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70 /100 13711 S TAMIAMI TRL, UNIT 1B
“Similar to many Total Wines. Focus here is on the local stuff, but they don't have a ton. You can get a few Fort Myers brews, but not a ton. Service and everything else the same as everywhere.“
solidfunk 334 days ago
88 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“Great brewery with some great beer and friendly staff. Place looks relatively generic south Florida brewery, but nothing wrong with that. Open space. They do small pours of everything, and almost all their beer is quite good. IPAs and dark stuff was really good. Prices pretty decent.“
solidfunk 334 days ago
70 /100 1811 ROYAL PALM AVE
“As I’m a craft beer fan I sought out Millennial Brewing during our month long road trip around Florida. A quiet November Friday evening when we were there so we looked a bit lost in the big space that is the brewery taproom. It’s modern with bench seating, decorated with old brewing equipment and some Large TV’s. There's a couple of pool tables, and a few other pieces of games equipment to use as well. They have a large selection of craft beers on tap covering a wide variety of styles. I had a potent 7.6% ‘Coffee & Contemplation Porter’ which was fabulous. Give them a visit when in town.“
FACambridge 665 days ago
66 /100 14725 S TAMIAMI TRL
“Free small parking lot. Medium beer selection mostly in refrigerated coolers. They do singles here, and I found one.“
weihenweizen 925 days ago
54 /100 13741 S TAMIAMI TRL
“Free dedicated parking lot near TW&M Fort Myers. Beer is in the back left. Quite limited beer selection, even for a World Market.“
weihenweizen 925 days ago
74 /100 10041 UNIVERSITY PLAZA DR. 170
“Large place, garage decour; close to 50 taps and over 100 bottles; good wifi, decent service; good burgers“
thorongil2 972 days ago
58 /100 10970 S. CLEVELAND AVE. #402
“A tucked away industrial condo across from Paige Field, not easy to locate. Had a broken pool table and not much else. Brewery is in a back room, couldn't see much action back there. I probably won't be back“
randy1969 993 days ago
68 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“We came here on 26.12.2018. Another strip mall brewpub close to the bridge to Sinabel. Was quite crowded as a pub quiz was going on and music was extremely loud. Wooden bar and a stage for live music. Brewhouse is in a separate room, some visibility through a window. 16 own beers on tap. We tried the Mosaic, the Hazy IPA‘s and the Imperial Stout. Service very nice and willing to give tasters. All were quite good. Definitely worth a short detour.“
Schlenkerla 1073 days ago
40 /100 10970 S. CLEVELAND AVE. #402
“We came here on 26.12.2018. Brewpub in a stripmall close to Fort Myers. Small place with a stage for live music, a Billard table, a piano and some other games - all very sloppy. Brewery is in a separate room and not visible. 9 beers on tap. Tried the honey ale and the Pale Ale, both were not good and we did not even finish them. No need to come here.“
Schlenkerla 1074 days ago
90 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“The best beer micro brewery in Fort Myers. Great beers especially the IPA beers. Great people there all the time if you,great for me as I am a Beer Geek. Love that place.“
PilsnerRespek16 1112 days ago
66 /100 1811 ROYAL PALM AVE
“A cool new Taproom in RSW, with a millennial falcon theme going on. Food truck on premise. Only 3 of their own on tap plus another 11 guest taps from Florida. Beers where nothing special. 4 X 4 ounces for 10$. Only if you are in the area.“
Lubiere 1175 days ago
64 /100 13711 S TAMIAMI TRL, UNIT 1B
“Very decent bottle selection for a liquor store. Has an entire section of Florida beers and quite a few singles. Visited first thing after landing on our way to Sarasota in 2018.“
ads135 1276 days ago
52 /100 12811 COMMERCE LAKES DR SUITE 27-28
“Pretty decent taproom in a warehouse district abutting some soulless subdivisions. Lots of open space, quite a few of their own beers and a few guest taps. VERY close to the airport. Visited with Jess and Emma on our trip to Sarasota.“
ads135 1276 days ago
98 /100
Stillwater Grille (Restaurant)
“Best beer selection I've seen in the state, prices are great, food's gone downhill which is disappointing to see as it used to be pretty damn good. Eric's the man to see when you're there, he selects the beer and knows his stuff.“
craftbeermaniac 1383 days ago
72 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“Located in a little strip mall on the way to the beach. Been by there many times, and finally stopped in. Was really impressed. Good beers, with some interesting variety. I guess they are starting to serve their own food, but I didn't try any. The bartender knew her beers and was pleasing to the eyes. Cool place, I'll be back“
randy1969 1391 days ago
74 /100 13711 S TAMIAMI TRL, UNIT 1B
“A real mixed bag. Positive: Fantastic selection that is unlike anything I can find in hometown Toronto. Negative: they neglect their beers & happily sell old beers & damaged cans. Positive: there’s always a ton of new beers for me to try & an enviable selection of seasonals. Negative: they clearly pay their employees shit cuz they are miserable cranks who appear to be high on their own supply. A mixed bag: great selection; miserable employees; terrible care for their products.“
Freaky_tiki 1725 days ago
96 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“Always a new beer option to try here, the Sherry barrel aged beers Rock! The bartenders are super friendly and help you navigate the paddle. Food is ordered offsite, hear they may be tinkering with an in-house weekend option. Thursday Jazz night is a really nice option for date night. Explore, you will like!“
savwa67 1778 days ago
“Visited here for dinner on a Monday evening in early November ’16. Small, too well lit, semi-sports bar/short order restaurant. Disappointing tap list, hard to find even a local craft. Settled on a flatbread pizza, sauce was cold, crust too chewy. Crappy top 40 music blaring. Not the best experience.“
PorterPounder 1848 days ago
82 /100 8890 SALROSE LANE
“Visited here for dinner on a Sunday evening in early November ’16 while in the area for business. Located in the back of a small strip mall, nice cozy interior with a bar area separate from the restaurant area. Have about ten on tap that rotate frequently, a few locals from Southwest Florida and some craft selections from around the country, Elysian for example. Comfort food menu with some southern favorites and steaks, seafood, pasta etc. Friendly, prompt service. Recommended by the barkeep at Fort Myers Brewing just up the road.“
PorterPounder 1848 days ago
84 /100 12811 COMMERCE LAKES DR SUITE 27-28
“Visited here on a Sunday evening in early November ’16 while in the area for business. Roomy, spartan brewpub located in the back of an industrial/warehouse type area. Nice long bar, plenty of tables inside and outside. Food trucks make a regular appearance. Have about a dozen or so of their beers on tap, a few guest taps. Flights available. All the beers I had were solid, varied styles available, some interesting twists as well. Friendly, talkative crowd and and the service was solid and friendly, Worth seeking out.“
PorterPounder 1848 days ago
64 /100 10970 S. CLEVELAND AVE. #402
“It's not much to look at, but all the beers are absolutely solid.“
fluffy 1910 days ago
80 /100 10970 S. CLEVELAND AVE. #402
“A nice little brewery with friendly family staff... I actually arrived here on a Sunday afternoon and it was closed for the grand daughter of the mom of one of the owners... Was invited to stay for a few, and given the event, she gave me my samples for free, a nice Saison and a Russian Imperial stout, the latter being excellent. The place has a free pool table, 2$ 5 on samples, half brewed on premises, the other being guests. A bit difficult to find in an industrial strip mall but worth the find.“
Lubiere 1987 days ago
90 /100 10970 S. CLEVELAND AVE. #402
“Visited here in late May ’16 while in the area for business. Unassuming taproom located in a strip mall/office park kind of area. Once inside it’s warm and friendly although sparsely decorated. Prompt, friendly, knowledgeable service. Have about ten of their own on tap and a handful of local brewery offerings. Available in varied sizes and growlers. Varied styles with interesting twists and the several I had were quite tasty. Appear to have events almost every night of the week, trivia the night I was there. Food was available, although not prominently promoted, did not partake. Great place, highly recommended.“
PorterPounder 2016 days ago
82 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“Was there a couple of years ago when are granddaughter was in the nicu. Staff knew there beers. nice open space with a lot of seating. beers were pretty good“
walleye 2024 days ago
80 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“nice brew bar. visited Mar 2016 with wife and brother. Great beers and comfortable setting. Would visit again!“
DWestrick 2081 days ago
68 /100 4400 KERNEL CIR
“Visited here in mid-March ’16 while on the way to the airport to grab a quick bite and a beer. Not unlike any other Ale Houses I have been to. About 50 on tap, mostly macros, a few common craft thrown in the and a few locals. Even picked up a new brewery on my quick visit - Fat Point from Port Charlotte. Service was very prompt, got me in and out in 20 minutes and I made my flight. The Pot Sticker appetizers were quite tasty.“
PorterPounder 2090 days ago
70 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“Located at small shopping mall so parking was not a problem. Nice light taproom. 8 own beers and flight available. Bartender was friendly. He had TV screen on showing BBC animal documents. Point Ybel beers are pretty good. The worth of visiting.“
TBone 2097 days ago
72 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“A nice brewpub with strong Florida vibe, good quality brews, decent sample prices, plenty of parking. And do have the grilled cheese from next door, Alton Brown approved.“
Lubiere 2113 days ago
92 /100
Stillwater Grille (Restaurant)
“Visited here in early January ’16 while in the area in the area for business. Great dinner place, nice casual atmosphere. Wide assorted menu, seafood, steaks, burgers. I had the Spinach and Artichoke Burger and it was delicious. Excellent tap selection, lots of local and regional one offs, some national craft that you do not normally see. Plenty to choose from, they claim to have 48 taps and I believe it. Great service, the owner just happened to be there and was very friendly and outgoing. A bit out of the way from Fort Myers proper, but well worth the drive.“
PorterPounder 2158 days ago
92 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“Visited here while in the area for business in early January ’16. Located in a strip mall a bit of a stretch from Fort Myers proper, but well worth the drive. Have about ten of their own on tap and all have a unique twist to them. I thoroughly enjoyed a Cucumber Cream Ale and a Key Lime Pie. Good crowd for a Tuesday night, it was open mike night, so that may have had something to do with it. No food available, but it appeared that several patrons were ordering from a local place that delivered. Service was serviceable and friendly. Flights were available for those so inclined. Worth going out of your way for.“
PorterPounder 2160 days ago
76 /100 13711 S TAMIAMI TRL, UNIT 1B
“Big dedicated parking lot. Most of the beer is the two rows on the far left aisles. You can break up any six-pack, lots of singles. They have several people working at these places and they try, but finding someone that can really help you is pretty tough. Pricing seemed fair, selection is pretty good.“
weihenweizen 2388 days ago
62 /100 14725 S TAMIAMI TRL
“First things first: I’m from Toronto, and despite the flaws of this store -- the slow short bus style service from the guys working here, the beer that is past date -- I have to say I loved the beer & wine & bourbon selection here (cuz the variety & diversity & cost -- especially on the wine -- was a lot better than I can get at my stores at home). But seriously, they guys at the counter are so slooooow. Thanks to the other reviews that pointed out how the competition Total Wine is dominant.“
Freaky_tiki 2455 days ago
56 /100 13711 S TAMIAMI TRL, UNIT 1B
“Nice beer selection and ok prices but what made me mad this year was they were selling Bells Hop slam for $22.99 a six pack where down the road at ABC they had it for $17.99 . Seems to me they were taking advantage of people and I was shocked to see that, In Pgh Pa. It was than $60.00 a case but at total wine $92.00. When you go there know your prices.“
beerczar69 2460 days ago
72 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“Modest strip mall brewery tap located in a convenient spot if you’re coming from 41 or on your way out to Captiva. Open space with a high long bar and a small stage for music performances. Only 6 beers were available, though there’s space for more. Bottles of mead from B Nektar was also available. Point Ybel seems to be a little more adventurous with their offerings than other breweries in the area. Most beers in my flight were solid. Their IPA’s in the mold of Jai Alai, a pretty nice representation of a sweet IPA. Service was pretty bubbly. Annoyingly, the prices and serving sizes of the beers on offer weren’t posted anywhere. Prices turned out to be reasonable, but that doesn’t change the fact that customers should understand what they’re getting before they order. No food was available, though customers seemed to be welcome to order delivery etc. Overall, I’d happily return to Point Ybel.“
jackl 2462 days ago
66 /100 12811 COMMERCE LAKES DR SUITE 27-28
“Pretty typical small brewery tap room in an industrial park. 7 house beers were available, though I was informed that there’s usually a larger selection. Serving vessels seemed to be strictly limited to hazy disposable plastic glasses, which was disappointing. The beer quality was OK. Some of the lineup was very safe, the kind of stuff that’s meant to cater to macro drinkers. However, a few beers like their black IPA showed some personality and were quite tasty. Prices were pretty standard for the area ($12 for 8 3ish ounce samples). Service was friendly, but very slow since only one person was working the bar. Overall, worth a look if you’re in Ft Myers and interested in checking out the local scene.“
jackl 2463 days ago
88 /100 12811 COMMERCE LAKES DR SUITE 27-28
“Nothing special about the ambience of the place a couple of high tops a picnic table but what more do you need if you are drinking beer outside furniture looked like it was made of pallets. Had a food truck out back I had the pulled pork sandwich my wife and daughter had a Hamburg both were very good .on to the beer did the sampler beer was good as mentioned in a earlier post most people would like the beers, nothing over the top just good solid beer had 3 IPAs which made me happy“
walleye 2674 days ago
82 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“Visited on a Saturday during World Cup. nice ambiance, nice setup, just adjacent to the main road. Open and airy, although space seems like it can get hairy when too many people visit at once. Bartender was outstanding, stopping to chat about beer between customers and also one of the brewers. Beer was very good and definitely worth the visit with a few taps rotating in and out. No food, but plenty of beer and places that deliver. Bartender recommended a nice place for dinner. Very nice experience; I will go back whenever I’m in town.“
markwise 2714 days ago
80 /100
Stillwater Grille (Restaurant)
“Nice place, easy to find in Fort Myers. Beer selection was by far the best of any place I found in Fort Myers, Sanibel, and surrounding area. They have some nice local and Florida selections combined with some nice taps from brewers like Stone, Dogfish, Sweetwater, and the like. Food was good bar fare with a $16 small pizza a bit much. Service was Johnny-on-the- spot, but we opened the place in the afternoon. Great happy hour special with discount drafts and food. If there’s a beer you’re looking for in Fort Myers and you can’t find it at the brewery, it might be here.“
markwise 2718 days ago
64 /100 12811 COMMERCE LAKES DR SUITE 27-28
“his place is tucked away in an industrial park and was a little tricky to find at first. This is a tasting room for there beers only. However, the beers they offer will satisfy most beer drinkers, even those that aren’t fond of craft beers. I’ve enjoyed all the beer ive has thus far especially the citra IPA. Though it’s tucked away in an industrial park the place has a great vibe. If your in the area it’s a great little hidden gem to check out. Cheers!“
Jamason123 2792 days ago
70 /100 16120 SAN CARLOS BLVD STE 4
“This brewery is located in a strip shopping center - looks to be about the size of a small-to-moderately sized restaurant. Brewing equipment in the back - glass windows to look through from the front. Nice bar, nice tables, big and spacious. Staff that was working was polite and friendly. They weren’t doing growler fills that day - running low on beer - they’re apparently working on fixing that soon with additional brew days - they appear to have the capacity for plenty of brews. Good selection on tap - they had 6 and a guest tap, they were only out of one beer (I believe they have 7 normally on tap). I believe they opened in December 2013 or January 2014. Might be a place I’d suggest visiting again when I make it to Fort Myers again.“
radagast83 2797 days ago
74 /100 2207 FIRST ST
“Nice bar restaurant, plenty of tasty looking options - I got a pretty tasty burger with pretty tasty fries. Beer selection was alright - pretty good on the local (including Tampa’s Cigar City). Sampler size available. Bartenders and hostesses were polite and approachable.“
radagast83 2800 days ago
72 /100 12811 COMMERCE LAKES DR SUITE 27-28
“Visited this place on a quiet Friday afternoon. Place is a bit out of the way, at least from the city-center, close to a bunch of perplexing gated communities. Anyway - place is standard fare in terms of location - out in a warehouse light industrial neighborhood. Tasting room was nicely sized, plenty of seating, outdoor seating as well. They have different food trucks show up whenever they’re open.

Staff was nice and knowledgeable about their product, so that was nice. There were about 10 beers of theirs on tap, with Saturday introducing two limited release beers that don’t usually last the afternoon from what they tell me. Only complaint I have is the plastic tasting cups - if you’re legally able to, upgrade to glass - it’s better for the beer and you can reuse them. Flight of 4 was something like $6 - not bad at all.“
radagast83 2800 days ago
68 /100 13499 US 41 SE
“Came into town, met a few people here. About the same as the other location that I’ve visited before in Virginia. Beer selection is pretty standard, a few local beers that might intrest out-of-towners. Bottle list is pretty extensive. Food is mostly limited, but since I showed up at nearly 10pm, I didn’t eat. Staff was nice, pretty attentive.“
radagast83 2801 days ago