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78 /100 12 ST PAUL’S STREET
“Visited early on a Thursday afternoon, April '22. If this site was Rate Pub, it would score extremely highly, since it is a multi-roomed building with interesting features and a great deal of atmosphere. Quite an extensive food menu, and the beer range whilst not large had some decent choices, mostly fairly local - my pint was from Hopshackle brewery.“
moleha4 524 days ago
66 /100 19 MAIDEN LANE
“Visited on a Thursday mid-afternoon April '22. A decent choice of beers including 2 from Baker's Dozen, and also a Grainstore (Rutland) cider on our visit. Table service only.“
moleha4 524 days ago
64 /100 4 ST JOHN'S STREET
“First stop off the train as I was hungry. They boast 25 cask ales and have 4. Pretty busy for the afternoon lunch crowd, but pretty mainstream also. Order on phone, so service is ????. Hopefully the bangers and mash will be worth it“
stevoj 588 days ago
78 /100 19 MAIDEN LANE
“Really nice pub in the heart of historic stamford. The place dates back to 1675 apparently. 2 main rooms inside and a nice courtyard garden at the rear. A wide selection of cask and keg beer and a decent can selection. They also seem to be the only outlet (July 2021) for the Drum & Monkey brewery. Well worth a visit and the best beer place in Stamford in my opinion. The food was good modern pub food.“
Mr_Pink_152 810 days ago
76 /100
Stamford Beers Direct (Internet-based)
“Stamford based online beer shop launched during lockdown 2020. Moderate selection of beers, mostly uk craft beer, but also some beers from Belgium or further afield. Easy to navigate section by all beer, new in, and by style. It looks like they have also got a monthly subscription scheme. Prices seem fairly low, but delivery is additional.“
Mr_Pink_152 996 days ago
76 /100 16 ST MARY'S HILL
“Hmmmm... not quite sure where to place this one in my pantheon of Stamford pubs. On one hand it's a hip, fun, modern bar: the ground floor has an upmarket cocktail bar feel, while the dark and lovely (If slightly cramped) downstairs is complete with retro video games, a killer juke box and portraits of rock gods (Lemmy, Janis and Dave Grohl are among the royalty that watch you drink). What's missing is the beer. Don't get me wrong, there are a few good beers on keg and a decent if predictable selection of Belgian and UK bottles and cans, but after three beers I was out of ticks. I do love the vibe though, so here's hoping that they build on their strengths and become that little bit more adventurous. This could end up becoming the place to go in Stamford.“
jjsint 1427 days ago
“One of a handful of pubs in town operated by the Knead Pub Co (They also own the Crown and the Tobie Norris in town). Paten & Co goes for a modern but simultaneously quirky nostalgic vibe. It's on three floors, with toilets on the top, so have fun with that. There are 8 keg taps to accompany Oakham JHB and a Lilley's cider, but they are mostly straight- out macro or faux craft (e.g. an IPL from Young's). The two Indy breweries represented are Nene Valley and Glen Affric. Menu looks decent with lots of smaller lunch plates for the day drinker. There are a few ticks to be had, so that's always a positive. However I wasn't tempted to stay long despite the cosy atmosphere.“
jjsint 1427 days ago
76 /100 19 MAIDEN LANE
“A small pub, this. I decided to eat here, and as it's market day a had to eat at the bar which was fine. The beer selection is surprisingly good. Two cask beers from King's Cliffe,and one each from Tiny Rebel, Tapestry and Grainstore. Two interesting keg from Three Hills and Round Corner, and they also have a small but worthy bottle/can selection consisting mostly of larger independent craft such as Thornbridge and Wild Beer. Recommended stop when in Stamford.“
jjsint 1427 days ago
58 /100 12 ST PAUL’S STREET
“Visited 16/10/2018. Apparently asking if they served thirds was something to be laughed at. That aside, nice looking old pub from the outside and comfortable inside but not one I'd be bothered about going back to.“
Grumbo 1808 days ago
68 /100 19 MAIDEN LANE
“Visited 16/10/2018. Smallish pub, with a limited selection of taps though fortunately nothing particularly mainstream. Very friendly service from someone who seemed genuinely interested in why we'd visited the pub. Would visit again if in Stamford.“
Grumbo 1808 days ago
68 /100 1 FOUNDRY ROAD
“Visited 16/10/2018. Nice pub, a short walk to the west of the town centre. Only had 1 Bakers Dozen beer on and a few guests. Friendly service. Imagine it to be a great place to have as a local.“
Grumbo 1808 days ago
62 /100 7 SHEEP MARKET
“Visited 16/10/2018. Small by normal JDW standards, with fairly limited selection of beers. But above average service and typically good breakfast were positives. Good starting point on a visit to Stamford.“
Grumbo 1808 days ago
62 /100 19 MAIDEN LANE
“Small and fairly modern looking pub. Friendly service. They did have a new Naker’s Dozen for me, so I was quite happy. Otherwise a limited selection on cask. No Greene King beers on at my visit, which wasn’t a bad thing at all.“
Rasmus40 1808 days ago
74 /100 12 ST PAUL’S STREET
“Cozy pub with an unusual layout with many different small rooms. They have a good selection of cask ales and kegs. We had three new ones.“
Rasmus40 1808 days ago
68 /100 12 ST PAUL’S STREET
“Nice pub with many small rooms instead of just one big. Very nice atmosphere. Had three new beers here. Wifi available. Average service.“
saxo 1808 days ago
70 /100 1 FOUNDRY ROAD
“Cozy pub with five cask ales on at my visit. They had a few kegs as well. Unfortunately only one Baker’s Dozen.“
Rasmus40 1808 days ago
70 /100 1 FOUNDRY ROAD
“Nice traditional pub with 6 cask beers, 1 cask cider and some taps. Had three new beers here. Average service.“
saxo 1808 days ago
66 /100 7 SHEEP MARKET
“Standard JDW with some random cask ales and the usual food selection. There always seems to be new ticks for me at JDW.“
Rasmus40 1808 days ago
64 /100 7 SHEEP MARKET
“Regular JDW just 5 minutes from the railway station. Got four new beers here, so I was happy. Prices are good as always as with their food menu.“
saxo 1808 days ago
68 /100 1 FOUNDRY ROAD
“Lovely little local pub with a very welcoming attitude - really friendly locals. Left them an Estonian beer as a parting gift, and was instantly repayed by one of their cans! Decent selection of cask and cans, not just limited to Baker's Dozen.
Grand county tour, county 3, Lincolnshire, 16:45, 2 halves.“
FatPhil 2019 days ago
74 /100 1 FOUNDRY ROAD
“Nice local bar @ Stamford. Couple locals, one with nice brown spotted basset hound, greeted us like one of their owns. Nice chatty folk. Absolutely worth to visit. Quite good selection of Baker's Dozen on tap and in cans.“
Marduk 2067 days ago
76 /100 1 FOUNDRY ROAD
“Nice tradional pub just outside the town center and only a Couple of minutes off the A1. Decent selection of local beer, 6 local beers on HP, 2 from nearby Peterborough on keg. No bakers dozen beer when I went. I sat outside and had a nice lunch, just sandwiches. Did see much inside but a quick look suggested a mid sized L shaped open plan room on a couple of level. Included a pool table. Staff were friendly. There was a small car park towards the back.“
Mr_Pink_152 2246 days ago
“Samuel Smith’s certainly have a knack for keeping atmospheric pubs, and the All Saints Brewery is no exception. Somewhere between an olde-worlde paradise and a quasi-hipster warehouse, it’s a good place to shore up your Sam Smith’s ticks, especially the fruit beers which are brewed onsite. (I hoped they’d be available on tap… but alas no.) Normal brewery range here at sub-London prices. Not the best boozer in town but on the ‘you kind of have to’ list. “
jjsint 2700 days ago
72 /100 1 FOUNDRY ROAD
“Brilliant little traditional pub to the west of the town centre. Interesting and well-kept cask ales from local brewers, including one from the Rutland-based Bakers Dozen. If that doesn’t get you going, there’s plenty of Moor in the fridge. Took awhile to get served but the bar staff were so charming it was worth it in the end. Loud and loved, not reliant on music to set the mood. Family friendly. Nice menu although I didn’t eat. Came here during the Leicester v Everton match, forgetting how close to Leicester this is.“
jjsint 2700 days ago
72 /100 12 ST PAUL’S STREET
“Walking into the Tobie Norris is a good feeling. A labyrinthine stone pub with no music, old-fashioned wooden tables and chairs, and lots of well-worn bygone beer advertisements, this is the sort of pub that dreams are made of. The five handpull ales aren’t up to much but the ‘next guest beers’ advertised above the bar - including offerings from Leeds and Nene Valley - were available as well. No craft bottles that I could see, but if you’re desperate for something fizzy they’ve got Adnams Lager and Meantime London PA. A pleasant pub and worth a stop for a couple of low boost ticks in lovely surroundings.“
jjsint 2700 days ago
64 /100 19 MAIDEN LANE
“Behind the church and graveyard that offers a break from the shops and market stalls on the pedestrianised shopping street, this is an older world pub and the architecture of the building clearly indicates this. The decor has a more modern touch inside than you might image from its exterior, but it’s certainly comfortable and cosy enough. The small bar is against the back wall to the left after you enter through the central doorway, with a few seats in front of it, and more to the right hand-side. There is another room to drink in, but if the weather is nice you’ll want to head into the attractive walled garden area at the rear, which is well kept and gets the sun throughout the day. There’s a covered section in here too if it is too hot or too wet when you’re here. Food is served and the ales are all from Greene King with several cask options as well as one on keg. “
ManVsBeer 2954 days ago
62 /100 7 SHEEP MARKET
“In an old industrial unit in prime position in the town, this pub is close to the river on the cusp of the main commercial centre, and there’s no shortage of footfall in this area. The conversion of the building is fine, and is all open plan in a large space with the bar occupying the length of the left hand wall after you enter. Its entrance is through its own courtyard area which is also its outdoor seating area, and as it does not have the most obvious of signs it’s easy to miss this place as a Wetherspoon at first glance. The Everards pub across the small square is much more likely to attract your attention first. Inside it’s plush with a fairly dense layout of tables and chairs, although there’s it’s not the smallest of places for this pub chain. There’s a high ceiling with a skylit area over the bar which includes two rows of real ales that include locally sourced brews.“
ManVsBeer 2954 days ago
78 /100 1 FOUNDRY ROAD
“Decent L-shaped boozer with predominantly local beers on. I marked the service down slightly as one of the bar staff would rather talk to a local than serve. The person doing the work was polite and pleasant though. Prices are a little above average. Worth a visit.“
niquillis 2979 days ago
“Brewery bar with a lot of history selling a good range of Samuel smith beer. Their fruit beer is brewed on site, but the other beers are brewed at Samuel Smiths. Inside the bar has character. It does have a food menu, but I didn’t try it this time. Melbourn Brothers Branded beers are said to be no longer produced.“
Mr_Pink_152 3239 days ago
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