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62 /100 28-29 HIGH STREET
“Typical Spoons on the main drag from the town centre towards ferry terminal - I was on my way back to Pompey. I had a half which was in decent condition.“
Cheeseboard 126 days ago
64 /100 143 QUEEN'S ROAD
“Trad back street local with a roaring fire (it was cold yesterday!) and a friendly vibe. Five beers on cask including a one from a local brewery (Newtown) who's beers are apparently quite hard to find.“
Cheeseboard 126 days ago
76 /100
33 Green Bottles (Beer Store)
“Airy & quirky micro-pub cum bottleshop hidden away on a side street, a 10-12 minute walk from the ferry terminal. Friendly welcome. Lounge furniture to sit on. Couple of fridges with craft cans. There were around 7 keg lines pouring plus two on cask - via gravity pour“
Cheeseboard 126 days ago
66 /100 143 QUEEN'S ROAD
“Due to the fact that this is a 'Hotel' I was quite surprised at how small the pub was. However this this is not a complaint, just an observation. I guess it's a Victorian terraced street and the pub fits - being from rural Hampshire it seems Northern to me but is presumably and example of an urban pub. I was very pleased to see they they had a Newtown beer on, being the only pub that regularly had the hobby brewery's beers on. The other beers were macro if memory serves me correctly. The main bar area was quite busy but the side lounge I went into was pretty empty. An old school locals pub which gets a plus point due to having an obscure brewery available.“
BeardedAvenger 127 days ago
70 /100
33 Green Bottles (Beer Store)
“Was surprised to discover that this bottleshop was now also a micropub, having expanded a few months previously. I guess they must have taken over the neighbouring unit. Gosport is a rundown drab place and 33 Green Bottles is on a particularly drab side street. You wouldn't spot it if you weren't looking for it. The bar area is on the right side of the building as you walk in and is a bit ramshackle, having seemingly been decorated with random second hand furniture. 4 kegs, some local and also a beer from Crafty of Surrey if I remember correctly, and two customers sat at a table. To the left is the shop area. As soon as I arrived the guy at the bar welcomed me and when I headed to the beers he came over and explained that the beers were split between craft and old school, light and dark. Straight away I spotted some Isle of Wight ticks and a couple of Fallen Acorn beers I'd not had. 100+ beers featuring local and national brands. They also stock an array of gins, including their own, plus ciders and spirits. Not the biggest selection but I'd be happy with it if it was my local bottleshop. And plus points for the owner who was extremely chatty and helpful. Decent local bottleshop and micropub. Gosport doesn't compete with Portsmouth but with the Four-Ale micropub down the road, Fallen Acorn's tap and the chance of an obscure Newtown Brewery tick at the Queens Hotel (none on this time) Gosport is worth the short ferry ride if you are staying in Portsmouth.“
BeardedAvenger 622 days ago
“Online order based on Facebook advert on UKCBF. Simple to order also order at the quoted release time. Simple and easy to use website. And quick secure postage.“
Mr_Pink_152 772 days ago
“Industrial unit. The small room to the front serves as an office and shop. The tap is then in the main space. A raised area with the beers and a cash till. Wooden fold out tables were then set up down the middle of the brewery. Very much a working brewery tap room, with a friendly welcome from the lass running the bar area. There were around 8 of us plus various other people dropped in. One of those places I drop into regularly if I was local for the decent array of beers - up to six on cask (three today, including a guest) plus the kegs.“
BeardedAvenger 1279 days ago
78 /100 45 STOKE ROAD
“Really inviting micro pub fronted by a father and daughter team. They knew we were coming but would hope they are like that all the time:) They make the most of the room by bringing the beers to you and then either taking payments via a bum bag for cash or with a wireless chip reader. Tables are then down the middle of the room. Decent array of cask and keg. Just out of central Gosport but presume people will head here as I would if I was in the area again.“
BeardedAvenger 1279 days ago
“A nice little brewery.“
Leeale 1295 days ago
“The taproom is 5 to 7 mins walk from the ferry terminal. Three beers on cask & five on keg, a variety of styles. Their Russian Imperial Stout - Crimea River (750ml bottle) - was superb. Tried a couple of others that I was less keen on“
Cheeseboard 1301 days ago
74 /100 45 STOKE ROAD
“Cosy micropub, around 20 mins walk from the ferry terminal. There were a few folk in already by the time we arrived at lunchtime on Saturday. 8 cask & 4 keg lines including some locally brewed beers. Very friendly service, well worth a visit“
Cheeseboard 1301 days ago
60 /100 28-29 HIGH STREET
“Not a bad place, but a lot of the ales weren’t yet on sale when I visited. It’s located on a busy shopping treat so it’s essy to find. Not too far from the Gosport ferry terminal.“
SaintMatty 3338 days ago
66 /100 28-29 HIGH STREET
“Located a bit of a walk up the High Street from the much used Gosport ferry, this Wetherspoon is a busy affair throughout the day with a preference for seats in the thin conservatory type area towards the rear where a small garden exists for times when the wind is not causing a chill off the Solent. It’s a traditional but cosy affair for a Wetherspoon with a couple of rows of ales to choose from.“
ManVsBeer 3420 days ago