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78 /100 1105 NE 13TH STREET
“Pretty cool place. Can see it being lively when life starts again. About 16 beers or so on tap, with a lot of varied styles. Doppelbocks, Belgians, sours, of course the obligatory IPAs. Beers were mostly ok. Flights and single 4oz pours available. Friendly service. An outside patio area under a tent as well in the parking lot. The inside is actually quite cool looking.“
solidfunk 55 days ago
“Good place for beer, with about 40 taps or so. About a quarter were their own Flagler beers, which were mostly average. A few other interesting and trendy beers, and some classic ones as well. The list seems pretty well curated, moreso than I expected for some reason. I'd avoided the place up till now based on their beers haven't lackluster ratings but this place is worth the visit just for the regular tap list. All available in flights, or single 4oz pours. Nice patio, and prices decent. I had a quesadilla which was ok. Service a little on the bored side, but this was empty Monday and bartender was doing all the tables. Lots of bottles as well.“
solidfunk 55 days ago
70 /100 280 SW 6TH ST.
“Was in this place a couple years ago. Nice vibe, and some decent beer. Friendly service. Long chairs outside, and they do flights.“
solidfunk 243 days ago
76 /100 280 SW 6TH ST.
“As I’m a craft beer fan wanted to try some of the local brews whilst staying in Ft.L. The landlady of our accommodation suggested TRB. There’s plenty of parking around back, from where we entered the building. There's a large open space with numerous brewing vessels around the sides and a restaurant come games room in the middle. There is a separate front bar, and when seated at the bar you can see more large brewing vessels in the back. Loads of house brewed crafts to choose from, I had the superb ‘Morning Express Coffee Stout’. Give TRB a try if you’re in the area.“
FACambridge 345 days ago
100 /100 726 NE 2ND AVE
“Cool vibe, lots of taxidermy. Best beer in South Florida by far. You won't find too many standard beers here as the brewers like to experiment and try new variations but with as many as 20 beers on tap at any one time you can always find something you'll love. From lagers to outstanding hazy IPA's, Sours to Barrel aged Stouts you can't miss. No distribution so it's only available here. Growlers to go and frequent can and bottle releases. “
beerman8237 606 days ago
84 /100 726 NE 2ND AVE
“Awesome brewery, near downtown. Interesting decor with different animal paraphernalia on the walls (not sure if all are invasive species though). They had around 10 taps. Beers are top notch. They had IPAs, stouts, and a couple berliner weisses. The Keyzer Soze (coffee stout) and Shogun (impy with coconut, coffee, vanilla) were top notch. No food. A must stop, probably had the best beer in FTL.“
LilBeerDoctor 633 days ago
“A cool brewpub in Flagler Village. The place is actually called Brass Tap. There is a large patio, also a bar and indoor seating. Fairly empty on a Monday afternoon. They have quite a large tap list. I happened to visit when they had released a bunch of imperial stouts (of course I had to try as many as possible). I had a mocha impy, BA impy with chiles and cinnamon, BA impy with cacao nibs, and impy with vanilla. They also had a sour ale with raspberry and vanilla. Not sure if the tap list is always this crazy, but definitely some intriguing and delicious beers (the impys were quite good). Heavy hitters, but they also have some lower gravity stuff to balance things out. Also guest taps, which I felt no need to order given the depth of their house beer lineup. They have food as well, standard brewpub fare. Worth a stop for sure.“
LilBeerDoctor 633 days ago
80 /100 1105 NE 13TH STREET
“A cool new brewery in FTL. In a small business strip in a residential area. A square bar with surrounding tables, large open space. They had a bunch of taps (around 12) so I got a sampler. They have a bunch of styles including pils, porter, sour, IPA, tripel. They also make a special series called "Cocktail inspired series" (bottle only) of very interesting beers. I got the Aviation Spritza Cocktail which was brewed with butterfly pea flowers, violet, bing, maraschino and wild amarena cherries, plus a hint of lime, Very interesting! Overall beers were good to excellent. No food but there are food trucks. I really enjoyed this place! A surprising new find with some tasty beer.“
LilBeerDoctor 633 days ago
82 /100 3305 SE 14 AVE.
“Cool brewery in FTL. Located in an industrial area (which is walkable from downtown, though you have to navigate through some visually unpleasant sections). Outdoor seating and an open warehouse. Chill vibe. They had about 10-12 beers, all solid. Coffee coconut porter and stout with cherries on brett were my favorites. No food but there is a food truck. Great beer and a must stop in my book. Apparently they offer a discount on beers if you stop there before or after your flight as they are close to the airport.“
LilBeerDoctor 640 days ago
78 /100 280 SW 6TH ST.
“Cool brewpub near downtown FTL. A large space with various different seating areas. A fairly extensive tap list around 15 taps. Beers were solid, with my favorite being a NEIPA, but Berliner and coffee stout also good. Varied food menu with a few healthy items (I had a falafel pita wrap, which was tasty). They also serve breakfast items all day! A nice place to get some food and tasty beer in FTL.“
LilBeerDoctor 640 days ago
86 /100 726 NE 2ND AVE
“Possibly my favorite place in Lauderdale at this time. Hit it on the weekend with a street fair going on inside. It was packed. Nice selection of their beers. The IPA's were good. Cans to go and the decor is straight out of Alice Cooper's (crazy Michigan bow hunter) dream.“
50belair 706 days ago
70 /100 3305 SE 14 AVE.
“Spaceous, open place ( well described by James as an Open Air Garage ) , they had some music whilst we were there. never a big fan, usually it's to loud and more of an annoying thing than an added value. Beers were decent, service was very friendly. They had a foodtruck, but I didn't eat anything so its hard to Judge that aspect. Fair prices.“
kraddel 717 days ago
“I can't remember if I've been to one of these places. Tons of beer, but a good 40% of the menu is wasted on macro trash. There are some good entries here, and Silly does their Belgians, Uinta their other stuff. Very crowded, but a great place to avoid shopping with the girlfriend if you are stuck here.“
solidfunk 1112 days ago
66 /100 9118 W STATE RD 84
“A small, very dark place in a strip mall in West Lauderdale near the swamp. Seems unnecessarily dark here. They had about 10 beers on tap, but only three of their own. Flights available here. Ok, but kind of out of the way from anything else.“
solidfunk 1112 days ago
80 /100 901 PROGRESSO DR, STE 101
“Very cool dive bar with a great selection of beer. Some good taps with good local stuff and a bunch of bottles. Friendly staff - they have a jerk free day count at the front (it was unfortunately only 3 days when I was there - hopefully I didn't personally set it back to 0 ha). Owned by same guys as nearby Invasive Species.“
solidfunk 1112 days ago
70 /100 1110 NE 8 AVENUE
“Small, friendly brewery tap room nearby some of the other new breweries in Lauderdale. Friendly staff and locals here. Beer flights are quite cheap here, and beers are mostly OK with a couple of duds. Good if in the area, and not too far from Invasive Species, Laser Wolf.“
solidfunk 1112 days ago
82 /100
Craft Beer Cartel (Beer Store)
557 SW 12TH AVE
“Cool craft beer store in a slightly hard to find corner of Lauderdale surrounded by canals. Lots of Florida singles here and some good U.S. imports from other states. Some really good stuff available here, though prices were a little higher even than local ABC stores. Friendly staff, knowledgeable and pointed out a few goodies I missed kicking around.“
solidfunk 1112 days ago
86 /100 726 NE 2ND AVE
“Cool place with a great theme for Florida. Plenty of invasive species stacked on the wall. Like a natural history museum with beer. Same owners as Laser Wolf nearby I think. Beer is quite good. I had a bunch of IPAs and a saison. Friendly bartenders and pretty friendly customers here. About 10 taps were on when I was here. Flights available, and 4oz pours. Definitely recommended.“
solidfunk 1115 days ago
68 /100 1110 NE 8 AVENUE
“Small tap room in a residential area, seems like middle-on-nowhere Fort Lauderdale to me. About 10 mins south of Funky Buddha. If you visit their website, they have a great story. Our server was excellent, really friendly and engaging. The beers were hit and miss. The selection of house beer was vast (17 I think) so there were a couple that were good. Has a low-key neighbourhood vibe. I like the place, definitely hoping for a little more focus in the brewhouse - fewer beers might make it easier to nail a higher percentage of them.“
Oakes 1161 days ago
88 /100 608 SW 12 AVENUE
“Nice place with very good selection and service.“
pumpmaster 1246 days ago
82 /100
Tap 42 (Restaurant)
“Original and creative decor. I’m at a barrel-aged tap takeover so the selection is really good. Loads of barrel-aged beers from Florida and far beyond. Open-air and laid-back. The food is really good as well. Spendy though, but it’s a resort city, so... I’ve stayed until 5pm so there’s quite the crowd coming in now. As Josh mentioned, the service has gone sideways just a bit, but the bartenders are doing their best. I like it overall. Have no clue what their tap list is like when there is not a special event going on.“
hopscotch 1432 days ago
94 /100 901 PROGRESSO DR, STE 101
“A dive bar at it’s finest. Bathroom is outside around the corner, tiny bar, lots of clutter and fun stuff on the walls, TV that only plays b-movies. Service was awesome, on top of it, knowledgeable, and excited to be there. Selection was amazing, everything you could imagine. No food, but prices were a little cheaper than the rest of south FL. Awesome place!“
jbruner 1459 days ago
88 /100
Tap 42 (Restaurant)
“This is a beer bar. It has excellent bar food. I went twice in a week and had really good burgers and excellent sides. It is lively every night. It has about 40 American taps and a selection of rare bottles. A few really good beers on tap, but overall the selection has highs and lows. Very good friendly service. Prices are American standard.“
bbllmm 1574 days ago
78 /100 3305 SE 14 AVE.
“Open air garage brewing. Expanding. About 12 beers on tap. Food truck out back. Nice place.“
jtclockwork 1728 days ago
80 /100
Ambry Restaurant (Restaurant)
“A nice place very Germany.Food is pretty close to back home. Beers are great lots of stuff on tap. A tip, come on Wednesday nights after 930 and then have a free buffet.“
Bavarian_Beer 1896 days ago
70 /100 2909 E COMMERCIAL BLVD
“Nice little German Bakery and Deli. A few Beers but nice food to go with it“
Bavarian_Beer 1914 days ago
84 /100
Tap 42 (Restaurant)
“Great ambiance...great snagging a seat inside at the bar where you can look outside over the open back bar. The other thing I love is this place’s proximity to Ft. Lauderdale Airport...with the exception of the great LauderAles Brewery...this is one of the best places to get good beer near the airport...but of the two...the only one with food also. While killing about an hour before heading to my plane...I got to try a very special beer...they had Sweetwater IPA "Old Faithful" with Centennial Hops and black peppercorns "on cask"! This one was worth the visit alone.“
PRBeer 1926 days ago
54 /100
Tap 42 (Restaurant)
“Busy corporate type of place, but one that has a decent amount of beer on tap. Sometimes the selection is full of good stuff, other times there’s nothing of note. Can get very busy, and when that happens the service kind of goes south. Not my top pick for Broward, mostly because the corporate vibe is off-putting and the selection isn’t as reliable as it could be with that many taps.“
Oakes 1950 days ago
54 /100 525 N FEDERAL HWY
“It’s a Mellow Mushroom, so you kind of know what to expect. Ok pizza, ok tap list. Indoor/outdoor seating. Corporate vibe. Parking is across the street, where you can park for free for pickups as well.“
Oakes 1950 days ago
64 /100 3305 SE 14 AVE.
“Bloody hard to find this brewery in an industrial area behind the airport. The space is fairly big, though, the service good and the beers weren’t bad either. Worth a stop if you’re in the area (such as for a cruise).“
Oakes 1950 days ago
78 /100 901 PROGRESSO DR, STE 101
“Funky bar in FLL, with a good and rotating beer list. Good service. Some seating outside. They do a lot of special beer events like tap takeovers, which keeps it interesting. Very casual vibe otherwise.“
Oakes 1950 days ago
72 /100 9118 W STATE RD 84
“Nice small place with a good selection of draft and bottles. Lounge, outdoor tables and video games.“
pumpmaster 1988 days ago
48 /100 1906 CORDOVA RD
“Visited here in early August ’15 while on a work trip. A bit less of a selection of beers than other Total Wines I have visited. Two complete aisles full of singles - perfect for a ticker like me. Another aisle is full of craft six-packs form all over the country and miscellaneous imports and a cooler full as well. Walk around - several seasonal special set up all over the store - not just in the beer section. Worth a visit if in the area. However, after consuming a majority of the 12 beers that I purchased here. just about every single one was skunked - even the local cans.. They need to rotate their stock or quit carrying so many different beers if they can;t move them off the shelf. Dropping my overall rating to 1 as that is the only factor that would seem to cover skunked beer, “
PorterPounder 1994 days ago
92 /100 608 SW 12 AVENUE
“Got lost in a neighborhood which wasn’t the most inviting and ran into this wonderful little craft beer mecca. Looks like a bait & tackle store with lots of beers on tap, a huge serve yourself bottle selection, and wonderfully delicious food. Good prices an friendly service. Like this place a lot!“
kathouse 1996 days ago
80 /100 525 N FEDERAL HWY
“Nice new location. Busy place. Parking is free at a nearby garage. Service was good. Got a flight of local beers and a pretty awesome sandwich.“
rumproasts 2012 days ago
84 /100 1906 CORDOVA RD
“It’s a Total Wine, much like every other Total Wine I’ve been to. Huge beer selection with a ton of singles. Prices good, but service can be hit or miss.“
rumproasts 2012 days ago
74 /100 3305 SE 14 AVE.
“Very impressed! They’re only open Thurs-Sun right now, so it could be hard to schedule in but definitely worth it. The beer selection was more interesting than I expected. I appreciated the Florida stuff, the mango-habanero (La Niña) was tasty, even ordered a pint of that. Good variety, oyster saison (with pale malt), things like that. Very good session IPA was on, was happy to drink that. There are not a lot of these types of straightforward taprooms in FL. There are some outdoor tables, dog friendly, etc. Table tennis. I felt like I was in Seattle or something. Only thing was, I hope they change up their music. The worst hits of the 90s makes for a depressing soundtrack!“
Beershine 2034 days ago
60 /100 525 N FEDERAL HWY
“New Mellow Mushroom in a new development area on US1. Worth knowing about when you want an easy choice for pizza and beer. Has the usual trappings of the chain, including the long but unexciting list of draft and bottled beers and gooey but fun American style pizza. We sat on the patio outside, where there is a cute little outdoor bar. Patio was filled with people and their dogs. The music they played was unbearable and detracted from the atmosphere, but they are supposed to start bringing live bands, which should be better. The service was very good.“
Beershine 2040 days ago
66 /100
Tap 42 (Restaurant)
“This is a large corporate place that could be at home anywhere. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it has no character, though, because I like the sprawling outdoor patio and long bar, both of which become surprisingly packed almost every night. Prices for beer veer on stupid, but specials like Monday $5 burgers (falafal/veg and beef) alleviate the pain. Service can be slow on busy nights, but is usually friendly and the managers are totally professional, coming by frequently to check and make sure everything is ok. The selection is good for South Florida. You won’t find anything elite/rare/sublime but you will find seasonals from local breweries. Easy place to come with non-beer geeks, as the vibe is more Yardhouse than it is Laser Wolf. I’ve come with friends who don’t even drink beer and it’s served us well.“
Beershine 2046 days ago
66 /100 901 PROGRESSO DR, STE 101
“I can see why people like Laser Wolf. The name is like the character in Fiddler on the Roof. The selection has improved over the years. It’s still South Florida though, so just don’t expect any miracles. The location is interesting, and I like the space, the doors behind the bar, and the mural in the bathroom. Feels cliquy sometimes but still relaxed. Certainly among the top beer bars in Broward.“
Beershine 2047 days ago
88 /100 3305 SE 14 AVE.
“Definitely a must visit on any Gold Coast craftbeer fact one of the 3 best outside and north of Miami (along with Funky Buddha in Oakland Park and Due South up in Boynton Beach). I love the ambiance in a warehouse just east of Ft. Lauderdale has a great vibe...some cool décor...and a very personable and interesting owner...easy to strike up a conversation with. They had 10-12 beers when I was there a few weeks ago...all were very good...a few were extremely particular I liked the Therapy Session and Immigration IPA’s....and Mr. White’s Wit. I think this new brewery is off to a great start and should do well. Make a point of stopping here when in town...or just get a taxi over from the airport if you’re killing time.“
PRBeer 2123 days ago
62 /100 901 PROGRESSO DR, STE 101
“Ok place. Hipster vibe. Some what boring tap list and overpriced. $7 a pint for a local pils? Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have many options but i didn’t find this place to be that great.“
Cliff 2174 days ago
72 /100 1906 CORDOVA RD
“It’s a Total Wine, but they had some interesting beers. Jolly Pumpkin and a few others as well as some FL brews.“
Beergeek23322 2181 days ago
68 /100 1030 NE 15TH AVENUE
“Pleasantly surprised by the craft beer selection at this store. There’s some in coolers on the right near the entrance but more in the back rear quarter. They have a fine selection of imports and craft beers from outside of FL but remarkably little from FL brewers like CCR or Saint Somewhere. American breweries include Bruery, Hebrew, Stone etc.“
chinchill 2226 days ago
62 /100 3305 SE 14 AVE.
“12 taps; 11 operational at the time of my visit. Two guest taps (DFH 60 min and Avery). Good variety in styles including seasonal porters, a stout, APA, IPA, DIPA, Wit. Very laid back casual atmosphere in this warehouse. Brewing operations going on immediately on the other side of the bar, complete with their aromas, ading some entertainment and atmosphere.“
chinchill 2227 days ago
70 /100 3305 SE 14 AVE.
“Visited after work on a Thursday. The brewery is located in a light industrial area by the Port Everglades and the end of I-595. The building itself is located off the street, behind other buildings though there were signs directing you in and it was easy enough to find. The interior has 15 or so seats at the bar as well as 4 picnic tables all located in the middle of a small production brewery. The cargo garage door is open to provide fresh air, and there is a giant industrial grade fan on the ceiling for cooling. The vibe is certainly classed up garage brewery, which worked for me. Solid music and good service. When I visited, they had 5 beers on including a Hefeweizen, Saison, IPA, Robust Porter and a Russian Imperial Stout. I had the Saison and IPA and both were solid. The only small quibble I have is that they did not have any information about the beers available - no beer list and no chalkboard. It would have been nice to know additional details beyond the style of beer. Fun place, certainly a brewery to keep your eye on.

70 = ★★½ (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2334 days ago
78 /100 1906 CORDOVA RD
“Une grande surface avec la plupart des produits locaux et pas mal la totalité de ce qui se trouve dans le sud de la Floride. J’y ai cueillie mes Jai alai white oak que j’avais vu nul part ailleurs.“
Marheb 2450 days ago
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