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“Came here on 7.2.2020. Huge modern brewery with taproom upstairs and a merchandising room downstairs. Good visibility to the brewhouse through a window upstairs. This place is owned by the largest wine producer in England. The Brut IPA I had was ok. 7 beers on tap including a West Coast IPA.“
Schlenkerla 1335 days ago
“Brewery and brewery tap/restaurant on the other side of the bridge from the railway station in Ashford. Taproom downstairs and shop with restaurant upstairs. Modern bar.“
harrisoni 1372 days ago
“Not far from Ashford Rail Station. Coach Works contains a number of units including the Hot House which has a cocktail bar above and on the ground floor a bar from Boutilliers. Good selection, good prices, good service.“
harrisoni 1372 days ago
58 /100 10 THE HIGH STREET
“It's a Spoons. You can tell from the decor. Longish pub with several drinking areas. One bar with 8 cask lines and several keg beers. Sometimes local beers are available. I've probably been in it more often than any other pub in Ashford, but it's nothing special.“
harrisoni 1703 days ago
78 /100
Made Inn (Bar)
“Ashford's first micro bar. Along the lines of a micropub. A couple of rooms plus a rear patio with tables and benches. A dozen keg taps and a cask beer on gravity. A few ciders bottles and cans. Limited food. Music and comedy and quiz nights.. re-rate. Good community feel, gets better as time goes on.“
harrisoni 1888 days ago
54 /100 132 BEAVER ROAD
“International supermarket 5 minute walk south of Ashford International railway station. Mostly Eastern European foods with a decent selection of Eastern European beers in cans and bottles as well as more mainstream beers. Friendly service and a good place to stock up on cheap European lager.“
harrisoni 3083 days ago
52 /100 56-58 NEW STREET
“Just out of and to the north-west of the central ring around the small town of Ashford - this pub is opposite the Lidl supermarket if you need a landmark to find it. There’s probably enough room from the road to have some outdoor seating here but the pub doesn’t bother, in fact the were several mopeds of new and vintage age parked outside on my visit and a handful of leather clad mods drinking in the cosy upper-level area to the right after you enter. It’s a split level pub that tries to be a bit funkier in design than you’re traditional English pub but ultimately fails. Without the bikers I’d have been the only patron alongside two chess enthusiast also on the upper level of this split level pub. It serves two ales (including a seasonal) from the Shepherd Neame brewery, so if you live in the area it’s probably not going to provide you with many new ale options, however for a visitor like myself I found a new beer to rate here. There’s also a couple of the continental style lagers brewed by Shepherd Neame here too.“
ManVsBeer 3318 days ago
“Spent the night here before getting the Eurostar to France. As long as you’ve got light baggage it’s only a 15 minute walk to the terminal. The pub itself is traditional in design with an old world sign hanging down over the main pedestrianised High Street. They have a makeshift outdoor area out front if it’s not raining, although if it is there’s a permanent one at the rear where you can also park if you’re staying the night. It’s virtually an open plan pub with a central doorway and two areas either side as you walk in. The left is all tables geared towards dining with the bar and pub ready tables to the right. There’s only 3 hand pumps here but the selection is better than most in what is arguably a real ale starved town.“
ManVsBeer 3318 days ago
64 /100 10 THE HIGH STREET
“Located at the eastern end of the commercial centre, just beyond where the street market sets up, this Wetherspoon is located in an older atmospheric building, especially if you sit in one of the front two rooms that look out onto the pedestrian street. The bar is beyond these in the middle of the room just after a stained glass skylight, it serves a couple of rows of ales. There’s more seating beyond this and a garden area past this.“
ManVsBeer 3846 days ago