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56 /100 163 BURY OLD ROAD
“Opposite the western edge of Heaton Park on the built up side of the road, this Holts pub in a large brick building is a multi-room affair all emanating from a centrally located bar area that also offers entry into the rear and part cobbled beer garden. The common and games rooms areas are not much to shout about but the two room facing the front of the building offer a fine period style ambiance. Holts ales are the order of the day and there’s cask and keg to choose from. The casual visitor may stumble on this pub if they are attending one of the summer concerts that are held in the park but it’s also popular when one of the Manchester football teams are playing and as well as television throughout the inside there’s one on the outside patio are too.“
ManVsBeer 2779 days ago
68 /100 40 CHURCH LN
“400 year old pub that sits right next to the church it takes its name from. This is at the end of a small road off the main Bury New Road, but although it’s only a 100 metres or so away from the commercial area it feels a million miles away in what starts to be a leafy historic area of Prestwich. There’s some parking spaces out front and a rear garden to this pub which is a multi-room affair each with their own ambiance and the period building certainly adds to this. There’s traditional furnishings throughout. The sign on the front says this is a John Smiths pub, but apart the Extra Smooth in keg this is very much a real ale pub with four regularly rotating ales from a wide selection and you can see what’s been on before with used pump clips on the walls by the bar. There’s plenty of decent pubs in Prestwich but if you were to only choose one to visit this would be it.“
ManVsBeer 2894 days ago
60 /100 444 BURY NEW ROAD
“The middle of three Holts pubs within less than half a mile of each other on the Bury New Road. This one is perhaps the least appealing from the outside given the building is bland and blends in with the row of commercial buildings it frequents. It does have a decent interior so you should have no qualms about going in here. You’re given the choice of ’Vault’ or ’Lounge’ at the entrance and unless you’re here to play darts or pool you’ll probably want the latter which is a fine traditional affair with good furnishings to enjoy your Holts ale. Both rooms are similar in size and both show the football. This Holts pub has a large range of its own ales, especially in bottle form served from the central bar area that acts as a partition between the two rooms.“
ManVsBeer 2894 days ago
64 /100 398 BURY NEW ROAD
“On the busy main road through Prestwich, this red brick building would be very imposing if it was set right up against the street like most of the other building, but it is set back with a large cobbled forecourt that gives it plenty of breathing space between itself and the traffic that serves to give it a finer historic charm more so than other public houses in the area. There’s a few picnic tables on the cobbles too. Inside you are greeted immediately by the bar in the bar area, although you’ll probably want to take your drinks to the gloriously soft furnished best room area opposite that’s easy on the eye and a very relaxing place to drink. It includes a very large leather backed bench that almost encircles the circumference of the room. The ale selection is pretty good too, most of the regular Joseph Holt range is here in cask, keg, or bottle form and I found a seasonal brew from them on my visit.“
ManVsBeer 2914 days ago
58 /100 466 BURY NEW ROAD
“On the main road, but slightly set back unlike all the other buildings that offer little room between itself and the tarmac, allowing for a front patio area. Inside it is a very traditional affair, verging on heritage status, although the decor isn’t quite antique just yet. The bar welcomes you as you walk in although there’s plenty of room in front of it, drinking is mainly done in one of several rooms accessible from this open area. Holts brews are the choice given this is one of their pubs.“
ManVsBeer 3155 days ago
“A popular local pub in traditional form close to the junction of the A56 on Scholes Lane. This is a freestanding building and the action is all on the ground floor despite a staircase inviting you upwards as you walk in. The bar on the right feels like a collection of serving hatches given the posts that break up this 360 degree serving space. Around it you’ll find a great selection of Holt’s range including its two lagers. There’s several different rooms to sit in, although if the football is on then they’ll be plenty who have to stand up to watch it. Out front there is a small patio area useful for the summer.“
ManVsBeer 3155 days ago
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