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66 /100 186 WORSLEY ROAD
“Joseph Holt pub in its own building not too far away from another of its public houses on the Worsley Road. This red-brick building is similar in design to many others of this brewery in that you can choose which side you want to enter at the door. The small ’vault’ or bar side to the right can only fit a few people in but is quaint and appealing for this reason. There’s also a toilet attached but only services males. The central bar services this side and the lounge side which covers two rooms and both are very cosy and comfortable. Perhaps the best room is the one at the rear which is wooden paneled throughout and has a lovely relaxed atmosphere. The fixtures and furniture are of good quality. There’s a decent range of Holts ales in three forms, cask, keg and bottle.“
ManVsBeer 2849 days ago
56 /100 135 WORSLEY ROAD
“Convivial Holts pub in the midst of suburban Swinton. Although it’s situated on the main Worsley Road it’s still quite a quiet stretch given it’s the only commercial building in the immediate area. You’ll have to park on the street around here but once you make it inside you’ll find a two-roomed pub with the central bar serving both of the small areas that exist to drink in here. The best place to enjoy one of the various Holts offerings is in the front room which has only a handful of small tables available but they’re all mostly around a roaring open fire that makes it a very snug place to sup. It will be a little busier in here when the football is on as live sport is shown here.“
ManVsBeer 2852 days ago
58 /100 227 MANCHESTER RD
“Midway between the Farmers Arms and White Lion, this Holts pub has a full range of its ales in cask, keg and bottle form. It’s a fairly simple affair inside with a single room split into a ’bar’ and ’lounge’ area through the centrally placed serving area, however there’s no direct access between the two so you’ll have to choose which side at the entrance. Live sport is shown here and one of the most enjoyable aspects of this pub is the multiple framed photographs of sports stars on the wall in various guises. There’s no sport unrepresented, nor any post-war era ignored from Bobby Charlton in his Munich hospital bed to Chris Boardman’s record breaking hour record on the track to name just two.“
ManVsBeer 2858 days ago
“At the main A6 junction in the heart of Swinton, this pub has a very large car park at it’s rear, too big for it’s needs as it’s only a place you’d go to drink in rather than eat. It’s a pub in a traditional style although the furniture, especially the long bench seats have an updated more modern upholstery to them so there’s nothing ’period’ about its look. The bar is central with seating on three sides to it and there are two cask ale pumps. The xmas seasonal Tom & Berry accompanied the popular Unicorn brew on them when I first visited. There’s a very small rear patio area that is next to the car park and also a juke box if you want to pick your own tunes.“
ManVsBeer 2858 days ago
62 /100 160 MANCHESTER RD
“A pub right up against the main A6 road through Swinton that leaves little room for any pedestrians on this side of the road. It’s large sign on the side wall means it’s hard to miss and if you are in a car you can pull up around the back in their car park although there’s less than a dozen spaces available. This is a traditional pub with a fine modern wood panel decoration and a bar that straddles both the front and rear rooms, either of which make for a suitably comfortable place to be. Food is served here. There’s a bit of a shrine to Manchester United going on in the room by the road, although it’s done in a tasteful way with everything behind frames on the wall. The bar serves three cask ales from various parts of the country.“
ManVsBeer 2861 days ago
“A Joseph Holt pub that is the last in quite a line along the A6 through Manchester before the M60 crosses the road above. It’s in its own very large building and has two areas either side of a central bar, you pretty much have to choose the ’lounge’ or ’vault’ door once you’ve entered the main one. Both sides are well kept with decent traditional pub fixtures and furniture. There’s plenty of Joseph Holt ales here in cask, keg and a wide range of their bottles, however this one also has one rotating guest cask which was from Beartown on my visit. The live football is shown here.“
ManVsBeer 2861 days ago
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