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“In the main front facing grand hall room of the former post office building, which itself is a beautiful construction easily missed because of the more eye-catching Gothic town hall it stands opposite from. I've visited a number of times and have yet to see one of their ales on a cask pump, of which there are 16, but double up so 8 brews are available at one time. There's a plethora of keg beer here too, but the vast majority are macro options. I'm told their own ales will resume soon, as a new brewer has been found to replace the departing one because of ill health. The guest selection over the last few months has been decent enough, with local microbreweries well represented, and a few from the white rose county across the border, which is close by. It's a plush enough traditional decor in keeping with the grandeur of the room which may well be listed. Food is served here too.“
ManVsBeer 1279 days ago
58 /100 438 EDENFIELD ROAD,
“In the suburbs of Rochdale on the road out signposted towards Blackburn, this is a refurbished Sam Smiths pub with a central doorway offering you a lounge room to the the left, or the bar area to the right, with a dart board games room behind the latter. A relatively small place, it only serves keg ales and bottles from its own brewery owner, but the selection of Sam Smiths ales is decent enough if you're looking to find an untried brew from this brewer. The organic fruit beers available here can also be taken away in a gift pack box set sold behind the bar. Behind the pub are a few picnic tables in an open concreted area next to a path that leads to the housing estate further back from the public house. It's a locals place and is exceptional value. Driving here I only partook in half of a very tasty light mild which cost 67pence.“
ManVsBeer 1303 days ago
“Cant believe I hadn't got round to rating this place Tucked down an alley at the bottom of Yorkshire street usual Sam Smith's fare and cheap prices. Interesting mix of characters in here,“
redders1974 1383 days ago
70 /100 470 BURY RD
“We came here for a few drinks before the match between Rochdale A.F.C and Charlton Athletic F.C. A corner pub with entrances both from Bury Rd and Sandy Lane. About 20 minutes walk from the city center, there is also a bus stop right outside in Bury Rd. A well-kept pub with great historic, Edwardian decor and interior. Outdoor seating by the main entrance and also by Sandy Ln. Seven cask ales and ciders on offer, mainly regional sourced. Busy and hard-working people behind the bar on this particular match day. Btw, the home team won the match 1-0. (Visited with Norwegian friends 05.05.2018).“
Rune 1460 days ago
“A traditional, welcome, medium sized Samuel Smith's pub with two entrances, right in the central part of town. A half moon bar displaying 11 taps with their own beers, two of them new to me. Great value as always in Samuel Smith's places. Friendly and helpful barmaid. Relaxing atmosphere. (Visited 04.05.2018).“
Rune 1461 days ago
56 /100 THE BUTTS
“Walking around the streets of Rochdale early on Friday afternoon, we wondered where all the locals were. We certainly got the answer when entering this large JDW. It was packed with all kinds of people eating and drinking. No wonder this particular place is said to be among the most busy JDW in the UK. One-roomed, former cinema, place, with entrances on both side, one of them close to the tram station in town. 18 hand-pumps with a range of cask ales not as exciting as in near-by pubs like Wellington, Flying Horse Hotel and Medicine Tap. Polite service. (Visited 04.05.2018).“
Rune 1461 days ago
66 /100 37 PACKER STREET
“A proper, traditional British pub and a freehouse with a L-shape bar serving well-kept cask ales from 12 hand-pumps. Seems to be popular during the daytime and in the evenings, often with live music. Great to hear a local band playing Teenage Kicks when we visit the pub on a Thursday night. Tasty home-made sandwiches for me watching football on a Saturday afternoon. God vibe and polite service. (Visited twice during a few days in Rochdale, early May 2018).“
Rune 1462 days ago
“A tidy and airy room with high ceiling successfully transformed from an old post office to a modern bar and coffeehouse, slightly German-like but also with a touch of pharmacy decor. Outlet for Mighty Medicine brewery with four of their beers on cask at our stay. German and British craft ales among the line-up of 21 kegs. Some trappist beers in the fridge. Beers can be bought in thirds. We visit the place several times during a stay in Rochdale not only for the beers, but also for some delicious cakes, splendid scones with clotted cream and well made coffee. Friendly and knowledgeable service all the time. The music in the back was great as well; Pattie Smith, Pulp, Kinks, and they even played aha for us. Central location on the other side of the Town Hall. (Visited with Frau Eva, Unn, Tor and the Longva people in early May 2018).“
Rune 1462 days ago
76 /100
Baum (Bar)
“A welcome and well-kept traditional British pub in brick and dark wooden interiors. A L-shape bar serving different seating areas, and with a rather large and lovely beer garden to the rear. Function room upstairs where more than 20 Norwegians had a birthday party on a Friday eve. 10 cask ales and ciders, most of them locally sourced. Craft beers among the taps and bottles. Beer can be bought in thirds with three or five glasses on a tray. It's located in the upper part of town, about five minutes from the Town Hall and close to the parish church. (Visited several times during a few days in Rochdale, including the birthday celebration of Leif on 04.05.2018).“
Rune 1469 days ago
78 /100 470 BURY RD
“Old fashioned pub. Well kept. Quick service even on a busy day. A lot of rooms with inviting sofas. Well treated cask ales. Some seating outside. Well worth a visit.“
Finn 1472 days ago
“Good looking one-roomed pub. 16 casks. 8 differnt beers. Half of them from Mighty Medicine. 21 kegged. A bit noisy.“
Finn 1473 days ago
“great new addition to the Rochdale beer scene. Nice restoration of the old Post office in the town center lage one roomed plenty of for the moment safe beer choices from local brewers. Large selection of mainly German lager on keg. Some more daring beer choices could really make this the place to go.“
redders1974 1500 days ago
50 /100 145 KINGSWAY
“Named after james king and the road it occupies large art deco pub that would be lauded over if it were in a city center location as it is its oddly located and rarely busy usual sam smiths offerings at cheap prices.“
redders1974 1578 days ago
“Hmmm….it is hard to say that this is a great place for a beer. But it is a convenient pit stop if you are going by train or tram. Just a couple of minutes away from the station.
Small place with a limited selection. But a Sam Smith is always nice. I like that brewery. Beer in good condition at my visit. And a cosy fireplace.“
Cunningham 1623 days ago
82 /100
Baum (Bar)
“What a gem!
A little bit off pist, but not really hard to find. Google is your friend mate.
No problem to understand why this pub have been CAMRA pub of the year.
Frendly abd relaxed atmosphere. Solid beer selection. Both on tap, cans and bottle/can. Helpful and friendly staff.
By far the best place in Rochdale.
And probably for a long distance!“
Cunningham 1623 days ago
66 /100 37 PACKER STREET
“What I remember most is the nice food aroma when I entered this place. Small charmy place with an good atmosphere.
Very easy to find. Located almost in the heart of the town. If you find the huge Town Hall that look like an old church, then you are there.
Not a huge beer selection, but absolutely acceptable!. Good food.
Eat here, and then off to Baum. That is my advice“
Cunningham 1623 days ago
62 /100 THE BUTTS
“Yet another one of these large Spoons. You know what you get. And sometimes that is ok. Absolutely a decent tap, cask and bottle selection.
Tis one is located right in the heart of the city.“
Cunningham 1627 days ago
“Large chain pub facing a road junction with a huge Sam Smiths pub on the opposite side. This is a large, mostly food and family oriented Greene King concern with a large car park at its side and outdoor seating too. The 'L' shaped bar straddles two rooms, with the second towards its side and rear showing live football in what is a considerably sized room, perhaps mainly for drinking rather than dining, although I see no reason why you can't eat in here too. The ale selection is poor, expect regulars from this brewer with the odd seasonal or special - although none of the latter were on during my visit.“
ManVsBeer 1657 days ago
60 /100 1 OLDHAM ROAD
“Visited on 29th May 2016. Situated alongside the tram line from the town centre to the station this is a large pub. It’s got a couple of rooms and is set up for the locals to watch sport. 3 cask beers from local breweries were in good nick. Stopped for Sunday lunch and it was great value and the food, whilst not being Egon Ronay was decent for the cheap price. It’s not really a beer destination but is a decent local boozer.“
WingmanWillis 2169 days ago
68 /100 THE BUTTS
“Visited on 29th May 2016. Huge town centre Spoons that used to be a cinema. It’s looking a little shabby now but there’s plenty of room to grab a seat. The beer range on cask was pretty decent with some good local beers, well kept and at low Spoons prices. Also had the usual Spoons craft and bottle range. Not my favourite pub in Rochdale but not a bad place to pick up a good value tick.“
WingmanWillis 2169 days ago
“Visited on 29th May 2016. Quite an odd vibe to this place as it seemed like the Wetherspoons crowd had filtered in. Could sit outside but had to use a plastic vessel and, as Rochdale isn’t nearly enough like San Tropez for my liking we opted to stay inside. Range of Sam Smith’s beer on tap and a few bottles. Beer quality was decent enough, prices excellent. Not one I’d rush back to as not a big fan of the beers.“
WingmanWillis 2169 days ago
74 /100
Baum (Bar)
“Visited on 29th May 2016. Lovely old pub tucked away at the top of town. Nice cosy pub with plenty of seats and a Victorian feel to it. Lots of nice traditional features make it a really nice place to relax. A good range of beers on cask and keg from local breweries. Picked up quite a few new beers here including adding beers from Salamander amongst others. Beer quality was good, prices good and come with a CAMRA discount. Service decent too. Best place in Rochdale and it’s evident why it won POTY.“
WingmanWillis 2169 days ago
66 /100 37 PACKER STREET
“Visited on 29th May 2016. It’s a large town centre pub opposite the impressive Town Hall. It’s a nice Victorian pub with lots of room and plenty of comfortable seating. Nice atmosphere on the Sunday lunchtime when we arrived. Decent range of local beers on cask, decent prices and well kept. Service was good. Nice pub.“
WingmanWillis 2170 days ago
“Generic Hungary horse place on kingsway rochdale ok for cheap eats kid freindly and always a couple of decent local ales on tap ive had beers from bank top phoenix and cheshire brew house in the past. Worth popping over the road to the kingsway a sam smiths art deco inspired pub opposite for the architecture alone.“
redders1974 2237 days ago
56 /100 83 BROAD LANE
“Three cask pumps all jw lees In good condition on my visit Hugh outdoor area with kids playground food is ok more family eatery but there’s a more locals orientated bar out back.“
redders1974 2255 days ago
60 /100 438 EDENFIELD ROAD,
“Extensively renovated sam smiths pub on the road to norden out of rochdale, handily placed for the football ground being less than a 10 minute walk. There was 2 lagers two bitters a stout and a mild on offer and some bottles all sam smiths on offer great value and cosy atmosphere with nice real fire“
redders1974 2269 days ago
56 /100 1 OLDHAM ROAD
“A little non deScript inside sport on Hugh screen at the back pool table and three real ales as previously stated one always from green mill the one I had was in great condition worth a quick visit.“
redders1974 2284 days ago
58 /100
Oxford (Bar)
“In the far north of the urban area of Rochdale, on the road to Whitworth, this family friendly pub has a lovely atmosphere to it, certainly a notch above the usual large venue that try to cater for all ages and groups. There’s a mix of flagstones and carpets around the centrally located service area, and there’s a wood burner in the middle of a wall in side of the pub closest to the considerably sized car park. The rear of the pub also has a large garden area with plenty of seating. Four ale pumps include regionally produced ales.“
ManVsBeer 2380 days ago
48 /100
Albion (Bar)
“Small local oriented pub on the road north to Whitworth just before the ’Oxford’. It’s friendly and appealing enough with two rooms, the main one with the bar on the left as you walk in, and the rear taken up by the pool table. The other, smaller room that makes up the rest of the front facing part of the building is basically set-up to show the live football, all of which can be found here and probably offers the best reason to stop here if you’re in the area. Three ales are offered with one permanent local ale available. There is a restaurant attached to the building but it was not open on the Monday evening I visited.“
ManVsBeer 2380 days ago
68 /100 37 PACKER STREET
“Nicer than average town center boozer with nice veiw over to the impressive town hall victorian with large bar focus is on local beer usualy a pictish and phoenix beer on rotation good for bands on weekend nights“
redders1974 2438 days ago
62 /100 83 BROAD LANE
“In the leafy suburbs of Rochdale, a minute or so off the road towards Royton, this is a lovely pub in its own grounds very much serving the locals, but also attracts lots of families as its rooms are spacious with a good modern finish to its traditional styling. Food is served here as in many of the larger JW Lees pubs in the area and you’ll find several real ale choices at the bar including the monthly special from the brewer. Has plenty of parking and lots of outdoor space.“
ManVsBeer 2455 days ago
62 /100 THE BUTTS
“Hugh weatherspoons housed in the old cinema in rochdale town centre, decent selection of ales and a good meeting point small terrace on back for rare rain free days in the pennines“
redders1974 2489 days ago
30 /100
Albion (Bar)
“Popped in for a quick pint limited range of standard beers on the main rd between Rochdale and whitworth“
redders1974 2522 days ago
68 /100
Oxford (Bar)
“Lovely family run pub on the main road to whitworth out of Rochdale good food and nice beer garden on the back the chicken tikka salad is worth the visit theakstons always on and guest ales vary“
redders1974 2526 days ago
84 /100
Baum (Bar)
“The best place in Rochdale by a country mile for decent beer, lovely location next to the co-op museum and great beer garden for those rare sunny days decor never changes but thats part of the appeal and its in no way tatty, regular special meet the brewer nights and good selection of real ales and bottles,“
redders1974 2528 days ago
76 /100 470 BURY RD
“Review based on visit last night but been in countless times over the years due to its proximity to the football ground decent real ale pub opposite Rochdale cemetery full of charm six or seven hand pumps with an range of good local beers amongst which phoenix Morehouse black sheep but always rotating think they had kronenberg and Coors on for the lager well worth a visit if your in the area“
redders1974 2585 days ago
64 /100 37 PACKER STREET
“Visited in December 2012. Big stone built Victorian pile opposite the town hall. Comfortable place with a decent range of 7 or 8 casks. Although a couple were standard Timothy Taylor beers there was enough interest to keep me happy. Definitely worth a look if you are in the area. It was a quiet afternoon when we visited but I imagine it might be on the "circuit" on weekend nights and has frequent live music so you may wish to choose your time of visit carefully if that sort of thing isn’t your bag.“
chriso 2817 days ago
66 /100 THE BUTTS
“Visited in December 2012. Biggest range of beer in Rochdale town centre. Plenty of winners for me. Otherwise it’s a comfortable enough Spoons in an old cinema. Service was quick for a Spoons but it wasn’t very busy. Not much else to say really. Only ignore if you are in the vicinity if you are an ardent Spoonophobe.“
chriso 2817 days ago
60 /100 1 OLDHAM ROAD
“Visited in December 2012. I had been under the impression that this was a "brewpub" - as it had been in the old McGuinness days - and that consequently it would carry a decent range of Green Mill (or should that be Greenmill?) beers. But it turned out that, although the brewery is located at the pub, they are under different ownership and just one of the three beers on cask was from Green Mill. As it happened, the Green Mill beer was a new one for me so that was fine. The other two beers were local but I’d had them before. A comfortable enough but rather plain pub. The atmosphere was dead as we were pretty much the only customers. Probably not helped by the fact that most of the street it is on was dug up for the seemingly never-ending works on putting in the tramline (subsequently completed). Worth a look if you are in the area but not an essential visit.“
chriso 2817 days ago
92 /100
Baum (Bar)
“Excellent pub with good and interresting food menu. Good selection of real ales, craft ales and bottled beers.“
Palin24 2882 days ago
62 /100 1 OLDHAM ROAD
“The Cask and Feather is a nice traditional town centre pub with three hand pumps. They usually have one Greenmill beer on tap (the Greenmill brewery is at the back of the pub in the old McGuinness brewhouse) and a couple of other local ales. The beers we tried were in very good condition - crystal clear and bright with just the right amount of carbonation. (Visited 24 December 2012).“
Boudicca 2948 days ago
“Revamped in late February 2014 with good reason, this is Sam Smith’s town centre pub and it can be a busy place because of its location. It’s a little hard to find at first, down an alleyway at the foot of the sloping main commercial street called Yorkshire Street. There’s two main rooms, one around the bar that serves a selection of the brewers own ales and lagers, and another to the right hand side of the bar which offers less of an ambiance if you’re drinking in this part. Probably the cheapest place to drink in the town centre but it’s all keg ales.“
ManVsBeer 2994 days ago
84 /100
Baum (Bar)
“CAMRA’s national pub of the year in 2012 is a well deserved title with seven rotating cask ale pumps and a rotating keg option too as well as a real cider. It has a slight Irish bar feel to it with a predominantly wooden decor and furnishing with exposed brick walls, floorboards throughout and a superb ambiance. They serve food to compliment the fine choice in drinks which includes a decent bottled selection too. This place is behind the shopping centre on its north side, but you’ll have to walk around it to get to it as there’s no exit on this side. It’s right next to the St Mary in the Baum Church. This is a popular place for all ages and there’s a conservatory extension at the back to cope with this, and this also leads to the outdoor area.“
ManVsBeer 2995 days ago
64 /100 37 PACKER STREET
“Located in a slightly obscure corner of the town centre below the hillside grounds of the tree-lined St Chad’s church and opposite the side of Rochdale Town Hall - which incidentally was Hitler’s favourite building in England, this is a large pub with a focus on real ale and there’s usually several good rotating choices alongside some good choice regulars. There’s tables either side of the central doorway with a nice fireplace area to the left as you walk in. The bar is set back a little but facing you as you enter and there’s further areas to sit in either side of this. It’s still a hotel so you can stay here if you plan to stay in Rochdale and food is also served in the bar area which doubles as reception, although it looks and feels like a pub rather than a lobby area as some hotel bars can.“
ManVsBeer 2996 days ago
56 /100 HEIGHTS LA
“This Sam Smith’s pub is located on the other side of a housing estate just a few minutes walk north of The Baum. It is no longer a hotel but the twin roomed pub that is open plan with a large archway between the rooms is a quiet and inviting enough place to drink. Obviously you have to enjoy Sam Smith’s drinks to want to come here and there’s a outdoor area at its rear if the weather is good. It’s no longer a hotel though. Sells only keg ales from Sam Smiths with no bottles here either.“
ManVsBeer 2996 days ago
68 /100 470 BURY RD
“A heritage pub in a red-brick building that consists of three room off a main central serving area. The decor is wonderful with a mixture of bright mosaic patterns in tile form on floor and wall. The two rooms of the left as you walk in are the places to sit, fine examples of early 20th century design around a fireplace in the middle of the first room and the Snug is certainly snug next to it. The 3rd room is less exciting but includes a pool table and live sport is shown in all areas except the front parlour. I had been previously directed to this place by the staff at The Cask & Feather in the town centre as it is certainly worth a visit on on real ale trail despite being in the western areas of the town. There’s seven hand pumps with some regular ales and rotating ales, and plenty of choice. It gets its name from the large cemetery across the other corner of the road junction it sits on and the rear decked outdoor area faces this, although sadly it’s on the north side of the building so gets little sun.“
ManVsBeer 2997 days ago
62 /100 1 OLDHAM ROAD
“Halfway between the railway station and the town centre just as the hill descends into the central areas. The best way to find this is simply to follow the tramlines from outside the station entrance and you can’t fail to see the pub on the right after 5 minutes walk. It’s a little ordinary inside, but nice enough, although you’ll probably be in here for the three rotating ales which always at least include a Green Mill brew from the local micro. They have a fairly large food menu here too, and it’s cheap but tasty fare with friendly staff behind the bar that is central in the building. The main seating area faces the bar with a pool table around the other side.“
ManVsBeer 2999 days ago
58 /100 131 DRAKE STREET
“One of two pubs close to the station that are both owned by and provide Sam Smith’s brewed drinks. This one probably edges its close neighbour with a fine open plan four room period design with lovely open fires in two of them to the left of the central bar against the back wall. The two room areas to the right are nice enough but do lack the ambiance of the open flame of those across the central entrance area. This is a quiet pub to go and relax in with a fair selection of the brewer’s range and dirt cheap. Not many bottles here and if you want the Double Four Lager you need to head to the other one close by as it is not served here.“
ManVsBeer 3000 days ago
58 /100 59 OLDHAM ROAD
“The best option on the walk between the inconveniently placed main railway station and the town centre of Rochdale. I actually ended up here at 10pm on a Sunday night in full cycling gear due to engineering works on the line and nobody in this very local oriented Sam Smiths pub took the mickey or gave me a hard time about it, which made me feel very welcome. It doesn’t have the full range of Sam Smiths ales but the usual cask and keg drinks are available as well as some of the handcrafted organic range. It’s a one room affair but large enough around a long ’L’ shaped bar. There’s a pool table sandwiched into the small area that faces the front of the building. The interior includes a stuffed eagle in a case above the window.“
ManVsBeer 3029 days ago
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