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52 /100 90 QUEENSMEAD
“All the beers are always in the chiller, not a brilliant selection but did pick up some beers which I have not seen before. One of those shops you just need to pop in and see if they have anything new. “
joe19612 175 days ago
44 /100 10 APOLLO RISE
“Been here a couple of times from work - the place of choice for colleagues who favour cheap average food. Modern food orientated place, you may as well be in a Hungry Horse or any similar establishment.There were a few ticks but it's boring Marstons beer. Popular with families with kids. Not a place I choose to visit.“
BeardedAvenger 851 days ago
48 /100 10 APOLLO RISE
“Visited late on a Sunday afternoon. More of a restaurant than a pub. All the beers were Marstons. 2 pumps down. Food was available and adequate and reasonably priced but nothing special. Service was not brilliant.“
joe19612 1464 days ago
“Decent Wetherspoons - relatively small in size for a Spoons although still above average by the standards of pubs in general. Not much else to add really as a Spoons is a Spoons.“
kwik-lime 1676 days ago
68 /100
Swan (Bar)
“Pleasant gastropub with four ale taps, all from quite small breweries when I visited, and a couple of craft kegs as well. Well regarded for its food although I haven't tried that myself yet. Nice pub if you're in the area.“
kwik-lime 1676 days ago
78 /100 184 RECTORY ROAD
“Friendly local pub with a decent range of cask ales and a good annual festival. Good value. Haven't tried the food yet.“
kwik-lime 1684 days ago
“Visited on Saturday 3rd February 2018 around 7pm. Relatively small Spooneria compared with many, single roomed with a slight partition and an aeronautical theme in terms of decor. The place was packed with no tables going so we perched by a pillar with a ledge for half an hour. Service was pretty good as spoons go and the clientele wasn't that bad either with mainly young groups and older couples eating ... not so much of the classic solo drinker saving on the heating on this visit! At the business end they offered the usual craft keg and bottle/can selection and 5 standard cask lines. The 5 guest lines offered 2 local numbers from Andwell and Crafty along with a Burton Bridge number, an offering from Green Jack and another number I can't recall. Overall not a bad spoons and the two cask beers I had were in great nick.“
Theydon_Bois 1701 days ago
“Bog standard Spoons. I used to live a 2 minute walk away but only visited about once every 6 months. It’s the only option centrally but no point coming here when you can walk to the Prince of Wales in 15 min. Random atmosphere - can be busy or can just be full of old blokes who smell of piss (so as I said, a standard for this chain). Around 4 craft-esque but they’ve often off. Random guest casks. OK if you are in the area but I’m sure some of the other Spoons in the area have better arrays of beer.“
BeardedAvenger 2109 days ago
58 /100
Swan (Bar)
“This place used to be a right dive, until new ownership took over and it re-opened as a gastro-pub. Never really like it because they tried to charge prices that were more suitable for a better venue. More recently has been taken over by the same company that owns The Aviator hotel up the road. Still very much a gastro-pub but the food has improved so can’t complain on that account. However they also do a good enough range of beers. 4 guest real ales, normally from Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire breweries. They have various permanent macro beers on but also include some craftish options: Kozel, Meantime Yakima Red and a lager from Wingtip. I find the place a bit bland but other than the Prince of Wales there aren’t many options around here. Also they still leave a large ’pub’ area, in addition to the dining areas.“
BeardedAvenger 2290 days ago
72 /100 184 RECTORY ROAD
“Update March 2017: the owner now leaves the beer orders to his son (I believe It's his son, anyway). Have started to see the likes of Siren and Elusive on. The only bad point being that some beers appear to be on more regularly, so have found 4 guests I've already ticked on a couple of occasions. Re-rated on 21/06/16. Realised my overall score was somewhat low compared to subsequent ratings. I surprise myself by not giving this pub a higher score, after all it is my favourite pub for miles. Always have an interesting array of beers on - usually a stout/porter, a best, a golden, maybe a mild. A traditional array, often from Hampshire/Dorset/Berkshire, etc. The food is pretty good, home-cooked style. Service and ambiance depend on the day of the week. For a local small town pub it scores top marks but perhaps does not score so well when compared to some big city pubs and the like. Update: a new manager has revamped the beer selection which, in terms of breweries, was getting a tad stale. Although have seen some beers reappear within a few weeks which is no good for ticking!“
BeardedAvenger 2324 days ago
“A modern Wetherspoons with an interesting theme - I won’t explain it here - you’ll have to visit to find out - if you do, be sure not to miss the door handles on your way in. Expect the usual mix of beers and clientele. Service is usually good, even at busy times.“
berkshirejohn 2448 days ago
72 /100 184 RECTORY ROAD
“Have visited a few times of the years, most recently on 12/10/12 for their annual beer festival (usually 40+ beers with a regional theme, 2nd weekend in October). 2 roomed local with an L-shaped bar between the two. Patio beer garden with heaters and covered area for smokers. Regular beers include Dark Star Hophead, London Pride, Hop Back SL, Youngs bitter and Ringwood 49’er plus 5 guests. They also have a budget bitter available usually one of the guests in the 3.x% ABV range for £2.80 a pint (or something under £3). One of the best if not the best pub in the Farnborough area.“
Theydon_Bois 3641 days ago
66 /100 184 RECTORY ROAD
“A traditional Victorian pub that has been tastefully (?) restored. Ten real ales, five regulars and five guests plus the usual kegs and bottles. Food (lunchtimes only) looks good, but not sampled.“
berkshirejohn 3824 days ago
62 /100
Home Brew Shop (Homebrew Shop)
“Recently relocated from Farnborough to Aldershot and located on an industrial estate just across the road from the White Lion. Now stocking a range of bottled beers, mainly from brewers in Hampshire and Sussex, but some from as far afield as Scotland. Still an excellent range of home brew (and wine making) supplies as well.

[Updated: March 2012] Unfortunately no longer stocking bottled beers.“
berkshirejohn 4277 days ago
80 /100
Home Brew Shop (Homebrew Shop)
“An excellent homebrew shop with good mail order services. I only wished I live closer because I prefer to shop in person (although it is only a shortish detour on the way to visit family). A good range in the shop - even more available from the website or if you ring ahead. Competitor for No1 homebrew shop in UK with Hop & Grape. The Home Brew Shop is generally cheaper (esp equipment) but not usually as wide a range.“
Mungo 6301 days ago
70 /100
Home Brew Shop (Homebrew Shop)
“As above. Prices are keen compared to other shops I have seen.“
Joeh 6681 days ago