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54 /100 17 ST PETERS HILL
“At the southern end of the main commercial street through the town, the statue of the politician this pub is named after is right in front of it. It's the older traditional style for this link in the Wetherspoon chain and proceedings are around an 'L' shaped bar against the back wall of this largish corner pub. They had a couple of local guest brews available on their cask pumps when I visited.“
ManVsBeer 623 days ago
68 /100 65 DUDLEY ROAD
“A comfortable corner pub with a bar in the middle serving two separate rooms. Six cask ales including a few from breweries in the shire. They also had craft beer menu with cans and bottles from English breweries like Kernel, Verdant and Cloudwater. Friendly service, good local vibe late on a Saturday afternoon. The pub is located outside of the city center, but closer to the train station. (Visited with Finn 13.11.2021).“
Rune 651 days ago
58 /100 25 MARKET PLACE
“A slightly modern bar in brick and wood, anonymously located close to the market place and just off the high street in town. Three cask ales supported by a few beers on tap. We found beers from Rutland and Lincolnshire here. Polite service and okay atmosphere. (Visited with Finn 13.11.2021).“
Rune 652 days ago
74 /100 9 NORTH STREET
“A cozy, traditional, independent pub just off the main road in town, and close to a nearby roundabout. L- shaped bar with a rather good selection among their eight hand-pulled cask ales, available in different sizes, including 1/3 pints. Nice, friendly, local vibe on a Saturday afternoon with Bob Marley music in the back. (Visited with Finn 13.11.2021).“
Rune 656 days ago
58 /100 17 ST PETERS HILL
“Located on a corner next to a crossroad, ten minutes from the train station, and at the beginning of the main road through Grantham. Medium sized spoons, divided into different sections. We found three new beers among the 12 cask ales. And as always; decent service and decent traditional breakfast. Perfect start for a pub walk in the central part of town. (Visited with Finn 13.11.2021).“
Rune 656 days ago
“A cozy, four-sided micro pub on the train station in Grantham, entrance from platform 1 and also from the outside to the left of the station building. Three cask ales, two from the Zest brewery at our stay. Friendly service. Opens early, so it is perfect for the first and last stop on a pub crawl in Grantham, the birthplace of Margaret Thatcher. (Visited with Finn 13.11.2021).“
Rune 664 days ago
50 /100 17 ST PETERS HILL
“Norman ´Spoons with a few local beers.“
Finn 684 days ago
60 /100 17 ST PETERS HILL
“Larger than average spoons. Right in the centre of Grantham. Will a normal spoons layout and regional beer selection. Plus fesival specials.“
Mr_Pink_152 1440 days ago
68 /100
Apple Tap (Bar)
“A pub with no beer (except draught Guinness), so those of you who aren’t fans of RateCider may wish to look away now. It’s a proper micropub in the centre of town, with a real fire. Eight cider taps, four on handpull and four bag-in-the-box behind the bar. Not all of them will knock your socks off, but there will be ticks: a couple of cider makers I’d not heard of, much less tried. A few bottles as well but nothing earth shattering. Certainly worth stopping by if in Grantham.“
jjsint 2416 days ago
50 /100 10-11 CASTLEGATE
“A small local bar in the center of Grantham, but it’s on a back street, so not so easy to find. The distinctive beehive in the tree outside helps. 3 hand pumps only two on when I was there. On local beer, and doombar. Quite an old fashioned two room pub.“
Mr_Pink_152 2806 days ago
50 /100 10-11 CASTLEGATE
“I read about this place in a 2008 AA best pub guide which is the reason for my visit with the unique appeal being the working pub sign which is a real life beehive in a tree just outside the premises. There was no disappointment on this part with the white wooden box being elevated a good 12 foot above the pub front. Inside the decor and style was traditional for an urban town pub but not that impressive, although they do have a proper dominoes table, just one of several pub games available here. The other appeal of the place is that it always stocks Newby Wyke ales so it’s a good place to sample some of this local craft. If the inside is not to your liking there is at least a beer garden if the weather is good.“
ManVsBeer 3439 days ago
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