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74 /100 1700 N FORT HARRISON AVE
“Laid back little converted gas station north of downtown. Staff was very friendly, beer was OK with some unusual varieties. They've just been open for about 6 months now, so they're still dialing in their recipes on a small system. I'll definitely drop back by on my next trip to see how they're progressing.“
Aurelius 404 days ago
84 /100 1650 N HERCULES AVE, UNIT I
“Visited numerous time and try to go at least once every other week: First beer was Evil Dead Smoked Red on 01/05/2017 and most recent was Coneheads Key Lime Gose on 02/24/2018. Grindhaus Brew Lab is definitely one of the hidden gems in the area. They are a very small nanobrewery attached to HiFi Homebrew and BBQ Supply. They craft very small batch beers with outstanding flavor and qualify you won't find closeby. The name combines Grindhouse Cinema and the German beer Haus together. The interior is a little industrial with a lot of Grindhouse and the like film posters. They offer 8oz pours served in beakers for the "Brew Lab" part of their name and 4x 8oz flight pours of the same glass type. The prices are unbeatable here. You just need to be careful with the flights since some of the staple beers can be a little on the higher ABV side for a flight of 8oz pours but the price is normally cheaper than what most breweries offer 4x 5oz pours for. The location can be a little hard to find and parking is sometimes a pain because Grindhaus is in a group of industrial sheds, but that definitely adds to the ambiance. It is that hard to find place worth seeking out that almost always has a few regulars at a time most breweries don't. They do offer free popcorn most days and food but it is best to look at the website/facebook before going to know what you will get. No guest beers, bottles, or cans but because of the scale it is understandable. Another must visit when in the area.“
monmisreal 1048 days ago
70 /100 27001 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“Visited Monday January 30, 2017.
Outside entry at the Westfield Countryside Mall. Plenty of parking just outside.
Since this turned out to be my first ever visit to any BJ’s, can’t say how it compares to any of the other locations.
Big restaurant with tables and chairs, long bar with chairs where we sat. We were just to grab a beer each, but ended up also doing lunch and a flight of beer.
Thought about starting off with a flight first, but happy hour was in progress and the price for pints so low that we were recommended and got a pint each, we then selected the two beers we felt appealed most to us.
After checking the menu decided to have lunch as well, and then waiting for our ride also did a flight to share.
Nice service, good deals on food and beer. Nide food, OK to nice beers. We typically don’t like "chains" for restaurants or beer any of us, but seeing how this was our first, it didn’t bother us much.
As a first time visitor pretty much a place I could see myself going back to for the food, and perhaps also for the beer, if I lived in the area.“
gnoff 1445 days ago
82 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Latest visit Sunday January 29, 2017.
Seems to still be a great place to go for beers, also quite a decent place for mead and cider as well. Plenty of parking just outside, nice service.

Got back once more, this time on January 21, 2014.
Great beer selection, prices not bad at all. Plenty of parking outside. Domestic and imports, singles and bigger packages. It will take you a while to go through all the beer they have for sure. My mate says he always finds something new every time he visits. Me of course found plenty. Well worth it for shopping if you’re in the area.

First visit
Shopped some nice beers on January 22, 2011. Stopped by from Palm Harbor on our way to Everglades. Nice selection of American micros/crafts as well as some nice imports. Singles as well as cold as well as bigger packs available, as well as ice for your cooler. I can see myself going back several times had I lived in the area.“
gnoff 1446 days ago
44 /100 12707 49TH STREET N.
“Place is an oversized sports bar with TVs everywhere. Good selection of beer but the quality is VERY hit and miss. Staff is ok, a little spotty. Wouldn’t go back until they get their recipes tweaked.“
fluffy 1655 days ago
76 /100 12707 49TH STREET N.
“This is the replacement to the Odessa location... Nice modern tap room, open concept, 1.50 to 3$ per 5 on. sample, 12 decent beers on tap, good service, food trucks on weekends, very nice.“
Lubiere 1745 days ago
92 /100 12707 49TH STREET N.
“A brand new spacious place. Nice interior and bar layout. Food truck outside, music and tv’s inside. A friendly energetic staff who like to talk about the place. Would send others to here. They serve wine and beer. I liked the Wavemaker.“
123chug 1752 days ago
84 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Stopped by here while in the area for business in mid-September 2015. Large, wide open Total Wine, more spacious it seems than others I have been in, Larger than normal selection of singles, which is what I am looking for when traveling. Lots of local brewers represented, all reasonably priced. Very large selection of rare bombers and 750 mls which was nice to see - lots of stuff I had not seen before. . Above par for a Total Wine - all of which are pretty decent.“
PorterPounder 1957 days ago
72 /100 23025 US HWY 19 N
“It’s a bit of a warehouse to be honest, but very good selection. Came here to find the fabled Marshal Zhukov and I got it!“
Sjohnh 1991 days ago
80 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Easy to visit on the way to Dunedin. Selection is almost similar to the Tampa one. Solid over the years with enough local options. Prices are fair. Beer selection has certainly gone up over the years and there are loads of bottles to choose from. “
sebletitje 2043 days ago
42 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“not as good of a selection as the dale mabry version. otherwise same thing .“
fluffy 2377 days ago
68 /100
Natures Food Patch (Grocery Store)
“What a great place its like a small whole foods or a less wonky Trader Joe’s. Good food and good beer!“
nick76 2402 days ago
38 /100 23025 US HWY 19 N
“typical liquor store look, with a decent selection of craft, though nothing to go out of your way for.“
fluffy 2435 days ago
74 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Pretty nice selection. Every time I go in they have something new I’ve not tried before. Price is the usual. Service is not bad, unless you are there for the beer.“
suprchunk 2584 days ago
74 /100 23025 US HWY 19 N
“I’ve never stepped foot in Lueken’s but have purchased countless times from them online. Great service , shipping breaks, good prices excellent beers,what else to say.“
stumpyiliz 2814 days ago
40 /100 26200 US HWY 19 N
“Nothing that goes into this location is worthwhile. The ambiance was generic sports bar and it was dead on a sunday. The food was bad in every way cold, flavorless, and poorly executed. The beer was OK but the selection was nothing special. The service was attentive and the only bright spot.“
nick76 2821 days ago
78 /100 27001 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“Typical BJ’S, good food selection & decent beers. For a chain brewpub it’s not the worst choice out there. Overall a solid choice.“
darkbeer20 2836 days ago
62 /100 26200 US HWY 19 N
“Beer is ok. Has a unique ’Maine’ beer taste that I equate to somewhat metallic. Nice long bar with plenty of TVs.“
papercartel 2858 days ago
72 /100 23025 US HWY 19 N
“Asolid selection, but not asextensive as the Dunedin location. Staff is knowledgeable. Not a bad place.“
Travlr 3172 days ago
70 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Pretty average selection for a TW, with a handful of stuff from CCB. Staff was helpful. Average place.“
Travlr 3172 days ago
72 /100 23025 US HWY 19 N
“Nice new space where everything is clean and shiny and still sort of a warehouse feel. They have mostly what you’d expect from Lueken’s with a solid selection of locals, domestic and international as well as a truck load of BMC crap (and no malt liquors anymore, wtf?). This location does not have the extensive selection Jimmy has thoughtfully laid out over the years in Dunedin. But if you happen by and you need a solid yummy brew this is your place. I had a tough time finding this place using Google. It turns out it is located on the NE corner of Coachman and the Hwy 19 east side (traveling north) frontage road.“
Ibrew2or3 3630 days ago
80 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Has the standard Total Wine selection although they did have Hoppin Frog which I don’t remember seeing before. As usual good pricing also.“
blutt59 3748 days ago
62 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“See one seen em all etc/“
beernovice39 3831 days ago
76 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Typical Total Wine, was willing to help me track down what Cigar City they had available. Almost everything available in singles. Well arranged and stocked.“
lithy 3851 days ago
80 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Very happy with the selection of beer however most of the staff didn’t know much about beer which I didn’t expect anyway. but overall it was great and you can create your own 6pack“
tblfan04 4016 days ago
62 /100 25961 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“First place I have ever seen carry Weyerbacher Double Simcoe which is an excellent beer, and has great food but everything is a bit pricey.“
tblfan04 4016 days ago
72 /100 23025 US HWY 19 N
“Nice new liquor store with a big time emphasis on beer. The selection is very much like the Dunedin store. Good prices too.“
nick76 4035 days ago
74 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Decent selection of beer and the prices are good. Some of the staff actually know about beer, but not all of them. there are better selections (Largo beer world, World of Beer, Luekens) but these folks are the cheapest. 12-pack of Newcastle is less than $12. Woo Hoo!“
boneyfiend 4201 days ago
72 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Excellent selection of beers, both craft and import. If you are thirsty for something good, you won’t walk out of here empty handed. Some of the employees know what they are talking about, others are just there for a paycheck. If you are into wine and liquor, you’ll find what you want as well.“
Jellobiafra 4272 days ago
90 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Lueken’s and Total Wine are my favorite places to shop in the area. Total Wine has the best selection in the area and prices are reasonable. Like Lueken’s, you can actually grab a six-pack, unlike Lueken’s singles are readily available. Buying singles, with a slight discount is my biggest complaint with World of Beer. I want to run in grab a few six-packs and leave. I hate having to grab a bunch of singles at World of Beer, then wait for them to look up the price.“
Nail 4273 days ago
62 /100 25961 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“As others have said, this is a great place to shop for food. The meat and seafood is some of the best. The beer selection is good for a grocery, but prices are high on everything from steaks to produce and of course the beer. Many things are available at Publix for less, so by only those specialty items unavailable at other groceries. A great place to buy produce, even considering the price. Cheese selection is a real disappointment.“
Nail 4273 days ago
60 /100 25961 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“very clean nice place. beer section is good for a food store. great wine selection also.“
jimbo29 4354 days ago
66 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“I agree with matta; it is the Wal-Mart of booze. They have a better selection of American micros than the TW in Orlando, but you will still get no service except for looks, and the occasional smile. Dirt cheap, but don’t look for many rarities or vintage beers. If they have it, it will be cheap.“
markwise 4379 days ago
62 /100 25961 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“Just like any other fresh market. Good location right on 19, average beer selection. Prices are kind of high but if you are going to stop by for some good food shopping, drop a 6-pack in the cart and enjoy.“
rugbydude05 4502 days ago
12 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Wasn’t impressed. They didn’t have any signature ale, no meantime coffee porter, limited jolly pumkin, and no deproef. Luekens down the street had all of these items. When i was at luekens there were total wine employe’s shoping there. I guess corpperate chains don’t rule over everything in the beer world.“
jimbo29 4550 days ago
66 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“This is my favorite of the three total wine stores in the area, i have found stuff here that i didn’t see at the others, the others being tampa and the newest addition in st. pete which has the smallest selection. Just to note the locator on the map is not in the right place, this is located near countryside mall“
dalepryor 4628 days ago
66 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“This is like the Total Wine in Tampa it’s just oriented differently. Still it’s got a good selection.“
nick76 4822 days ago
72 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“I really like this place. Maybe cause i havent rated as many beers as most, but i can go in here and find a good number i havent rated, and get them at great prices. Im sure one day that will come to an end, but untill then im loving it. Help is there if you go looking for it, and even then they arent extemly knowledgable in beer.“
BigMilly8 4867 days ago
70 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“The “Wal-Mart of Booze!”
This store is larger in sq.ft. than the Tampa store, however the beer selection is a little bit smaller. Typical, their prices are dirt cheap, they make like $2 on a case of beer, which is absolutely nothing, so sales volume is where it’s at. What can I say, from a consumer stand point… it’s a great place to shop, but I hope you don’t have complex questions or are expecting anything vintage or super rare seasonal. Also, their cigar selection is pretty well done and nicely priced.“
matta 5086 days ago
76 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Like any other TW...selection far beyond a typical liquor store and rock bottom prices. A 12-pack of SNPA is $5 cheaper here than at the supermarket. Always worth the trip from St. Petersburg. Nice selection of snack stuff, too; I love the Lindt chocolate bars.“
desurfer 5101 days ago
68 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“Exactly the same as the Tampa location. Same beers. Same storage. Same everything. Even much of the same staff. If you have never been to a Total Wine it is worth a stop. If you have then expect nothing new.

They carry all the basic stuff and a few of the reguarly availible really good offerings like Oaked Yeti, allt he Trappists save Westy, a good selection of other Belgians. Stoudt’s, Penn, Tommyknocker, DFH, Allagash, Ommegang, Unibroue, gett he picture.

No special orders. No good lambics or rare saisons.“

NYHarvey 5165 days ago
58 /100 2528 STATE RD 580
“This place just opened a couple of days ago. Seems very similar to the one I’ve been to in Tampa. From my limited Belgium beer experience it seems they have an above average selection. It’s certainly no Knightly. Lots of ‘run of the mill’ craft beers that aren’t particularly exciting except for maybe the price. I had just been in Lueken’s a couple of days early and saw they have DFH WWS, Chateau Jiahu, Raison D Extra and Old School Barleywine. Total Wine doesn’t have any of these. They do however have stuff like Samuel Adam’s Light and other mediocre and sub-par selections. For the most part I’ll be driving right by this place on my way to Lueken’s for good prices and tasty odd ball selections that Total Wine doesn’t seem to carry. Well, I’ll probably stop in anyway. It didn’t seem like the help I talked to knew too much about craft beer.“
Ibrew2or3 5178 days ago
52 /100 25961 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“standard Fresh market. they actually seem to have a smaller beer selection than the North Tampa one, but then I only gave the cooler a quick look. Like Nick’ve seen one you’ve seen em all. It’s there if you need a good beer int hat area, but definitely not worth a trip.“
NYHarvey 5214 days ago
48 /100 25961 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“Very nice place with awesome selection of groceries, meats and cheeses. I find just about everything in there a bit pricey for what you get. That goes for the beer as well. Pretty decent selection. Some singles and mostly six packs. Due to the price I never buy beer when I’m here. World of Beer and Countyside are close by.“
Ibrew2or3 5284 days ago
56 /100 25961 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“This is a place that I want to delete but can’t figure out how.“
nick76 5331 days ago
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