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70 /100 130 N 2ND ST
“Sailfish just opened their big brewpub further down on 2nd Street in downtown Fort Pierce. Excellent ambiance with big wooden bar/walls. Servers are attentive and great craft beers are still a staple. Growlers available. Solid prices. Nice outdoor patio/seating area.“
ExpendableHero 1431 days ago
74 /100
Chubbies (Restaurant)
“Awesome restaurant very close to home. Nice ambiance in newly re-modeled interior. I have not tried any food that wasn’t phenomenal. Big fan of their wings in gold rush sauce. Lots of local craft brews at solid prices. Great place to bring friends/family.“
ExpendableHero 1515 days ago
74 /100 3200 ST LUCIE BLVD
“Newly opened location in Fort Pierce FL. Awesome taproom/bar has great decor for the sunshine state, very tropical feel. Bartenders were very attentive and prices were good. Went for the grand opening and they had food trucks outside. Decent beer selection on tap with 8-12 beers on tap from both times I have visited. I hope this place does well. I’ll be coming back for sure.“
ExpendableHero 1601 days ago
“Visited here in mid November ’15 while in the area for business on a rainy Friday evening. Quaint little downtown location, parking could be a challenge - I got lucky, Appears to be former houses, nothing fancy to the tap room. Band was playing when I was there, lots of friendly locals sampling the beers and enjoying themselves. Easily struck up several conversations, Have about six or seven of their beers on tap, all were solid and the Port Fierce IPA was outstanding. Nice local flavor, friendly barkeep and patrons. Good place to stop before grabbing dinner downtown.“
PorterPounder 1889 days ago
“Small and cozy. Small brewing system. When they’re brewing, you absolutely know it. Steam and the fantastic smell of boiling and mashing spreads throughout the bar area. Parking isn’t easy. Outdoor area with picnic tables. Their beers are refreshing if not spectacular. They are getting better and are certainly creative. They cannot be considered boring. Worth a visit for sure. I look forward to more visits and this score moving up.“
hopscotch 2274 days ago
76 /100 100 AVE A, STE 1C & 1D
“Its a small store with a little deli and a good selection of beer for an area that has little craft beer available.“
biggsbowler 2556 days ago
“As of August 2013 a new Braumeister has joined the family. The selection of brews is increasing weekly with increased availability of the brews. Check in with the brewery for times of the weekly bottle share they sponsor. A great addition to the community.“
sfryauff 2703 days ago
“Place just opened recently. Very small bar with a small selection of average beers on tap. Really wanted to try their stuff but they were all tapped out, makes me happy to know that business is good for them so far. Outdoor deck offers seating. Prices are solid. I will come back to try their beers.“
ExpendableHero 2833 days ago
68 /100
2nd Street Bistro (Restaurant)
“I like this place and hope it does well. Big bar with a great outdoor deck that has a bar too. Typical bar food and some assorted, quirky dishes. Walls are decorated with a myriad of metal signs and wooden accents. Servers are friendly and attentive. Decent beer selection has some goodies on tap and bottles. A bit pricey but it is reasonable. I will go back. Fort Pierce needs this kind of place.“
ExpendableHero 2852 days ago
12 /100 720 S US HIGHWAY 1
“Disgusting little cash only bar. No real beer menu except for the usual run of the mill big beer companies bud or miller. Not worth your time.“
Flutterbyann 3123 days ago
86 /100 100 AVE A, STE 1C & 1D
“Outdoor seating allows dogs. Great little place to see. Eclectic and quaint. Small but very delicious menu for breakfast and lunch. Owner very knowledgable about his bottled beer.“
Flutterbyann 3123 days ago
42 /100 720 S US HIGHWAY 1
“Very scary area in Fort Pierce. Gross bar behind the store. Beer selection ok only bottles. Very slow service. Just use as a beer run nothing more.“
Flutterbyann 3123 days ago
74 /100 720 S US HIGHWAY 1
“Liquor / beer / wine store that has a nice selection of craft beer including many Cigar City bottles, Avery, Dogfish, The Bruery ( still had Coton ), and others. mix of cold / warm storage. Avg prices. Kind of a dingy, smelly store but the service and selection work well.“
HopsChalice8938 3213 days ago
68 /100 720 S US HIGHWAY 1
“Tiny Florida-looking stucco flat building on Hwy 1, somewhat hard to find. Looks like a bit of a dump or a very local place, but a nice selection of craft stuff from FLA and around the country. Better selection a couple of years ago, I thought, with a bigger section along one wall than now. Total Wine in Jensen Beach, 15 mins south, is superior in almost every way ... but occasionally Roy’s has stuff.“
AWISLguy 3306 days ago
84 /100 100 AVE A, STE 1C & 1D
“This is one of the coolest places in the world. An old general store with all sorts of stuff lining the walls and aisles. 500 bottles of beer or so, and you can make your own sixers. The guy behind the counter is extremely knowledgeable about all his beer selection, and his soda pop selection. That is correct they also have a rare soda pop selection, such as Skeleteens Black Lemonade, and other stuff. They also have a bakery, a restaurant, key lime deserts and wines, old time candy, and crafts/metal beer signs. Awesome place that I will totally visit again for their beer and awesome soda collection.“
ExpendableHero 3340 days ago
90 /100 720 S US HIGHWAY 1
“Hard to rate ambiance, I find it’s funky old fashioned FL liquor store feel appealing, others will find it low end. Incredible selection of craft beer for a small store. Phillip knows beer as well as anyone in Florida.“
bumgator 3456 days ago
86 /100 100 AVE A, STE 1C & 1D
“Quaint little place in downtown Fort Pierce’s Historic District. Only a couple blocks inland from the Atlantic Ocean. The store seems to specialize in baked goods, homemade soup, salads & sandwiches for dine-in or takeout. Open for breakfast (served all day) and lunch as well as dinner. They have all kinds of beers in bottles and cans and a neat selection of soft drinks and candies from back-in-the-day. They also stock a wide range of Florida products, such as dressing (from Island Grove), BBQ sauce, hot sauce, and wine. Cool selection of handmade herbal soap from Cherokee Soap and a local favorite: Brenda’s Soap, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap plus Florida Key lime Soap. Their arts & craft selection is limited but eccentric. Cool little place that the wife and I will certainly visit again as it is only about twenty minutes from home.“
hopscotch 3555 days ago
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