days ago
16 /100 TERMINAL 1
“The best you can do at Manchester Airport for beers. A few real ales, and then a bunch of macro garbage. Extremely crowded and really long lines. Prices high. Not even worth checking out.“
mcberko 2224 days ago
50 /100 TERMINAL 1
“Its ok if your passing gets really busy ..“
Wirralbeerveg 2300 days ago
38 /100 TERMINAL 1
“Visited with OGJ on trip to 24 Northern counties 08.01.18. 6 handpunmps, all using sparklers. Only four ales were on at our visit. Noisy and busy place at Manchester Airport. A lot of tables were not cleaned for used plates, cutlery and glasses at our visit. Background music competing with flight annoncement for attention.“
Holmen2 2389 days ago
44 /100 TERMINAL 1
“As an airport bar, this is quite handy for us beerhunters. Big and spacious with lots of different seating areas. 4 real ales on tap at my visit. There is food as well, another nice feature is the free WiFi. Music on the loudspeakers was set at 11 at my visit, I looked around but didnt noticed any suspicious looking Spinal Tap look alikes amongst the staff, but this loud music scared me away after only 1 pint.“
gunnar 3237 days ago
64 /100 TERMINAL 1
“At terminal 1 after security, floor one where the resaurants are. They have screens with flight info so you can have a devent pint and wait for your flight in comfort. Only 4 craft beer taps were on when i was there. There didn’t seem to be a meanu for the bottled beers but they had great beer and free wifi. More airport bars should be like this“
deanso 3347 days ago
50 /100 TERMINAL 1
“Finally an option for serious beer drinking at Manchester Airport. Located airside, first floor at the food section. A large open plan place with a long bar. Five cask ales from regional microbreweries, like Weetwood, Marble, Bakewell, Salopian and Dunham Massey supported by quite a good range of bottled beers from the Thornbridge Brewery, some of them available in take-away boxes. Smiling waitress (visited 04.02.2015).“
Rune 3446 days ago
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