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“This is the real deal. A proper taproom of a proper brewery. Filled to the gills on Friday night, you can choose from eight of Round Corner's beers (seven keg and one cask). The beers are on the safe side, but very well crafted and obviously as fresh as you can get. All beers are sessionable strength (strongest is around 5.5%), and 2/3 of any beer is £2.50, so you can conceivably go through quite a few of their beers. They're new, so there may be changes in the business model, but I like what I see so far.“
jjsint 970 days ago
“What Marduk said. Milestone real ales almost keggy, orchard pig saved. Service slow, and not particularly on the ball - they'd never even heard of "thirds". Pleasant interior, quite plush, but nothing exceptional for a JDW. Grand County Tour stop #5, Leicestershire 17:59-18:10 3 halves, wavering.“
FatPhil 1071 days ago
64 /100
Gas Tap (Bar)
“Wasn't sure (and I'm still not) whether Gas Tap is one word or two, as it is advertised differently in different places... Melton is light on proper beer pubs, so the Gas Tap deserves a visit if you find yourself in town. It's a micropub in the true sense of the word - you'd struggle to seat more than 15 people - and the beer selection is understandably small. Four cask ales served by gravity: White Horse, Oldershaw, Froth Blowers and Potbelly were represented on my visit. A handful of interesting cider choices as well. Adnams Dry-Hopped Lager or Thatcher's Haze if you're interested in the fizzy stuff but otherwise this place is trad to the core. Very good spirits selection for a pub of this size. Prices are cheap and beer is in great condition.“
jjsint 1446 days ago
56 /100 31 BURTON ST.
“Basic and friendly pub near the train station in Melton. Used to be a brewpub but nowadays they don't really specialise in beer although they had three Belvoir casks along with Doom Bar. Might be a good stop if you're missing some Belvoir ticks but can't make it to the brewpub in Old Dalby.“
jjsint 1446 days ago
“Very generic JDW. It wasn't very busy on Wednesday night, but still we had to wait for our beers more than 10 minutes. Beers not in prime condition, but cider was top notch.“
Marduk 1609 days ago
42 /100 12 BURTON ST
“This is a small place, happily with its own car park. Looks old from the outside. On the positive side, it has a small fireplace in the front room, and it won Ploughman Lunch of the Year in 2006. That’s about it. Two standard Everards ales on offer. Scroll past.“
Travlr 2466 days ago
“All these Weatherspoons are beginning to look alike. This one is large, on two levels, and - wait for this - it’s carpeted. Yes, that’s right. The beers included the usual JDW selection of "craft" and a handful of local casks. Unremarkable.“
Travlr 2466 days ago
68 /100 12 BURTON ST
“From the outside this building oozes history, inside it is decorated as medieval as you like with tapestries, motifs, worn tables and chairs. Even the lighting is made to look as authentic as possible with fixtures that look like candles and flicker. Not much of the decor dates back to the times of Anne of Cleves but this does look the part. The open fire in the winter adds to the ambiance and you’ll probably find the resident dog in front of it, or somewhere else snoozing as is its lazy nature. Dining is a key part of this pubs make up, but drinking is just as prominent and ales are on three pumps. For the warm months there is a large historic garden area out back. Fairly expensive but you are paying for the atmosphere.“
ManVsBeer 3421 days ago
“On a busy main road close the bridge in Melton’s small centre, this is an open plan Wetherspoon employing a dark wood interior, tables and paneling which make it very welcoming. There’s plenty of glass at the front and side of the building so it is well lit with daylight if you sit by these. In the centre of the elevated platform a bookshelf divides the area making it quite cosy here. It’s all open plan and if you don’t mind the traffic you can also sit out front. Ale is on two rows of pumps.“
ManVsBeer 3421 days ago
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