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74 /100
Caskbar (Bar)
“Micropub in the town centre, an outlet for Mayflower beers. Not the biggest selection but it's friendly and reasonably priced. Four cask beers - two from Mayflower and two from W Yorks outfit Empire - are supplemented by a few bottles of Mayflower staples. The beers are quite traditional (bitters, goldens and a porter) but well made and high quality. A great place to spend an afternoon and a welcome addition to a Darwen pub crawl.“
jjsint 508 days ago
“Known also as the Wine Shop (apparently Bird in t'Hand was the name of the pub that was here 100 years ago), this bar is a rose by any name. Three cask ales and about eight keg, mostly nearby breweries but including two Põhjala. A few chilled bottles/cans but even more to take away, including some gems such as Oud Beersel Green Walnut. Friendly, beer-centred and a joy to visit. Surely the gold standard of pubs in the area.“
jjsint 508 days ago
70 /100 39-41 BRIDGE STREET
“At first glance this pub doesn't seem like it would be the brewery tap for an excellent local outfit. It's quite dark inside, and while it's clean and obviously well-loved, it feels slightly tired. The beer though. Six handpulls, four from Hopstar with the other two being decent North West outfits. Hopstar offer basic traditional styles brewed to a high standard, and their beat bitter didn't disappoint. I would've stayed longer but there was a train to catch. I paid £2.50 for a pint so there's that as well. Definitely worth stopping by.“
jjsint 508 days ago
84 /100 39-41 BRIDGE STREET
“In the pedestrianised area of Darwen, however there is a free car park just 1 minute away in Foundry Street. Park up and climb the steps and you’re there. Excellent brewery tap, 5 of their own beers on plus 2 guest. Snaggletooth and Lytham beers on when I went. Well worth a visit.“
niquillis 2396 days ago
“Although the market hall which this pub faces is elegant enough, this pub is certainly is the grandest of Darwen’s town centre buildings. The name says it all and the transformation has attempted to retain elements of the buildings religious past with the stained glass window over the doorway which also has the largest doormat of any Wetherspoon pub I’ve been in. There are exposed stone walls, choir row steps that are not open to the public on the first floor and pseudo chandelier lighting - they also have abbey style window mirrors in the toilet which is a nice touch. It’s a one room hall over two levels with the bar on the right as you walk in. The pub has only been open a couple of months but is popular throughout the day already but the service is not up-to-scratch just yet. On the plus side there are twelve ale pumps with a fine rotating selection.“
ManVsBeer 2586 days ago
56 /100 9-10 CHURCH STREET
“A Smith and Jones chain pub opposite the market and bus stop area in the town centre. This pub is a large open plan room with a long bar running down its right-hand-side as you walk in. It’s low lit with a durable set of wooden furniture, padded seating that is comfortable enough. it also has very low-lighting and low sunlight so has an darker atmosphere of its own that gives it a decent enough ambiance. The real ales available are a bland set from Marston’s breweries, and a lot of the drinks are clearly there to cater for a more partying crowd in the evenings. Perhaps one of the better options in an area with little choice although it may have to buck up its cask selection once the Wetherspoon arrives in town. Has WiFi.“
ManVsBeer 2879 days ago
88 /100 72 REDEARTH ROAD
“This place has really established itself on the North West beer map in recent years with their excellent festivals where they always source plenty of new and rare ales. Another bonus is the very friendly atmosphere here which all makes for a great days (more often than not) drinking ! Food here is also pretty good, try one of their curries if you’re staying around for a session. “
DJMonarch 5010 days ago
84 /100 72 REDEARTH ROAD
“If during the 90’s you’d have mentioned Darwen to a ticker, they’d have thought you were talking about the brewery in the North East unless they were into "Hetty Wainthropp Investigates". Now however they all know of the what the Romans knew when they built a road through the town, there’s a cracking pub there. The Black ’Un is a unpretentious little boozer which just so happens to be having 15 beer festivals during 2006 and they all specialise in beers that are as rare as a good InBev cask ale. The main festivals in January and the last two weekends in May and September produce about 30 beers a weekend. And just in case that’s not enough there are 10 beer weekends at the end of every other month, and Andy the landlord can’t count very well, so 10 is generally about 15. The rest of the time you’ll probably have to drink Hopstar beer, and that’s no hardship, from the in-house, or more accurate in-Barry’s-garage, brewery. And the mention of the Romans, why I hear you ask? Well, Andy is still wearing jeans that he bought from them when they passed through or at least it looks like it!“
Gazza 5337 days ago
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